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Basic File Concepts in Operating System

File Concepts Based Operating System Study MaterialWhat is a File ?Generally  a file is a collection of records. A file can also be defined as a named persistent sequential (structured) data repository. The basic idea behind the creation of a file is  that files can be used to store data for long periods of time, and specifically. File as a collection of related information is recorded o...
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Mapping Techniques in Cache Memory based gate study material for computer science

Mapping Techniques in Cache MemoryToday in this Computer Science Study Material for Gate  we will learn about different type of address mapping techniques in the cache memory these techniques are used to fetch the information from main memory to cache memory.  There are three type of mapping techniques. Let us see them one by oneThree types of mapping procedures used for cache memor...
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C Programming Questions and Answers for GATE CSE Exam - Practice Set 3

 C  Programming Practice Question for GATE Exam Loops and Cotrols1. Consider the C program below.#include int *A, stkTop;int stkFunc (int opcode, int val){static int size=0, stkTop=0;switch (opcode){case -1:size = val;break;case 0:if (stkTop < size ) A[stkTop++]=val;break;default:if (stkTop) return A[--stkTop];}return -1;}int main(){int B[20];A=B;stkTop = -1;stkFunc (-1, 10);stkF...
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Important Interview Questions in software Engineering

Top 100 Interview Questions in Software EngineeringWhat is software engineering?What is Software?Write out the reasons for the Failure of Water Fall Model.What are the characteristics of the software?What are the various categories of software?What are the challenges in software?Define software processWhat are the fundamental activities of a software process?What are the umbrella activities of a ...
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Computer Organization and Architecture Based Practice Questions for Gate Exam - Practice Set 3

COMPUTER ORGANIZATION AND ARCHITECTUREPractice Set 3(Instruction Pipelining, Cache & Main memory, Secondary Storage)1. More than one word is put in one cache block to(a) Exploit temporal locality references in a program(b) Exploit spatial locality references in a program(c) Reduce miss penalty(d) All of these2. A pipeline P is found to provide a speedup of 6.16 when operating at 100 MHz and an...
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Core Java Interview Questions and Answer - Computer Science Study Material

Hello Friends,       java is an Object  Oriented Programming Language. Which is mostly used to develop Windows based Software  as well as Web Based Project. It is good to have good knowledge about a programming language and practical knowledge for developing program in that particular language. In the technical interview for the post of  ...
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Different Types of Addressing Modes based Computer Science Study Material for Gate

Addressing Modes and It's Types : gate study material for computer scienceIn this gate study material for computer science we are going to explain different types of addressing modes. We have examined the types of operands and operations that may be specified by machine instructions. Now we have to see how is the address of an operand specified, and how are the bits of an instruction organize...
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C Programming Objective Questions and Answers for Gate Exam - Practice SET2

C Programming Based Practice Questions for GATE Computer Science 1. Which of the following statements should be used to obtain a remainder after dividing 3.14 by 2.1 ?(a) rem = 3.14 % 2.1;(b) rem = modf(3.14, 2.1);(c) rem = fmod(3.14, 2.1);(d) Remainder cannot be obtained in floating point division.It's Solution Explanation2. What are the types of linkages?(a) Internal and External (b) External, I...
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Operating System Tutorial On Threads

Thread's Concepts in Operating System Today in this Operating System Study Material and Tutorial   I will discuss about threads concepts such as threads basic introduction , its advantages, threads implementation in operating system , user level and kernel level threads.Lets see each one by one -What is Thread ?A thread I nothing but a light  weight process which can utili...
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Classification of Operating System

Operating System and It's TypeToday in this Computer Science Study Material for Gate Based tutorial I will tell you about what is an operating system and what are different types of an operating system.What is an Operating System ?Operating System: Operating system works as an interface between user and hardware. Operating System also works as a Resource manager.  It is a control program...
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