जश्न (Jashn) - Celebrationरुख़्सत हुआ पुराना, नए का एहतिराम कीजिये,बीती बातें भूल अब, नए ख्यालों का इंतज़ार कीजिये। Ruksat Hua Purana, Naye Ka Ehtaram Kijiye,Beeti Batein Bhool Ab, Naye Khyalon Ka Intezar Kijiye.कुछ बीझडे, क...
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A Christmas Carol

A Christmas CarolSince two months or more I haven't posted anything here because I am suffering from an ailment. It is not that I was always not able to write but I didn't feel to write but what a better day than Christmas for a comeback. I am posting a small Christmas poem for this festival i.e birthday of Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas.A Christmas Carolwith his ghosts of past,present and futurewa...
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Two Minute Medley # 8

Two Minute Medley # 8 Dr S. Radhakrishnan's birthday is celebrated as Teachers Day in India. Happy Teachers Day and also festivals who went away giving happiness in our life. Happy Raksha Bandhan and Happy Janmashtami. Sit, stand, read and write,efforts to make our future bright.Every lesson we learn in life,reminds someone who to teach us strife.#####मोहब्बत की अग...
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Eid-ul-Zuha - Share and Care

Eid-ul-Zuha - Share and CareThis festival's actual motive is to recreate Abraham's act of readiness to sacrifice his own son for Allah's command. This not shows Allah promote killing but shows Abraham and his son's trust in God that HE will not do bad to them. That's what exactly happen his son was replaced by an animal and since then it become a tradition among Muslims to replicate the act. It is...
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Kya Khoya Kya Paya Jag Mein

क्या खोया क्या पाया जग में ! (Kya Khoya Kya Paya Jag Mein) What Has Lost and Earned In The World - Atal Bihari VajpayeeApart from great orator, a statesman and a gentleman former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee was also a great poet. He died on 16th August 2018 in AIIMS Hospital , Delhi. His 'kavita' shows his philosophies, courage and determinations. ...
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We All Are One

We All Are OneWe all are one. This thought needs to be glorified now than any other time in the history of India. Never ever in any circumstances 'Muslims' were told to Go To Pakistan. Never Christians were reminded that they follow a foreign religion and funded by them. Never Sikhs criticized for doing service to humanity because those they were serving belongs to a different religion. Never Hind...
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Shayari # 25 - Friendship Day

शायरी # 25 (Shayari # 25) Couplet on Friendship Dayपहले मुलाकात हुई, फिर दिल मिले, फिर करार मिला, रिश्ते सब मुकम्मल तभी हुए जब सच्चा यार मिला। - सिफ़र Pehle Mulaqat Hue, Phir Dil Mile, Phir Karaar Mila,Rishte Sab Mukammal Tabh...
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Aagaz To Hota Hai Anjam Nahin Hota

आगाज़ तो होता है अंजाम नहीं होता। (Aagaaz To Hota Hai Anjaam Nahin Hota) - Start Happens But The End Doesn't Come - Meena Kumari Most of us know Meena Kumari as Hindi film heroine who excelled in every character she portrayed on screen but she was also a poetess. The pain and turmoil in her which was often shown by the characters portrayed by...
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Ab To Mazhab Koi Aisa Bhi Chalaya Jaaye

अब तो मज़हब कोई ऐसा भी चलाया जाए। (Ab To Mazhab Koi Aisa Bhi Chalaya Jaaye)My Blog has crossed 100 translations of about 50+ poets which I think is a great achievement for a blog which is continuously updating on Ghazals, Kavita, Poems and translation. In this journey I have touched almost every emotion and in covering translations of these poets...
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Na Muhn Chupa Ke Jiye Hum Na Sar Jhuka Ke Jie

न मुहँ छुपा के जीए हम न सर झुका के जीए। (Na Muhn Chupa Ki Jiye Hum Na Sar Jhuka Ke Jiye) - I am sharing here a 'Qita' written by Sahir Ludhianvi which is recently used in Hindi movie 'Sanju'. A song inspired from it also penned by Sahir for the film 'Humraaz' (1967) staring Sunil Dutt in the lead role. Literal meaning of Qata is ‘sep...
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