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Do You Know These Foods Are Better Than VIAGRA

A large number of male population is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction now a days. Reasons may be different like Medical, Physical Or sometimes Psychological also. One must know what exactly happens which leads to Erectile Dysfunction in short which is referred as ED. Basically, Erectile Dysfunction is a condition when someone is unable to attain or maintain a proper erection in his penis (which...
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Awesome Vodka Cocktails Must Try This Summer

Every summer when the scorching heat makes you crumbled and exhausted, a natural need is then a drink that restores energy and vigor instantly and lets you feel fresh and energetic. Thus for this summer offering some awesome cocktails which won't just keep you fresh all the summer but, will certainly make you feel cool and cozy with just a couple of pegs prepared with the caution to maintain the n...
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Let's Know Everything About Sex On The Beach

It may sound crazy but Sex On The Beach is the Name of a cocktail which is an official cocktail of IBA (International Bartender Association). This cocktail is mostly consumed in summer season as Sex On The Beach is a perfect combination of enriched flavors of Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Orange juice and Cranberry juice.Pic Courtesy : ...
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Naughty WhatsApp Jokes : BURNING LOVE

BURNING LOVEQuestion : What's The Definition Of "Burning Love" ?Answer : It's when at night you reach out for the Vaseline gel and pick up Vicks by mistake.Pic Courtesy :              
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Naughty WhatsApp Jokes - VIAGRA

VIAGRAQuestion : What's Unique With VIAGRA?Ans : All Medicines Have Side Effects, Only VIAGRA Has A Front Effect.Pic Courtesy : Google &              
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Google Asia Pacific Blog: Bringing the Internet to more Indians – starting with 10 million rail passengers a day

Google Asia Pacific Blog: Bringing the Internet to more Indians – starting with 10 million rail passengers a day...
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Monsoon Triggers Online Sale : Incredible and Unexpected Deals at Amazon

Monsoon has arrived in most part of the country. Its not just raining waters all around. There is a hailstorm of offers and deals also on the web. Companies has opened their bags for the customers roaming around the web in search of a good offer and the most appropriate deal for the products they desire to buy. They name it  the season of SALE for most of the companies engaged in online retai...
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IRCTC launches a light version website for 'Tatkal' e-ticket booking

It seems that IRCTC has taken a serious note about the anguish of passengers willing to book an e-ticket during TATKAL hours of booking. A common problem was experienced that the website was either not opening properly during TATKAL hours or it was running so slow that booking of an e-ticket was almost a nightmare during the period. Though there were different school of thoughts regarding the prob...
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Indian Railway Aiming World-Class Experience of Journey

A successful trial of high speed semi bullet train was performed today between Delhi to Agra. It gives an impression at a first glance that Indian Railway is now planning very seriously to break the image of  its orthodox stereotype trains running with a dependability upon the mercy and blessings of situation and available resources. It also seems that the Indian Government is ...
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Live In Or Marriage Or...?

A time immemorial trend in India is, trending with the trend. Remember, the trend when it was a a routine matter of debate 'Which is better Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage'? Prior to that there was another trend too 'To Marry or To Not Marry at all'which still is in practice and perhaps this 'LIVE IN RELATIONSHIP'is being advocated or accepted mostly by those class of people&...
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