TIGER _ First water color try

TIGER _ First water color try...
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Stationalympics in the city !Ladies and gentlemen,Chinmayee organisers present to you the greatest games of all timesThe Stationalympics !To be held in the city today!  Be sure to come! Free tickets for all coming By~ Chinmayee Bhattacharjee ☺...
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.Girl - Pencil Shading

This is my shading on a girl with pencils. I like pencil shading.....    The question is not to be or to be,It is that do you like my drawing ? ☺...
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Blue-capped rock thrush

Baba Captured (Ignited Images Photography )  and I drew it,  Hows that ????~ Chinmayee...
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Dr. Salim Ali, one of the greatest ornithologists and naturalists of all time, is also known as the “birdman of India”. He was one of the very first scientists to carry out systematic bird surveys in India and abroad. His research work is considered highly influential in the development of ornithology.Today is Dr. Salim Alis Birth Anniversary I'm dedicating my Poem to him.Save Me!A l...
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Groaaaaar !!!!

The jungle is full of surprises and mysteries, preys and predators, different varieties of strange and mind boggling creatures. One of them is the majestic and proud cat that we know as the  Tiger. It has stripes, which are known to be as unique as our fingerprints. The tiger has reddish orange fur and is in the species Panthera. It is the Panthera Tigris. They&n...
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Rangoli - Colors of India

Dipawali RangoliBy Chinmayee...
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Firecrackers....! I shouted as I saw a big polythene bag in my uncle's hand. I was excited and the only thought I could think of next was to explode them. But my next thought was the one that I pondered over for at least half an hour and it could well stop the first one. It was about pollution.Firecrackers pollute but the big trouble is that they scare dogs and cats so much they yelp and pant...
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Be the change you wish to see

Gandhiji is the world's face for peace. He had introduced the weapon of truth -Satyagraha. Gandhiji believed in non violence and the language of love, peace, truth and harmony.He inspired millions and billions of people in India and beyond far in foreign countries. Gandhiji's message was spread worldwide everywhere. One of my favourites quotes  - " Be the ch...
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