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Are You Also Waiting For Facebook Dating Service

There are 200 million users of Facebook those who have listed their relationship status as single. And this was the key factor to generate the idea of launching a dating service to find partners for them. So, it is no longer wait any more as the service expected to be launched very soon. Thus, the young and singles are on the target of Facebook. Pic Courtesy : huffingtonpost.inIt was not...
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Sonam Kapoor : Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Finally, now Sonam Kapoor can say it with proud and ecstasy "Prem Ratan Dhan Payo". Yes, the most speculated marriage from Bollywood after Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli has came to an end now. The most beautiful and fashionable diva of Bollywood tied knot today with the Delhi based businessman Anand Ahuja.Pic Courtesy : ndtv.comSonam Kapoor is a well known name in Bollywood and has got a mos...
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Why The World Is Afraid About Solar Storm

According to the scientists of NASA within 24 to 48 hours entire world is going to affected by a massive Geomagnetic Solar Storm. The Satellite Scientists have expressed the fear of some serious impact of this Solar Storm as the world may face a partial blackout of all satellite based technologies like Mobile Phones, Internet and DTH. Pic Courtesy : livehindustantimes.comAs per news published...
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Has Karnataka Congress Lost Its Confidence On Rahul

Countdown for Karnataka Assembly Election has begun and the Election Campaigns of political parties are going to be finished soon. Meanwhile, Ex Congress Chairperson Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is going to address a public meeting in Karnataka. Today, on 8th May Prime Minister Narendra modi and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi both will be addressing public meetings in Vijay Nagar, Karnataka. Pic Courtesy : The ...
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What Do You Need To Learn About AMBER Alert

An AMBER ALERT was issued last Saturday Evening at 7 P.M. The Alert was sent in Mobile Phones In Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties. This Alert was for two girls who were reported missing out of Los Angeles at around 3 A.M. In the alert public were asked to call 911 when and if they spot a black and purple Dodge Challenger with the California license plate 7WKZ957.Pic Courtesy : ...
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Who Will Dare To Bare With $168 CARMAR Extreme Cut Out Pant

Since last few days the hottest trending brand on global social media has been a Denim Pant which has been unveiled by A LOS ANGELES based Leading Denim Brand CARMAR with a price tag of $168. A trending Fashion Statement, Dress or Accessory Which may barely be called as a cloth.CARMAR has named it "Extreme Cut Out" Jeans. Just have a look and decide who will dare to be bare with it. Howe...
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Do You Know These Foods Are Better Than VIAGRA

A large number of male population is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction now a days. Reasons may be different like Medical, Physical Or sometimes Psychological also. One must know what exactly happens which leads to Erectile Dysfunction in short which is referred as ED. Basically, Erectile Dysfunction is a condition when someone is unable to attain or maintain a proper erection in his penis (which...
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Awesome Vodka Cocktails Must Try This Summer

Every summer when the scorching heat makes you crumbled and exhausted, a natural need is then a drink that restores energy and vigor instantly and lets you feel fresh and energetic. Thus for this summer offering some awesome cocktails which won't just keep you fresh all the summer but, will certainly make you feel cool and cozy with just a couple of pegs prepared with the caution to maintain the n...
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Let's Know Everything About Sex On The Beach

It may sound crazy but Sex On The Beach is the Name of a cocktail which is an official cocktail of IBA (International Bartender Association). This cocktail is mostly consumed in summer season as Sex On The Beach is a perfect combination of enriched flavors of Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Orange juice and Cranberry juice.Pic Courtesy : ...
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Naughty WhatsApp Jokes : BURNING LOVE

BURNING LOVEQuestion : What's The Definition Of "Burning Love" ?Answer : It's when at night you reach out for the Vaseline gel and pick up Vicks by mistake.Pic Courtesy :              
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