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#300 Enticing loneliness

Enticing lonelinessTheme:  Loneliness is inevitable. All of us might have felt lonely at one or the other point of time ; be it for any reasons. The truth is that we’ve all appeared to this world alone and will be leaving it alone.  If we try to analyse it in a different perspective, we grow matured under such conditions for instance we try to get connected with our true existence, so ...
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#299 Terminal

TerminalStanding at the terminal numbered twoI looked outside from my queueAnd questioned myselfWhy is departure always painful?I recalled how exactly ten days backI returned to home from workI was excited beyond explanationI was sure about the reason.I started philosophising lifeAs its phases are like these terminalsWhich may excite or sadden usDepending upon their arrival or departure.Here came ...
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#298 Waves of nostalgia

Waves of nostalgiaWhen I look back At my glorious pastNumerous waves of memoriesInundate my mindI start to feel nostalgicI miss my parent’s careFor these geographical distanceThat stands tall between usI start cherishing every momentOf being a childSchool days and associate accessoriesBubbling innocence with no worriesGetting up early was a ritualWhich I never missedLate comer was the tagWhich I...
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#297 Winners of a giveaway contest

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#296 The pattern-less truth

The pattern-less truthIt’s 2nd October; Gandhi Jayanti; the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. This day is for remembering the ordinarily appearing person made up of flesh and bones who once walked on Earth. The biggest question is: Why do we take pain to remember someone (whom neither most of us nor our family members have never met in their lives) who had left this mortal abode 69 years ago? The answ...
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#295 Book Review

Canvas of a mindAuthor: Purba ChakrabortyGenre: Fiction- Mystery/RomanceFormat:PaperbackPages:168Publisher: Becomeshakespeare.comStar:4.5/5 (Self)Review: This fiction has been categorised into 28 chapters. There is a heartfelt note to the one the novel has been dedicated to. The author acknowledges everyone who helped her to come up with this novel.The plot revolves around the life of two sisters,...
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#294 Writers of SOL-3

Page of Shades of Life in FB...
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#293 Stay healthy and fit with Saffola Oil

Stay healthy and fit with Saffola oilHealth is not an option but a priority. We invest money verymeticulously, but whydon’t we take a little extra effort to acquire a healthy body? It’s the biggest asset and that’s why health is a synonym for wealth. Being healthy can make you more energetic and focused towards your goal. And an efficient mind resides in a healthy body which is a secret to a...
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#292 A healthy notion

A healthy notion The pace of world is getting fast day by day and so are the lives of people who constitute it. People from all walks of life are trapped in the busy schedule of their lives. Even toddlers are not spared from this competitive arena. In this fast paced life, we somehow neglect our health and unconsciously develop a lot of health issues. So, it’s very important to keep both body an...
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#291 Fresh air for life

Fresh air for lifeAir pollution is often associated with the outdoor but one should not underestimate the effect of household pollutants. Indoor air pollution can be defined as the characteristics of air such as physical, chemical or biological surrounding where you are residing in your house, institution or commercial facilities. Although, these do not seem to cause much hazard to health but in r...
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