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True Robin hoods (minus the robbing)

SourceWhile we skip a meal out of anger,There is somewhere a child dying of hunger.He waits for his dad every night,The day's wages fill his stomach, might.But, mother's lullaby is all he gets, alas!How selfish we are, to let such a thing pass.Even today more people die of hunger,Than AIDS, malaria and terrorism put together.The next time you see leftovers going to waste,Contact RHA Luck...
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You will be there for me, I know

You make conversations lighter, And my cheeks red with laughter! You would always have a solution, To a problem, which cannot be thought in my position. Live life king size. Or your existence might just seize. Why do I always have to over think? And force the brains to shrink! You also showed me another side, To my every stride! I have changed in ways, Which I can't express or say. They say you ch...
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(Al-hamdulillah – “We are grateful to the Lord”)•The ninth month of Islamic calendar, is also the month of Ramzan, holiest month in Islam, which is also the fasting month for the Muslims. The month lasts for 29-30 days based on the sighting of the crescent moon. Fasting from dawn until sunset is obligatory for adult Muslims.•To refrain from sinful behavior – false speech, insulting, cu...
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7 Lucknowi Tehzeebs that will blow you away!

There is no word in English which can replace the word “tehzeeb”  , “Courtesy” comes close, but cannot embody the essence in the same way!1  HumThe word is enough! “Hum aa reh hai” As the people from other cities in India tease the Lucknowites , whether you are coming alone or your whole clan is accompanying you, will always be a mystery!2   Aaiye/Baithiye /AapBe it a ri...
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Shush, she need not say it loud!It is something which makes her one amongst 497 million’s crowd.Still, the spots should be hidden,Oh, so god forbidden!It’s a biological part of her existence,But is treated with every possible pretense!What if she doesn’t have the access to necessity?Let’s show her some more pity!Only 12% are able to have the luxury.So what if 27% of them (diagnosed cervica...
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My guy’s birthday

You held me when I was in painAnd never let my efforts go in vainIn my love, you even started to like rainsMy love for you is insane.Harmless cribbing and nagging Is just my thingI hope you bear with me till another springAnd, I can hear you sing.The leaves may shed and the colors fadeBut our bond can never be grayedSitting under the stars, as we playedYou have always been my strongest aid.You are...
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Need to be fixed

I feel numb, neither too happy nor too sad, and sometimes too moody, splutter out things I shouldn’t have. I know it is nobody’s fault, it’s just that everyone wants different things from life, so nobody to be blamed. The comfort I am looking for is not in things, I would never achieve them out of objects, but then why this dissatisfaction, whatever is, is enough.Life couldn’t have been be...
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Honey - Makes life sweeter

How would you like cold coffee, turned healthy? Or a lemonade, sweet, yet zero calories! I would love to have these, if they contained no calories. Being health conscious, staying fit, and looking beautiful, that's all people nowadays want!But good and scrumptious food is so appetizing that we can't keep our hands off it, and are forced to have it., which might not do any good to our body. It is s...
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UC Browser- Surf it All, Surf it Fast!

Oops, slow connection! The life seems to standstill, the internet era is such, that imagining life without internet connection and smartphone is unimaginable! Be it Shahid Kapoor's wedding pics, the crisis in Greece or your sister's friend's neighbor's toothache! We are updated about everything. A family dinner is incomplete without a scene , where everyone has dug their knives and forks in their ...
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Fellow Traveller

You need not gawk at me in a freaky wayneither should you keep me at bayI am a lass, with maybe, not so pretty a facebut I didn't seek your advice, even if that's the caseYes, I know you are blessed with a flawless appearancethat I fail to achieve,even with enduranceBut I am second to noneWhen it comes to fun!I used that ointment for a year,I applied this and that, whatever I hearI did all that my...
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