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Hassan Al Kontar-Syrian national stuck at KLIA2

This post is being published live from Yangon, Myanmar. We complain on every small thing that disrupts our daily life- traffic jam, flight delays, bad weather and so on. But there’re lot worse one can face if their fate plays games with them. You might have watched the movie “The Terminal” where Tom Hanks was no longer admissible into his destination country, because the country that issued...
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Dambulla Golden temple, Srilanka- worth a visit

Dambulla golden temple wasn't on my plan before visiting Srilanka- I had considered a possible trip to Dambulla Rock temple but not the golden one. When we arrived at Dambulla by bus, Tuk Tuk (auto) drivers surrounded us. One of the driver asked if I want to go to Golden Temple or Rock Temple. I stuck to my plan of visiting Rock temple, because I feared auto driver may trick us. While Rock ...
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2019 Long Weekend calendar-Plan your trips now

Some heartbreaking news ahead! Unlike 2017 or 2018, next year, 2019 doesn't seem to have lots of long weekends. Many holidays fall on Saturday or Sunday or middle of the week. 2018 has 15 long weekends, 2017 had 13, but 2019 will have just 7- may be a few more if you get lucky with some state level/company specific holidays. Nonetheless here's my compilation of 2019 long weekends. You can use ...
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Pros and Cons of finding a travel buddy online!

Many of us travel solo and at times it helps to have a buddy along during our trips. But our real life friends/family may not be able to join on all trips, so next best option is to find another traveler, though stranger so far, online. Having a travel buddy gives you following advantages: Share taxi cost or boat hire cost etc and save some money Someone to click your photos than trying selfie...
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The real economics of electric scooters like Ather 450

I’ve already written about Ather Energy 450 and 340 electric scooters- you can read about FAQs here and detailed experience and review here. In this post, let us take a look at the big question- do I save money if I buy an electric scooter say Ather 450 instead of say Honda Activa, which is the most popular scooter in India. While doing the financials, we need to consider total cost of ...
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Ather Energy 450 electric scooter: Experience & Review

I have been following Ather Energy since a few years now. Since past few years the photos of Ather Energy’s proposed e-scooter was going rounds. They did some road show which I couldn’t attend and they also did a PR drive to get some publicity before seeking funding. At that time I was little skeptical- they didn’t have a working model that media could ride around and experience- only a ...
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22 FAQs on Ather Energy 450 electric scooter

Last Saturday I experienced Ather Energy’s 450 electric vehicle in Bengaluru. I spent about an hour taking two test drives, interacting with staff and knowing more details about this newly launched and innovative product. I have planned 3 posts from this experience- This post, the first one will answer a set of FAQs, to give you immediate answers to various burning questions you may have about ...
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10 Latest trends that should worry every blogger!

Are the good time for blogging over? Do you think or feel the relevance of blogs is on the decline? This post is a thought on this topic. Do read and let us discuss. I have noticed (through tools like similarweb) that monthly visit for many popular blogs in India are going down, compared to an year ago. I did speak to many bloggers in person recently- many admitted the drop in visitor counts ...
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Curious case of Swastiks pickles!

This is the tale of a good food product brand that doesn’t seem to have any online presence. Pickles are integral part of Indian households. All over India different types and flavors of pickles are consumed during meals. If you go to a supermarket, you will find some nation wide brands -like Ruchi, Priya, Aachi, Mother’s Receipe and so on. I personally like Ruchi and Priya brands- but ...
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14 Things to do in Nuwara Eliya, Srilanka

Nuwara Eliya is a popular hill station in Srilanka. Nuwara Eliya literally translates to New light. Being a hill station, it offers cool weather, great views and has numberous attractions to keep visitors engaged. During my first trip I had a short visit and during our last trip, we spent a night in Nuwara Eliya. In this post, I am explaining various attractions around Nuwara Eliya that you can ...
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