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The Chaiwala Tea with and the Job satisfaction!!I was waiting for my friend near the auto stand when I noticed him...The Tea Vendor. I decided to have a cup of tea till my friend reach there.  An exorbitant self in himself, he served me tea with a broad smile.   That stimulated   an urge in me to have a chat with him.  He is Shashi Setty, having this livelihood since more than two decades; he had inherited this tea outlet from his Chacha in his late teens.  This tea outlet, though could never earn him extra or surplus bugs, but had always offered enough for survival. Of late he has started a small shop for chips,  vadapav, bread and othe... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
Z FOR ZINI – The Cat Who Left a Paw Print on My HeartZINI was the name I had given her. No, no, I‘m not at all a cat lover. In fact not even a pet lover. I’m more precisely a Zoo-phobic if not just Ailurophobic or Cynophobic.  I fear animals for one particular reason. Neither I can’t touch them nor can I handle their touch. I get an extra sensation, a kind of Goosebumps even with the thought of the “TOUCH”. It was way back in my mid nineties. Almost two decades ago. I was in 8th Standard then. My schooling had been from a residential school. So I used to stay in hostel. One lazy afternoon, I heard something which felt like someone crying in pain. I came out of my room and cr... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
Yellow is my favourite colour. That’s why I like men in Yellow jerseys Chennai Super Kings….CSK!! He he he…However this post is neither about colour Yellow nor about CSK or IPL. It’s about something else. It’s about a YELLOW STICK. READ ON…..When a child is born, a mother also takes birth.... right away!!To be honest I never believed in... When people say that children should take care of their mother given to the fact that they (read Mothers) selflessly take care of them,Selfless!!! I really wonder, because, I never felt myself selfless as a mother Whatever I did for my child…it was just for my own concerns, my own delights and own responsibilities.I felt bad when he was ... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
IMAGE SOURCE - GOOGLE!!! X FOR XIGUA X has always been a problematic in fact most difficult letter in our childhood days when we did play word game or more precisely Atlas. I remembered in my growing up days we often played the game ATLAS not only the names of places but with ALL WORDS. It was quite difficult to find words in the alphabet X. And if you want to win the game the trick was, put the opponent with words ending with X...like fix, six, complex. Even oxford dictionary wasn’t of much help. Well....today I was too occupied with my assignments and submissions. I wasn’t sure what to write on X. may be For the first time, in the entire month of this #BlogchatterA2Z  bloggin... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
WITH AN IMPULSIVE WHIMWith an impulsive whims Of my nomadic heartBarefoot i stepped On the dew studded grass In an autumn sunupFirst time after a long, perhapsA sudden stimulation run through meAnd i started tap in delight Amidst the melody of bird’s drivelAnd the broadened curve on my faceNext Moment I heardThe whispers of mother earthAn eternal yarning for my touchThe feelings then resonated in me tooNext momentCalm I become, From a restless beingAs if a serene breeze steamed through my veinI was thenLeft with a wondering thoughtWhen was the last time? I had the magical pat I have been drifting away from herAlong with life and with its norm Forgotten I the rhyme of feelThe warmth of moth... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
V For Velgi-A Photo Story “Velgi” she replied to my question “what’s your name?”Sounds weird...right!!  Well... She is a very interesting woman.  She is the “Sugar cane juice seller” at a narrow lane in sector 11 Vashi.  I met her a month back.  She stays at Koperkhairne and comes to Vashi every morning to sell Sugar cane juices.  What touched me about her was, she is very cleanliness conscious.  Every now and then she cleans the set up of the Juice maker.  The best thing about her was she wears the sweetest smile of the world. I met her the first time and was fascinated by her contagious smile.  I am sure she must be adding the swee... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
My friend asked me why you don’t close the curtains in night...Because, I love to wake-up with the kiss of that golden light A morning click from my bed...says Ashu, My Little Brother,a passionate Photographer. Its His ClickUp Above The Sky...Up above the sky  a crescent moon was only peeing down on meNothing was in sight & the horizon had gone for a goodnight snoozeOut of my window, as I had looked at the worldExcept for the neon lights, everything was blackNext Morning.... Outside my window the morning called me,         'Come, dance with me, happy and be totally free.'   (And) Up above the sky golden rays fall on meWaking me up ... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
A SHORT STORY COLLECTIONTale O’ 12: A Book But it’s more about the AUTHOR!!Tale O’ 12 is a book written by Author Biranchi Narayan Acharya, is a collection of 12 short stories in a fictional narrative. However, I am not going to write about the book here. Instead I will write about the author because that makes more sense why a person should read this book. If inquisitiveness is taking a better of you then, Read on….We hardly know an author of a book because we don’t have any source other than what is written in the Author’s Profile. Most of the time it’s not needed also.  But here I think it’s a need to tell the world what kind of person the author is as I know him very... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
S FOR SONGS OF A GYPSY HEARTSometimes…I really wonderHow Tiny My Existence is Before The Vast World And the Profound UniverseCan I Ever Afford To AccommodateMiniature ThingsThat would invariably come to meTo reduce me further To a elfin beingWith a waiflike heart To distract me from the purpose of my lifeWith The process Of Life….I have learntI have a DEFINITE purpose in this infinite Universe There is cosmic SONG Which ONLY I can singThere is a celestial SPACE Which ONLY I can fill There is a divine CALLING which ONLY I can answerThere is a devout ROLE Which ONLY I can playTo meet the heavenly PURPOSE of my Life and its normsThe World is awaiting me with open armsFor the illimitable joy... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
R For RESTARTRe-start means there has already been a start of something which either didn’t work or somehow “Paused” or couldn’t be continued in the past. Isn’t it? In case it was just a “pause” i.e.  Some reasons or factors came in between; it’s not a big deal to start it again. However, when something didn’t work and we want to restart it again then we must give it a thought completely from a new angle.  Because things that didn’t work in life and life is not not just computer that you can push a button to restart and automatically some glitches will get rectified. “Never restart a journey and use the same road that failed you before.” Dennis E. Adoni... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
The Picture is of my Little Bro Gem Ashutosh Sar…a wanderlust in nature. This post is dedicated to him. Q FOR QUEST…..Queue of Questions often wink in my mindAt times as if I am searching answers for somethingI couldn't really find out what is it…so farThat often makes me ceaselessly hunt for I know what matters to me mostMy family and its happiness of courseMy laughter is the result of their well-beingMy tears roll out when they are in pain I define myself strong and believable My aspirations are adventurous & boldI love the world and my existence in itI dream and dare to chase till I get itNothing is really there which I don’t haveStill I feel a presence of an inner voidSo... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
 P for Paradise Lost & Regained: A Book Which is NOT JUST a Book“Paradise Lost & Regained” is a mystical fiction written by Author Ratnadip Acharya is NOT JUST a Book. Why???…Read on!!! I often wish, in India had we have our own animation studios like “DreamWorks Animation” that produced the world class  movie like Kung Fu Panda and the series,  we would have our own world class computer-animated movies to outdo the popularity and fame of all. Isn’t it? Haven’t Indians blessed with an extra-ordinary imaginative and creative power?While reading the book “Paradise Lost & Regained” I was actually mulling over this. It was really a celebration to read... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
Often I Think Shouldn’t we learn Life Lessons from Them?It was a cloudy day when I decided to go down to the mini seashore at Vashi to capture a few frames of Mother Nature.  While I was trying to capture the movements of a butterfly, the sound of someone humming caught my attention. I turned around to spot this woman in a polka-dotted saree walking cheerily with a bundle on her head and a song, a happy song on her lips. I looked at her having a smile on my face. When I approached her and asked her what song was she singing and what made her singing so, I got to know that the woman had gone to the seashore to collect crabs, and as she had managed to collect quite a few, she was happy ... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
N FOR NO Is Not Just A Word!!!No…NO is not just a wordIt’s a Powerful Tool When you say NO to Drugs and Alcohol It’s a Powerful assertion When the woman says NO to the Man she doesn’t loveIt’s a word for the Powerful beginning When MEN say NO to eve-teasingIt brings an encouraging start When poor say NO to begging & start Work It initiates a good habit When we say NO to smoke a CigaretteIt starts a world of good deeds When we say NO to indifference & coldnessIt leads human to an honest society  When we say NO to swindle and bribeIt starts a process of cleansing When We Say NO to Open-defecating It’s a statement to start a process of thinking When we say NO to  u... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
 M FOR MOTHERHOOD – 14th APRIL I and A LIVING PARADISE ON EARTHMotherhood is really a divine bliss. It’s God’s own way of making heaven on earth for the blessed ones. And I’m one of those blessed ones, as I'm blessed with a cool dude Son Aaditya to experience the paradise on earth as a voucher of celestial blessing. I swear!! TODAY IS 14th APRIL THE B-DAY OF MY SON and The Letter of the Day is M for #BlogchatterA2Z Is it a co-incidence or God’s own Way of doing things? Of course it JUST About My MOTHERHOOD!!! I didn't give him any name of Lord Krishna because I was afraid If He Would Leave me when He would grow up Like Lord krishna Left His mother Yashoda. I named Him Aad... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
Life is a melody sweetest only whenWe live it happily in the laughter laneLife is a magic, strange one thoughWe believe in its miracles, every moment & soLife is curse, when we hurt someoneNever feeling the ache, again & againLife is tragic, when we allow ourselves to be hurtFeeling frail & puny, which are simply we are notLife is an adventure, if we dare to dreamOur destiny dances with glory, in the silver screenLife is a misadventure, when we fearOf losing those people whom we adore Life is an institution, if we love to learnThe wisdom it offers, with its pros and consLife is a dream in the fantasy landWith the proverbial genie and its magic wand Life is love, if we have a tend... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
K FOR KALIJAI TEMPLE IN ODISHAKalijai Temple in Odisha is located on the island of Kalijai – Kalijai Parvata – in the midst of the majestic Chilika Lake.  Odisha is one of the most culturally affluent and vibrant states of India. Every year tourists visit the state to see the magnificent Jagannath Temple in Puri. But there are many other places in the state other than Puri that are unexplored. I Would not say that Kalijai is an uncharted place but definitely one of the less explored one. We Know Chilika is the queen of natural beauty, one of the largest brackish water lake in Asia. It covers an area of over 1,100 sq. km offering a great attraction for the tourists for fishing, ... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
J FOR JACK FRUIT THAT INFLUENCED JUSTICE – A Story J For JACK FRUIT – We all have read about it in our pre-school days. Jack fruit is a large, green and spiky fruit and an Asian Tropical fruit. The bulbous fruit can be used for both savoy and sweet dishes depending on its ripeness. However, here I am not going to write about this fruit. Instead read a story on it….that connects JACK FRUIT AND JUSTICE in Judicial System.Jack fruits have always influenced the delivery of the justice in judicial system. . Wonder "HOWWW"? Read the following story…Long, long ago, there was a jungle under the monarchy of a BEAR as there were no tigers and lions ... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
I Lose the Grip of Time When I RedolentThose Moments of strongly aromatic Of Heavenly and Timeless blissAs they reverberate In the chamber of my heart While the Memoirs Entwine…in my mindThat day…First timeI Lost the Grip of time when I felt A Thud Rattled the Wind Chime In The heart of mineI Lost the Grip of TimeWhen the tickling pinkish shadeSuddenly Painted On the spongy and dimpled chicks of mineI Lost the Grip of TimeWhen the Bright Sun Shine Entered the world of mine     I  Lost the Grip of time When the amorous icebergsMelted and surgedInto the Heart of mine I Lost the Grip of Time When I Felt your warm breathes On the glowing face of mine I Lost the Grip of Ti... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
H For HOW ARE YOU?? “How are you” is perhaps a simplest question on this world. But do we ever find an honest answer to this question? This question is thrown around as an informal greet, so much that we default to "i'm good" or "I'm fine" -  even with our closest friends and family .We celebrate Ganesh Puja at home. Once as a part of celebration I had invited many of my friends and neighbors in the society a.  We had kept BAPPA for five days. During these days many had come to my home as per their conveniences for the darshan of Bappa.During those days, once one of my friends along with her family visited my place one day.  I delightfully welcomed them. Looking at he... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
Gift Yourself The Gift Of Good Health!!! Google For a moment “What is the Best Gift You Can Give to Yourself?”I Swear It Might or Might Not Say That You Gift Yourself...The Gift of Good HealthOur body is the only Place we have Where we will live in till our last BreathTake Care of it before anything ruins itTo keep it fit, healthy and in good shapeLife itself is never a problem It’s the Lifestyle we lead bringsHealth issues and ailments Leaving us sad, measurable and depressing thingsAvoid bad habits that works as dynamiteLike drugs, smoke, and alcohol Shun sugar, packaged and junk food That as cyanide kills every cell. We are here on earth for a reasonLet’s have that will and v... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
F- FOR FIVE THINGS ABOUT THE NUMBER FIVE FYI….For Your Information, I am not a numerologist. However I have a lot of interests in many things. That’s why the THEME OF MY #BlogchatterA2Z #AtoZChallenge is MISHMASH- A Little Of Everything. Today is the SIXTH Day of this Challenge and the Alphabet of the day is F. When I thought of F, The first thing that came to my mind was FIVE, I mean the Number 5. There are so many things about the significance of the number 5. However here I am writing precisely about five of them. I must state here that this article is a researched one and some information i have taken from random reading on internet like googling and surfing wikipedias. ONE- Five i.e... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
FOR THE SOURCE OF IMAGE - CLICK HERE E FOR EXTINCTION – A 100 WORD STORY I looked through her impassive glances. Half-naked, she was sitting around a makeshift tent with bare necessities that included few clothes & half-distorted utensils. Home to hornbills, elephants and over hundreds of animal species and plants the forests had been generously affluent in resources for their tribes to bank upon. Faced with extinction, she along with a few more had camped on the big rocks on the banks of a rivulet. A frail puppy tied outside was exposing the vulnerability of modern day endeavours and its shattering devastation. I wonder if the price of development is annihilation of rare tribes!!... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
Ding Dong....The Door Bell Rang!!She ran with a bated breath. Swiftly unbolt it catching her gasp. A sudden blast of air rattled the hanged wind chime in the window of the room. Nobody was out there. Bewildered, she looked around. No, not the presence of a single soul could she feel.  She was about to close the door when her perplexed glances were caught by a blood rose lying on the door step on a crimson envelope with a peeping pink letter. She slowly picked it up and pulled the letter from the envelope. As she read through words her curve on her face was getting wider with equally matching blushing chicks.   It read, “Love you till eternity…Me”. She smiled ecstatically... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
Can We Ever Predict The Future!! This Question must have have appeared in our minds sometimes or other. Isn't it?I always feel humans should have some indications about future. In that way many problems or at least the causes of the problems can be avoided!! It has other side also. What if there lies negative things. It might get us tensed even before they happen in reality.  Well...good that future can't be predictable. However we never stop to find what's there in store in future. Irony?? Probably.  Just tell me   How many of us have never gone to an astrologer at least for once? I think we all have gone at some point of our life irrespective of the fact that we know fu... Read more
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