5 Must Visit Places in India

Starting from the southern-most city ‘Kanniyakumari’ to the ice cap mountains at Kashmir in the northern region, India is a huge country with culturally rich and historically sound destinations that can enrich your travel experience. The country buzzes with oldest temples, luxurious palaces, intricately designed forts, monuments, serene monasteries, mighty snow mountains, mesmerizing beaches, ...
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Temples of Tamil Nadu, India - Chidambaram & Cholapuram

When you plan a visit to South India, especially Tamil Nadu, you cannot miss the temples that showcase the culture and history of the region. The architecture of these historic temples speaks volumes about the ancient history of India. And one such temple town of Tamil Nadu is Chidambaram that is located at a distance of 60 KM approximately from Pondicherry and 210 KM approx., from Chennai. Surrou...
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The Heritage City - Srirangapatna & Brindavan Garden, Karnataka India

The Heritage City as they call, Srirangapatna at Karnataka should easily fall into your list of places to visit when you plan a trip to Mysore. Srirangapatna is approximately at a distance of 19 KM from Mysore city. And here are more details about the road trip to Mysore.For our first day of sightseeing, we planned to cover the places in and around Srirangapatna and Brindavan Garden. There is a go...
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4 Fascinating Facts About The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is recognized all over the world as one of the finest man-made structures in human history. It’s considered a wonder of the world and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in India. However, beyond its striking image and the breathtaking architecture, the Taj Mahal remains fairly mysterious to a lot of tourists. That is to say, many who intend to visit it one day don’t a...
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City of Palace - A Road Trip to Mysore, Karnataka

The city of dosa, mesmerizing palace and rich heritage is how I see Mysore. Though there are direct trains and flights to reach the palace city, I have been planning on a road trip and Dasara was one time I wanted to visit the city to experience the city’s euphoria. When we checked the maps there were two routes that would take us to Mysore and we decided to take the route via Bangalore that is ...
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A ride with the Birds - Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, Karnataka

Spending time with birds is something we love the most. While planning a trip to Mysore, we started our itinerary with Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary because that’s a must visit place for nature enthusiasts. The bird sanctuary is located at a distance of 19 KM from Mysore and 5 KM from Srirangapatna. The place was declared as a protected area by the then Mysore Maharaja after the request by ornith...
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32 Kilometers of Ecstasy and Excitement - 32-KM Loop Road, Yercaud

The two mesmerizing hill station of Tamil Nadu that is great for weekend getaway and drive are Yelagiriand Yercaud. And while I was talking about my road trip to Yercaud, I mentioned that the one place I loved the most was 32 KM Loop Road. As this road is a stretch of 32 KM that begins and ends at Yercaud Lake, you are taken via an insanely beautiful ride that allows you to appreciate the never-en...
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Hills of Tamil Nadu - A Road Trip to Yercaud

The crazy roads surrounded with bamboo, trees and coffee plantation entices your drive to Yercaud. At a distance of 31 KM from Salem (Tamil Nadu), Yercaud is located in the Shevaroy hills in the Eastern Ghats. Mystic weather, mesmerizing green cover and attractive tourist spots make this place an ideal vacation spot. As our two-day road trip to Yelagiriwas cut short to a day, we decided to pack ou...
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Hills of Tamil Nadu - A Road Trip to Yelagiri

A serene hill station of Tamil Nadu that is located amidst the green cover is Yelagiri. With 14 hairpin bends and well-laid roads, this place is perfect for road trips. As you drive to the hilltop, don’t forget to click a few pictures as well as witness the misty mountains and ever beautiful green cover. A lot of information is available online to help you plan a trip to Yelagiri but after my tr...
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P for Pizza, P for Pondicherry

The one foreign dish that won hearts and tummies in a short span of time would be ‘pizza’. The soft dough, delightful cheesiness and flavorful toppings were enough to make me happy and fill my tummy. There are numerous pizza joints blossoming at every nook-and-corner of any city; the MNC food companies that deliver pizza have already made a lasting impression and it’s hard to compete with th...
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