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Every one likes a story where a hero comes and rescues the either the damsel or a company in distress. This book is also about the same. How Mulally has managed to rescue a company from bankruptcy. Before we get on, one thing that needs a mention here is that the author must have been super patriot and he has complete disdain for anything that is Un-american  And also he loves Alan Mulally so much in the pages that i would be surprised if in his next birth he wouldn't mind being Mulally's better half. :)  Mulally's Pic is on the right.Anything that happens once is a coincidence, anything that happens the second time is data. The Alan Mulally was the         CEO of Boeing... Read more
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Blogger: Srikanth
I had read a few book by Jim Collins before and the things that make his books different areA. A very superb articulation and clean thoughts communicated like an Apple design.B. analogy is simple and easy to remember.C. Lots of data is crunched and put across like a Raja ravi varma painting.D. He is like a Rembrandt with the data that is present.Now the book Great by Choice is about companies that are called as 10Xers which means the companies that have given returns more than 10 times than that of NASDAQ stock exchange. He takes companies from 10 different categories and compares another company in that same category. One example being Microsoft and Apple.(Apple pre return of Jobs).Now he... Read more
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Blogger: Srikanth
The title and the content behind were really exotic and i had to pick up the book immediately. The gist is of the famous and legendary library of Alexandria that has been lost for centuries is not actually lost. But it has been transferred from one place to the other by a trust of librarians. The librarians in the course of time have morphed into more than collectors of books and knowledge. They collect  information that can threaten the balance of the world(Blah blah already). They influence some events in the world history for the greater good. The antagonists are another breakaway group clamoring for more power called the "The society" who want to find the library at any cost(... Read more
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Blogger: Srikanth
I am angry and angry for a lot of reasonsA. I am angry that the better half of YSR uses a bible in a political rally and gets away with it. And we call our selves and the media secular??http://m.rediff.com/news/report/vijayamma-s-bible-kicks-up-a-storm/20121022.htm#B. I am angry that our so called secular country has different rules for different people and do not support the minorities in a correct manner and still more angry where people can actually talk of demolishing a temple for building a damn road. And you call us Secular.http://m.timesofindia.com/india/Kerala-teacher-defies-dress-diktat-moves-rights-panel/articleshow/16920325.cmsC. I am angry that vadera has been given the goddamn r... Read more
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Blogger: Srikanth
Being from the state of Tamil Nadu, the Tamil tigers were always a part of my Childhood. But also being a Telugu i used to view it from third person's perspective. I thought i knew what was happening until i read this book. Anything that needs an explanation has a beginning, a middle and an end. And luckily or unluckily he has seen the beginning and been in the end of Tamil tigers.I mean this guy for the first 5 chapters has done a remarkable job of writing fiction, tracing history and conflict through centuries. As generally most of the books trace only through decades.But as for the rest of the chapters they are a bit of a drag, especially the last chapter. He could have shortened it... Read more
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Blogger: Srikanth
I have read previous reacher novels and found them to be decent. So started reading "The wanted man". The whole story can be summarized in these few lines, lots of car travelling and carjackings. A very watery murder without salt and pepper, lots of close quarter battles, weak charecters and dumb plot. I mean there is no such story in the book as such to write something about. I see some plausible reasons as to why the author must have been compelled to write this bookA. Once you make writing like producing model-T then you write a reacher novel good, average and boring as long as it is a reacher novel.B. May be reacher is going to Hollywood again after the latest Tom cruise movi... Read more
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Blogger: Srikanth
Before i start writing anything more, i wanted to say that i have been humbled, measured and spat by our ancestors for the following reasonsA. Their engineering skills which as an engineer i am amazed. How the hell did they managed to carve out a cave and do their thing during 5th century AD man!!!B. Managing a project over 120 years and making it a world heritage site without any certifications and not many dashboards or big data. (we corporate types need to learn that stuff right away)C. Maintaining quality without 6 sigma or an asshole breathing down your neck . I mean carving art on stone, which am pretty sure you cant get a mistake even once. That's 12 sigma for us.D. Looking at the big... Read more
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Blogger: Srikanth
I had always the like the cover artwork of local novels and magazines, they had an indianized touch with a touch of sensuality. But even though i can read Tamil i never managed to pick and complete one whole novel of tamil fiction. Browsing a bookstore is like trying to find your Kohinoor among lot of others, and i just happened to lay my eyes on the book and grabbed it just for the heck of it. And by god did i like the "HECK" part of it. The books are an anthology of Tamil fiction, which have been chosen and made with lot of care and passion. The reasons are A. The cover art.B. The few pages inside that show the cover art of some books that have been published.C. The varie... Read more
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Blogger: Srikanth
Tamerlane, Timur-i-Lang, Timur the lame he has a lot of names. He was addressed with respect, hatred, awe and many other things. But he was definitely one of the three conquerors of the world unsurpassed. And his great,great,great grandson was Babur.The author Justin Marozzi has done a superb job and brought to light a historical figure who has been systematically been erased by the Soviets from the pages of history. Just imagine 600 years after he died they still hate him that much. So our character Timur was born in 1330's in Central Asia, his father was a minor official in a court. Timur had the usual childhood of all kids in the Steppes, horse riding, hunting and martial ski... Read more
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Blogger: Srikanth
After getting into civil life, i slowly started learning about the basic things of online transaction and credit cards. And all this was taught to me by a very good colleague of mine. So i wanted to show you my experience using pictures borrowed generously from Google and my comments.So life started chugging along slowly with lot more exposure to the wonderful world of investing. I got hold of a book called The Happionaire (TM) way of investing. I was under the impression i will be taught how and where to invest. I thought, Goddamn i am an investor and bearish guy. But boy was i in for a shock. He just said why one should invest and how easy it is. BUY LOW and SELL HIGH, that was all he ha... Read more
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Blogger: Srikanth
The title piqued my interest intensely and i had to buy it as anything related to Indian mythology period. My previous experience with the authors book was average. The book has lot of interesting firsts. A. It basically gives out the whole Mahabharata and Krishna's life story before the start of every chapter.B. It brings out a lot of analysis on language, history and mythology, especially Islam and Hinduism.C. The urban legend of Taj mahal being a Hindu temple is also brought forward.D. It even talks about a reverse Aryan migration theory, where in Yadava's migrated towards Afghanistan and central Asian republics.The characters are as follows, Saini who is a very famous archaeologi... Read more
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Blogger: Srikanth
Can somebody make surf(the detergent) cool? Can Medimix be comparable to an Ipod?Can we know what are the ingredients in our laundry?Do we know how much of power to actually use is based on the scoop that comes free along with the detergent?Well these and some other things i got to know from reading the book " The Method method. Now how in the hell did i pick up a book like that? Well again it was because the way the book was designed and the colors inside the book were appeasing. You can see for yourself in the cover photo.Now what is this book about? It is about 2 duded who decide to disrupt ( its cliched but read on please) an 100 year old industry dominated by the big boys.  And... Read more
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Blogger: Srikanth
I have tried the art of browsing for books online into the same way i do it when i am at the store. It is actually simple, just dont look for anything you will find something that will capture your interest ultimately. So i found Odayan through Flipkart and thought i would try it out. First i would really appreciate the effort and the outcome that has come through the book. The story starts of in Medieval Kerala during the time of Portuguese. The main character is Odayan, the criminal dude and then the others are the King, a vengeful boy and a sexy sister etc. Then it starts of with various sequence of characters and actions parallel and sequential. The best thing about this is, finall... Read more
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Blogger: Srikanth
When i was in a post up in Kashmir i was sent to the farthest most area. We were 12 men in a fiber hut that was the size of a single bedroom. The worst enemy for all of us was passing time. Time was at a stand still on those mountains. But the views were amazing and the brotherhood was to the max. It was a total democracy, everyone had to do their share of the work including Sheru. OK now i need to tell you as to who Sheru/Mohan/Tiger was, he was our post dog. A big black furry rascal who was the epitome of calm and quiet. During handing taking over even these buggers used to be mentioned, they were that valuable. So our first mulakath happened sometime during 2004 start. I didn't r... Read more
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Blogger: Srikanth
This book was picked up in a very random manner and i didn't regret it for one moment. This is about 4 indians (OK fine Parsi gentlemen) who travelled 44000 miles (that is 44000 x 1.6 Kms) around the world starting from Bombay and ending in Bombay. I really didn't understand the significance of the book that i was holding in my hand until slowly the pages rolled by and i realized the magnitude of what these guys had done.OK now for some hot Parsi maska bun and cutting Chai, the setting is India around early 1930's and India was still under the England. There is a keeda in the 4 youth who have their own weight lifting club called the Bombay club. The keeda is very simple, cycle aroun... Read more
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Blogger: Srikanth
The title justifies the books. The author is Peter.F.Hamilton, the genre is Sci-Fi, the saga is commonwealth saga and the outcome is unputdownable.The first book in the series is Pandora's star. The book is huge in size as well as the scope. But once you start reading it, you really know the meaning of unputdownable. There are lot of characters in the book, good and varied number of scientific trends, the plots are weaved superbly and the suspense and interest are maintained throughout the book without any letup. If i have to summarize the first book, far into the future humans have spread out in the galaxy with almost unending life and the usual and mundane problems, there is a rumo... Read more
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Blogger: Srikanth
Just felt like it, no hard feelings anyone. Especially close relatives.A. The happiness of husband is directly proportional to the distance between both daughter In Law and Mother in law.B. For the above law, if the proximity of DIL(my close relative) and MIL(my other very very close relative) is zero then each of them is correct based on the distance between me, them and us.C. Husbands happiness is inversely proportional to the number of verbal assaults he can serve during a tete-a-tete with his better half.D. When in doubt always apologize.E. Say yes to everything and do what you feel like. (In your dreams)F. If Salman Khan would have been married his dialogue would be "Ek baar jo maina... Read more
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Blogger: Srikanth
After my holy matrimony, multimedia resource allocation is being done by my very close relative.(my better half dear folks) So i get to see a lot of ads that target the soap opera audience.some of the ads are so goddamn racist that i wonder why they are still being run. Nobody raised a hue and cry. So i wanted to talk about each ad on a case to case basis which i felt were the most racist or insulting intelligence typesA. This Ad reeks so much of hypocrisy and bull@#$t that i am not sure as to which Ad agency had the intelligence to make it and how the company had the intelligence to Air it. If according to the ad we use this product then everybody in my home state of Tamilnadu would look... Read more
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Blogger: Srikanth
Less than 40 pages, older than 90 years, full of interesting bits and doesnt insult your intelligence. Read. yep its as obvious as that. This book was mentioned in another book that i had read 3 years back and shared this PDF with quite a lot of people. I am not sure they understood the importance of the whole book. Here i am yet again trying to shout to all of us to just please read this for once. You would not require patience as reading this is meditative. The book is written in a very simple manner and states things in a very obvious manner.The life history of the protagonist who is Adam, how he started working, how he managed to get a job, how he managed to stick on to the job by just ... Read more
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Blogger: Srikanth
I have read quite a lot of fiction books starting from boring to very entertaining and downright spiritual like Issac Assimov. I would like to say that James Patterson has made the art of writing books into an assembly line processing. He is the Ford among all authors. A. He has built good character's with basic superstructure and foundations in   place.B. He manages the brand of the main character's and does a helluva marketing for them.C. His villans are generally very violent and there is a typical formula to them.D. He generally doesn't bore much and goes straight at it. I really appreciate the way he has managed his writing, it is prodigal. I mean after the basic's ... Read more
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Blogger: Srikanth
I recently was in a Bodyshop showroom in Bangalore and kept getting shocks for the 15 mins that i was there. They had these small tubes that were the size of a normal chyavanprash costing somewhere around 1600 rupees!! i swear you should see the bottle sizes, they cost almost 30 rupees per milli gram or more than 250 rupees per inch, one of the most costliest unreal estate in the world.Now i thought this was crazy, but what made me go like a mad hatter was the claims that were being made. 100% vegetarian.( Since when did Octyl Methoxycinnarnate become a vegetarian, last heard nobody knows what it causes. Its like calling MMS a very god orator.)Community fair trade. ( Again a very vague s... Read more
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Blogger: Srikanth
I have read 2 books on entrepreneurship recently and have the following book reviews along with a few wise sayingsA. Getting the spelling of entrepreneur is much tougher than becoming one.B. You cannot read your way through entrepreneurship, but take few amazing insights along the way, And you require a lot of balls made of rust proof and scratch proof alloy for tackling your own inner demons.The first book is The Lean start-up by Eric ries.  The book is not your run of the mill another in thing of today. But it has a lot of common sense in it which would be very usefulA. He talks about a MVP(minimal viable product) which is nothing but making a small product and testing it for percept... Read more
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Blogger: Srikanth
I got a call from Vidya immediately after i got back to the office, i couldn't answer so she messaged me. In that was a simple message: "Uma annayya passd away". It jolted me and i called her immediately. The poor thing was crying like a baby uncontrolled. I rushed back to the house and she was on her way to the place. I came back and was not in a very clear mood, and the worst part was his age and the way he passed away. He slipped and hit a tap and death was instantaneous, his better half was not around and called someone to check. The cousin who went to check had a shock of his life and just told the wife he would call back. She was waiting on the other line to get a berat... Read more
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Blogger: Srikanth
The title is a very misleading one. When you think of the title which says undercover muslim, you would assume the followingA. Either he is acting as a muslim and staying with someone or somewhere to find out or understand something.B. He is trying his level best to understand as to what is happening around him and trying to warn, educate others.But the title and the book have no connection. Never in my life have i read a more vague book without any clear direction and matter. Why has he written the book is what one wonders. The book starts with a very suspense filled truck ride and takes a flash back. The flash back is full of crap. The people in the book are so full of hot air and they jus... Read more
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Blogger: Srikanth
Recently had the pleasure of going to National gallery of modern art. The exhibition was tracing Indian art scene from Lithographs to post independence. I was blown away both the good, weird and pucky.The start was of lithographs and they were just amazing. I am just adding a few of them and man they have so much of talentThis is a lithograph that was done some time during early 19th century. A. very pleasing to the eye.B. Captures the normal life of those days in a very simple manner.C. And must have taken immense skill and patience to capture the same.Another lithograph shown on the left was done sometime during late 18th century. I am pretty sure that they are too good to be true.A. Su... Read more
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