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A Stoic’s DiaryAuthor: Dipanshu RawalGenre: Non-fiction (Philosophy/Self-help)Format: PDFFile Size: 1708KBStar: 4.5/5 (Self)Review: It’s a non-fiction book based on the concept of stoicism and ideas associated with it. This 60-page PDF has been segregated into 11 chapters which are short yet interesting. The writer has made sure that he is able to express the main ideas behind this psychological assessment in simple language. The organisation of the chapters is well appreciated.   Sharing some of the lines from the book which appealed me the most are;Emotions create most of the problems while logic solves most of them.You were a liability to a woman’s body before you opened y... Read more
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Forgotten_________Sometimes I keep wonderingHow am I going to be Remembered once my Tenure of life gets over?Will I ever be rememberedFor the deeds I did orBecome the forgotten partOf someone's innate memory?This level of thinking puts Me into a state of contemplation The depth of analysis thenArises from a condition of urgency As if the time is running out Like the particles of sand fallingDown from the chamber of an hour glassI realise that it's I whoHas only been procrastinatingOn something that was need of the hourI take a new birth the nextMoment of my realisationThe realisation that I'm a beingSo perishable and I woke Up from a deep slumber.©Swati Sa... Read more
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From pages of my diaryIt has been seven years that I’ve come closer to this inanimate thing called Diarywhich I regard as a prized possession. There’s a very thought provoking piece of article that I found in one of the pages of FB dedicated to IAS aspirants and thought of translating it in English to as to make it accessible to a wide range of readers. I hope that all of you should get immense motivation out of it. The real credit always lies with the writer of this original post which was written in Hindi for obvious reason. A big round of applause to the original writer [ I’m unaware about the writer of the original piece. I will update about him/her once I get an idea]When you don... Read more
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Interchanging PerceptionsIt’s Mother’s Day. So wishing every motherly figure a very Happy Mother’s day ! There’s absolutely no concept of life without you all, be it a mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, friend, aunty, teacher. All of you hold an important part in my life. I just can’t imagine my life without the presence of even one of you. I don’t know if I can ever express my gratitude to you all for everything that you’ve done for me; a single life won't be enough for it.Is interchanging perceptions an easy task? I mean to put ourselves in the shoes of others to analyse the situation. For that we need to have knowledge about the conditions that the other one is into. I’ve ... Read more
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Juggernaut_Books:Click here to read the article ... Read more
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My Quora Profile :https://www.quora.com/profile/Swati-Sarangi-1#List of Top Writers of Quora 2018Swati Sarangi's Answer to Who were declared as TOP Writer in April 2018?Swati Sarangi's Answer to Are you proud of yourself for being chosen as a Quora 2018 TOP Writer?Swati Sarangi's Answer to On what factors is Quora giving the title for the TOP Writer 2018?... Read more
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Fly to abroad with your dreamsWe all have read these famous quotations of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, who is regarded as missile man of India several times. “Dream is not what you see in sleep, a dream is something that doesn’t let you sleep.”“Look at the sky, we are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work.”Dreams play a vital role in transforming your thoughts/ideas to reality with the help of hard work and dedication. You all have thousands of dreams deep inside yourself. Similar you all have at least once dreamed of flying to a foreign land for the purpose of pursuing higher education or work. Studying or working a... Read more
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https://www.kalaage.net/issue/84/issue_1523880961150... Read more
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Preciousness of human lifeOne evening, there was a power outage in my hostel. Most of the inhabitants of the hostel had been away. I was doing some important work.As soon as the darkness of the surrounding grew stronger wrapped up with the silent demeanor of the empty hostel, I started reflecting on the passage of time inspired by the sound of ticking of the wall clock which only broke the prevalent pin-dropped silence.Below is the article that I wrote in my diary. Being always inspired by the beauty of numbers, I tried to quantify the essence of preciousness of human existence which often gets marred by the lack of awareness of it.Think of preciousness of a human life!Once Krishna... Read more
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The persons behind the curtainIf life is a live stage, I’m the actor then my parents are the persons behind the curtains. The world may not recognise these persons behind the curtains yet their contribution can never ever be ignored.          As mentioned in my previous write ups, I was accompanied by a loving sister when I opened my eyes for the first time in this world. So, I feel lucky for the fact that I was not alone when I arrived in this mortal world. Needless to say, raising twins is one of the toughest challenges of the parenting and Kudos to my parents for their brilliant way of raising us up simultaneously. I would often enquire my mo... Read more
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5thBloganniversaryHappy Birthday to one of the fondest things that I possess. This blog turns out to be 6 years old today after successfully completing 5 years of its existence; 30th Mar 2018; a remarkable day for us ; me and my sister. Both of us have taken a great care in nurturing it the best possible way. This, with time, became the platform for us to voice our thoughts. Over these years, we’ve not only witnessed it evolving but also observed a great change in our perceptions towards almost everything in life. That’s the positive impact that writing has brought to us. Thoughts and emotions are best expressed in the way they are written. We’ve been successful enough in winning vario... Read more
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Grabbing wings for the worldTravelling is one of the wonderful experiences that one can get in life. It lets one to explore the places that one has never been before. Places have a lot of stories to tell just like people. Not just stories but on visiting them we create a lot of memories. Every time I visit a new place, I wonder about the vastness of this world both in terms of geographical expansion and the experiences that it has to offer to the the travellers. Travelling experiences lead to open mindedness. It’s among my obvious desires to be a bird whenever I sit over the terrace and stare at the limitless sky. This sight of a bird spreading its wings with utmost ease in the sky fu... Read more
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Winner Of Valentine’s Day ContestThanks to Writer's Ezine Team!Read the winning entry here! ... Read more
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Conserving the life saving liquidThe most life saving liquid on this planet is water. Needless to say that without it, the possibility of life is completely a vague idea. Being a non-renewable resource, its depletion is a major concern for the mankind. A rapid rise in population has resulted in an over exploitation of it. Other causes of it can be global warming and unequal distribution of ground water. If we look at the distribution of water on Earth i.e Hydrosphere, we will find that Less than 3% of the water of Earth is freshwater, an amount that includes polar ice caps, glaciers, groundwater, surface water of rivers and freshwater lakes, and even atmospheric water. However, the amount of... Read more
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As a man thinkethAuthor: James AllenGenre: Non-fictionFormat: E-bookFile Size:397KBStar: 4.7/5 (Self)Review: The book has been divided into seven chapters namely1. Thought and character2. Effect of thought on circumstances3. Effect of thought in health and body4. Thought and purpose5. The thought factor in achievement6. Visions and ideals7. SerenitySharing some of the favourite lines from this book:·        A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts.·        Act is the blossom of thought, and joy and suffering are its fruits; thus does a man garner in the sweet and bitter ... Read more
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Read the winning post hereThanks to the team Indiblogger.... Read more
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Coffee DateAuthor: Saravanan Kumar MuruganGenre: FictionFormat: PaperbackNo. Of pages:150Star: 4.5/5 (Self)Review: It’s a love story between an IT Techie named Siddhartha Abhimanyu, Sid and movie Director Isha starting over a cup of coffee. The entire story revolves around the backdrop of a corporate world with its own challenges, achievements, success, failure, pressure of meeting the deadline and emergency. Sid being a multifaceted person acts in a short movie directed by Isha with other co-actors and it becomes a great success in YouTube. Amidst all these, their relationship strengthens in due course of time over small fights or misconceptions. Sid decides to marry Isha before flying to... Read more
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Prose:The Day Off: College, Hostel, Observation and a Dream :Non-fiction Diary... Read more
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From my uncle’s inkSometimes I get surprised by my act of framing sentences as per the need of the context.  Needless to say, this quality of writing which has evolved over the time for me, is a consequence of inheritance. Yes, I can proudly claim that I inherit the writing abilities from many of my family members from paternal and maternal side. The article written below is the testimony of each and every word written above.  Here, I’m presenting a piece of non-fictional write-up based on the experience of my maternal uncle, Er.Debabrata Sarangi, who’s currently working as Assistant Executive Engineer in the department of urban development under Puri Municipality , Governmen... Read more
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Thanks to team IndibloggerLink to Winning post1 Link to Winning post-2... Read more
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The origin of my nameNomenclature is an important aspect of one’s identity. In fact, it’s something that we carry with ourselves apart from transient materialistic possessions. Primarily, we are identified from the crowd by the names which we have been given and then follow our actions or deeds. It is like the labels of our existence. In Indian culture which has emerged from a joint family system, it becomes an act of showering blessings from different relatives who come up with so many suggestions to display their love and affection for the newborns. Everyone has a story behind their names and I too have a story which I’m going to describe below.As already mentioned in my earlier post... Read more
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