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Off late there has been a lot of uproar about police force in India. I remember a friend once told me of how corruption was institutionalized in the police of his city. Apparently a new law was passed regarding use of helmets for two wheeler riders. My friend had not yet bought one and as luck would have it, the police caught him.“Take out 50 Rs.,” he had demanded. My friend paid up but raised a genuine concern, “It will be difficult for me to bribe the policeman at every signal.” But the resourceful policeman was ready with a solution to the problem, “Tell any policeman who stops you that you have already drunk Pepsi.” My friend tried that and it worked like a charm and ever... Read more
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As we celebrate our 64th republic day, it would be interesting to review the country’s achievements in the last 64 years. Instead of taking on the arduous task myself, I shall review a book that does just that. An extremely interesting book titled ‘Accidental India’ by Shankkar Aiyar. The book is written on an interesting premise that most of the good things that happened in India happened accidentally and at the points when the country was in the brink of grave crisis. The book tries to show every great step taken by the country as the initiative of a small group of heroic individuals fighting bravely against the country’s political system and bureaucratic machinery that tries its ... Read more
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How many bloggers do you need to mime ‘Robin Hood’? Fifteen apparently! With 15 members we could enact the whole play. But it becomes a challenge when all you have to do is mime. Final result was utter chaos. Fifteen of us got on stage with no clue what we were supposed to do. But surprisingly someone from the audience still managed to guess right, denying us even the worst team award, which was claimed by Dr. Vidya Sury’s team claiming to have created such a complicated mime that no one could possibly guess it. The only saving grace of our team was our captain Gyan Ban, who reprised the role of a person with dual personality disorder confused whether he was a bandit from ancient Eng... Read more
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I am finally back with the blog reviews for this year and I open my innings with the review of the blog of this blogger who I call the angry young man of blog-o-sphere. Like Amitabh Bachchan from the films of the 1970s he is someone who strongly resents the evils of the society and raises his voice against them. Check out deepakspeaks if you want to read someone who has the courage to call a spade a spade. The blog name is appropriate. ‘Whatever it takes’ kind of conveys the bold hard speaking image of the blog. The design and colors are kind of neat and the blog presents an overall no nonsense look which again goes well with the theme. The widgets have also been chosen appropriately. T... Read more
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The lunch was indeed sumptuous. The food is usually the best part of this festival. There was sweet pongal, salt pongal, five vegetable side dishes, vatha kulambu, rasam, vada and payasam.“Why so many vegetable side dishes today, ma?” “As I told you earlier today is the harvest festival. So we would have samples from various items of produce. We usually have five or seven vegetables made on this day. The vegetables have to be indigenous vegetables only and not all these foreign vegetables” “What is wrong with foreign vegetables, ma?” “They don’t subscribe to Indian values!” “This is not at all funny! Why don’t you teach him something useful for a change?” “Ok. Well... Read more
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“The milk is going to boil,” shouted Rama from the kitchen. Nobody seemed to bother. She sighed. She seemed to be the only one interested in the festivities. Her husband and son were lost in their own worlds. Neeraj was busy playing Farmville and Shankar had his nose buried in a book. Shankar protested loudly as the book was snatched from his hand and Neeraj joined the chorus as he himself was snatched from his laptop. Soon all three were in the kitchen shouting Pongal-o-Pongal as the milk boiled over. “Why do we have to enact all this drama every year, Ma? It all feels so silly” “Well boss, there ain’t no such thing as free lunches. If you want to eat all the good stuff today, y... Read more
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Today is national youth day, the 150th birthday of Swami Vivekananda. It is a bit ironic that a Sanyasin ‘s birthday is celebrated as youth day given the distrust with which holy men are viewed by youth these days. Even the genuine ones, if any, often appeal more to the older ones. But I personally feel Vivekananda was a class apart and his cool dude kick ass attitude would appeal even to the youth of today. Vivekananda was one who inspired in me a lot of respect for the life of the monk and it saddens me to see so many comments against holy men on Facebook and twitter. To give a counter view of sorts, I present in the form of five 55 fictions (an entire story told in 55 words, an exerci... Read more
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It is interesting to see the evolution of Indian fiction in English. From being confined to serious academic kind of fiction read only by elite, Chetan Bhagat triggered an explosion of campus romances. Now when people are fast getting fed up of campus romances, we are seeing the emergence of new genres. “Once upon the tracks of Mumbai’ is one such different kind of book. It has an interesting premise of a middle class autistic person turning super hero. The best thing I liked about the story is the pace. There is never a dull moment and it is easy to finish the book in one sitting. The language has maintained a correct balance between simplicity and elegance. It would not send the aver... Read more
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So I start off the first day of this year continuing my reflections as a writer I started on the last day of last year. It is strange when you have written 20 posts, you feel as if you have exhausted all your content but when you are at 200 posts, you feel there is so much left to write. I have already mentioned some of the things I am planning to write in this year. But that is not all. There is more. Reviews of my favorite books are something I have been doing since my early days of blogging. This I hope to keep up so that it helps me understand what makes good fiction and also introduce my readers to some brilliant books. Review of new books and blogs are also something I hope to conti... Read more
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I have never understood the fuss about special days such as anniversaries, birthday, new year etc. After all they are just like any other day. But then come to think of it, they probably do serve some purpose. They are probably time markers where you stand like the two headed Roman God Janus (incidentally after who the month January is also named) looking to your past and the future. A time to reflect on the years gone past and the years to come! I have wanted to do this kind of a yearend post for my blog. But have somehow missed out every year so far. I would not be honest if I said due to lack of time. In my opinion, there is nothing called lack of time. It is just lack of will or differ... Read more
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For long time I have wanted to try my hand at travelogues. But somehow whenever I got down to writing it, I did not find it all that interesting and gave up mid way. Usually two approaches present themselves when one gets down to writing a travelogue – factual or chronological, neither of which I found particularly appealing. A factual approach somehow feels like a text book while a chronological approach ends up capturing lot of mundane uninteresting details. So I thought I will attempt what I call a stream of thought approach, just drawing upon salient aspects from my memories as they emerge naturally from my mind. If this is successful, I may try more travelogues in this style. Another... Read more
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The story is about college love. But the boy and the girl are not at the same college. They are miles away – the boy at a premium engineering college in Chennai and the girl at a medical college in Kerala. Still a most unlikely romance blooms between the two young hearts, separated by miles in a world where internet is yet to make an impact. It was probably the last decade when romance still expressed itself on paper by the scratch of a pen and was carried to its destination faithfully by the postman .If things had just worked out fine between them, there would have been no love story to tell. After all what is a romance with no resistance or a story with no conflict! A serious resistance... Read more
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Darkness had engulfed the night. Without the moon, there was little the twinkling stars could do to dispel the darkness. Now and then the sounds of the crickets chirping merrily were interrupted by whooshing noise as the wind shook the trees or the tap of the night watchman’s stick as he patrolled the street. A keener ear would make out the sound of wolves howling in the distant forests. Similarly a keener eye would have made out the silhouette of a tall man of sturdy build pacing restlessly across the garden. In spite of the restlessness, the gait seemed to have a majestic feel to it. However one could sense certain unsteadiness in the steps, possibly as a result of age. He suddenly ... Read more
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“Turin, bring me my shoes”, boomed Sir Sagramore, a stout man in his late forties. He towered six feet above the ground. His flaming red hair and the thick red moustache on the large red face gave him a menacing look. His narrow green eyes fell on the table. His favorite silver plate was on it. Placed on it neatly were his shoes! What the hell! The stupid elf! “What is the meaning of this, Turin?” he yelled A thin little creature, around four feet in height with aquiline features and long pointed ears made its appearance as if out of thin air. It was fair as snow and would have been handsome if its face was not marred by the numerous scars. A pillow cover had been adapted into a gar... Read more
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As someone who has dabbled in fiction writing, I must say a whodunit is one of the toughest genres to write. The whole point is to keep the readers guessing till the last page. In order to achieve this effect, you need an ensemble of characters and the situations designed in such a way that some amount of suspicion points in everyone’s direction. It can be really tricky to maintain the balance between making the story sound real and still maintain the suspense. In this aspect, I must say Sharath Komarraju does a commendable job in his book ‘Banquet on the Dead’ I have seen some reviewers comment on the paper quality, the cover etc. I usually do not find it relevant but here I must sa... Read more
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Some of us bloggers have got together and started a joint initiative to improve our story writing skills. The way it works is like this. Each time we have a panel of 3 judges who give the group an exercise that focuses on certain aspects of story telling. The rest of us attempt the exercise. The judges share their feedback and select the top 3 who take over as judges for the next episode.This is the Third edition. The winners of last round - Radha Sawana, Medha Kapoor& Leo are officiating as the judges. Leo has given us a basic plot which we have to flesh out with details and narrate in our own distinct styles. This will be judged and critiqued by the three of them.My entry for this rou... Read more
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Sadat remembered his time in the garden of paradise. He now knew it was all just a drug induced hallucination: a wet dream. But it had been good while it had lasted. Sometimes he kind of missed the experience of wine, the tobacco and the women. The master Salazar was an amazing man and he was absolutely devoted to him. But his austerity was too much for Sadat. It had been months since Sadat had even seen anything remotely feminine. When they disembarked at ports, everyone rushed off to the whorehouses to relieve themselves of the built up heat. Sadat however usually chose to stay by his master’s side. The master had no use for whorehouses or taverns. He just sought out libraries and dev... Read more
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For those of you who might have been fooled by the title of this post, this post is not a review of Dan Brown's book. Interestingly the book has been gathering dust in my cupboard for the last couple of years. I must however plead - not that I like Dan Brown less but that I like other writers more. But eventually I will get there and then I might even post a review. For now I have all together a different topic to discuss - something of relevance closer to home. Recently there was news about a cartoonist jailed for insulting the national emblem. We have also had political parties protesting about cartoons in text books related to Indira Gandhi and Ambedkar. To some of us, it seemed lik... Read more
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I usually tend to most of my reviews with a quote. Maybe a hangover from the times of school English essays. The below lines form Alice in Wonderland came to my mind when I started out on the review of this particular blog."Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?" "That depends a good deal on where you want to get to," said the Cat. "I don’t much care where--" said Alice. "Then it doesn’t matter which way you go," said the Cat. "--so long as I get SOMEWHERE," Alice added as an explanation. "Oh, you’re sure to do that," said the Cat, "if you only walk long enough." Interestingly the blogger in questi... Read more
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I am not sure if there is a difference between a website and a blog. Initially I though there existed some distinction. But I have increasingly begun to feel there is no clear black and white demarcation and there are lot of them that occupy the space between a pure commercial website and a personal blog. Most of the blogs I have reviewed so far were more like personal blogs. Shadows Galore I feel comes closer to a commercial website. I was very impressed by its professional design and content management. So I shall review the blog from two angles: one as a professional website and other of Puru, the main blog author as a writer. As a professional website, the blog has lot of content. It co... Read more
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So one more Dasara comes and goes. Somehow Dasara and Diwali both have been associated with God Rama. In my childhood however I was taught by mother that both were associated with the mother Goddess. Navaratri to honor the victory of Goddess Durga over a demon. Diwali to honor the Earth Goddess for killing her own son when he turned evil. I don’t know how Ram got associated with both these festivals. I associate Rama more with Rama Navami. But anyways, somehow the association seems to have happened. Based on this association, this Dasara I observed a popular trend of Rama bashing on social networks. Ram has been favorite God during my childhood days. So I thought I should present his de... Read more
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Some of us bloggers have got together and started a joint initiative to improve our story writing skills. The way it works is like this. Each time we have a panel of 3 judges who give the group an exercise that focuses on certain aspects of story telling. The rest of us attempt the exercise. The judges share their feedback and select the top 3 who take over as judges for the next episode.  As the initiators of the idea, I and Suresh who blogs at Life is Like This officiated as judges for the first exercise. Sandeep Nair, Deepa Duraiswamy and Indolent Insomniac who blog respectively at SandySpeak, Deepa's kaleidoscope and Semi Coherent Ramblings and Such emerged as winners and are judges... Read more
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“You are unarmed now. Yield now, fall at my feet and beg for your life. I may yet let you live. For the Decantae are merciful to their dogs.” “A holy knight I am. And a knight’s honor I shall hold to my last breath.” The sword whizzed through the air and came to strike him. In that single moment the sword was about to strike him, it seemed as if something opened a dyke gate within his mind. Within that fraction of a second, it seemed as if a sudden surge of resistance has built up against the sword that came to strike him. “Expelliarmus,” he cried as he released the entire power built up with his mind. The wooden sword was snatched violently from his adversary’s hand and he... Read more
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This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 32; the thirty-second edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The theme for the month is 'An Untold Story' Your Browser cannot display the webpage    What you can try:  Diagnose Connection Problems   More information This problem can be caused by a variety of issues, including: Internet connectivity has been lost.The website is temporarily unavailable.The Domain Name Server (DNS) is not reachable.The Domain Name Server (DNS) does not have a listing for the website's domain.There might be a typing error in the addre... Read more
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Bernard Shaw is known for his saying “Cricket is a game played by eleven fools and watched by eleven thousand fools”. When I call myself “The Fool”, obviously I would be one of the eleven fools or eleven thousand fools. Wouldn’t I? If you were to see me hold the bat, you can be sure I wouldn’t be one of the eleven fools even in my wildest dreams. So one of the eleven thousand at least I had to be, right? I started off about where it all began right at the beginning like Oliver Twist – the cricket cards and stuff. If you are collecting cards having pictures of cricket players on the front and their statistics on the back, isn’t it conceivable that you will take interest in th... Read more
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