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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
Junk is treated more appropriately and categorized as recyclable waste and non recyclable waste, than girls. Somewhere down the line, even the fairer sex is equally responsible for such behavior. The old rotten thoughts which have lost all scientific validity, is still treated as the base for decisions. A place where women are treated as a cause for not being able to give birth to a baby boy, besides the fact that women carry only x chromosomes and instead men are responsible, (not exactly, but if someone were to blame) in deciding the gender of the baby, several other marriages were conducted, in older times just for the desire of a baby boy, who can carry over their names. This is pathetic... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
A cry comes from the inside, please do not hurt me, do not kill me, and do not treat me like dirt. I am a part of you, I have started to form, I exist, maybe I can be seen only through instruments but I have started to form. Such cries are either ended then and there or are thrown away after they are born. Even junk is treated more appropriately and categorized as recyclable waste and non recyclable waste, than girls. Somewhere down the line, even the fairer sex is equally responsible for such behavior. The old rotten thoughts which have lost all scientific validity, is still treated as the base for decisions. A place where women are treated as a cause for not being able to give birth to a b... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
  For aspirations have taken flight We have to mount that height,Toiling that extra mileTo spot the shadow of your smile!Darkness may perhaps be a phaseFor sunshine to ablaze,Gathering the rays in a pileTo glance the shadow of your smile!The path can be quaking and boggyAnd future all smoggy,But I won’t give up for awhileTo glimpse the shadow of your smile!For there comes a time When in the wind, the bells chime,And we are not afar the aisleThen it gets difficult, to hide the shadow of your smile!!This post is a part of  The write tribe prompt... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
Even when her part of the story was veritableShe would smile through the hassle,Arguing by no means, should be an alternativeThis congealed in my mind, all assertive!She never let me do any household chorePampered enough, and was told I’d learn when responsibilities appear,Now whilst doing every errandI evoke, imitate and it’s no less than a magic wand!She tried to mould herself in every situationCompromising won’t lessen your position,So my frown turns into a grinWhen I visualize the scene!Doing every work so diligentlyYet so quickly,Always made me marvelNow, even I finish my work with the same sparkle!Even unknown people came with their sorrowShe showed them a new tomorrow,Now when f... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
When the dusk sets inAnd birds fly back to their kin,Pretty Betty flips a coinReminiscing her virtue and sin!Subsequently she receives a postcardFrom her beloved bard,She can’t help but sing and dance hardTrimming away her belly lard!She takes out the calendarAnd mark the days not so far,To book that booth in the coffee barNot forgetting to polish her car!Making her home tidy and neatIs definitely on her list of feat,Maybe she is going a bit off beatOr is it just the summer heat?Even the winds have gone wildBut her inner self is in a tone so mild,As if everything seeming gildYet like a child!Crash! And there, comes a bellowAsking for help of a fellow,How has purple turned to yellow?Wh... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
When my heart connects with yoursIt articulates like never before ,Your heartbeat tells meThat it throbs for me!When world seems incompleteAnd you look into my eyes,As if reading every word I was to voiceThus I know how everything is now complete!When you walk by my sideI know it’s going to be voyage long yearned,And when you smirk at meIt makes me feel pretty!And as I listen to your silence I know what you have to say,Because you say it best When you say nothing at all !This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
Someone’s waiting for you at the backdoor; gaze around before you move on. That someone might not wait for you eternally. When you feel you have achieved everything in life, sit back and realize how you made it up there and get back to those who stood by you, believed in you. Love happens every day, with things and people around you, feels their presence ,watch that random kid riding his bicycle for the first time, that guy struggling to walk with his crutches, catch the first drop of rain , these are some things which are worth living through. Never forget little things in life, while you are in a rat race. You are in that race not to achieve great achievements but taking pleasure out of ... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
On a rainy dayWhen I set out for a stray,Frogs croaking on the wayI leave behind my entire fray!As I see, people running around to take shelterI get in my craziest avatar and play in the pitter patter,Splashing the water all aroundMy love for rains is newly found!Drenched in rain as I sing alongNothing seems right or wrong,Fields go all greenUbiquitously happiness is seen!But as I realize the loss our country facedMen, women and children mislaid,Who went for a pilgrimage to a holy place,Doesn’t this shatter the credence of human race?Maybe it is just a twist of fateAnd nature’s answer to our development rate,Yet politicians contemplating over it rather than servingAm I in a country which... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
The trust, that when he throws up high, he will be there to catch!It is not just any affiliation; it is the most precious one. It is the most conscientious and respectable. With fathers, there comes a natural way of respecting them, for their revere. They hold your hands when you have a phobia. They scold you when you are off beam. But also adore you to the core. They never make you sit and explain stuff. Instead they set an exemplar.They have experience of every nook and cranny. They speak little but convey more with their stern standpoint. They do not emote overtly, in fact try to hide their contusion.    1)      My father always used to say, do not ... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
I have something to tell youWind, which never stops blowingDevoid of any yearning,And makes each one sway I have something to tell you!The gushing water of a riverThat fulfills the thirst of every creature,Without even knowing the people it servesI have something to tell you!The blazing sun after a bleak nightThat brings sunshine to every house on each site,Without counting the number of bricks it is made up ofI have something to tell you!The earth which has all the patience in storeAnd bears the burden without any roar,Of the good as well as the evilI have something to tell you!I can never praise the nature enough For what it has been doingFor all of us, without asking;I can never be gratef... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
I have always loved the way Arjun presented himself in front of Lord Krishna about his doubts and apprehensions. Though he has always been a good human being, worked for his loved ones and the kingdom, was very sharp in archery and possessed all the good qualities. But when in the battlefield he had to fight against his gurus, friends and relatives, he faced a dilemma and had a dialogue with Lord Krishna, which happens to be, the source of knowledge, of how we should lead our lives. Akin to Arjun, even I feel the need of raising such questions to my Guru. And I feel Arjun was brave enough to grasp such knowledge so quickly and then applying it practically. He questioned that he doesn't want ... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
People in our lives come and go, some leave footprints behind, and it’s hard to erase them ,thus they wander in our hearts forever. I have some special people in my life, out of them, many are still in my life, and few have left, yet felt around. They bent my life in a way, I couldn’t have anticipated. So when I got an opportunity to connect with the bunch using  WeChat,I chose these-Connecting with the ones!1) The one with whom I have that connection- I met this person a few years back and since then we are best of friends. We may not be in contact with each other all the time. Many times we don’t talk for months but when we get together, it’s like, we never estranged... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
My first participation with http://www.blogadda.com and won the badge!! Yay..!http://blog.blogadda.com/2013/05/24/creativity-creative-writing-indian-bloggers-funCouldn't be happier!! Thanks blogadda!! My first wow badge!! loving it!... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
When everything around me paused and became lifeless, crying was all I thought, I could do. I felt helpless and hurt, a deep pain inside my heart started to grow. I became vulnerable and carried fright. Nothing worse could have happened to anyone, I bet. I was trapped in the emotional cyclone as I lost someone who meant the world to me. The reason, for which I existed, had lost. Memories are never enough to replace what has gone. My heart silently wept as it felt all alone, the ache grew stronger as the absence was closely felt. Time cannot heal all wounds, and some just get worse with time.Now , only in my memories.I wish you could stay till dawn!It feels all aloneNothing can be done but ... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
Ignoring warning signsWhen it comes to warning signs we can find them on road sides related to the speed limits , or in buses and trains declaring "no smoking zones" or "Caution ! wet floor" signs in a mall or while writing a post in your blog you get a sign "An error occurred while trying to save or publish your post. Please try again. (Ignore warning). " We all happen to read them every time but never pay attention to it or follow it. Its human nature to ignore things until they get worse.But Certain signs come from the inside, which we say our inner voice, gut feeiling, just before doing something we realise whether its right or not. We use it daily in many d... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
Even during school days I never happened to be an early riser. My school used to start at 7 am so I had to reach my bus stop at 6.20 am. Ah! getting up so early never became a habit, though had been doing it for many years.The early morning view used to be very peaceful . Parents taking their children to schools and bus stops, the newspaper boy making deliveries, the milkman moving around with cans full of milk , joggers heading towards a park or a ground etc. I still remember the situation at my house. Dad asleep, mom in kitchen packing our tiffin boxes and simultaneously moving to and fro from my room and kitchen for waking me up, my elder brother getting ready and me.. still asleep and sa... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
I am not much of a "write anything and post" kind of a blogger. In fact I don't consider myself a blogger as yet. I started the blog around three years back when my cousin who is a blogger herself suggested me. I write in the very conventional way in my diary, to which only few people have access to. I may be quite outgoing as a person but when it comes to writing I  still get shy and don't express it freely in a blog. That is the reason i have a few posts in my blog. I have several diaries filled with random stuff, but when it comes to my blog , its nearly empty. Several times I click to the new post label and write,but don't feel that it is good enough to be published. ... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
Living in central india has its own benefits ,here north meets the south and the east  meets the west. Central India happens to have the best street food , best local restaurants besides subways, MC d's and pizza huts. We can taste the blissful north Indian and south indian food at the same place.Having a father who is a foody , we have found the best chaats , jalebis and kachoris in the town. International cuisines with an Indian twist are irresistible.Every now and then we try several recipes at home. This one is one of my favourites. Its light, easy to make and less on calorie count.IngredientsServes 2 ( with a goo... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
I know I am the worst of persons..I know I am moody at times..But still you appreciate me..I love the way you lie to me..!!I know I am the craziest of people..I know I am the clumsiest of all..But still you think high of me..I love the way you lie to me..!!I know I hurt you the most..I know I irritate you the most..But still you love me..I love the way you lie to me..!!I know its not going to work..I know I am going to leave ..But still you won't let me go..I love the way you lie to me..!!... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
     They call  it complicatedThey call it confusingI call it blissfulThey say you ignore everyoneThey say it spoils older relationshipsI say it takes you to another worldThey suggest bewareThey say you might get hurtI say try it once, You won't regretThey cheat in loveThey back stab peopleI say- if thats the caseThen it isn't loveBecause you can't bluff..!They fall for each otherThey fall in loveI say- "we rise in love"... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
Time, undoubtedly is the greatest healer. You tend to forget things with time.Thoughts of the past fade away, unknowingly, healing up your woundsAt times, when something affects you badly, you break down. But as the clock ticks, days and nights pass, the balm of time is rubbed on you and that is automatic, effortless and is bound to happen.At the first instance when things go wrong, pessimistic feelings come from everywhere but sooner or later you overcome it and forget the past. And definitely, you become a stronger person and realize that if I could bear this, nothing else can bother me in future.... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
All of us want the perfect scores, perfect friends..in short, a perfect life.Don’t we?But perfection with itself brings boredom. When everything becomes perfect , we don’t enjoy, we don’t learn anything from it. But if there’s imperfection, there’s a scope of improvement and thus we grow and learn.Enjoy your life even if it’s imperfect, because nobody’s life is perfect, shortcomings make us a better person. Imperfections add spice to our lives, it makes our conversations lively. It makes us look at life with a different perspective, a different angle altogether.So, live your life to the fullest – even if it’s full of imperfections.... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
What really is life?Making a list of the things you have and don't have? Always longing for petty things in life?Or is it simply about LIVING and LOVING??I think the answer is loud and clear..!!It’s just about loving others and loving yourself too..!Simply loving the way you look- ugly or beautiful - doesn't really matter as long as you love It.!Taking pride with whatever you have - little or more!!Judging the people and things around you, doesn't really serve any purpose!!But simply accepting them the way they are..!!Life is too short for counting your troubles..!!We have everything what we always wanted. A loving family, satisfactory income and a home to live. We look next door and ... Read more
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Blogger: Megha Punjabi
Sometimes in life we end up doing stuff which we never really imagined. And when the things turn out to be good, we start to feel that- Is this what i have really wanted??and then an answer comes- yes..i always wanted this.And not only because it turned out well but deep down when we see ourselves we get an answer.We start feeling good and there is a sense of accomplishment.We must simply sit back and realize the things which actually fulfills us.It could be anything. Not always big achievements but getting little things in life.For some accomplishment could be reducing 5 kgs, for some getting into IIT.. but i take pride in small things as well.. like this blog...I never really tho... Read more
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