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My Project : "My Wish My Desire" - 3

In Sunday evening  I strolling on road. It’s cloudy and cold waves making it chillier. I am walking alone with my camera and looking here and there for pictures. Suddenly a voice came from behind – Chhalni Garam… Chhalani (Hot corn)…I turned and saw a small kid selling corns. He shows me some corns and said - please take one. Its only 10 Rupees and these are very sweet and soft. ...
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My Project : "My Wish My Desire" - 2

Like every time I am again busy with my nomadness. Suddenly I saw a guy who is lean in his painting. The way he is working  attracts me a lot. People are standing around him but he is deeply involved in his painting. I saw him and move ahead. Though, I moved but my mind is still thinking about him. I thought I must talk with him but my second thought told me not to disturb him. He is busy in ...
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My Project "My Wish My Desire"

Dear Friends,I am starting a project called"My Wish My Desire". In this project I will publish a picture of the people with their wish and desires... This is first picture of the project....A Curious Young Monk of Sikkim - 1  I was strolling in the monastery of Sikkim. Suddenly I saw a young monk staring me. Actually he was curious about my camera and wants me to click his picture.....
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Meghalaya : A Beautiful State of North-East

I just return home from my journey of Meghalaya.  Meghalaya is a North-East part of India know as ‘Abode of Clouds’ also...I spend almost a week in the place and explore so much about Meghalaya...Khasi is a tribe of Meghalaya and Khasi women are very friendly but don't like anybody click there pictures. These women I met in Mawshbuit village. They refused for picture but start laughing wh...
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Experience of My Delhi – Kolkata – Darjling – Sikkim – Delhi Journey – Part 6

In the morning, I off to the taxi stand for Gangtok, Sikkim and find out share taxi. Taxi will move after a while so I stroll in market. Shops are still close but market is bustling with people. Its religious month of Sawan according to Hindu calendar and all are going to offer water to Shiva temple. Women and girls are wearing bright colors traditional dresses and jewelry and carrying pot of wate...
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Experience of My Delhi – Kolkata – Darjling – Sikkim – Delhi Journey – Part 5

I already had booked the hotel so I fulfill some formalities and acquire room. Room is good and from window, I can see the cluster of houses but all are old architect houses so not disappointed. I take quick shower and come out. Hotel is in market so it was not difficult to find a restaurant. Market is absolute lazy and lifeless. I ask to restaurant guy the reason. He says taking my order – its ...
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Experience of My Delhi – Kolkata – Darjling – Sikkim – Delhi Journey – Part 4

I reach station before time. Waiting rooms are bulking with passengers so I stroll at station. Every pinch of this huge station is pack with passengers. Sultry weather is making me sweat. Luckily train is on time and I find my coach easily and acquire seat. One family is already there busy in gossiping in Bengali…In a while, one more passenger enters into coach. Family is still busy in talking l...
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Experience of My Delhi – Kolkata – Darjling – Sikkim – Delhi Journey – Part 3

wake up early I went to morning walk. Streets of Kolkata are still in sleeping mode. Footpath has acquired by baggers for sleep. I stop at bifurcation and not able to decide which road I should follow. I saw tram lane is passing through one road so I will follow the tram lane road. This area has many societies and shops but not big shopping malls. School going students are giving life to the road....
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Experience of My Delhi – Kolkata – Darjling – Sikkim – Delhi Journey – Part 2

 Outside station, many yellow color Ambassador Cars are in a file. Ambassador cars? Till now? Strange!!! Ambassador cars have been vanished from India long ago and here these cars still exists?  But if so then I will love to experience ride in this car. I was thinking about it and a guy comes to me for taxi. My first question to him is – do you have ambassador car taxi ?  He repli...
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Experience of My Delhi – Kolkata – Darjling – Sikkim – Delhi Journey – Part 1

Sitting in Kathgodam Railway Station and waiting for train to Delhi. Actually I didn’t want to take risk of landslide in rain season. From Delhi will take train for Kolkata. From Kolkata I will go to Darjling then Sikkim then back to Delhi and back to Nainital. Indeed a long journey…Kathgodam railway station is small and beautiful. One of my favorite places for wait. I love stroll one end to a...
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