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Reiki Comes to Vashi, Navi MumbaiHello Everyone! Last Sunday I was in Vashi. This was the first time when I was conducting a Reiki course in Navi Mumbai. It was a ‎‭‍miraculous day! Full of wonderful experiences!One of the good things that happened was that finally I found a place where we can conduct Reiki courses on regular basis. The place belongs to my dear friend and on the spot we decided to schedule Reiki level 1 & 2 training in Navi Mumbai.If you are new to Reiki, read: What Is Reiki And How Does It WorkIf you are from Navi Mumbai you are welcome to join us in this upcoming Reiki 1st and 2nd degree course. In these amazing 2 days you will learn the gentle healing art of Rei... Read more
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Best Time of the Day to do ReikiI got an email this morning from someone who has been following this blog and recently completed Reiki first degree course in Canada. Reiki is so simple but when someone is new to anything you are bound to have questions. She also had many questions. Some personal, some general.Her question that inspired me to write this post was this 'What is the best time to do Reiki self treatment?' The answer is subjective. What is true for me, may not be true for you. But let me share my thoughts from my 15 years of Reiki practice.For many people the best time of the day to do Reiki is in the morning. I personally like to do Reiki self healing in the morning. Reiki kind o... Read more
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Reiki for Cancer PatientsCancer is a leading cause of death all over the world. Thanks to medical technology, cancer can be detected in early stages and also thanks to complementary therapies like Reiki that can help cancer patients to be emotionally balanced and recover faster with the strength derived from spiritual practice of Reiki. In Reiki we do not claim that it directly cure cancer but Reiki does helps the cancer patient to courageously confront the reality. Reiki self healing and healing from family members or a Reiki Practitioner does make the person relaxed and they get the determination and positive vibes required to overcome the illness.If you are new to Reiki, please also read:... Read more
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Does Reiki relieve stress?Friends, Before I say anything on on Reiki and stress, I must admit that am writing a new post on this Reiki blog after a very long time. I have been travelling extensively. Last month I was in Lonavala. After that I am back in my office, finishing some pending work, but on weekends I'll be busy taking Reiki courses in Mumbai.One thing I have noticed, in big cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, etc. many students want to know how to reduce stress, besides other things. It could be because life is hectic. People are in a mad rush. There is traffic, responsibilities, deadline and what not? Thank god there is Reiki.Actually, Reiki and stress management go h... Read more
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Reiki, pronounced as Ray-Key, is a Japanese technique for healing yourself and others at all levels. Reiki helps in stress reduction and promotes the healing of Body, Mind and Soul. Reiki energises every bone, muscle, tissue and cell of your body, restoring the energy balance and natural state of health.There are 3 levels in Reiki. In the first level you learn to practice Reiki on yourself, your friends and family. You can use Reiki for plants and even your pets. You will learn the history of Reiki, how to activate the Reiki energy, how to do intuitive healing with Reiki, how to make Reiki a part of your life, how to do a Reiki healing session for friends and family, how to do Reiki medita... Read more
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Want To Learn Reiki Online?Here are some frequently asked questions about online Reiki classes that I have come across by students who want to learn Reiki online in the convenience of their home. Hope my answers will prove to be a helpful guide for those who are looking for online Reiki training for some reason.1. Can You Learn Reiki Online?If it is a instructor led course you can learn Reiki online. Reiki is a healing technique discovered by Mikao Usui in Japan. It is a simple, easy to learn, natural and effective method of healing your body, mind and spirit. If you want to learn Reiki online you must ensure that the course contains the following topics:What is Reiki?What are the benefits o... Read more
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My Experience of Reiki for ArthritisAs I journey towards my Reiki Second Level attunement today, I thought it would be quite interesting to recount my experiences with Reiki as a Level One practitioner. For those unfamiliar with the healing benefits of a Reiki Level One practitioner, well, the practitioner primarily is able to address physical ailments through touch healing.I shared this blessing of being a channel for the infinite source of universal energy to flow and address physical ailments, with my mother-in-law. Considering the sanctity with which women adhere to maintaining the anonymity of their age, I shall describe her as a working woman that has seen the marriage of 3 daughters a... Read more
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Hi Friends,It is my desire that at least 1 person in every family on this planet should know how to do Reiki healing. This will help them to stay healthy and help those around who are in need. I try to visit a new city each month with this purpose in mind.I will be traveling to Udaipur this weekend. I will be conducting a couple of Reiki courses in Udaipur. My student has organized these for Reiki enthusiasts in Udaipur.I invite everyone to join us. Those who live in nearby towns and villages can take advantage of this opportunity and learn Reiki in Udaipur!If you have already completed some levels, you can come a refresh the course. If you have completed the 3rd level and you want to contri... Read more
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How to Perform Reiji HoThe Reiji ho technique is a Reiki healing process that is very intuitive unlike the standard hand positions often taught in Reiki courses.Purpose: to intuitively find energy imbalances and bring about balance and healing.Steps for self healing:Sit in a comfortable position with your hands prayer (Gassho) positionClose your eyes and focus on your hara center while being aware of your breathing.Activate Reiki and let the Reiki energy flow through every cell in your body. Let the Reiki energy surround you and fill the entire room.Take your hands up to your forehead and ask for holistic healing. Let your hands automatically drift to the areas that need treatment. Just flow... Read more
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Learn Reiki in NashikIf you have been wanting to learn Reiki in Naship, its time to get ready for the upcoming Reiki class where you can relax, meditate and learn Reiki with Reiki Master Chandrakant Jadhav.Chandrakant ji has been practicing Reiki and giving Reiki treatments in Nashik for over 5 years. He has witnessed the benefits of Reiki on self, family members, friends, neighbours, students and clients.In the Reiki Class you will learn all about Reiki, starting with what is Reiki and how does it work and the benefits one can experience with Reiki.Click here to find out Reiki First Degree Course Contents & BenefitsRegister for upcoming Reiki Course in Nashik:Loading...Reiki practice pu... Read more
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How to Get Better at ReikiTo get better at Reiki you just need to acknowledge that you are a channel of Reiki and let Reiki flow through you. You must acknowledge that Reiki Energy does the healing, not you. We are observers. We are not doing anything more than intending Reiki to flow when we are practicing Reiki.You can not claim to be the healer or doer. If you are trying to do the healing, it becomes difficult. When you let the healing happen, Reiki flows through you and healing takes place. We just need to be in the present moment experiencing the healing to turn on the magical power of ReikiWe are like an instrument in the hands of this Divine Energy. When we act as an instrument, thing... Read more
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Attend Reiki Courses in Thane West!On the occasion Guru Purnima on 12th June we have started Reiki classes in Thane at a new location. Students from Thane, Mulund, Bhandup, Airoli, Ghansoli, Vashi, etc. can learn Reiki in Thane by taking advantage of this facility. We thank Sensei Mikao Usui and all Reiki Masters all over the world for spreading Reiki and serving humanity on this occasion.We will have Reiki courses in Thane every week from now on. If you would like to join the family of Reiki healers in Thane join us for the next Reiki course at this new facility near Teen Hath Naka in Thane West. We teach pure Usui Reiki as taught by Reiki founder Sensei Mikao Usui.Loading...In the Reiki fi... Read more
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Want to use reiki to stop smoking?There are hundreds of people who quit smoking after learning Reiki. You may ask, 'How does Reiki help in quitting smoking?'. There are many reason for this:Reiki balances your energy fieldStrengthens your immune systemEnhances your body's ability to heal itselfRelaxes your mind and bodyEliminates stress and much moreSome people stop smoking spontaneously, after a few days or weeks of Reiki practice. Although this is not the case with everyone, the people who do drop the smoking habit do so naturally, as they just don't feel the need to smoke. They feel so calm, cool and clear in their mind that smoking doesn't interest them as much as it did in the past. The... Read more
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Full Day Mind Power Course in MumbaiWe will start the Mind Power Training at 9am on 10th of May and end the course at 5pm .Mind Power Course Fee: 5000 - (Limited period Discount of Rs 3500)You can deposit/transfer the fees in ICICI Bank.When you develop your mind power you can achieve much more for the same amount of hard work. In the Mind Power Course you will learn how to use your subconscious mind to achieve all the things you want in life, all the things you desire and all the things you dream of achieving. In the Mind Power workshop you will learn how to use your mind fully and control the direction of your life and create a bright future for yourself and your family.During the Mind Pow... Read more
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Using Reiki to remove negative energy!When you go out of your house you meet so many people and your aura mixes with other peoples aura. Some of them might be having negative thoughts, emotions or attitudes. To remove the influence of these negative energies you must clear your space by taking a Reiki bath. It is very important.Similarly you need to clear your office space and home from any negative energy that may have accumulated. Just like you can not see Reiki Energy but you can sense it, you can not see negativity but you can sense it. When you do, just activate Reiki and invite Reiki energy to flow through you, your home and office. If you have done Reiki Second Degree or above you can... Read more
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Learn Reiki in Vasai!After the Level 1 Reiki course in Vasai last month, I was thinking of visiting Vasai at least once a month. So for the month of April I am pleased to announce Reiki first degree course on 12th April from 2pm onwards that will continue till late evening. Students will develop the ability to do hands on healing to themselves, other people, plants and animals. Please come early because I need to spend some time to understand individual needs and expectations.Click here to Register for this Reiki Course in Vasai.Reiki is such a positive energy because it is the spiritual energy of the Universe. Reiki energy is all around us. We can learn to use it for yourself and also offer... Read more
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Reiki Healing with CrystalsThe power of Reiki healing is enhanced when we use crystals in the healing process. When we use crystals, the Reiki energy passes through us and then through the crystal, magnifying the intention and healing potential.When the healing energy is absorbed, there will be changes in the energy body and you will experience various sensations as emotions, blocks and stress releases on account of crystal healing.The entire chakra system can be cleaned and balanced quickly with the use of crystals. Intend that the chakras function at optimum levels and have a healthy vibration.Depending on your purpose or the problem you are solving, you can heal the appropriate chakra usi... Read more
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With daily Reiki practice your chakras get activated and balanced. If you would like to speed up the process you can sit to meditate on the chakras with the help of colors and sound. Chakra Meditation is a precise system that you can learn and practice on your own.Benefits of the Chakra Meditation:Feel more energeticWisdom and IntuitionClear and focused mindUnconditional loveFearlessnessLife TransformationFeeling secure and confidentBeing in controlFeeling connected with everyoneEmotionally balancedStress free and spontaneousFocused and determinedEach of the 7 chakras in the Chakra system has a specific color and location and they influence specific glands and organs in your body. When the c... Read more
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Reiki Level 1 on 6th MarchThe Japanese technique of Reiki has gained a lot of popularity over the years in Mumbai due to its simplicity and effectiveness.Almost anyone can learn Reiki in a couple of hours and start to alleviate stress and induce relaxation. Reiki not only helps in maintaining a healthy body and mind, for those who are healthy but also helps people who are ill in regaining their good health. Reiki also help people to overcome the side effects of drugs and chemotherapy. People who take Reiki classes in Mumbai have a variety of goals in their mind.Although, you can not see Reiki energy, just as you can not see electricity but you can feel the effects of this subtle sp... Read more
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Upcoming Reiki Courses in MumbaiReiki is a healing art as well as a spiritual practice. You can not learn Reiki by reading a book, just as you can not learn how to ride a bicycle by reading a book. Reiki is passed from the Reiki Master to the student during attunement.When you learn Reiki you are not only benefiting yourself but your family, friend circle, workplace, all areas of your life, all animate being and inanimate objects in your environment. You become one with theUniverse through the Universal life force Energy - Reiki!Reiki is learnt in 3 stages. You begin with the Reiki first degree course. During this course you learn the hands-on method of healing self and others. With this met... Read more
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Take Reiki 3rd Degree AttunementI am please to inform all those who are following this Reiki blog that we are conducting Reiki third degree course on Saturday 1st March 2014 at Nalanda Reiki Center, Mumbai.Check out this post that I had written some time back: Introduction to Reiki Third Degree or Shinpiden LevelThere are various reasons you can have for learning Reiki third Degree, check to see if anyone from those mentioned below resonate with you:Desire to give Reiki to othersExpand your personal growthExpand your spiritual developmentTransform your life totallyHeal your past karmaBring balance in various areas of lifeThe Reiki symbols you will be attuned to in Reiki 3rd degree cours... Read more
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Using Reiki to attract abundanceReiki has many applications. Once you learn Reiki first degree you can start using Reiki for any purpose you desire. If you wish to use Reiki to attract abundance you can try this exercise:Notice the abundance in the universe and in yourself in various forms. Notice the abundance of trees on land, stars in the sky and water in the ocean. Then, close your eyes for a moment and notice the abundance of thoughts and ideas that cross your mind each day.Thank the Reiki Energy for the abundant thoughts and ideas that enrich your life in ways that are meaningful to you. Imagine that these thoughts and ideas are bringing you benefits and gifts you desire.If there is so... Read more
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Some days back I share my thoughts on the ideal time between Reiki Attunements and today I am going to share something about the Reiki Attunement ceremony.The Reiki Attunement Ceremony is the heart of all the Reiki courses. It is during this attunement ceremony that the abilities of the respective Reiki levels is passed on to the student by the Reiki Master.Before the attunement ceremony begins the Reiki Master will tell you what to expect during the session. Reiki Masters prepare themselves for attunement by practicing Reiki and meditation along with other processes to prepare the room for this event.Usually there is soft music playing in the background while you sit comfortably with closed... Read more
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Purpose of Reiki 21 day cleansingDear Readers,Hope you enjoyed reading my last post on 'How to increase your intuition with Reiki?' Today I am going to share with you the purpose of the gap between Reiki attunements.As you are aware, once you complete your Reiki first degree course you are told to practice Reiki for 21 days or observe a 21 day cleansing period. There are multiple purposes behind this:When you learn something new its important to allow some time so that you get comfortable doing the new activity.During these 21 days your body goes through a cleansing process, during which toxins are released and your chakras get cleaned, balanced and energized.During this period you accommoda... Read more
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What is Intuition?Intuition is the ability to receive information directly from the Universe.How to increase your intuition with Reiki?The answer is very simple. By being connected to the universe you will be able to get more intuitive messages. When you are connecting with Reiki, when Reiki is flowing through you, you are connected to the Universe because Reiki is the Universal Life Force Energy. When you are connected to the universe you have access to all that is happening in the universe. You can get any information about anything within the universe.When you practice Reiki regularly, your connection with the Universe is strengthened. The Universe send relevant information to you as an w... Read more
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