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#355 Published in Juggernaut books

Juggernaut_Books:Click here to read the article ...
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#354 TOP Writer Badge 2018 in Quora

My Quora Profile :https://www.quora.com/profile/Swati-Sarangi-1#List of Top Writers of Quora 2018Swati Sarangi's Answer to Who were declared as TOP Writer in April 2018?Swati Sarangi's Answer to Are you proud of yourself for being chosen as a Quora 2018 TOP Writer?Swati Sarangi's Answer to On what factors is Quora giving the title for the TOP Writer 2018?...
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#353 Fly to abroad with your dreams

Fly to abroad with your dreamsWe all have read these famous quotations of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, who is regarded as missile man of India several times. “Dream is not what you see in sleep, a dream is something that doesn’t let you sleep.”“Look at the sky, we are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work.”Dreams play a vi...
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#352 Published in Kalaage Mag. Vol.1 Issue 3

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#351 The preciousness of human life

Preciousness of human lifeOne evening, there was a power outage in my hostel. Most of the inhabitants of the hostel had been away. I was doing some important work.As soon as the darkness of the surrounding grew stronger wrapped up with the silent demeanor of the empty hostel, I started reflecting on the passage of time inspired by the sound of ticking of the wall clock which only broke the prevale...
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#350 The persons behind the curtain

The persons behind the curtainIf life is a live stage, I’m the actor then my parents are the persons behind the curtains. The world may not recognise these persons behind the curtains yet their contribution can never ever be ignored.          As mentioned in my previous write ups, I was accompanied by a loving sister when I opened my eyes for the firs...
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#349 5th bloganniversary

5thBloganniversaryHappy Birthday to one of the fondest things that I possess. This blog turns out to be 6 years old today after successfully completing 5 years of its existence; 30th Mar 2018; a remarkable day for us ; me and my sister. Both of us have taken a great care in nurturing it the best possible way. This, with time, became the platform for us to voice our thoughts. Over these years, we...
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#348 Grabbing wings for the world

Grabbing wings for the worldTravelling is one of the wonderful experiences that one can get in life. It lets one to explore the places that one has never been before. Places have a lot of stories to tell just like people. Not just stories but on visiting them we create a lot of memories. Every time I visit a new place, I wonder about the vastness of this world both in terms of geographical expansi...
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#347 Winner of Valentine's Day Contest

Winner Of Valentine’s Day ContestThanks to Writer's Ezine Team!Read the winning entry here! ...
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#346 Conserving the life saving liquid

Conserving the life saving liquidThe most life saving liquid on this planet is water. Needless to say that without it, the possibility of life is completely a vague idea. Being a non-renewable resource, its depletion is a major concern for the mankind. A rapid rise in population has resulted in an over exploitation of it. Other causes of it can be global warming and unequal distribution of ground ...
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