Shayari # 23 : Sukoon

शायरी # 23 : सुकून (Shayari # 23) Couplet : तल्ख़ हयात की कहानी थी,तुम जो आये थोड़ा सुकून आया। - सिफ़र Talkh Hayat Ki Kahani Thi,Tum Jo Aaye Thoda Sukoon Aaya.- Cifar #######Story of life was bitter without you,you came and gave it rest to start anew. ...
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Ruke-Ruke Se Kadam

रुके-रुके से कदम। (Ruke-Ruke Se Kadam) - Halted Steps by GulzarRuke-Ruke Se Kadam written by Gulzar  also appears in the film Mausam 1975 sung by Lata Mangeshkar. The Ghazal describes the limitations one has in love and life. The poet says that he is walking by stopping in between but walked away because it gives satisfaction to beloved even though he himself ...
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Salute to Women

Salute to WomenWomen play many roles in her life and we men are always indebted to her for her contributions in our life. Not only in homes she is achiever in every field possible. This International Women's Day I am dedicating a bilingual poem to the creators of human race. Happy Women's Day.कर्मनिष्ठ, अन्नपूर्णा, कोमल, हैरतअंगेज़,...
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Festival of Colors - Holi

Festival of Colors - HoliHoli is the Indian festival of colors. Colors denotes respect,joy and compassion towards each other that's why people forget all their differences during this festival. Like each year I also have to offer something on this occasion, so here I am presenting a poem with the flavor of the season. Happy Holi to all. May the festival help us strengthen our relations with each o...
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Dekha Hai Zindagi Ko Kuch Itne Qarib Se

देखा है ज़िन्दगी को कुछ इतने करीब से। (Dekha Hai Zindagi Ko Kuch Itne Qarib Se) - Have Seen Life From As Much Close Range - Sahir LudhianviSahir Ludhianvi's life Shayari are simple and straight forward. They bring you close to reality whether it is 'Tang Aa Chuke Hai Kashmakash Ae Zindagi Se Hum' where he tell about the uselessness of life o...
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Shayari #22 : Ishq

शायरी # 22 : इश्क़ (Couplet #22 : Love)When love is in the air there is nothing better than to describe it in a sher ( couplet). This sher tells that the ailment and the treatment is same i.e Love. Happy Valentines Day. आँखों में गिरफ्तार कर मोहताज करता है,ये इश्क़ यूहीं दर्द-ए-द...
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Our Constitution

Our ConstitutionCelebrating one more Republic Day on my blog is a great feeling. The constitution is an oath which make us one as a nation without it we have no national identity. It guarantees equality,liberty, freedom, socialism and secularism to all the people of India. But these values are in danger today from some fringe elements which kicking them from their feet and sadly they are rising be...
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Sab Ek Charagh Ke Parwane Hona Chahte Hain!

सब एक चराग के परवाने होना चाहते हैं। (Sab Ek Charag Ke Parwane Hona Chahte Hain) - Everyone To Be A Moth of a Same Lamp Wants - Asad Badayuni Asad Badayuni in this ghazal is telling about love and beloved. He says that it's craziness that every lover wants to love the same beloved(lady love). He describes further implication of this lo...
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Chupke Chupke Raat Din

चुपके-चुपके रात दिन (Chupke Chupke Raat Din) Hasrat Mohani who gave us the famous slogan of independence struggle 'Inquilab Zindabad'(Long Live Revolution) has wrote this ghazal which is also used in 1982 Hindi film Nikaah. This ghazal is like someone remembering the old days of love,togetherness and romance. The poet is recalling things from the past to a...
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Nayee Duniya, Nayee Ummeed, Naya Saal

नई दुनिया, नई उम्मीद, नया साल। (Nayee Duniya, Nayee Ummeed, Naya Saal) New World, New Hopes, New Year. Every new year brings new hope for a better self and a better world. This year also going to end today and here I have penned an eight line bilingual poem for the occasion. Wishing everyone a great, healthy and prosperous year ahead. Happy New Ye...
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