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Blogger: Afshan
Read part 1 at No loss with T.O.S.S. (part-1)and   part 2 at T.O.S.S. ka Boss Geeta's Facebook wall got flooded by the comments from all over the world. She was surprised on seeing the response Rahul was getting.Rahul was overwhelmed too.Geeta wanted to throw a party to Rahul as he finally got rid of the stubble. She might not be the reason but she was thankful to T.O.S.S. for bringing joy in her life and decided to celebrate.Geeta : "Let's go to the Great Kebab Factory. It is my treat."Rahul smiled to himself and thought,"My clean shaven look must have bowled her over!"He spoke to her : "Really! You never spend a penny on me . How come a party now?"Geeta gritting her teeth : ... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
 Not every one's day starts with a unique Yoga pose.The day need not start with a tablet taken as a daily dose.  Fellas and Chicas these days grope in the dark for their smart phone or a tablet. With sleepy eyes and a dizzy head every one checks for some update! A doctor prescribes a tablet as a cure for your fever or any other ailment. I prescribe the yoga tablet as a dose for your daily entertainment. A doctor prescribes Yoga for your health and well being.I prescribe the yoga tablet which will help you in sharing and caring! click on the image for a better view. This is made by me with the help of toondoo.comA  tablet is a house wife's key to success.She... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
Continued from No loss with T.O.S.S. (part-1)So the T.O.S.S. ka boss Mr.Rahul left the mall in a merry mood with his girl friend following him.Once back home, he unwrapped his goodie bag and checked the contents like a child. He carefully checked each item and went in to bathroom to clean his 7 O'clock stubble.His girlfriend Geeta was impressed. She called up Nisha, her BFF (best friend forever) and whispered in the phone.Geeta : " Hey Nisha. You know what? Today he shaved."Nisha : "What the hell! How did it even happen?"She narrated the whole T.O.S.S. saaga patiently to Nisha.Geeta: "I must say yaar. His clean shaven look bowled me over!"Nisha: "I know. So click a pic na. A couple pic and u... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
"I thought I was walking in a desert of thorns.Then I realized I was sitting next to him in mid of traffic and horns.I thought someone placed a sand paper by my side.I tilted my head to see that his cheek rubbed mine which made me chide."These were the poetic lines I jotted down once I met him for the first time. How silly it is right? There is no love or romance in my poem. It just reflects my disgust and my deep desire to see him clean and shaved. "I hate that unclean stubble!" I expressed what I felt the second time we met. He knows by now that I can't fake emotions."But darling it makes me look hot." He promptly replied."Only burning that stubble will make you look hot." I responded... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
If any of you watched the sweet movie Dasvidaniya you will instantly remember a boring Vinay Pathak who loves making to-do lists . He finally starts living life only when he knows that death is waiting for him just around the corner . Whether death is waiting or not every person should have a bucket list  the way Morgan Free man has and finally goes on a road trip to live his life irrespective of his terminal illness!Anyway today I too want to give my top ten wishes in my Bucket list. Why ten ? coz round figures are good and listing all the wishes I have is impossible!1.)  To own a house. Not a duplex (Yes I am scared of big houses.). A decent 3-4 bed room house with a huge balcony... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
“Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the wayOh, what fun it is to rideIn a one horse open sleigh!”Christmas every year reminds me the sleigh, reindeers, Santa Claus, snow, North Pole and the dreamy celebrations there with fog and mist and everything which will change the mood and bring the festive spirit in me! Advent  is a season observed by many western Christian churches as a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of nativity of Jesus at Christmas.Christmas is celebrated in various ways throughout the world ranging from hanging the Christmas wreath which has many legends linked to it that say holly is the most known Christmas greenery and J... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
Photograph was a rarity before facebook. As and when I remember facebook I remember hundreds and thousands of faces swarming in front of my eyes. I remember them just the way they look on facebook. It might be their 10 year old snapshot or a mug shot or the pic of a baby in cradle. The baby can be their new born or sometimes their sister’s / brother’s new born. There have been incidents when I got utterly confused on seeing an image as I was not sure whether to wish them congrats on the pic or message and be sure first! Whatever you click goes in to Facebook. Everybody thinks he is an ace photographer once he receives a couple of good compliments. I am not complaining here. I am guilty m... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
Originally published at "Half Baked Voices"  Social network has become the outlet for rants which can be shared with at least 500 odd friends and get little solace and peace. However there has to be little control on what and when to post. There were many social network crimes or cyber-crimes since the advent of Facebook , twitter, Myspace and many more social networking sites in to people’s lives.Sometime in September 2011 a boy has put status message on FB stating he dumped his girlfriend. Immediately after that Malini Murmu an IIM Bangalore student committed suicide amid these FB messages! There are many more such cases which lead to family devastation like a boy informing her... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
We went to Malaysia – Singapore for honeymoon on a holiday package with Welfare Holiday Tours whose offers seemed exciting in the beginning but we were dissatisfied by their implementation which made us hop around the places with certain time limit allotted to each place which was very less. As soon as we landed in KL (Kuala-lumpur) the capital city of Malaysia I was flabbergasted by the size of the airport and it took us some 15-20min to understand from where we need to collect the baggage. We boarded a subway-metro which took us to the point where we had to collect the baggage. The first thing we did was to search our cab driver who was holding a placar... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
I was coming out of the conference room after an hour long boring session when Ria shouted running behind me.Ria:" Meghaaa Meghaaaa!! What parlor does that Seema hit Yaar? She looks extremely beautiful these days. Have you observed the change?”Me: "Extremely beautiful. What made you think so!?"Ria: "Well. She got her hair straightened, her skin is glowing and her lip has a different shape now. Definitely she has undergone some surgery as well. Her dad is in real estate business and she has filthy sacks of money."Me: “Ha Ha. OK!”Ria: "You are smiling now. Be careful. She is after Rajiv, your all time Love!"Me (rolling eyes): "If he is so much attracted to her beauty and wants ... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
 Originally published at - "Street food for Street smart Indians"With festivals around the corner one thing which we Indians cannot resist is binging on all the delicacies endlessly. We worry about weight but postpone the worry to the end of December or may be New-year so that we take the new-year resolution to reduce weight only to break it later on in the year when festive season starts  :- ) :- ). Jokes apart, the first and the foremost thing which people in India miss when they move to abroad is the food here. Street foods are lavishly spread everywhere in India. Street foods / fast foods are pretty famous in India as they are tasty, economical and comprise a wide variety inclu... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
Originally published at viewspaper -"Gravity-A must watch" Something More Than A Sci-FiEvery time I think of Alfonso Cuarón’s film Gravity, I can feel the goose bumps on my skin. No words can describe how overwhelmed I was after seeing this movie. Adding to my excitement was Sandra Bullock (Ryan Stone) and George Clooney’s (Matt Kowalski) performance who played the characters of a medical Engineer and a senior astronaut respectively.I have always been enchanted by the idea of space but never realised the many difficulties that astronauts have to face. I knew about the challenges but it was only after watching this movie that I realized, that going to space isn’t a joy rid... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
Originally published at "Half Baked voices Blog!" Remaking a movie is a huge business. Since my childhood half of the movies I watched are remakes. They either get welcomed with a red carpet or get bounced at box office.  Copying from Hollywood is an art in India.  Oops! I should not call it copying. Remaking a movie is a stylish way of saying that you have copied!  Sometimes copying is done with permission and many a times they are simply copied. Their songs, posters, dialogues or the full length-movie, everything can be easily remade by our film makers. Recently I came to know that my favourite movie Zindagi na milegi Dubara’s poster is similar to a 2005 movie – Lor... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
As the Crescent moon of Ramzan shines, one thing I fondly remember is sheer khurma. The more you have the more you want it. You can prepare it with special Ramzan vermicelli available in stores during the festive month .or even ready made Bambino vermicelli. For Blogadda's contest the procedure to make it is all doodled below. Read , eat and enjoy :)IngredientsVermicelli--250 gramMilk--1 litreDates--1 cupAlmonds-1 cupCashew nuts-1 cupKishmish- 1/2cupKhoya--150 gramSugar-- 1/4 cupSaffron--few strandsCardamom Green powder--small pinchCoconut-- 1 cupCloves--2Cardamom green--2Pistachio-- 6-10 no’sPlease click on the below image for better resolution and to know the step by step procedure:Click... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
Can any one behave smart when they face danger? Can you use your brain and think when you are surrounded by robbers? Can any one show valor when they are being tortured by rapists Nine out of ten times , it is tough to show courage when fear fills our heart. During such moments rather than using our own brain it is advisable to inform our near and dear about the situation. Some times even doing that seems a far fetched step , but pressing one button and alerting our parents , friends and getting our location tracked will for sure make us little confident. That's where the Smart  Suraksha app comes in to picture.It helps us do the same and we can face the situation with a renewed co... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
Distant hill tops always look smooth and shiny.When you actually climb them you become sad and whiny.You wish to see your destination so soon.From where you stand beautiful is the moon!To see and meet the God is not an easy task.It is equally difficult to see the face behind the mask.It takes time to realize ,what you have is a curse or a boon.At times it is important to bluff yourself and act like a toon!Not every one can understand you or your intentions.Not needed that you will always have the right premonitions.Human craft is the work of god but not the way it functions.When in doubt don't take the support of assumptions!The priorities in life keep changing with every bend and a turn.Whe... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
It is the year 3210. The epidemic is spreading quickly. After the fifteenth world war it has become tough to see hope and happiness on earth. Mayan's prediction finally is coming true. It sure looks like life on earth is about to end not due to natural calamities but due to the deeds of the earthlings, to be precise of humans. Rapists are still roaming freely on streets. Terrorists are still flourishing. Corruption is still prevalent and crimes are rampant. Killing each other for power , money and jealousy has become very common. Law and order has gone to dogs. People have lost control. Every one started taking law in to their own hands."The crusaders" started fighting and killing unconditio... Read more
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Originally published at "Half Baked Voices Blog"Please leave your comments on the link above!Getting clicked at the Pangong Lake is in my wish list. Bollywood does impact our wishes and desires. After Ladakh is shown in many movies like 3 idiots and Jab tak hai jaan I started loving it more. Not that I liked Jab tak hai Jaan but the part of the movie shot in Ladakh was a delight to eyes. The pristine blue water is a rare vision in India. The lake is heavenly and huge. It extends from India to Tibet.  Ladakh means “land of high passes.” It is in the state of Jammu and Kashmir inhabited by Indo-Aryans and Tibetans. Leh is the largest town of Ladakh.  Reaching Ladakh via road is c... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
Felt like writing this after reading Purba Ray's post here - "A dark cloud over Nina Davuluri's win"Nina Davuluri is a house hold name now. More than her Miss America 2014 title it's the twitter which made her victory more special. She is the first Indian to be crowned Miss America. Nina tasted the victory just after September 11th which in the history of America , is a sad day. To that matter it is a sad day for all of us. Few ignorant folks imagined that she is an Arab , a terrorist or a member of Al-Qaeeda and got offended by her victory in the beauty pageant  . The hate tweets followed like below.How ever Nina didn't flinch. She says  that she’s grown up with s... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
My third article on " Half Baked Voices "Almost every Indian who has access to media and cricket would know the declaration by many die-hard fans that, “Cricket is their religion and Sachin is their God.” There is no denial here. The three things which always flourish in India are religion, Cricket and movies. Of course weddings can also be added to the list. Be it legendary players like Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil dev, Mahendra singh Dhoni , Rahul Dravid or the master blaster  Sachin Tendulkar, people worship all of them. Even if hockey is our national game its cricket which strikes chord with the nation. People celebrate if the team wins and don’t mind using profanities and burning th... Read more
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Team work in a typical software companyclick on the Image for a better view... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
Riya opened her mail box on one dull morning. She monotonously checked the date on her tablet. It showed 05-09-2030 . She jumped off the sofa as she remembered that Ganesh chaviti is just 2 days away. The client meeting which was in UK kept her busy the entire last week and she totally forgot about the Ganapati festival which she devotedly celebrates every year and performs pooja for all the nine days. She panicked and couldn't decide what to do as she had a day long client meeting that day and the next day near Lonavala. The smart watch around her wrist blinked red and started ringing in Bob Marley's "don't worry be happy" tone. One line in that song---  in every life we... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
Bill gates said “We are changing the world with technology.”  Douglas Carl Engelbart an American inventor, and an early computer and internet pioneer quoted that , “In 20 or 30 years, you'll be able to hold in your hand as much computing knowledge as exists now in the whole city, or even the whole world". Keeping aside the rapid progress in knowledge and the way digital revolution made life easy, if we discuss how it impacted the childhood and adolescent life it most of the times doesn’t seem very positive.In 70s and 80s researchers termed the modernisation caused by TV in Germany as “Television Childhood” and “Loss of childhood.” Parents are alw... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
It is extremely tough to write about that one place which I would love to visit with my family or friends. There are many places through out the world and in India which I want to visit provided I have enough money in my bank account. From London to Paris to Egypt to the U.S.A. I want to roam around the world if not in 80 days , at least in 800 days. Before roaming around the world I would love to cover the beautiful places from my own country - INDIA. As they say India is incredible. The cultures , colors , festivals and anything about India never ceases to fascinate me. I would love to do some job in travelling and travel around the country but alas! I am stuck with many other things and h... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
"Salaam-a-lekum Malika-e-Hindustan. This is your room," the maid showed Jodha Bai her room in the huge palace. The room was regal. Every corner of the room exuded richness. Jodha Bai was impressed even if she was feeling low as she moved to a new place and has to live among new people. The beauty of the "Mariam_uz-Zamani" palace stole her heart"This palace  is so stunning." Jodha said in a low voice."Maham Anga ji wants to meet you Mallika," another maid came hurriedly to inform Jodha.Jodha bent her head down so as to show respect to Maham Anga who is the foster mother of Akbar."Namaste Maham Anga ji," Jodha greeted Maham Anga."Namaste! What kind of greeting is it? When you are in ... Read more
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