My unspoken words

The man in the glass!

When you get what you want in your struggle for self,and the world makes you king for a day;Just go to a mirror & look at yourself;And see what that man has to say.For it isn’t your father or mother/wife,Whose judgement upon you must pass;The fellow whose verdict counts most in your lifeIs the one staring back from the glassSome  people may think you are a straight shooting chum,And cal...
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Perceptions-White or Grey?

I was really excited. I always am, whenever I have to begin a new painting. The theme I was on seemed so appealing that I found it difficult to sleep. When anything creative happens, I would never stop the perennial flow. So always, enthusiastically I got up that very moment, took a brush and started to paint. I was aiming for a transparent, sparkling white robe for my Buddha…white simplifying p...
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Snakes and ladders

The universe has no special favourites. If we open our eyes consciously & look around, we will realise that whatever we have experienced, experiencing may have been our fellow being's experience yesterday or will be our neighbour's experience tomorrow. Right?Human life is really strange, mysterious, paradoxical and uncertain. The heartrending and painful cry of "why me?", comes naturally to ev...
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Last weekend was not as habitual as like before. It was the very rare "busy" occasion of my life. Sometimes it really seems very funny when I think that I was busy with something in my life. Yes! I was actively engaged in the design of omnidirectional antenna which covers 10-20 Km from its circumferent. Well, it wasn't my engineering project!In between, I heard my sister's voice screaming, "w...
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Attitudinal handicaps

I could recall a young woman whom I came across one day. Manoeuvring her wheelchair outside an aquarium, a smile on her face, an infant on her lap and another older child running by her side, she was a picture of resilience. I was moved and inspired by her zest for life. I don't know about whether her disability was from birth or caused by an accident, but I know that she had found a way around it...
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We haven't!

Our life began with the 60-rupee toy car. When it broke we cried. Then we upgraded ourselves to the 2000-rupee remote controlled car.When that got damaged we wept. Then we gifted the 20,000-rupee battery operated car. When that stopped functioning, we were depressed. Then came the 4 lakh car, after that 22-lakh SUV, followed by  36-lakh luxury Sedan. And every time something happened to ...
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Secret's secret

On a random day, a text message pops up, something similar, which says:·         “I want to share something very important with you. Promise me, you will keep it secret.”·         “A, can I ask you something?” Please don’t mind.Curiosities from all over the world come to your mind. What are they g...
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She is a fantasy

"If you follow the rules and stay out of trouble you'll never know what the world is offering you"This is one quote she lives through by. She has many appealing traits which make people wonder at her for versatile reasons. She is daring & her enthusiasm is contagious. Let you know something mysterious about her.      1.She never bothers, how older she is. She still poses weird b...
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True sight!

The bench in the park was deserted as I sat down to read beneath the long, straggly branches of an old willow tree. Disillusioned by life with a good reason to frown, for the world was intent on dragging me down.And if that weren’t enough to ruin my day, a young boy out of breath approached me, all tired from play. He stood right before me with his head tilted down and said with great excitement...
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Fitness freak

Life has become highly materialistic & humans become self-centred beasts. We are leading a barbaric life. About 50 years ago, life was so peaceful. People were quite healthy because of abundant availability of high-quality water & air, that too free. We are forced to shell out so much money for good quality these days!Quality of soil in agricultural land is also ruined by the use...
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