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#283 Day 1 Winners of Mega Giveaway of Let The Game Begin

Gratitude to the author, Sandeep Sharma! The surprise of the morning can't be better than this! :)...
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#282 In the end- Tribute to Chester Bennington

In the end- Tribute to Chester BenningtonI’ve always thought of writing on this topic but could never utilise my words wittily to frame an article. Yes, the title of this post matches with the title of a music track of Linkin Park that always lifts me up. I can’t recall how many times I have played this song but I must admit that this song has something special in its lyrics which have at time...
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#281 Agnishatdal Annual Digest 2017 : Agnidal 1

Link to grab the book from Amazon...
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#280 WOW Post-6

Here is the list of winners.Read my wow post here....
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#279 Monsoon Reflections

Monsoon reflectionsOnce during a rainy day, I was sitting alone near the window of my room at hostel accompanied by a hot cup of coffee. The power outage made me focus more on the sounds of falling drops of rain. It was getting darker with the vast stretch of dark clouds in the sky. The sight of the spread of the greenery all around was too mesmerizing to behold. I heard the noise of few kids who ...
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#278 Result of Contest at Mirakee

Click here for visiting my profile at Mirakee...
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#277 Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day to all fatherly figures of my life.I’m running short of words to express my gratitude for having received a lot of care and support from you. I have no idea if I’m done my part as a daughter well but I’m always amazed at the way of yours in meeting every responsibilities of your life so well.  I promise to make you proud.May you be blessed with wonderful days with i...
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#276 Gambling with EE

Welcome to the word of Electrical Engineering.I've opened a new blog in wordpress having domain name- Gambling with EE : Gambling with EE at wordpress This is an introductory post. A little about myself: I'm Swati Sarangi and have been graduated in Electrical Engineering from the prestigious institute of Odisha, Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology Sarang, situated in the industrial reg...
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#276 Contest at Mirakee

Thanks to team Mirakee.. :) ...
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#275 Result of Giveaway contest

Thanks to team Readers ParadiseHere comes the biggest surprise at the end of the day!  ...
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