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Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta - Chamarajanagar,Karnataka-2

If you ever wished to touch the clouds,yes this is the place.. :) Though we visited this temple in January'2017,the scenic beauty around Gopalaswamy hills evoked in us a special interest to visit this place again,especially in monsoons..The Lord Krishna temple popularly known as Himavad Gopalaswamy is situated around 230 kms from Bangalore..It is even more nearer to our place,only 65 kms from Sult...
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For her,the world through a camera lens is more colourful..And the rules of life in the pages of books are more orderly..The music of a bird song is more melodious than the noise of world..She never met the world as it is..For her eyelids are always heavy with yesternight dreams..She says the world outside is too bright for her eyes to bear..Now I heard her asking the darkness,"let's be friends" ?...
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My Way

Perhaps your happiness is among crowds..Mind you,mine in solitude...You search your identity in others..I 'own' my identity..Perhaps you rejoice in those artificial 'plastic smiles'..Me,comfortable in presence of mere silence..Your sight stops at the surface of creepy flesh..Mine goes searching the soul deep inside..You blame me as anti-social..I think you are a party freak...mere social butterfly...
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Coffee Flowers - Wayanad,Kerala

It is indeed a spectacular experience to see Coffee flowers blossoming in Wayanad..The whole place is filled with mild fragrances of these white flowers...And here is everything you want to know about Coffee flowers..https://ecofriendlycoffee.org/physiology-of-coffee-flowering/...
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Wayanad Diaries - A stroll down memory lane : I

These are few random paths we travelled and few pictures taken in various times in Wayanad...Not going to add any more descriptions cause the pictures themselves tell you a lot many tales....Have a look... :)...
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Pepper and Tea plantations-Gudalur road long drive:Wayanad,Kerala

Asusual we went for another long drive,Gudalur road this time and these pictures were taken in that  trip...Had a good relaxing walk among the tea plantations...But we found a best hangout place this time....Find it out among these bunch of pics :)...
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Mariyamman Kovil Utsavam,Wayanad,Kerala : Elephant Procession-III

The elephant parade started at around 7 pm..This is the last part of this Mariamman festival in which the elephant procession involves music and tribal dance performances with both sides of the streets followed by women with their pooja thaalis with lights..The procession ends at Mariyamman kovil..Kerala women following the procession..The sky filled with firecrackers... The elders of the tow...
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Mariamman Kovil Utsavam,Wayanad,Kerala : Theyyam - II

Theyyam and other tribal dance performances :Theyyam is a type of ritual dance popular in northern regions of Kerala...Theyyam includes dance, music and reflects the stories of ancient tribal cultures which involves the stories of ancient heros of Kerala culture..The dancers wore vibrant coloured cloths mostly red/orange and covered their faces with the typical Theyyam make-up..It is said that the...
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Mariamman Kovil Utsavam,Wayanad,Kerala : Vetti Vinayagar Temple-I

Vetti Vinayagar temple :The best thing ever happened to us after coming here is an opportunity to witness the major festival  of Sulthan Bathery,The Mariamman festival..This yearly festival usually celebrated in the month of February with firecrackers,elephant parade,performances of Theyyam and other tribal art forms..The event started at Vetti Vinayagar temple in Sulthan Bathery where the pe...
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Reading Blues

I read...Some times for pleasure..Sometimes as an escape..Sometimes for company..And among all,just for the love of reading..I don't read..To attain wisdom..To acquire knowledge..To be a better person..And among all I don't read because reading is something good...What I read,I read good and bad books (?) equally...I start my day as a blank sheet of paper and everything I read on that day makes a ...
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