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Blogger: Anjana Dayal de Prewitt at Peace Calls ...
Almost two million people have contracted COVID19 and until today 120,863 people all over the world have died and we don't know how many more we will lose to this pandemic! My heart goes out to those who are mourning the loss of their loved ones. The world has never seen such ruthless attack on the human race before and all of us are affected in some way or other. Like many others, I too have been wondering what if COVID19 comes close and takes away someone I love or if I am taken away... Read more
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Blogger: sukumaran at 'சுரன்'...
உலகில் பல நோய்களுக்கும் கொடுக்கும் ஒரே மருந்து...எந்த வயது கட்டுப்பாடும் இல்லாத மருந்து...அளவு விதிமுறைகளும் இல்லாத மருந்து...காலம் கணக்கில்லா மருந்து....விலை மதிப்பில்லா மருந்து...விலை இல... Read more
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Blogger: Murtaza Ali at A Potpourri of Vestiges - The Think...
A Potpourri of Vestiges FeatureOn the occasion of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar’s 129th birth anniversary Star Bharat proudly brings to you the story of a social reformer, a leader of the downtrodden and the architect of the constitution of India. Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar - Ek Maha Manav Ki Maha Gatha produced by Dashmi Creations narrates the story of a man who dedicated his life to eradicate social inequality in India. The show is scheduled to premiere on April 14th and will air on weekday primetime fro... Read more
Tags:  Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar
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Blogger: sukumaran at 'சுரன்'...
"பத்தாம் வகுப்பு தேர்வுகள் ஒத்தி வைக்கப்படுகின்றனஎன்றும், பத்தாம் வகுப்பு பொதுத்தேர்வுகள் எப்போது நடத்துவது என்பது குறித்த அறிவிப்பு, பின்னர் அறிவிக்கப்படும் "என்று தமிழ்நாடு கல்வி... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary at Blog on Computer Tips, Blogging Tip...
1.                  पूर्वोत्तरराज्योंमेंसबसेबड़ाराज्यकौनसाहै?-पूर्वोत्तरराज्योंमेंसबसेबड़ाराज्यहैअरुणाचलप्रदेश।2.                  पूर्वोत... Read more
Tags:  India KG
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Blogger: sukumaran at 'சுரன்'...
மோடி அரசு.-----------------------கொரோனா வைரஸ் தொற்றை 30 நிமிடங்களில் கண்டறியக் கூடிய ரேபிட் டெஸ்ட் கிட் பரிசோதனை கருவிகள் ஏப்ரல் 9-ம் தேதி இரவு தமிழகத்திற்கு வந்துவிடும் என்று முதல்வர் பழனிசாமி கூறிய ... Read more
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Blogger: Kaa.Na.Kalyanasundaram at கவிதை வாசல்...
கவியுலகப் பூஞ்சோலை இலக்கியக் குழுமம் தமது ஆண்டுவிழாவில் வெளியிட்ட ஹைக்கூ கவிஞர்களின் தொகுப்பு நூலான "செவ்வந்தி மேலே ஒரு பனித்துளி "நூலுக்கான அணிந்துரை ...... Read more
Tags:  ஹைக்கூ
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary at Blog on Computer Tips, Blogging Tip...
Windows Black Screen of Death(BSOD)-How to fix it -Some times windows 7 machine starts having problems of black screen. The machine starts up normally displaying all icons and other screen setting normally but the screen goes black. This is termed as The Black Screen of Death(BSOD)  by people and  may be attributed to a variety of causes. All these causes are discussed in this article. Recalling the activities or events that had occurred prior to the emergence of The Bla... Read more
Tags:  windows 10 black screen of death
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Blogger: sukumaran at 'சுரன்'...
கொரோனாவை ஒழிக்க ஆங்கில மருத்துவத்தில் மருந்தே இல்லாத போதுகொரோனா தொற்று வேகமாகப் பரவிவரும் நிலையில், இந்தியாவின் மாற்று மருத்துவ முறைகளில் ஒன்றான சித்த மருத்துவத்தில் கபசுர குடிநீர்... Read more
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Blogger: Murtaza Ali at A Potpourri of Vestiges - The Think...
A Potpourri of Vestiges ReviewBy Murtaza Ali KhanDuring the initial days in India the web was mainly trying to target the audiences in the big cities. But all that seems to have changed in the recent times. The OTT platforms are pushing hard to capture the space in tier II and III cities through targeted content. Some examples worth mentioning are Jamtara - Sabka Number Ayega and Taj Mahal 1989. Both these Netflix shows have aggressively tried to push the Netflix bandwagon beyond the realm of th... Read more
Tags:  entertainment
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary at Blog on Computer Tips, Blogging Tip...
Offer Wizard browser add-potentially unwanted Harmful adware application-The Offers Wizard is a browser extension and categorized as adware or a potentially unwanted harmful application. Though it claims to be a browser add-on to save time and money when shopping online but the reality is something different. It’s functionality may seem legitimate, in fact, this plug-in adds no real value and generates intrusive third party ads by Offers Wizard, including, sponsored links, coupons, deals, shop... Read more
Tags:  internet security
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Blogger: Murtaza Ali at A Potpourri of Vestiges - The Think...
A Potpourri of Vestiges FeatureNetflix’s latest series Hasmukh traces the journey of an ambitious comedian played by Vir Das from the small town of Saharanpur and has the dream to make the world laugh. On the path to becoming a great comedian, he discovers - while he is great at writing, his comic timing couldn't be worse. His only goal becomes to prove to his mentor and the town’s biggest comedian - Gulati, played by Manoj Pahwa that he can be the best and is ready to put in whatever it tak... Read more
Tags:  Hasmukh
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Blogger: sukumaran at 'சுரன்'...
உலக வல்லரசுகள் கொரோனா  தொற்றால் நடுங்கி கொண்டிருக்கின்றன. ஆனால் ஒரு சில நல்லரசுகள் இந்த நோய் தொற்றை எதிர்த்து தங்களால் இயன்ற வரை போராடிக் கொண்டிருக்கின்றன கொரோனா குறித்து நிறைய தக... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary at Blog on Computer Tips, Blogging Tip...
HTML Editing-Define Maximum Limit or Number of Posts Under a Label-In blogger we categorize our post under labels according to the subjects of the posts but in blogger’s default setting the number of posts per label is not defined at all. We can post as many posts as we want under a single label. While a reader visits our blog he opens a label of his interest by clicking it and if he finds a large list of posts is opened, it may annoy our reader. Therefore it will be better to limit the number... Read more
Tags:  blogger tips
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary at Blog on Computer Tips, Blogging Tip...
SEO Settings Basics for Blogger Blogs-For a blogger blog user, SEO setting are very simple though these simple settings may be the foremost work to become a successful blogger. SEO settings plays a crucial role. Applying appropriate SEO settings your blog may rank higher and give better search engine results. The correct SEO settings applied on your blog will give better result not only in Google search but in every popular search. So making your settings search engine friendly is the foremost t... Read more
Tags:  blogger tips
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