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Blogger: Amit Agarwal
हेमेरेभगवान् कैसाकियाइससाल तुमनेयेकाम...हमेंतोमारडालागर्मीमें औरपहाड़ोंपर मचायाकोहरामबारिशआतीनहीं,दुआभीकीजातीनहीं डरलगताहै किजोबूँदें मुझेजिलायेंगी उन्हेंकितनाऔरसतायेंगी जोरहतेहैं मुझसेकुछमोड़दूर उनख़ूबसूरतपहाड़ोंपर जानेदो ... Read more
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Blogger: Amit Agarwal
Quiet flows the Don...And the infuriated Ganga...Happily gurgling, sweetly singing, playfully cooling our hearts, minds and bodies...giving peace to eyes and soothing our souls, the Holy Ganga was enraged by the selfish deeds of Her reckless children..!The height of water (and devastation) can be guessed and judged by comparing these two pictures.The mammoth steel and marble structure around Lord Shiva's colossal idol is completely submerged, but His composure is out of this world!The one on top was taken by me in April 2013 and that at bottom is the heart wrenching one of 16 June 2013._________________________________________________________Disclaimer and courtesy: The second picture has be... Read more
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Blogger: Amit Agarwal
हाँचाहा था मैंने किवक़्त ठहरजाएकभी औरसचही वोठहरगयाकहीं, लेकिन-गाढ़े, भारीधुएँकीतरह… बर्फ़कीमज़बूतचट्टानजैसा!नउड़ताहै न पिघलता है.Translation:Yes, I wished the time to cease some timeAnd it somewhere stoppedbut, indeedLike heavy smoke thick...like an iceberg robust!Neither does it dilutenor melt.... Read more
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Blogger: Amit Agarwal
(My first post in prose Jkindly read!)An appeal:None of us is going to enter the gates of heaven, howsoever fervently we might have washed our sins away, nor is our body going to get up from the dust on a particular day, howsoever zealously we may wait! And we are certainly not going to inherit the kingdom of God, in whatsoever way! We have indulged in pleasures of the flesh throughout our lives, let’s please our body one last time by giving it a chance to be alive for some more years and not give it away to scorching flames or lay it in the dark and cold.*There are lacs of fellow human beings suffering from terminal diseases waiting for untimely death, or a sagacious organ donor, in hundr... Read more
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Blogger: Amit Agarwal
                               Linked to: TheWeekendInBlackAndWhite                                                Weekend Reflections#183... Read more
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Blogger: Amit Agarwal
                                    Linked to: Skywatch Friday 7/38... Read more
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Blogger: Amit Agarwal
चाँद - सितारे किसे हसीं नहीं लगते सूरज ज़िन्दगी तो दीपक रौशनी दिया करते हैं मेहरबाँ कुछ ऐसे बनाए कुदरत ने जो गुमनाम अंधेरों को भी याद किया करते हैं This verse is gratefully dedicated to blogger friends Tangy Tomato Twist, Indu Chhibber and Panchali Sengupta for their inspiration! Thanks a lot grand ladies :)... Read more
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Blogger: Amit Agarwal
बेमानी है बहुत मासूम हवाओं पे रखना  इल्ज़ाम,ताश के पत्तों के महल बसने को नहीं हुआ करते.... Read more
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Blogger: Amit Agarwal
                           Linked to: TheWeekendInBlackAndWhite... Read more
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Blogger: Amit Agarwal
                                    (Image courtesy: Web)दियासलाई जैसी याद तुम्हारी जली उँगलीMatchstickis your thoughtfingers burnt ... Read more
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Blogger: Amit Agarwal
             Linked to: ABC Wednesday: G is for Grey...G is for Green... Read more
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Blogger: Amit Agarwal
                                                                  (Image courtesy:Web)सरकती नमी है ज्यूँ ठूँठमें-  बस चन्दकोंपलें और फिर क्षय चिर- स्थाई,यूँहीलरज़ती हो तुम–मुझमेंसमाई!Translation:Sprouts...Quiver you in me like the damp,in a stump-sproutsa few more,and decayUndying!Explanation:Sorry darlings, it can’t be explained...it can only be felt!!... Read more
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Blogger: Amit Agarwal
                            Linked to: TheWeekendInBlackAndWhite             Dearest friends, My 'Doped' appears on the cover once again!                         Thanks loadz to you all for your kind patronage:):)... Read more
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Blogger: Amit Agarwal
nay...not the least!In fact, dear blogger friends, while I’m so grateful to all the kind souls who considered me worthy of these wonderful awards, I’m on the other hand ashamed of my incapability of receiving any of them in the right way.I was on cloud nine when I received my first one about this time last year, and started working on the obligations right away. But I soon felt a stress building up on finding there was no answers to some questions asked by the giver or I did not want to reply to some others...which in turn posed a bigger problem when I understood that the friends nominated by me might find themselves in the same fix!Within a couple of weeks I received many more, adding t... Read more
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Blogger: Amit Agarwal
I bumped into this pot smoking young baba on his way to Mahakumbh, Prayag, the greatest recorded event on earth with a gathering of 100 million! Apart from his flawless, glowing skin and lustrous hair I was fascinated by his hypnotic eyes. He was aware of his photogenic face as he told me that he was clicked by hundreds of foreigners whenever he came down from the Himalayas. He claimed to have attained the Ultimate. Who knows...but if not Enlightenment, I saw that he had attained ecstasy and bliss under the influence of grass!                                Linked to: TheWeekendInBlackAndWhite... Read more
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Blogger: Amit Agarwal
Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island, Andaman Sea, Bay of Bengal, Indian OceanLinked to: Nature Notes#198... Read more
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Blogger: Amit Agarwal
                             Linked to: TheWeekendInBlackAndWhite... Read more
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Blogger: Amit Agarwal
FOG..and MIST..God Himself is pouring down!... Read more
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Blogger: Amit Agarwal
दुश्मनोंनेतो आकेपूछीखैरियत दोस्तमेरीमौजूदगीसेशर्मिंदानज़रआये,मैंगयाथाआपकेजलसेमेंलेकिन मामूलीकपड़ोंमें आप  पहचाननहींपाए!Translation:AttireFriends by my friendship looked embarrassedThough the enemies came to talk forward,I had gone to attend your gala partyIn my ordinary clothes you notice didn’t  me!Explanation:The poet had gone to a grand event where all importance is generally given to attire and appearance. While his friends were ashamed of being associated with... Read more
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Blogger: Amit Agarwal
                Aberdeen Jetty, Port Blair, Ross Island in the background                                    Linked to: Friday Fences-68... Read more
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Blogger: Amit Agarwal
Spotted this vagabond from the aircraft...wooing in Indian Ocean!                    Linked to: Skywatch Friday, HIMMELSK#122... Read more
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Blogger: Amit Agarwal
लबरेज़ थाजब, तोआतेथेकईयार मश्कें लिएहुए .प्यासाहूँआज,    तोमसरूफ़हैं    सबहीकहीं -कहीं !Translation:Love ?Many used to come with pitchers full ,  when satiated was I.Am  thirsty today, but all are busy, somewhere or the other!Meaning:They  used to adore,  claiming to be lovers,  when I was  at the prime,All have, however, found other interests when I need them most today!Explanation:This verse has although been written in first person, and obviously on myself, but it universally applies to a man, a woman, a flowering plant, a fruit bearing tre... Read more
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Blogger: Amit Agarwal
          Cellular Jail, Port Blair, Andaman Sea, Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean                                              Linked to: The Weekend in Black and White                         Linked to: ABC Wednesday -  'C' is for Cellular JailHey guys! My "Polished" has been selected for the title once again! Thank you for your love and support:)... Read more
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Blogger: Amit Agarwal
                                      Linked to: Tina's PicStory#56... Read more
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