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#322 Winner at PoemOContest

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#321 Interview @ A Writer's Oasis

Read my interview here....
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#320 WOW Post-10

Find the list of winners hereRead my WOW post here...
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#319 A center for fitness enthusiasts

A centre for fitness enthusiastsA call for all fitness enthusiasts out there!Who does not want to be fit and fine but are you all ready to invest enough effort which is required to make you fit and fine? If your answer is in affirmative, then you’ve found out the destination to live your dream.Fitness is a word that everyone is acquainted with. It is not confined to any age group. It’s like a ...
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#318 WOW Post-9

Find the list of winners here.Read my WOW Post here...
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#317 Top Indivine post

A mail like this in the morning makes my day..A badge for which I craved ! :DIt feels immensely great when my post has been appreciated in one of the leading blogging platforms. This has always been in my wish-list to get the badge of top post in Indiblogger. This makes my day. Thanks to the team of Indiblogger for the honor.Read my post winning the Top post badge here-This is how it looks li...
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#316 A peep through my window

A peep through my windowObservation is a unique way of looking at God’s creations.  The things appear with their innate beauty and charm when we try to observe them silently for some time. The beauty or charm that those things confide in them, start to inspire the observer, that were once obsolete to him.In my room, I’ve put my study table close to the window. The time I open the windows ...
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#315 October Issue of The Quiet Letter

https://quietletter.com/issue/october-2017/Read my poem here:Resurrection:A tale of self explorationRead my poem here:An offering to my passion...
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#314 WOW Post-8

Find the list of winners here.Read my WOW post here...
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#313 Stop not when you're tired

Stop not when you’re tiredRuk jaana nahin tu kabhi haar kKaanton pe chalke milenge saaye bahar keO! Raahi ..O! Raahi.. Don’t stop by assuming yourself as being defeatedOn walking over the thorns, you’ll get to face moments of happinessOh! Traveller ..Oh! Traveller...One of the songs that effortlessly flashed in my mind at a lightning speed the moment I saw the topic is the above one. I ...
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