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Dream of Overland Adventure on KTM 390 – September 2018

This life is made of dreams we see with open eyes or while we are asleep.And the distance we take over time towards these dreams are often called as being Alive.Humans without dreams and purpose are as good as dead,so said every dreamer and i would like to concur without any scope of argument with ... More → The post Dream of Overland Adventure on KTM 390 – September 2018 appeared firs...
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Sikkim – Jewel of Eastern Himalaya

Been many years,I have been craving to ride to Sikkim.Many plans failed and got re-planned with no immediate success.While i left my regular paying job for no particular reason,i realized that there wont be any perfect time like this to break the long pending jinx.I started this ride from Pune and rode all the way ... More → The post Sikkim – Jewel of Eastern Himalaya appeared first on...
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Overland Adventure For Indian Motorcyclists – Few Aspects of Planning and Documentation

PS:Information in this article is based on my experience while planning and realizing this trip.One or many details in the article can be outdated but not wrong.In both cases i don’t take responsibility of whatsoever is written in the article,so please dont bash me in any case 🙂 😀 This post is to include small ... More → The post Overland Adventure For Indian Motorcyclists –...
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Adventure ride to Sandakhpu – West Bengal

This ride to North East started from Pune and i rode all the way from Pune to Kolkata.I had much time in my hand because i recently left my job and there wasn’t any immediate job offer,perhaps no job offer at all.Ride till Kolkatta took its time in the slowest pace possible,catching up with friends ... More → The post Adventure ride to Sandakhpu – West Bengal appeared first on My...
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Pompeii – City Frozen in Time – Italy

Last few weeks has been amazing and i have been strolling through some beautiful but touristy Italian cities.Rome was the most spectacular in all of them.While i was in Naples,I was more interested in visiting Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius.After arriving in Naples,i got caught up with the work.For couple of days i mostly stayed indoor ... More → The post Pompeii – City Frozen in Time R...
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Rome – History,Ruins and Beyond

From Colosseum to  Vatican city,Basilica to Roman forum,From history to mind blowing architecture.Rome offers a lot to see and spend.After having some fun time in Pisa i took a fast train to Rome,they call this train as ‘Frecciarossa’.I settled down in a hostel which was equally close to the train station and Colosseum.Hostel where i was staying ... More → The post Rome –...
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Leaning Tower of PISA – Italy

Who hasn’t grown up reading about this historical marvel in their history books,standing in front of the Pisa tower i was living the moment of education i had years back in school days.Muttering the words while speaking with my mind “Holy Fuck,this is really a Leaning Tower”. I arrived in the second half of the ... More → The post Leaning Tower of PISA – Italy appeare...
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Florence – Capital of Tuscany Italy

After Bologna i moved to Florence,which was a one day affair,I literally raced through all the places which should not be missed on your visit to this marvelous city.There are lot of things to see from cathedrals to museum,i would recommend everyone to spend atleast 2-3 days here and soak in the historic and artistic beauty at ... More → The post Florence – Capital of Tuscany Italy a...
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Bologna – Capital of the Emilia-Romagna

Venice was getting bit boring due to the foggy weather all day long,I was smoking and doing rounds of wine to keep myself alive and kicking.Took a escape route with Trenitalia and moved to Bologna,journey was fast (2 hours only) and comfortable. Stay in bologna was short but worthwhile,stayed in a hostel called “|| Castello” which ... More → The post Bologna – Ca...
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Carnet De Passage – WIAA Mumbai – Mystery Unlocked

Ever imagined that this could be as easy as flushing someone else’s shit down the hole ?..CDP is most discussed topic these days,as many Indians are jacking off about overland travels in their dreams and reality.However there is little information available about it over the internet.Here is my experience with WIAA Mumbai on getting a Carnet done ... More → The post Carnet De Passage...
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