Delhi Darshan - Connaught Place

Delhi Darshan - Connaught PlaceThis is my sixth or seventh journey to explore Delhi yet the state is too old and vast in terms of traveling that still there are lots more things to see. My travel craving took me to Connaught Place this Monday. Since I was eager to see Madame Tussauds recently inaugurated in Delhi I booked ticket to visit there 3 months before and plan to see other famous things of...
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Pray For Kerala

Pray For KeralaKerala's most worst flood in 100 years has killed more than 324 people and more than 2 lakh people are living in 1500+ relief camp. It's a natural tragedy and we can only pray for their safeguard. Army, Navy, Coast Guard and NDRF (National Disaster Relief Force) working tirelessly to rescue as many people as possible. The opening of all the gates of almost all the dams in the region...
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Kya Khoya Kya Paya Jag Mein - Tribute to Atalji

Kya Khoya Kya Paya Jag Mein - Tribute to Atal Bihari Vajpayee Atal Bihari Vajpayee passed away today (16th August 2018) after prolonged illness in Delhi’s AIIMS hospital. He didn’t marry in his life so has no children but has an adopted daughter. He was not in the active politics since the time he was defeated in 2004 elections after serving as Prime Minister of India. Interestingly he se...
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RIP Kalaignar - M Karunanidhi

RIP Kalaignar - M Karunanidhi Kalaignar literally translates into ‘scholar of arts’ or just artist the title earned by M Karunanidhi from his followers not for being a Tamil film actor but due to active role played in Tamil Nadu politics.M Karunanidhi breathed his last on 7th August 2018 at the age of 94 in Chennai after prolonged age related illness. He married thrice in his life and has...
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Round Up : 4 - July

Round Up : 4 - JulyFrom historical Rahul Gandhi hug to PM Narendra Modi in Parliament and the wink that follows this hug to Imran Khan winning elections in Pakistan to mysterious suicide of a family in Burari area of Delhi to NRC controversy in Assam to Kiki Challenge to debate on entry of women in Sabarimal Temple complex to Rafale Scam and involvement of Reliance Defense in it to Dhadak release ...
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Ram Tere Naam Par!

Ram Tere Naam Par!The answer to an opinion should be another opinion!                       – Shashi Tharoor in ParliamentHai Ram Ke Vajud Pe Hindostan Ko Naaz, Ahl-e-Nazar Samajhte Hain Is Ko Imam-e-Hind.- Allama Iqbal(India is proud of the personality of Lord Ram,Knowledgeable believe him to be the guiding priest of India.)Violen...
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RIP: Rita Bhaduri

RIP : Rita BhaduriNeither Rita Bhaduri is an household name nor I am a big fan of her but I still have some memories attached to her which I want to share after her death today in a Mumbai hospital. She was a character artist or a supporting actor in 70's , 80's and 90's and I am sure you also didn't know about any path breaking role of her which have impressed the audience. Yet she was an importa...
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Is Lynching India is 'New India' ?

Is Lynching India is 'New India' ?A new trend of mob lynching has emerged in many Indian states mostly ruled by Bhartiya Janata Party shaping Narendra Modi’s‘New India’. The idea of India is idea of togetherness, inclusiveness and acceptance but the new India works contrary. In this segregation, hate and intolerance hold the importance. Till now mobs were killing people in the name of cow in...
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Kashmir Issue and Ram Mandir

Kashmir Issue and Ram MandirFrom last 30 years two issues are making headlines in Indian media: Kashmir problem and Ayodhya Ram Mandir. India is dealing with both the issues almost from independence and even before that because Babri Masjid issue was also in the list of concern of British India and ownership of Kashmir was always discussed with the last ruler of state Raja Hari Singh. Let’s not ...
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Naive Traveler : Manali Trip

Naive Traveler : Manali TripManali is a hill station situated in Himachal Pradesh, India. Kullu an adjacent hill station is often called together with it as Kullu-Manali. Actually when you plan a trip to Manali spare one day for Kullu also which is famous for Paragliding and rafting. Manikaran another small hill town is associated with Manali which is famous for Manikaran Gurudwara and is visited ...
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