Lynch Raj

Lynch RajAn aged man keeping meet in home, a milkman transporting cattle for milking, rumors of child kidnapper, a policeman conducting his duties or you just innocent Muslim boys going home for Eid, this give enough reason to criminal mobs to lynch innocents without any respect and fear for the law. From last three years since the Modi government came in power these lynching of innocent people by...
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India Versus Pakistan: A Battle?

India Versus Pakistan : A Battle?When it is India versus Pakistan in Cricket arenas the sports become more a battlefield than a game and the most of the credit to this scene should be given to our news channel who hold panel discussions in the name of ‘Battlefield, The Big Game, Maha Muqabla’ Sabse Bada Muqabla’ etc. The debate in these programs of both the nations have praises for their cou...
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Mehnat Karne Wale!

Mehnat Karne Wale!There is an old Hindi song from the movie Mazdoor(1983) which says 'Hum Mehnatkash Is Duniya Se Jab Apna Hissa Mangenge, Ek Baagh Nahin Ek Khet Nahin Hum Saari Duniya Mangenge' it means that working class if ever ask for its share from the world then it wouldn't be just a garden or a field but the whole world. It in simple language implies that the world is created by workin...
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World Environment Day

World Environment Day A day is dedicated to think and take care of the environment. But it is not a one day task and need our continuous efforts to reuse, reduce and recycle.  From past more than 100 years we forget about the environmental changes and damages due to our unplanned growth models as a result of which we are now experiencing global warming which are shrinking our glaciers po...
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RIP Favorite Mother of Bollywood : Reema Lagoo

RIP Favorite Mother of Bollywood : Reema LagooReema Lagoo along with Farida Jalaal is among the most favorite mother of Bollywood in 90's and early 2000's. Reema Lagoo breathed her last today on 18th May 2017 after a cardiac arrest. She was only 59 and free from any major illness at the time of her death which makes this news more shocking to her fans. She was equally famous in films,television an...
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AAP Yahan Aaye Kis Liye !

AAP Yahan Aaye Kis Liye !Aam Aadmi Party or AAP came into politics to revive it. Arvind Kejriwal the convener of the party said during the formation of the party that to clean the filth in the gutter one must have to go inside the gutter. (Rajniti ke gatar ka gachra saaf karne ke liye usme utarna hi padega). The party which emerged from a nationwide movement gave hope of betterment to millions won...
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Amar is Amar in Our Memories : RIP Vinod Khanna

Amar is Amar in Our Memories : RIP Vinod KhannaVinod Khannapassed away today (27th April 2017) in Mumbai at the age of 70. If you remember few months back you didn’t even think about that news because he looked fittest among the actors of his era but a picture of his last month in hospital clothes shocked everybody because he was looking weak and pale and now another shocking news came today tha...
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Half Girlfriend

Half GirlfriendRelationships they say completes yourself. As we born god bestowed us with several relations from mother, father, sister, brother to so and so from the extended family. We can’t change them but to live with them. We have certain commitments & duties in them but then there are relationships we make ourselves in the form of friends, boyfriends or girlfriends in which we take eas...
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Mera Bharat Mahan?

Mera Bharat Mahan?Country is going down at each front except 'Divide & Rule' Unique Identification Numbers for cows, reviving lost river Saraswati by filling its so called route with artificial water, editing textbooks to change name of discoverers and inventors with ancient sages, Anti-Romeo Police Squad to arrest couples roaming on UP roads or meeting at some public parks, demolition of...
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The Cow's World

The Cow's WorldHearing on a Public Interest Litigation Chief Justice Sand Singh popularly known as 'The Ox' declined the demand for equal status of humans in 'The Cows World'. He said that there is no use of bringing stale human rights to their world which don't even existed in true manner in The Human's World. He emphasized on the use of less money in domesticating them for farm use because in th...
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