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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
As I enter into the village near Ranikhet, I was shock to see the row of abandoned houses. These houses are finely crafted and wood carving work can amaze to anyone but all has been ruined.  I haven’t’ see any, who tell me the reason why the beautiful houses are getting ramshackle?  After one hour I saw an old lady. I ask her the reason. She says – I am 65 and living alone here. All have migrated to the plain in search of work and better life.She says – few people are also there but all are old like me…Why they all migrated to the plain ? Can’t they get a better life here ? Why don’t they do farming ?  She replies – Farming is getting tough each day. Wild anima... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
Almora is a cultural city of Uttarakhand, India. In Almora, Dushara festival celebrate in a different way which I heard many time but could not be a part of it. So this time I decided to be a part of this celebration…When I reach Almora, I could feel the essence of festival all over. Everybody was in mood of fiesta. When I walk through the cramp market of city I saw many half complete effigies of demons relate to Ravan’s family. In one place huge body of demon is laying on earth to get dressed...Some Mohalla are relating demons with today’s problem which also should have to be burn…  Children are also fully involved in the celebration and making their own effigy. When I look at ... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
Due to lot's of Traveling, Trekking and Bed Health I could not update my blog for long time. After 2 months of bed rest I am back to blog world and updating blog with Thailand Pictures…I will write complete travelogue after some time…International Airport of BangkokPatayaSmall templesBusiness Through Motor CycleAlcazar Cabaret ShowShop At BangkokParasailing at  PatayaBeach Pataya Thai FamilyThai LadySafari WorldDream WorldBangkok Night... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
Morning I went to Anjuna Beach. Anjuna is a small village. This beach is different from the other beaches I have seen. Beach is surrounded by red stones which are the house of many sea animals like Crabs, Prawns and Snails. Crabs are very sensitive animal, if they feel little sensation they hide themselves between stone cracks. All stone cracks are filled with crabs and snails. None is here except some locals who are catching sea products. I think by the noon beach will become a happening place. Anyway it’s good to come here and feel the essence of this beach. I collected some very good shape’s stones here. They are naturally smooth and well polished...I packed my bag pack and get ready ... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
In morning I took walk for Vagator Beach. I ask road to two local ladies but they were not able to speak Hindi or English so one lady hold my hand and took me to the Vagator Beach road and then moves to left direction which means I would have to take left turn. This was such a sweet and simple way to tell way to stranger. Sweet women. I will always remember them. When I reach to beach it was absolute quite…Sea is different in morning light though its cloudy morning. I takes long walk and click pictures. People are jogging, walking, meditating, and doing exercises. Waves are come slowly touch my feet and get back. Sky is cloudy but morning light is making it lovely. After walk I set in a co... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
In the morning I sit in balcony and enjoyed soothing melodious music sung by the beautiful birds and light drizzle made it awesome. After refreshing musical morning I took short walk in the market which was almost closed. Only few vehicles are on the road. Weather is pleasant yet but will become humid soon. I saw many beautifully architected though deserted buildings… Today around 11 AM. I leave to Calengute Beach which is the biggest beach of Goa. I drove through the beautiful and lush green village area. It’s raining too but not heavily. Many churches and old houses are keeping me engaged. Green wheat fields spreading sweet aroma in the air and coconut trees are adding beauty in l... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
Reached Vasco Railway station, and again after lots of bargain took cab for Madgaav, which is 80 km. away. Vasko is bustling in morning crowed and rain making it more hazardous. After crossing city hustle-bustle we reached in outskirt area which is beautiful and due to monsoon it becomes lush green. Cold winds and splash of rain is reminding me of Nainital. Although Goa is famous for winter but monsoon is also dazzling and peaceful. Rain, wind and all over green is making it miraculous. On the way I spotted many Portugal architect churches. Goa is a Christian city so in every turn and corner I saw churches. Small church, big church, medium church every type of church. Mostly houses are also ... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
Again in Delhi. In same Delhi, which I have been faced many times before but every time it gives me new experiences and learning. Just come out from bus and touts start like always and I too behave like every time I repeat the same story by saying - No bhaiya… It’s very much bhaiya… I am not new here… I know the rates... and so on... Anyway, finally, I take auto rickshaw for Kashmiri gate knowing that auto driver is cheating me but I haven’t any other choice. From there I took metro for Rohini West. Metro is convenient option for daily travel in Delhi. This concept should go other parts of India too. Nowadays mostly youngsters stay busy with smart phones attach headphones in the ea... Read more
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