How to create a simple and attractive related posts widget in Blogger

Related posts widget is very useful and it attracts more traffic. It displays post heading with thumb nail of all the post from same Label, Category or Tag. The relevant post particulars are automatically picked up and displayed under the post. You can define the number of the related posts displayed under each page. For example if you have 15 posts under a label, tag or category and you want to d...
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Microsoft TCP View Utility to monitor secret illegal network activity on PC

If you notice that your Internet connection become very slow though  everything in your machine looks good. It is possible that some malware, spyware, or adware which may be using your Internet connection in the background without your knowledge. There may be a chance that you may be victim of cyber criminals and some body may by monitoring you constantly and you don’t know it. Something &n...
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How to Automatically clear private data, browsing history, cookies

Web browsing history, cookies, search history, your downloads, and many more thing considered as your private data are normally save by all web browsers unless you have a particular setting in your web browser or you are using private browsing. However you can delete it whenever you like. You also have an option in many browsers to delete it automatically when you close it. Please note that, if yo...
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Android malware “Goolligan” Millions of Google Accounts suspected Breached

Android malware  “Goolligan” Millions of Google Accounts suspected Breached- A new android malware is reported to be revealed and named “Goolligan”. This malware is reported to have attacked more than 1000000 Android OS handsets and the number is increasing roughly by about 15000 every day. The malware roots infected devices and steals Google authentication tokens to be used to access...
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Understanding The Glossary of common wireless network terms on the web

UnderstandingThe Glossary of common wireless network terms on the web - Nowadays new technology is coming all the time and the market is so over flown of the new technology that sometimes we find it difficult to know, what a device does and how it works. Sometimes even it is difficult to remember the nomenclature of the gadgets. Today let us discuss the technical terms commonly used by for the wir...
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Know interesting facts about the universe and our galaxy Milky way

Know interesting facts about the universe and our galaxy Milky wayThere are at least one hundred billion galaxies in the observable universe According to the best estimates of astronomers. They've counted the galaxies in a particular region, and multiplied this up to estimate the number for the whole universe.The Universe    Our Galaxy is “The milky way”. “The milky ...
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SmartPhone- Security tips for Smartphone android phone

The smart phones are going smarter day by day and as they go smarter they need smarter care because they contain extremely valuable things and data. Suppose you have misplaced your smart phone or it is hacked by criminals or stolen by someone what would happen? Imagining the situation you can imagine that the security of your smart phone must be your top priority. The following tips may become muc...
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Internet quiz-how much do you know about the internet

(1)   Tim Berners-Lee(Timothy John Berners-Lee) invented the World Wide Web in 1990. (2)   More than 6 percentage of the world’s population is suffering from internet addiction.(3)   According to a United Nations resolution using the internet is a human right and disconnecting people from the internet is a human rights violation. (4)   More than 100,000 do...
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