Hamare Paas Shashi Kapoor Nahin Hai

Hamare Paas Shashi Kapoor Nahin HaiThe iconic star of 60’s & 70’s Mr. Shashi Kapoor is no more with us. After many rumors of his death in the last one year he finally bid adieu to the world. In my growing years he was not a star to be known by our generation but early introduction to cable TV network took me to his cinema. He was among the handsome male actors of his time who enraptured th...
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Kho Rahe Hain Taare Zameen Par!

Kho Rahe Hain Taare Zameen Par!Image source : Hindustan TimesA four year old boy is accused of sexually assaulting his classmate who is also his age in school classroom and washroom in a reputed Delhi school. The news is more saddening than shocking looking at the age of the victim & accused. When Delhi police is concerned about how to deal with the case because according to section 82 of Indi...
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Ek Judge Ki Maut!

Ek Judge Ki Maut!If this news can’t raise your eyebrows and instill fear in you nothing can. If a judge constitutionally responsible for giving justice and who has and the people around him have some protocols to follow died in such a mysterious way how much our lives are important? I am talking about the recent story of The Caravan Magazine by journalist Niranjan Takle of death of Judge Brijgop...
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Reality and Rating

Reality and RatingJob creation is at all time low, small business are gasping for breath, Make in India has not shown any significant investment and projects like Skill India and Startup India failed to benefited those for which it was made. Malnutrition deaths are on the rise because after Aadhar linking, only one whose thumb impression is registered is eligible to receive food but when they are ...
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Amritsar & Wagah Border Trip

Amritsar & Wagah Border TripAmritsar is the city of Golden Temple the sacred pilgrimage for Sikhs. The area around is recently developed beautifully to promote tourism by renovating it with related themes and including some modern day structures which compliment the place nicely. Historical Jalianwala Bagh where Britishers fired mercilessly on innocent Indians also lies in that area and it now...
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WiredNews website The Wire has left entire BJP and central government running to defend Jay Amitbhai Shah son of Bhartiya Janata Party president Amit Shah. According to website report by journalist Rohini Singhthe turnover of a company owned by Jay Amitbhai Shah increased 16,000 times over in the year following the election of Narendra Modi as prime minister and the elevation of his father to...
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RIP Kundan Shah

RIP Kundan ShahNot all become like Yash Chopra, Prakash Mehra, Aziz Mirza, Shyam Benegal, etc who are famous and adored by today’s generation but there are also people like Kundan Shah who with one or two hit films has left an impression on the film industry as well as on movie goers. Kundan Shah is not known to the people of today’s generation probably because he didn’t have much public app...
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RIP Tom Alter

RIP Tom AlterI am sure those who grew up in nineties are not unfamiliar with his name. Like many I also has his first image in my mind is of 'British Raj Ka Writer' in Doordarshan serial 'Zabaan Sambhaal Ke' where he played an Englishman writer who is learning Hindi. He was impressive in that role along with the other's worked in it. I later saw him in films like Charas, Karma, Kranti and films li...
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The Masked Life

The Masked LifeI met with an accident few years back (precisely 10 years ago). It was dangerous and I came out of hospital in about ten days. Except a foot injury which needed dressing every week for around a year I was alright. But that what I and my family thought but as I few days past I realized problems of sore throat, running nose, itching eyes which were watering and initially it was diffic...
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Learned To Be Healthy

Learned To Be Healthy‘I have to write what I am doing now.’ That’s what came in my mind as I first read about this contest. My sedentary, lazy and careless lifestyle increased lots of weight in me and gave in gift the ailment of hypertension. Even after living with hypertension I didn’t change my routine and bad health habits like inactivity in my daily routine, eating unhealthy fried food...
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