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Blogger: Somya Singh
    Author : Bhavya KaushikGenre : FictionISBN : 978-81-924809-3-0Rating : 4/5 The first 20 pages of any book I pick decide if I am going to spend the next few hours watching a movie. When I began reading “The Other Side Of The Bed”, which, by the way, is Bhavya’s debut novel, I was totally captivated by the way he weaves magic with his words. By the time I reached the fifteenth page of the book, I just knew- this book is going to be my companion for the next few days.The story is about Nakul, a newlywed Assistant Professor, who loses his four-week-old wife and childhood companion, Tamanna, and Devyani, a journalist, who loses her mother, in a series of bomb blasts in the Pink Cit... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
Here’s wishing you and yours a very prosperous and glorious year ahead. May your resolutions last a month longer than they did last year.May your dreams be bigger and brighter than they were the last year.May you work harder, be healthier and live happier than you did last year.May your goals be a little less hazy and your desire to achieve them, way more unshakable.To Success, Health and Happiness!Cheers!! ... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
I have always wondered what happened to that poor cocoa bean, let’s call it ‘Coy’, which apparently, was not good enough to be a part of a Bournville. This is where my imagination took me: After being rejected and insulted in front of all his friends and the people who more or less brought him up, he got up and began to walk out of the chamber. Sadly, nobody even noticed that he’s gone. Not even his friends who were now a part of something, ah! well, something elite! Coy walked out into the hallway and then silently towards the trashcan in a dark corner. The eyes that until a few minutes back harbored so many dreams were now covered with tears. All his friends have been a part of Bo... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
   Although we are yet to figure out why a birthday is ‘happy’ but Christmas, ‘merry’, Let’s just chuck it for a while and enjoy what Christmas holds for us.Be a Santa for someone and not just for one day.  Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!   ... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
 Author : Anusha SubramanianGenre : FictionRating : 3/5 When I first received this book and learnt about its author, I wondered, ‘what could a girl of seventh grade possibly write to be published?!’ Well, I was judging the book by the author’s age. And as I sat down to read the book, Anusha proved me wrong in no time.The book revolves around the lives of two teenagers, Sara and Crystal, who have been living as orphans until one day their ordinary lives doesn’t remain ordinary anymore. An old man comes to ‘their world’ and informs them they are the ‘Heirs of Catriona’ and that their mothers, Anastasia and Olivia, are alive and are under the clutches of Merissa, the evil witc... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
His last words incessantly reverberated in her ears. “You have to move on. Without me.” The holy fire in the hawan-kund reminded her of his funeral pyre. Tears hid in shyness in the eyes of the young bride. She pinched her hand, just in case all of this was a nightmare and the one she loved was still alive. She was about to spend the rest of her life with the man beside her. The ceremony was almost complete. He winked at her and said “I am yours now”. She smiled feebly and said “And I am yours”. Untruly yours. ... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
The rustling of my mates mollifiedWhen the howling gale deafened me,When it vowed to shake my existence,They bent a little and supported me.Like children running towards their mother,We fought to embrace the first rays of the Sun.Drops of rain tickled us all, together.Together we fought against the vagaries of nature.Together in sorrows, together in delightWe stood by each other, day and night.But today,I stand alone, amidst a million memoriesYearning for the unreal, waiting to be wreckedDeparting the world with a hushed whisper,Remember Me.P.S  This post is written for BlogAdda’s WOW. Theme : Write from a point of view of the last tree standing in the forest.This post is a part of Write... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
 I carried itOut intoThe brightSunshineBut the raysFailed toCutThrough theColdness.I sat with itBeside theFireplaceFor hoursBut theWarmthNeverMelted it.I took itTo the SaunaAndIt came outCold & wetWith sweat.I went fromDoor to doorAnd stillRemainedUtterly cold.It was onlyWhen youHeld meThatMy soulMelted inThe warmthOf your love. ... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
  Do you look at meLike I gaze at you?Sending your way, for hoursAn invisible ray of tangled thoughts -Fading silhouettes of eternal scarsFrozen tears clung to happy reminiscenceDreams muddled with fearsAnd yet a fluttering hopeCrowning every disappointmentTravel for miles, Oh Moon!Lone amongst a million starsDo you feel the way I do?Sending my way, for hours,Your luminous rays, mystic and cold,(And colder, your substance)Glorious messengers of your odious seclusion,Seek companionship in trivial mortals,Fail and hide in shame, every nightBehind sinister mists and eerie cloudsContinually, before sunriseAnd return unsatiated every morn.  ... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
With the break of twilight,Dawns the gloom.Deep penetrating sorrowLurking in the airSeeping in, bit by bitThrough the invisible poresInfecting every cell,Taking over the mind,Amputating the soulTo ruinous remainsPlunging the mechanical heartInto an ocean of nothingnessAll at a time, bit by bitBit. By. Bit.... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
 Two broken chairsAnd one peg leg.If one stands erect,the other tips.But if flock & bear,Sustain.  ... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
 A brazen swordAgainst an iron blockNeither bleeds.Neither retreats.No hollers of victoryNor sighs of defeatThe hunter, preyAnd the prey, hunter.   ... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
Cover Page : The Bottom LineAuthor: Sonu V CGenre: Self Help, PhilosophyRating: 3.5/5Stretched over a one hundred and four pages, The Bottom Line is a quick read which, by the time you have finished only half of it, leaves you pondering over a number of questions about your not-so-uncommon attitude towards your life.I liked the book in parts. There were moments when I felt the book had something insightful to offer; something I always knew but had never thought about before. But then, there were parts where I thought I was left with endless questions without any answers and without a guided thought process. May be that was the aim of the author; to keep the readers engrossed in some intro... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
   As he walked past the glass door entrance of the cafe, taking a quick glimpse of what lay inside, a certain something stopped his feet from moving any further. He retreated a little and took a long and proper look at the magnificent blue cover of the book that had attracted his pre-occupied mind. He stood there for a couple of seconds, took a long breath and entered the café. There were tables for two on either side of the passage that led to the wider seating area and the counter. In the couple of seconds that he stayed outside the café, making up his mind about walking in, he observed something beyond the blue cover. The book was his favorite; the reader, a girl. She sat on one of ... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
In silence, I read your words.In silence, I read your thoughts.In silence, I’ll read you forever.Till silence do us apart.... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
One moment, I look aheadA million stories run behind meAnd a thousand others beside me.I turn, but nothing changes.Nothing but the direction,Where I now gaze.Some explicit tales,Plethora of tacit ones –Incessantly narrated.Nothing changes.So why should I?Care to turn backCare to confrontIn a world where,Assumptions guide notionsAnd story breeds stories.  ... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
Albert Einstein said, “Anger dwells only in the bosom of fools.” Well if that’s the case, then the World is brimming with nincompoops! The internet is flooded with anger management tips. At times, I can get really cranky and in view of the fact that I am a terrible anger manager, such words of wisdom have no effect on me. For those of you falling in my category of people, I cannot suggest ways to control your fury but from my experience (and few others’), I can suggest few things that you should NEVER do when cross. 1.      Keep your mouth shut-  The more you speak in resentment, the more you tend to screw things up. Remember, the one who is wrong will speak the most and the... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
You see it not as I do.To you what flickers,Is invariable to me.A scintilla to you,Brilliance to me.I am the moth who gets drawnI, the one who burnsYou, a distant spectatorHeartless to emotionsBlind to dreams.My dreams.But you know notFor a dream, I live.If you kill it, I will die.   ... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
I sit by a pond gazing at the perfectly still water.I see myself in the reflection; but not alone.There’s someone else; conspicuous yet hazy.I look happy. Happier than I have ever been.Or ever hope to be.There’s certain luminosity in those eyes,The reflection of which, almost blinds my sight.The image is everything I am not.And everything I want to be.(For it has the only thing that I have not)It has him.I touch the surface of the water.Ripples take the spectacle away.And then bring back to life,What I fondly call, my other life.I turn around. Just in case he’s here as well.Just in case.But he’s not.A barrier separates the two lives.Firm and brittle at the same time.I can stay and ne... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
Author : Sudha MurtyGenre :   FictionRating :   2/5Dollar Bahu is an English translation of the book, Dollar Sose (written in Kannada). Set in Karnataka, the book is a third-person narration centering around the timeless theme of “Love versus Money”.The plot begins with Chandra Shekhar moving to Dharwad, from Bangalore, for few months on some business. In the train, he meets Vinuta Desai, the girl with the golden voice and immediately feels attracted to her. Chandru, as he is fondly called throughout the narration,  leaves behind his “Pehla Pyaar”,  in India and moves to America. One thing leads to another and by the time he realizes what he has missed, his younger brother, Gi... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
I clicked this picture months back. Since then, I had been looking for a line or two to go with the picture, almost perfectly. And I have been disappointed by my own endeavors incessantly until a few minutes back when it suddenly hit me, “Still I Rise!!” That’s the title of a poem by Maya Angelou and it happens to be one of my favorites. A poem that gives me goosebumps and immense confidence every time I read it. I still don’t know if this poem is perfect for the picture, but what I do know is, it’s a perfection in itself. Still I RiseYou may write me down in history With your bitter, twisted lies, You may trod me in the very dirt But still, like dust, I’ll rise.Does my sassines... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
Here’s a slideshow of some pictures clicked at “Agrasen Ki Baoli”, New Delhi, India.Hope you like it :) :) This slideshow requires JavaScript.... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
I visited The Marble Rocks this Summer, popularly known as Bhedaghat and Dhuadhaar, in Jabalpur, M.P., India,  after almost eight long years! The River Narmada falls down the rocks in Dhuadhaar and flows in between the marble rocks toward the west.Here’s a slideshow of some of the pictures we clicked. The picture-quality isn’t that great though (digital camera).Hope you enjoy! Click to view slideshow.... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”― Jorge Luis BorgesTonight,Read to meFables and fairy-talesStories of sagesTales of turmoilAnd glorious knights.The witch’s curseAnd the first kiss.Read to me tonightSonnets of love.Let me be thyDark Lady,Black wired andBeautifulAnd thou bemy Lover.Read to meOf my childhood heroesYoung Twist andTom SawyerHugo and Potter.Sing ballads In my praise.Sail me to theMystic landsAnd prophesyThe ruin.Read Shelly to meAnd Forster and FrostChuckle at ChekhovAnd read Plath to meLet Angelou give me goosebumpsWhile your arms comfort meRead Neruda to me, tonightTill I fall asleep.... Read more
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