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#366 24 hours

   24 hoursAs the sun casts its magical spellMorning wakes up from slumberFrom the dream world to realityOnly demands to work with quality.With a new hope, I begin my dayPray to God for all strength to persistWith determination towards my goalThat I have set for the day to achieve.Each hour defines number of challengesHow to assemble courage and move onEssence of being successful for lon...
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#365 Two years full of life

Two years full of lifeI stood at the entrance with my luggage waiting for the train to reach its destination. And my destination was not so far. I heard a group of passengers insisting me to avoid keeping my luggage close to the door as the luggage could get vanished in no time. It was Dhanbad, so I had to be little careful about it. We all had heard about a place named Wassseypur from the movie ...
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#364 Kerala's CMDRF

Please donate for Kerala! Each contribution of yours will count!...
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#363 Book Review: A Stoic's Diary

A Stoic’s DiaryAuthor: Dipanshu RawalGenre: Non-fiction (Philosophy/Self-help)Format: PDFFile Size: 1708KBStar: 4.5/5 (Self)Review: It’s a non-fiction book based on the concept of stoicism and ideas associated with it. This 60-page PDF has been segregated into 11 chapters which are short yet interesting. The writer has made sure that he is able to express the main ideas behind this psychologic...
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#362 Winner of PoemOcontest

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#361 Winner of PoemOContest

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#360 Winner of PoemOContest

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#359 Forgotten

Forgotten_________Sometimes I keep wonderingHow am I going to be Remembered once my Tenure of life gets over?Will I ever be rememberedFor the deeds I did orBecome the forgotten partOf someone's innate memory?This level of thinking puts Me into a state of contemplation The depth of analysis thenArises from a condition of urgency As if the time is running out Like the p...
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#358 Published in Issue IV of THE QUIET LETTER

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#357 From the pages of my diary

From pages of my diaryIt has been seven years that I’ve come closer to this inanimate thing called Diarywhich I regard as a prized possession. There’s a very thought provoking piece of article that I found in one of the pages of FB dedicated to IAS aspirants and thought of translating it in English to as to make it accessible to a wide range of readers. I hope that all of you should get immens...
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