Karnataka Elections

Karnataka ElectionsLooking from the north Karnataka elections are becoming status question for both Congress and the BJP. On one hand Congress is fully active in protecting its biggest state rule in country while the BJP is trying to make its base stronger in the south. Few things I have observed in this election process and I don’t know how this going to affect the outcome of the result:  ...
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Death of An Eight Year Old Girl

Death of An Eight Year Old GirlAn eight year old girl was kidnapped, sedated for hours and kept in a pious religious place meant for the main worship. She was raped repeatedly by six men in that state for days. Six men includes a person specially called to ‘satisfy his lust’ from outstation. She was held captive for about a week in January this year after which she was strangled and then hit w...
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Ye Jo Public Hai Sab Janti Hai - Blog to PM

Ye Jo Public Hai Sab Janti Hai - Blog to PMI will start from the beginning when our Prime Minister started saying that he will make India Great Again. For me and many who think like me India is and was great from the time we know it and that greatness not depends on any party’s or person’s way of leading the country. From the last four years I have seen some prominent changes in your stands as...
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Protect Privacy!

Protect Privacy! The breach of user data by Facebook appears a mere pass out news but if you think about it you can shock yourselves with revelations. You spend your time on Facebook posting things related to you and your lifestyle, your thinking, your ideology and sometimes it also denotes your financial status and position in society. Reactions on your post can be judged as people influence...
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Delhi Darshan - Sunder Nursery

Delhi Darshan - Sunder Nursery Sunder Nursery is situated adjacent to Humanyun's Tomb in Nizamuddin Area of Delhi. The nursery was built by Britishers alongside the many Mughal era structures situated in the area. The nursery,monuments and area withered away with time giving this a ruined jungle look but the restoration work done by The Agha Khan Trust and CPWD has completely transformed the ...
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Ruined State - Syria

Ruined State - SyriaIndifference of the world communities, the power hungry government, Shia-Sunni rivals and international Islamophobic population has ruined an entire nation. The peaceful demonstration which started almost seven years ago against President Bashar-Al-Assad of Syria for criticizing high unemployment, corruption and lack of political freedom turned into a fully fledged civil war wi...
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Hawahawai - RIP Sridevi

Hawahawai - RIP SrideviI am in a deep shock after hearing Sridevi’s untimely death news. It’s a sad moment, the one you wish to believe is not true and that’s what I did when first heard the news of her death. I checked with the news portals to confirm the news and then I realize we have lost a legend. I usually write tribute for celebrities who passed away but I am finding it difficult to w...
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Welcome to NEW INDIA

Welcome to NEW INDIANew India Flag Without Green Color New India has new traits and we welcome you to this. The country still stretches from Kashmir to Kanyakumari from north to south and from Arunanchal Pradesh to Gujarat from east to west but I advise you to avoid going to Kashmir as we don’t know when situation go out of control and you find yourself between security personal and stone p...
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Na Khaunga Na Khane Dunga

Na Khaunga Na Khane Dunga How easy is for the rich to fool institutions, governments and even regulatory authority while poor succumb to their pressure? Yes that’s the story of our country where'Sachai Ki Hamesha Jeet Hoti Hai' (Truth Always Wins) is reserved for the films only. Have you ever heard a rich billionaire committed suicide with his family for non-payment of his bank dues worth c...
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Enemy of Love

Enemy of LoveAnkit Saxena Opposed to the marriage of their Muslim daughter to a Hindu boy 24 year old Ankit Saxena, girl’s family stabbed him to death in west Delhi's Raghubir Nagar. Girl’s mother, father, uncle and brother all involved in the killing were arrested. It is not a surprise that current socio-political environment tried to give this ‘honor killing’ or ‘shame killing’ ...
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