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File management in operating system

File management in operating systemToday in this post I am going to discuss about file concept in os and file management in operating system. In this post we will learn about different types of files in operating system.What is file ?Generally  a file is a collection of records. A file can also be defined as a named persistent sequential (structured) data repository. The basic idea behind the...
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Thrashing in Operating System

What is thrashing ?Today I am going to introduce about thrashing in os. So what is thrashing in os ? Thrashing is a state which occurs when a process is spending more time in paging or swapping than its execution. In thrashing state CPU is so much busy in swapping that it can not respond to user program as much as it required.Causes of ThrashingThrashing is not good for performance point of view. ...
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Cache Mapping Techniques Tutorial

Cache Mapping TechniquesToday in this cache mapping techniquesbased tutorialfor Gate  we will learn about different type of mapping techniques used in cache memory. These techniques are used to fetch the information from main memory to cache memory. There are three type of mapping techniques used in cache memory. Let us see them one by oneThree types of mapping procedures ...
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Java Interview Questions for Freshers

Java Programming Interview Questions       java is an Object  Oriented Programming Language. Which is mostly used to develop Windows based Software  as well as Web Based Project. Some basic core java interview questions are asked in interview for the post of  Java Developer . In this post I am telling about core java i...
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Types of Operating System

Operating System and It's TypeToday in this Computer Science Study Material for Gate Based tutorial we will study about an operating system , what is operating system and what are different types of operating system.What is an Operating System ?Operating System: Operating system works as an interface between user and hardware. Operating System also works as a Resource manager.  It is a c...
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Computer organization questions and answer for Gate Exam - Practice Set 3

Hello Friends, Today in this post we will practice some computer organization mcq . These questions are based on gate pattern.COMPUTER ORGANIZATION AND ARCHITECTUREPractice Set 3(Instruction Pipelining, Cache & Main memory, Secondary Storage)1. More than one word is put in one cache block to(a) Exploit temporal locality references in a program(b) Exploit spatial locality references in a p...
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C programming mcq with answers - Practice Set 3

 C  Programming Practice Question for GATE ExamHello Friends today in this post we will practice some c programming mcq. So practice these c programming mcq with answer. Loops and Cotrols1. Consider the C program below.#include int *A, stkTop;int stkFunc (int opcode, int val){static int size=0, stkTop=0;switch (opcode){case -1:size = val;break;case 0:if (stkTop < size ) A[st...
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How to improve mind power ?

Tips to Improve Brain Powerदोस्तों कहते हैं कि मानव शरीर को स्वस्थ रखने में  शारीरिक व्यायाम का अपना विशेष महत्व है।  शरीर के प्रत्येक अंग के लिए अलग अलग प्रकार  के व...
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Operating system gate questions and answers

Operating system Previous year gate questionsQ1.Synchronization in the classical readers and writers problem can be achieved through use of semaphores. In the following incomplete code for readers-writers problem, two binary semaphores mutex and wrt are used to obtain synchronization. [GATE 2007]wait (wrt)writing is performedsignal (wrt)wait (mutex)  readcount = readcount + 1if readcount = 1 ...
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Learn database management system

Here you will get various article related to database management concepts , practice sets and examples that will help you to solve the dbms related questions for Gate Exam.1. What is database management system and characteristics of dbms?2. Uptu-previous-year-questions-paper-for-dbmsMore Article are coming soon.......!Practice Sets...
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