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JDBC Tutorial : JDBC Drivers and Steps for Java Database Connectivity

JDBC ( Java Database Connectivity) TutorialJDBC is known as java database connectivity. To connect java with any database we require a jdbc driver which implements all the interfaces provided in sql package. Java provides jdbc-odbc bridge driver.Figure 1: Java Application Interaction with DatabaseJDBC uses ODBC drivers available on your machine. DB Vendor provides its own driver. To use them set d...
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C Programming Practice Questions for GATE CSE Exam - Practice Set 3

 C  Programming Practice Question for GATE Exam Loops and Cotrols1. Consider the C program below.#include int *A, stkTop;int stkFunc (int opcode, int val){static int size=0, stkTop=0;switch (opcode){case -1:size = val;break;case 0:if (stkTop < size ) A[stkTop++]=val;break;default:if (stkTop) return A[--stkTop];}return -1;}int main(){int B[20];A=B;stkTop = -1;stkFunc (-1, 10);stkF...
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GATE 2018 Exam Schedule and Admit Card

Download GATE 2018 Admit CardAll the applicants were waiting for exam schedule and admit card of GATE 2018. Now this to inform you that Exam Schedule has been prepared and Admit card also have been released.You can also download the Admit card now. In this post I am providing the exam schedule and Link for downloading the Admit Card for GATE 2018.To download the admit card Click HereAll the B...
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C Programming Practice Questions for GATE Computer Science - Practice SET2

C Programming Based Practice Questions for GATE Computer Science 1. Which of the following statements should be used to obtain a remainder after dividing 3.14 by 2.1 ?(a) rem = 3.14 % 2.1;(b) rem = modf(3.14, 2.1);(c) rem = fmod(3.14, 2.1);(d) Remainder cannot be obtained in floating point division.It's Solution Explanation2. What are the types of linkages?(a) Internal and External (b) External, I...
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Top 30 Core Java Interview Questions with Answer for Freshers

Most Frequently Asked Interview Question in Javajava is an Object  Oriented Programming Language. Which is mostly used to develop Windows based Software  as well as Web Based Project. It is good to have good knowledge about a programming language and practical knowledge for developing program in that particular language. In the technical interview for the post of  Java Developer som...
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C Programming based Computer Science Study material for GATE CSE - Practice SET1

C- Programming Language Based Practice Questions for GATE Computer Science1. Consider the following programmain ( ){int i = 5;if (i = = 5) return;else printf “i is not five”);printf (“over”);}results in(a) a syntax error (b) an execution error(c) printing of over (d) printing anythingSolution: Option (d)2. The following statementsfor (i = 3; i < 15; i +=3){printf (“%d”, i);++i;}will...
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Conceptual Questions in Computer Networks basedgate study material for computer science - Part1

Some Typical Questions in Computer Networks for GATE CSE ExamHello, friends today in this Computer Science Study Material for Gate I am going to discuss some conceptual questions in computer networks. Here are these questions and their answer.Q1.How does address resolution is performed in Arp?Answer: The table lookup approach to address resolution requires a data structure thatcontains inform...
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Routing Table Based Study Material for gate Computer Science

Routing Table in Computer NetworksBefore explaining the routing table I would like to recall the previous post.In our previous post   Routing Concepts in Computer Networks we have explained the basic introduction of the routing concept. In the continuation of that post now in this article of Computer Science Study Material for Gate, we are going to tell about routing table. In this ...
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Gate Preparation Books for Computer Science based gate study material for computer science

Gate preparation books for computer science Today in this post I am going to tell the name of some standard books which are mostly read by the students who prepare for GATE Computer Science Exam. These books really have good quality content for preparing the GATE Exam. So here is the subjectwise list.(1)     Name: Operating System Concepts        Authors: G...
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Routing Concepts based Study Material for gate Computer Science.

What is Routing?Routing in computer networks is a process which decides on which route the incoming packet will be transmit. It is a process of transmitting the packet from one host to another host.  The process of routing is carried out by the devices known as routers. Different type of routing protocols or routing algorithms are used at network layer which decides which output line the pack...
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