Sab Ek Charagh Ke Parwane Hona Chahte Hain!

सब एक चराग के परवाने होना चाहते हैं। (Sab Ek Charag Ke Parwane Hona Chahte Hain) - Everyone To Be A Moth of a Same Lamp Wants - Asad Badayuni Asad Badayuni in this ghazal is telling about love and beloved. He says that it's craziness that every lover wants to love the same beloved(lady love). He describes further implication of this lo...
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Chupke Chupke Raat Din

चुपके-चुपके रात दिन (Chupke Chupke Raat Din) Hasrat Mohani who gave us the famous slogan of independence struggle 'Inquilab Zindabad'(Long Live Revolution) has wrote this ghazal which is also used in 1982 Hindi film Nikaah. This ghazal is like someone remembering the old days of love,togetherness and romance. The poet is recalling things from the past to a...
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Nayee Duniya, Nayee Ummeed, Naya Saal

नई दुनिया, नई उम्मीद, नया साल। (Nayee Duniya, Nayee Ummeed, Naya Saal) New World, New Hopes, New Year. Every new year brings new hope for a better self and a better world. This year also going to end today and here I have penned an eight line bilingual poem for the occasion. Wishing everyone a great, healthy and prosperous year ahead. Happy New Ye...
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Messiah Arrive

Messiah Arrive 25th December marks the birthday of Jesus Christ the man who sacrificed his life for the betterment of humanity. He spread message of love, care, humanity & forgiveness throughout his lifetime which is evident in the fact that he forgave his killers also. We in this time of hatred, violence and anger must remember his teachings. Merry Christmas to all.It is that time of the...
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Shayari # 21

शायरी # 21 (Shayari # 21) Coupletसाथ तेरे ही रुख़सत हो जाती,ज़िन्दगी तुझसी तो बेवफा नहीं। - सिफ़र Saath Tere Hi Ruksat Ho Jati,Zindagi Tijhsi To Bewafa Nahin.- CifarTo be departed together with you, Life is not unfaithful like you. #######...
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Aagah Apni Maut Se Koi Bashar Nahin

आगाह अपनी मौत से कोई बशर नहीं ! (Aagah Apni Maut Se Koi Bashar Nahin) - No One Is Aware Of Their Own Death - Hairat AllahabadiMy brother often quote the first sher of this ghazal from a long time. One day I found that it was part of a ghazal written by Hairat Allahabadi so I decided to translate it. In this ghazal the poet is showing his dare devilry b...
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Zindagi Be-Saaeban, Be-Ghar Kahin Aisi Na Thi

ज़िन्दगी बे-साएबाँ बे-घर कहीं ऐसी न थी। (Zindagi Be-Saaeban Be-Ghar Kahin Aisi Na Thi) - Nowhere Life Was Roofless,Homeless Like That - Parveen ShakirParveen Shakir was a prominent women Urdu ghazal writer (shayara). Her ghazals and shayari are from women's point of few and talks about love, lover, feminism, betrayal, romanticism ,etc from...
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Haiku : World Aids Day

Haiku : World Aids DayHIV is bad not the sufferer of itEnd isolation...
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Two Minute Medley #7

Two Minute Medley #7Here is another episode of Two Minute Medley where I share short, crisp and instant poem on any topic. Some current events are covered in this episode too.Zaheer Khan-Sagarika Ghoshकोई भी नाम तेरा हो, कोई भी नाम मेरा हो,मोहब्बत देखती है दिल जिसपे न कोई पहरा हो...
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Ab Kisi Ko Bhi Nazar Aati Nahin Koi Daraar

 अब किसी को भी नज़र आती नहीं कोई दरार ! (Ab Kisi Ko Bhi Nazar Aati Nahin Koi Darar)Film actor and politician Shatrughan Sinha recited few couplets of this ghazal of Dushyant Kumar recently in a book release function. This ghazal is perfect satire on current political and social situation of the country right now. Where self boosting posters...
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