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Blogger: Ajay
Source Sweet melody strikesPeople ponder, some amazed some lostIn Nightingale's songSourceThe Nightingale's songWhat message you bringIn the story of your euphony.SourceO' Dear NightingaleSing a magical ariaBring back the lost love. This Haiku(s) are written for 'Haiku Heights : April A2Z Heights - Day 16' for the prompt 'Nightingale'. ... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
My laptop has been acting weird these couple of days. Not that it was at its best before that. I seem to be busy fiddling with the keyboard ,when suddenly the screen goes blank. The auto shut down. No, that is not a software or anything. Its a defect, I suppose. Caused mainly due to over heating. About that. I can cook with that heat, you know. No kidding. Or even use it to Press my clothes. You shouldn't be surprised even there. Sometimes, I lose important work. Ok, I was kidding. I got no important work at all. Only thing that I do is blogging, and mostly surfing the net and also Researching. Researching? I never knew you did that. Wait. Online stalking is your definition of Research? What... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
SourceMorning MistSlow beaming sunshine Rays of Hope.SourceMorning MistLost in layers of trepidationA scary plight This Haiku is written for 'Haiku Heights : April A2Z Heights Day 15' for the prompt 'Morning Mist'.... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
So, Lately I have been coughing all day. And last time I tried to explain that, I was terribly on an entirely different planet. So here... Dying of CoughWell, I had stacked my writing book with all sorts of topics. But that's it. I am adding lines after lines on each page. My book is completely filled with topics but all empty pages. And the weird part is that I can't seem to fill those empty spaces since long. I have been trying, but it just isn't happening. Either it was mindless talk, I used to keep writing. But now, I try to reason, but no answers. May be I don't want to waste my ink in the Parker Pen. Oh, with Parker Pen, I remember something. Back in those days, before I did Engineeri... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
Source Petals of innocence,Waiting to be adornedBut, who really cares? This Haiku is written for 'Haiku Height : April A2Z Heights Day 13' for the prompt 'Lily'.... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
The feeling of tranquility is resonating in the fore-walls of my mind. I tried to focus, regroup the lost thoughts, but they were in vain. I tried to find the way out, but I was way too deep lost in the mist of confusion. I tried to think straight, straight? I couldn't even think in the first place. The thoughts lost in the exasperation while I slowly dreaded from one place to another to get back on the track. I sought books, the mighty interface called the internet, but at the end of the day it was the same story. The story that didn't move even a bit, like the story in the SOAPS, but without the melodrama of over-action. I am sorry to interrupt guys. But what this guy is trying to te... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
SourceLittle finned beautiesSinging in the Koi PondImparting harmony.This haiku is written for 'Haiku Height - April A2Z Heights Day 12' for the prompt 'Koi Pond'.... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
Sweet fragrance radiatingLosing in the symphony of blissA Jasmine's magic.This Haiku is written for 'Haiku Heights : April A2Z Heights Day 11' for the prompt 'Jasmine'.... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
SourceAn agitated mind, conscience.Sweet aroma in swirling airThe soul at peace.This Haiku is written for Haiku Heights : April A2Z Heights Day 10 under the prompt 'Incense'. ... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
So, What makes one write ? That's such a routine question. Lets change the question for the time being. What doesn't make one write? And especially to a person who loves writing. Though the question about how bad or worse it must be is entirely another topic. And please don't bring that up. If you are wondering, oh wait, you already got the essence of the central character. So, You see I was talking about ... Thompson and Thompson, or George W Bush ? We know about whom you are talking about. Move on. My inspiration to write dates back to 2008 when I came across my cousin brother's blog. If you have read my first few posts, they are all filled with praising him. So, now this blogging be... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
SourceA prey in the wildSlow, Steady MeditationThe Hunter's Kill.This Haiku is written for 'Haiku Heights: April A2Z Heights - Day 09' for the prompt 'Hunter'.... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
I am fan of TV Series. I am more like an addict. And let me clear the air, this love towards the television series doesn't include the SOAPS. Or any of the regional shows, reality shows. Let me first start with the desi TV shows. I am sure every house would have a woman glued to the television set to see some of the SOAPS. I clearly don't understand them. I don't understand the director as well. I tried to watch once. But made a point to never to watch again. I tried telling my mom also. She wouldn't just listen to me. She would reply saying that she wants to what happened to the girl who got married at a young age, or what was happening in the Janshi ki Rani story. Now the director is a br... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
SourceHopping on green grassLost in MonotonyA child's enthusiasmA child's enthusiasmThe Grasshopper hops againImpeccable innocent laughter.This Haiku is written for Haiku Heights : 'April A-Z Day 8' for the prompt 'Grasshopper'... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
SourceAshes from FireA rising PhoenixSymbolizing Hope.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Dying HumanityFire in the exploitedA Revolution.This Haiku is written for 'Haiku Heights : April A2Z Heights - Day 06' and the prompt for ths day is 'Fire'.P.S. : I had so many thoughts for this prompt. But I just could find the right words to put them into. Those are still hanging incomplete in my book. When I find the right words, I will put them forth before you. ... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
So, I am back. It has been a long time since I wrote. As you might as well know, I am the man behind the curtains, or the puppeteer who writes every single word you read. So, I felt that my presence has been vague lately and people have started to forget me all together. But now I am back. And did you notice the name? The profile name? No? Well, you better. I call it the Invasion. Recently, AK has been bothering me too much with an alias name. If you've been reading the previous posts you might as well know that. So, let me clarify one thing here. The awesome good posts you come across, those are mine and rest, well you know. So, whenever you feel like WOW, Awesome, bla bla make sure that y... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
Source : 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 Warm tender heatBroken Eggshells, Birth of LifeA new Beginning.Warm tender heatEmpty Eggshells, Death of LifeA man's appetite .~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Struggling HardBreaking shells of barriersExploring new world.This Haiku is written for 'Haiku Heights : April A2Z Heights - Day 05' for the prompt 'Eggshells' . P.S. : So, after I wrote this I went out for a reading spree to find out what others might have written. And I am truly amazed at their intuition and felt I missed something here. Don't actually know what, may be the intention of the word, the true meaning behind the word. ... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
Image Source : 1 , 2 , 3 , 4The Midnight GloryDrone of the SilenceMessage of Hope.                            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Lost in ContemplationThe muted world dronesPlanning a better tomorrow.                                                                                ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Message of the WorldConcealed in the droneThe deaf man translates.This Haiku is written for the Haiku Heigths : April A2Z Heights - Day 04 for the prompt 'Drone'. ... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
Light in DarknessOverwhelmed with sorrowSeeking comfort in despairA candle, Old man's Solace.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Lost in Life's depthThe Candle illuminating as hopeGuide in darkness.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~A dark hazy cornerBurning itself, Emanating lightPoor child's tomorrow.This Haiku is written for 'Haiku Heights : April A2Z Heights - Day 03' for the prompt 'Candle'.... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
SourceFrom within the CocoonRises a colored creationHaving distant dreamsHaving distant dreamsTravels bearing sweet nectarCarrying knowledge of world.This Haiku is written from 'Haiku Heights April A2Z Heights - Day 02' under the prompt 'Butterfly'. ... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
SourceStruggling their wayChallenging and Defying the ObstaclesAscent to Success. This Haiku is written for Haiku Height : April A2Z Heights - Day 01 for the Prompt 'Ascent'.... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
The world is my adobe I sing in sanityI dance in vanityI pray in sanctityHere, There and EverywhereI see diligent peopleExploring the worldLearning their wayHard, They work to achieveSteady, is their pathStriving towards successWith never-ending determination.Here, There and EverywhereI see people in love Pure, Serene DevotionLost in their tiny-huge worldsHappy they look, being lost In their beautiful sphereFor Life is such, without whichIt is just a meaningless journey.Here, There and EverywhereI see people exploitingRelentless plots they makeFor a prize of little penny.The mighty mindless winsWhile the weak suffer in silenceWhich makes this true 'The rich becomes richer, The poor ... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
One day I was as mush shocked as much as I was pleased when I saw a message in my FB messenger that someone wanted me to write a guest post. At first, I smiled. And then thought, What? ME? I mean..... Come on, Me? Much to my amazement, the message wasn't wrongly sent by the sender. And this person who has an awesome blog and is an prolific writer, yet doesn't agree with it. Well, great people don't usually accept their greatness. Do you agree? No? Well, I will give you an example. I am great and am just great at writing. So, the small class for you people have ended and it is upto you to think what's what! Well, don't try too hard. So, I argued with this person that I am not the p... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
It was about three months back when a acquaintance of mine, then mentioned that his mother is searching for a pair for this fellow. One was already in the bucket, but due to some reasons got cancelled. Then, he was 21 years. We weren't quite convinced with his side of the story. I mean come on, marriage at 21 years? It is like Child Marriage, not literally though. Unfortunately, he and me were placed in the same workplace. And since we are still kind of new we have to self study and that too on one computer that too if someone is on leave or didn't turn up at office or is busy in some kind of meeting/likewise. If you are following my previous posts, then you might remember about mention... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
'The Story of Three Friends'What's happening? Why does my hair look so weak, so broken?, Aparna blurted out in frustration. Aparna, Ayushi and Apoorva have always been great friends. Since childhood they have lived at the same place, studied in the same school. All three were just great friends. They sometimes called themselves the Three Musketeers. They were literally inseparable. Everything they did involved all three of the friends. Either it is any cultural events at school, going for shopping, or catching a movie, anything as a matter of fact, the three friends were seen bound to each other. On top of it, they were equally talented. Though the area of their expertise varied, but ... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
Dawned with innocenceI played at my willFilled with arroganceI got what I wishedWith too much tender loveEverybody spoiled meFor they gave everythingThat I asked forI grew up, slowlyLearning about life,Facing the difficultiesFeeling lost in loveAh! Such an experienceThe pleasure of knowing somethingThe contemplation of loveThe fear of failureUnaware of what the future has for meI risked almost everythingDared to do the impossibleFought the little battles of lifeParents guided my ambitionTeachers nurtured my aspirationsGrowing was fun, I thoughtAnd I feel so wrong now. As time flew byAs fate dawn upon meI had to be careful, of myselfCareful of the step I had to takeBut among all complicat... Read more
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