Wanderlust You !

The lines on a map trace out,Like pronoia seeps in veins under my skin,You bit me with your forget-me-not hazel eyesAnd now I'm poisoned with constellations,It makes sense though. Where you are,Is where every road in my body leads to.P.S - I am sorry to every one of you, really finding it hard to be in sync with corporate life and blogger life....
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Sense Of Love !

Love may not arrive tomorrow,Or today or in between the question,and answer pause I’m not sure how long it takes,Or whether it comeall at once, or piece by pieceI only know the one,Wrapped around your hazel eyesWhere you hold a day,Fill it with a lifetimeand still have roomfor tomorrow....
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Footprint !

I tried to let my heart,rest it's wingsbut it always startto wiggle and jiggle hearing you in the shimmer of the silence,feeling you in the spacebetween white linesnever looking away from your eyesholding a card, a little longer thanit should,for i am yoursand you who questions whywondering about what youhave left behindthat i hold"the footprint" all angels leave a mark on this worldyours are made...
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Spoonful Words

I want to write you words that are greater than the sum of your victories, and less than the sum of my mistakes. Words that can be seen from the city's skyline and from the harbor that I call home because I don’t have grant gesture to show you how much I care about you perhaps I’d never have. Words that can withstand any distance put between them, because they are true with sincerity that stil...
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Oral Waves !

Even in those moments where loving yourself seems like the hardest thing in the universe, I need you to remember this, I will love you fiercely when you feel like you least deserve it, quietly when you make mistakes, boldly when time slips like sand between your kissed fingers, madly in your nomadic forms, truly when you feel like broken, across every tectonic plates and surpass time zones picking...
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Ceasefire violating Contour !

Like a Sunday morning your smile respirate a galaxy of warmest color that sheets a tangled weave of letters, that i replay in my head, somnolently in late night;smiling, it creates a sandstorm- tempest of the binding whispers of the moment when our eyes used to meet, folding me into a jungle of minutes for bewildered reactions of blink slanted sight, and then again ri...
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Review : The Wedding Trousseau and Other Short Stories

Why do we review? Does the formed and stamped opinion in authority matters so much? May be not. We review things to let people know what that particular things have a bearing on our thoughts so that if you feel connected you can look out for that. You may think that’s kind of promotional review but in any sense that should be unbiased and that is what I’m trying to do with writing the review o...
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Orion and Stars !

Orion and StarsIn opulent Night SkyPreaching another- Neon Lies...
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Love Affair of Earth and Moon !

With So many Men, Falling at her Feet, She Chose the one,-Still Standing"Summing up the Love affair of Earth and Moon" P.S- I've been blamed for writing too much much cosmic connection can't help comes naturally sometime .P.S.S - Image taken in Bangalore or Bengaluru (and yes i'm in love with this place weather now :D ) ...
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The Beautiful Evolution Of Strangulation !

Sometime the way words mix memory and desire in some pseudo-random, uniform distributed fashion that every conditional rationality starts to elude me in countless ripple and I find myself somewhere out there, losing me in the chipped corners of my heart inside the soul geomerty that have marched on this time's faultless serenade only to leave pieces of dust and smudged fingerprints into the empti...
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