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#277 Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day to all fatherly figures of my life.I’m running short of words to express my gratitude for having received a lot of care and support from you. I have no idea if I’m done my part as a daughter well but I’m always amazed at the way of yours in meeting every responsibilities of your life so well.  I promise to make you proud.May you be blessed with wonderful days with i...
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#276 Gambling with EE

Welcome to the word of Electrical Engineering.I've opened a new blog in wordpress having domain name- Gambling with EE : Gambling with EE at wordpress This is an introductory post. A little about myself: I'm Swati Sarangi and have been graduated in Electrical Engineering from the prestigious institute of Odisha, Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology Sarang, situated in the industrial reg...
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#276 Contest at Mirakee

Thanks to team Mirakee.. :) ...
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#275 Result of Giveaway contest

Thanks to team Readers ParadiseHere comes the biggest surprise at the end of the day!  ...
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#274 Published Writer Badge of Mirakee

Hi All,I'm happy to state that I received a published writer badge from Team Mirakee today after filling up all required parameters . I downloaded this app and I've developed a great interest in writing microtales over a set of  background  provided by the app. It's among the best apps from connecting writers from different corners of the world.Intimation Mail from the Team of MirakeePub...
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#273 WOW POST-5

Here is the List of winners Read the WOW post here...
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#272 My Happy Moments

My Happy MomentsHappiness is a relative concept in a sense that the association of this unique order of alphabets to its meaning changes from person to person. It is also influenced by various factors; both internal and external. One important thing that I observed after having travelled through various frames of space and time that the quotient of happiness is situation-oriented. For example, dur...
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#271 Tribal Art

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#270 WOW Post-4

Read the WOW post here...
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#269 In the end

In the endI always wonder what matters the most in the end ? Here I’m referring the end to the completion of a task on to-do list that requires the execution of a well devised plan on a long term.This topic prompts me to scroll down my memory lane. During my school days at KV, I had a dream to see my name painted over the board indicating the names of toppers of class X and XII which was nailed ...
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