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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
This 6-year old naughty chap was with his mother who had come to my OPD yesterday. She desired i should have a look at his teeth also. When i looked at his teeth, i found the front one tooth had turned black. When i asked the lady if he had fallen or got injured sometime...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
Third molar- a nuisance? – of course yes, at times it has just nuisance value. I want to illustrate it with the help of this lady in her thirties. In her case, lower third molar(wisdom tooth) is missing. As a result of this the upper wisdom tooth has drifted downwards (‘supra-eruption’). You can see her...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
This 20-year old lady had come to me for just routine check-up. She seemed to bit concerned about tartar deposits on her lower front tAneeth. It would be taken care of and she has been motivated meticulous oral hygiene. However, while looking at her teeth i noticed anterior open bite. As you can also see...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
I came across this gentleman in his fifties who came with the complaint of pain in a third molar which was not lying malposed.Necessary treatment has been provided. However, when i saw at his teeth it was a traumatic occlusion as you can see in this dental photograph. Upper teeth which normally close labial to...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
Four months ago i had shared an elderly lady’s case in which Nifedipine had caused gingival enlargement of her gums. Here is the link of that post- Blood pressure pill can lead to Big Gums. This lady came to me after about three months and i found she was in acute pain because of her...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
This night i was standing on a Railway platform waiting for a train going to Ambala. I noticed a large number of empty tobacco pouches lying strewn here and there on the platform. This is the photograph of one such pouch which i took with my mobile camera. You can see how dreadful the picture...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
Maxillo-facial trauma cases are very common now-a-days. Immediately after trauma these maxillo-facial injuries appear quite formidable. However, comforting the patient or parents is very important. Sometimes stitching of facial or oral wounds (inside mouth) is required. Immediately after the injury facial swelling comes up. Of course, various radiographs (x-rays) are done to find out fractures...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
 FY84A42GR97Q This is the dental photograph of a 28-year old lady who is visiting dentist for the first time. She is a lactating mother. Her problem is that she is having acute pain in the lower third molar area on her right side. She told me that she has had problem with this lower wisdom tooth...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
I dont know whom i am addressing when i am writing –Must consult a Prosthodontist before tooth extraction. In fact it is both for the dentist as well as for the patient. If a person is getting her all teeth or a few teeth removed from a particular dentist and  he is the one who...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
This dental photograph is of 9-year old boy who has caries on most of teeth -both milk as well as permanent – as this is the age of mixed dentition. Either he has already suffered the ravages of dental caries in some milk teeth to such an extent that only root stumps are  left out...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
This 22-year old young man had come to me with some dental problem. On oral examination i noticed one of his milk tooth (upper canine 0n his left side — indicated by an arrow in the dental photograph given below) is still retained in the mouth. Here you are looking at the dental photograph of...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
Sometimes we come across patients who have teeth which appear chalky white. Most of these patients are blissfully unaware of this fact. However, they are required to be told about the reasons of such chalkiness and why they can’t take their oral hygiene for granted. I shall explain this condition by taking examples of three...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
When i was looking at this 12-year old girl who had a poor dental arrangement, i was suddenly reminded of one of my great dental teacher  who used to tell us that if you are able to properly remove a tooth and also if we are able to provide proper artificial dentures, it meant we...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
Only three days ago i was writing about a 3-year old boy who ‘lost’ his front tooth while playing at his playschool. I had also tried to unfold the ‘mystery’ of that ‘missing’ tooth. I know you don’t remember anything –just click here to know the background — After a child breaks tooth, where could...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
I hope you remember a case-report  which i had shared with you in which i had described how a 20-year old girl broke her front tooth about a week ago. I had discussed the issue in detail. For reading about that case you can click on this link… Many tooth fractures are easily repaired. So...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
It is indeed unfortunate that in India we talk at length about primary prevention of dental health disorders. However, when it comes to reality — masses dental health tells a totally different story. There is hardly any concept of regular periodic dental check-ups. A few days back a young man of 20years came to me...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
Our dental teachers used to remind us again and again that history taking and listening to the patient is extremely important. I wish to underline with the help of a very small example the importance of a careful history taking and listening to him/her with our ears and eyes open. This boy whose dental photograph...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
Seems to be a silly question — after a child breaks his tooth, where could it go?. Anybody would say that broken tooth would fall on the ground -that’s all. No, i am afraid that it may not be right always. Let me explain it with the example of a 3-year old boy who was [...]... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
I have already written a number of posts concerning loss of tooth structure. Even then sometimes i feel that the message needs regular reinforcement. This thought comes to me particularly when i happen to see a patient like this whose picture i am placing at the end of this article. This patient had come to [...]... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
Calling attention?… but whose? — both patient’s as well as dentist. Patient should not ignore this and even if the patient does not know about this and dentist must look for such tell-tale signs during regular periodic dental visits of persons donning artificial caps. This gentleman whose dental photograph you are looking here is having [...]... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
This 20-year old girl was doing some household work when a steel glass fell from the shelf and broke her front tooth. This happened two days ago. She says she is having a bit sensitivity in the tooth and is feeling a different sensation in the broken tooth. As we can see in the above [...]... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
This is the dental photograph of a five and a half years old girl. Reason for her coming? — her dad says she complains of pain while chewing. He also told me that he had noticed a ‘growth’ on her lower molar and is worried that she might have developed something serious. The photograph of [...]... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
When we were studying our worthy teachers used to teach us that thumb-sucking till one year of age is considered normal. So we remember all those words coming from our great teachers. Trust me i dont remember anything written in books — but in our times we used to religiously attend all the classes, listen [...]... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
Last year when i tried to click a photograph inside a Delhi Metro station, i was immediately prevented by a security person and told that photography is prohibited in Metro stations. I understood. So, last week when i was standing on a Metro platform (i think it was Mayur Vihar I –where i was attending [...]... Read more
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