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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
Microsoft Mouse Without Borders –Control 4 Computers with one set of Mouse and Keyboard-The Mouse without Borders is a Microsoft Garage project which enables you to control up to four computers by a single set of mouse and keyboard. With Mouse without Borders you can copy text or drag and drop files across computers. Microsoft Garage project are developed by Microsoft Technicians and Engineers during their off times or during the week ends. The Mouse without Borders is also developed by Microsoft Dynamics AX Developer Truong. It Works better with Windows 8, Remote control from Windows Phone 7, Windows 8 tablet, New features and bug fixes are added in the latest version of Microsoft Mo... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
Browser hijacker and redirect virus WebSearch.pu-result.info causes symptoms and removal-The browser hijacker virus or the redirect virus WebSearch.pu-result.info is classified as a very harmful application which mostly targets the world’s most popular web browsers like Microsoft’s windows internet explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox, Google’s Chrome etc. It is developed by hijackers and the experts have consider it as 10/100 severability malware. It alters user’s home pages and default search engines settings without his permission and information to WebSearch.pu-result.info. To keep your system secure, never keep it in your system, never use its search results and remove it Immediately a... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
Antivirus Security Pro-Symptoms, actions and removal method-At first instance while you read “Antivirus Security Pro” you may thinks that it is a high quality Antivirus software but it’s reality is different from its name. Please don’t get fooled by the name of the program. In fact it is a cheating software and belongs to the WinWebSec family and developed by cyber criminals and used to trick users for transferring money to the cyber criminals. It displays fake alerts and restricts user access to a number of program. The cyber criminals will try their best to instigate you to purchase this fake software creating a situation to convince you that the ‘Antivirus Security Pro’ is the... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
Turmeric Fresh reduces Cancer and Diabetes risk and many other disorders-Turmeric fresh is in fact the root of the plant and available in the market in winter season. Dry ginger is used as spice in the form of powder. It not only add taste to your food but has great medicinal properties. Many researches proved it to be an antioxidant. It has anti cancer properties and it purifies the blood. It is cultivated at a large scale in southeast India, where the temperatures are between 20 and 30°C and a considerable amount of annual rainfall suits it. It is a plant of the ginger(Zingiberaceae) family and its Botanical name is Curcuma longa.Turmeric Fresh reduces Cancer and Diabetes risk and many ot... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
How to optimize blog post images for better SEO, Fast Loading and bounce Rate-Images are so important in blog posts that they can make a poorly drafted post or poor contents, eye catching and a high quality blog post may look dull if no proper images or irrelevant images are inserted. Images in blog posts play a vital roll in giving better search results too. Researches reveal that Visual contents attract more viewers in comparison with writings, thus Good images also help you to achieve better bounce rate. Images that you incorporate into your blog posts can make a great positive impact on SEO.Optimize blog post images for better SEOWhy should we optimize our blog posts ImagesIt is a fact t... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
How to Improve Computer performance using Windows 7 Troubleshooter-Windows 7 has an inbuilt troubleshooter and you can use it to fix a variety of common problems effecting the performance of your computer. The  Control Panel contains a number of troubleshooting options that can automatically fix almost all  common problems with your computer related to the performance, such as problems with networking, hardware and devices and program compatibility. Troubleshooters can automatically find and fix for a variety of common problems. When you run the troubleshooter, it might ask you some related questions or reset common settings as it works to fix the problem. If the troubles... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
How to Check your computer’s Performance, base score, and Detailed report in windows - Windows 7 has arrangements to measures the capability of your computer's hardware and software configuration and gives you the result in numbers. These numbers called the base score. The computer ratings are given as base score ranging from 1 to 9. The performance of the computer with base score 1 will be lowest or the worst and the computer with base score 9 will be highest or the excellent. Thus higher the base score better the computer performance and lower the base score poorer the computer performance. Each hardware is also given a sub score too but if an individual sub score is 3.5, it will not eff... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
How to Submit URLs to Bing Search Engine to Enhance your blog traffic-Bing is a mocrosoft network owned search engine and the second largest search engine of the worls. If you index your website and its URLs at Bing, the possibility of coming traffic to your website/blog is very high. In addition to indexing your blog/website you can submit your URLs directly also, though bing has prescribed a limit for a day and for a month. You can submit the URLs remaining in the prescribed limit. You can submit allowed number of URLs all at a time or one by one as you wish.  For submitting URLs to Bing you must have a microsoft account and you must be the verified owner of the blog/website. You... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
Get Rid of Spam Emails at one click Keep inbox clean use Unroll.meOnline marketers obtain our Email ID by a legitimate way or otherwise and then they start to use these to send their promotional emails to publicize their products. Some news websites and blogs also send  emails without permission. As a result your Email inbox remains flooded with unwanted emails. This is quite annoying. We have to unsubscribe each of them using unsubscribe link. Some of them don’t have the unsubscribe link and we have no alternative other then dropping them in the spam folder. Some of these mails may be sent by the cyber criminals and clicking their unsubscribe link may lead us to an infected page ... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
How to convert blog to Magazine Style with read more button-Users have various types of blogger templates of their choice on their blogs. But no blogger template is perfect in all respects therefore they design their templates themselves in various styles. A magazine style blogger template with a ‘Read More’ button is liked by a large number of bloggers. An existing blogger template can easily be converted into a magazine style template by making some small modifications in its template’s HTML file. This template loads fast also in comparison with others. To convert your blogger template to a magazine style template with ‘Read More’ button carefully follow the steps given below –... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
Microsoft Office Word-Features and Short Cuts to Work Faster and Efficiently- Microsoft Word is considered to be the best program for creating, editing and printing documents. In addition to work with menu, it provides a number of key board short cuts which make it better and work faster. Experts say that if we use these short cuts we can work 20 per cent faster and more efficiently. Some of the short cuts to be used while working in Microsoft Office Word are given below which efficiently work in the older versions of Microsoft Office Word to get things done faster -Microsoft office word features and short cutsMicrosoft Word’s Powerful CalculatorWord has a powerful calculator capable ... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
Smoking-How to get rid of this bad habit- Smoking or intake of tobacco in any form is harmful to human as in accumulates Nicotine,  Carbon monoxide and other harmful elements in human body. Nicotine,  Carbon monoxide are slow poisons and very harmful to human body. Smoking induces about 70 other harmful chemicals. To get rid of smoking, the biggest factor is one’s will power and other thing may help but the will power is a must. Before quitting smoking we must try to remove the dirt accumulated in our body. Those who want to quit smoking must change their eating habits, and life style. The following tips may prove very helpful for those willing to get rid of smokin... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
How To Track IMEI Number of a Mobile Device and Lost Mobile Device-IMEI(International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) is a 15 digit(14 digit serial number and a check digit calculated as per the Luhn algorithm) is a unique identity of the instruments used for mobile communication such as mobile phone handsets, smartphone  handsets in GSM, UMTS and LTE) and iDEN mobile phones, as well as some satellite phones. This IMEI number identifies your mobile phone on the network on which it is registered. The IMEI number is extremely important as you can’t register an instrument with a communication network without it and if unfortunately you have lost your device the  fi... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
10 Most Important Apps for Android Phone download from Google Play store-Android phones are very popular now a days. You can make you android phone more easy to use and convenient by installing some important and useful applications. These applications can be easily downloaded from Google Play store free of cost or by paying a nominal cost or donation. More applications are available at google play store where almost 150 million applications are available. The cost or donation is nothing in comparison with their use. A list of 10 such most useful applications is given below. The download links are also embedded for your convenience under the heading of each application -Most Import... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
5 Easy ways to Boost up your computer Speed -‘My computer is slow, it takes long time to boot, it take long time to execute program and loading web pages’, yes it a general complaint of a large number of computer users. Some times it is seen that the old machines work well but the new machines don’t perform well. Instead of finding the real cause of the problem, people generally  blame the machine for this problem. There are a lot of factors effecting the performance of your machine. I am giving you some very easy steps to improve the performance of your system. Surprisingly you need not to be a high skilled computer user for these steps.Easy ways to Boost up your computer Sp... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
Mozilla Firefox ‘Take a Break’ Add-on Protects your Eyes and HealthWhile working on computer we mostly work on web and forget that continuously look at the monitor screen which adversely effect our health particularly eyes. Starring at the monitor for long time may result in blurred vision, fatigue, mild headache, pain in neck, dry eyes etc. We don’t care, whether people call us web addict or computer addict. Though we know the fact and make some arrangements like arranging lights, angles of monitors but these don’t work more, moreover during work we forget these all. Now an add-on “Take a break” is available in Mozilla Firefox to help you reduce the problem. This add-on will aut... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
Google Chrome-11 Most Useful Google Chrome Tips and Tricks- Google Chrome is one of the three most used web browsers(Other two are Mozilla Firefox and Windows Internet Explorer). There some tricks by using which we ourselves can make it better and work easy and faster. It is very fasterr and secure browser and some of the features are very attractive but some of the users may not be using these features. Though the list of Google Chrome features is large but 11 most useful tips and tricks are given below which will certainly help working easy and faster. You need not to apply any additional effort, any download or installation to use these features -Google Chrome-11 Most Useful Google Chrome... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
सभीप्रतियोगीपरीक्षाओंमेंसामान्यज्ञानकेप्रश्नोंकेसाथ-साथएब्रिविएशनभीपूछेजातेहैं।इसीलिएहमनेआजकीइससीरीजमेंपुरानेप्रश्नपत्रोंसेकुछचुनेहुएएब्रिविएशनलेकरआपकीसेवामेंप्रस्तुतकिएहै।कृपयाहमारेप्रयासकामूल्यांकनकरेंइसेअपनेमित्रोंकेसाथशेयरकरेंऔरइस... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
10 most Useful and Best Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox-Firefox is considered to be one of the world’s top three web browsers. In my personal opinion, Firefox is No-1. Google Chrome and Windows Internet Explorer have their own specialties but no comparison with Firefox. A large number of Firefox add-ons are also available. Details of 10 very useful add-ons are given below. These add-ons will make your work much easy, faster and secure too. Many of these add-ons can be installed from elsewhere too but please always install these add-ons from the official add-ons web site of Firefox other the installation may prove harmful.10 most Useful and Best Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox1.BluHell Fi... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
How to Fix the High CPU Usage Error Message in Windows-Many times while working on computer, our system displays a message of High CPU Usage. The high CPU Usage chokes the speed of our PC. Whatever may be its reason but it is quite an annoying thing. In fact it is a problem related to wmiprvse.exe. The wmiprvse.exe is a software file popularly known as Windows Management Instrumentation, a windows based component. There are a number of factors effecting CPU usage like existence of a malware in your computer system, too many tasks at a time an incompatible software installed on your computer which may malfunction. The causes and remedied of the error High CPU Usage are discussed below -High C... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
विंडोज गॉडमोड'यानीविंडोसमास्टरकंट्रोलपैनलशॉर्टकटजीहांवास्तवमें, इसकाअसलीनामविंडोजमास्टरकंट्रोलपैनलशॉर्टकटहै।मज़ाकमैंइसेगॉडमोडकहागयाथा, लेकिनधीरेधीरेयहनामपॉपुलरहोगयाऔरविंडोजमास्टरकंट्रोलपैनलशॉर्टकट, विंडोजगॉडमोडनामसेजानाजानेलगा।यदि आप लंबे स... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
Mozilla Firefox-Common Troubles in Firefox and their Solutions-Firefox is used by the largest number of users. My favorite  browser is also Firefox, though I use other browsers also. Sometimes Firefox may start causing troubles like working slow, high CPU usage, error messages, frequent crashes and many more. There are many causes of these troubles. The trouble may be with Firefox plugins, Themes if you are using a theme other than a Firefox default theme, Extensions, Firefox settings or if you are using an out dated version of Firefox. Common troubles experienced by the Firefox users are described below with their possible solutions -Mozilla Firefox-Common Troubles in Firefox and ... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
How to Unlock a Locked Blogger Blog Gadget How to Delete a locked Gadget-Blogger is a free to use platform and it is easiest to use where you without high skills in coding and web designing. It provides us with a lot of easiy to use gadgets. We can use our custom domains and templates other than the blogger’s default templates. All the blogger’s default templates are fully compatible with blogger’s gadgets and other settings but some times while we use a third party template i.e. a template other than the blogger’s default template we may face minor problems. One of such problems is that we find some of the gadgets locked. Such gadgets may neither work nor we can edit or remove them.... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
The Backdoor.Trojan-How it works, Details, Severability, Removal-The infection backdoor.trojan was first detected by symentec and named backdoor.trojan because it opens backdoor on the user’s computer system. The backdoor enables the remote attacker to take full control of the users system through a covert channel. This Trojan has various type of sophisticated versions. Some allow a limited access to the infected computer system but more sophisticated versions allow full access to the remote attacker as if he is operating the infected system sitting on its key board. A Trojan and Trojan backdoor are two different infections. The Trojan only infects the computer but the backdoor Trojan open... Read more
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Blogger: Anurag Choudhary
The Highly Dangerous Trojan Backdoor.Bot- Actions, Safety measures and Removal-The highly dangerous malware ‘Backdoor.Bot’ is developed by the cyber criminals for the purpose of stealing your personal information, specially the sensitive financial data like your bank account numbers, your bank passwords and credit/debit card numbers and related PIN(Personal Identification Number). The ‘Backdoor.Bot’ is a member Backdoor.Trojan family and its severeability is categorized as severe. It enters your computer without your permission and information. Once entered your system it launches automatically at each boot and keeps on updating itself automatically. The dangerous Trojan Ba... Read more
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