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#344 Special Mention for Evion Contest

Read the winning post hereThanks to the team Indiblogger....
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#343 Book Review :Coffee Date

Coffee DateAuthor: Saravanan Kumar MuruganGenre: FictionFormat: PaperbackNo. Of pages:150Star: 4.5/5 (Self)Review: It’s a love story between an IT Techie named Siddhartha Abhimanyu, Sid and movie Director Isha starting over a cup of coffee. The entire story revolves around the backdrop of a corporate world with its own challenges, achievements, success, failure, pressure of meeting the deadline ...
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#342 The Quite Letters

Prose:The Day Off: College, Hostel, Observation and a Dream :Non-fiction Diary...
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#341 From my uncle's ink

From my uncle’s inkSometimes I get surprised by my act of framing sentences as per the need of the context.  Needless to say, this quality of writing which has evolved over the time for me, is a consequence of inheritance. Yes, I can proudly claim that I inherit the writing abilities from many of my family members from paternal and maternal side. The article written below is the testimony o...
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#340 Winner of Clean up cash contest at Indiblogger

Thanks to team IndibloggerLink to Winning post1 Link to Winning post-2...
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#339 The origin of my name

The origin of my nameNomenclature is an important aspect of one’s identity. In fact, it’s something that we carry with ourselves apart from transient materialistic possessions. Primarily, we are identified from the crowd by the names which we have been given and then follow our actions or deeds. It is like the labels of our existence. In Indian culture which has emerged from a joint family sys...
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#338 3rd interview in Kalaage

Visit this link...
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#337 Pad and Period

Pad and PeriodEvery month a girl bears the agony ofA headache, nausea and stomach crampIt is none other than menstruation,To deal with it requires a lot of patience.Release of hormone from pituitary glandNo fertilization of egg results in breakdownUterus lining; beginning of periodsObserved at the age of 12-15 years.Usually, this cycle lasts for a weekBacked by severe abdominal pain and bloatingWi...
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#336 Modern harbinger of peace: A jinn in disguise

Modern harbinger of peace: A Jinn in disguise Can the feeling of being quietEnchant anyone at a point of time?The answer turns out in affirmationFor me the day I foundAn advertisement of modernHarbinger of peace and a jinn in disguiseWhenever I longed for a Sense of peace I put on those modern devices With the tracks of meditation onNever ever I felt the rhythm so divineDriving away the fatigue of...
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#335 TOP POST in Indiblogger

Read the post here!Intimation mail from the Team Indiblogger...
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