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In the first chapter we have dealt with world-view, monotheism and polytheism. Now we deal with justice which is the second fundamental principle of belief. It is through the wisdom and intelligence with which we have been endowed by Allah that we differentiate between a good and a bad thing and we understand that oppression [...]... Read more
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Blogger: S.M.Masum
The Message By: Ayatullah Ja’far Subhani A developed and fertile territory which was situated near Khayber and at a distance of 140 kilometres from Madina and was considered to be the stronghold of the Jews of the Hijaz after the forts of Khayber was called the village of Fadak. After destroying the strength of the [...]... Read more
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Blogger: S.M.Masum
Live Rauza Telecast Jaunpur Azadari India Current Islamic Issues Masumeen (a.s) Events and Details We Take Brotherhood Oath On the Day Of Ghadeer. Namaz e Ayat on lunar and sun exlipse Islamic Government Benefit of Quranic Suras Hadith Imam e Reza (a.s) Collection Of Fourty Hadith 40 Hadith on Allah 40 Hadith on Ulema 40 [...]... Read more
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Blogger: S.M.Masum
Khadijah listened as her aunt tearfully complained to them about her miserable situation. She was saying, “So you see, I have received nothing for my trouble. Both of my children disregard all that I have suffered for their sake. I sold my last gold ornament to send my daughter abroad. I have mortgaged my house [...]... Read more
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Blogger: S.M.Masum
  The Commander of the Faithful Imam Ali (MGB) said: “The Blessed the Sublime God told Moses (MGB): ‘O Moses! Follow my advice to you regarding four issues: - First, try not to find faults with others as long as you do not know whether or not your own sins are forgiven; - Second, do [...]... Read more
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Blogger: S.M.Masum
FAQ on Zakatul Fitrah..hujjatul islam Sayyid Mohammad Moosvi Q. What is Zakatul Fitrah? A: It is religious tax/alms (zakat) paid on the day when Muslims break the fasting period at the end of the month of Ramadhan. This alms is known as Zakat al-Fitrah. Q. What do the Qur’an and Hadith say about Fitrah? A: [...]... Read more
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Blogger: S.M.Masum
Ever seen a Hijabi posting her most beautiful pictures on Facebook? I have. And it’s completely beyond my understanding. Before everyone concludes I’m an extremist of some sort, I’ll admit that I’m on Facebook too, and at some point, I have also posted my pictures up. But that’s when I discovered that several months of [...]... Read more
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Blogger: S.M.Masum
हक और बातिल हज़रत अली अलैहिस्सलाम की शहादत अमाल ए शब् ए कद्र हिंदी ज़िआरत ए मासूमीन (अस) और ज़िआरत ए वारिसा इमाम अली (अस ) की वसीयत और हम जवानों को इमाम अली (अ) की वसीयतें Filed under: Uncategorized... Read more
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Blogger: S.M.Masum
  Amaal e Shabe  qadr Hindi   English Ramzan Resources Filed under: Uncategorized... Read more
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Blogger: S.M.Masum
Introduction Was there an ijma in Yazeed’s Khilafath? Yazeed’s khilafat rightful? The stance of Imam Hussain[as] Yazeed’s killing of Imam Hussain[as] Yazeed’s treatment of the Ahl’ulbayt[as] Hadith referring to Yazeed Analysing hadith blessing Yazeed The alleged comments of Muhammad al Hanafiyya Cursing Yazeed Azam Tariq’s false attempts to represent Sunni aqeedah Fatwa of Imam of [...]... Read more
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Blogger: S.M.Masum
Facebook / Online behavior ethics Our children in teens are getting on internet & its impossible to supervise or deny access Facebook twitter /social sites etc are part of their lives Most of them are unaware what they can do & how they should avoid falling into sins or situations which can lead to sin. [...]... Read more
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Blogger: S.M.Masum
Viladat e Sayyaduz Shohada, Waresul Ambia, Imam Hussain A.S. aap sab ko mubarak ho MUBARAK TO ALL Imam Hussain (AS) Name – Husain Title – Saiyid-ush-Shohada Kunyat – Abu Abdullah Born – Thursday, 3rd Shaban 4 AH at Medina Father’s Name – Ali ibne abi Talib Mother’s Name - Fatima (Daughter of the Holy Prophet) [...]... Read more
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Blogger: S.M.Masum
The birth of Ali ibn Abi Talib Ali was born on the 13th of Rajab of the 30th year of the Elephant (A.D. 600). His cousin, Muhammad, was now 30 years old. Ali’s parents were Abu Talib ibn Abdul Muttalib, and Fatima, the daughter of Asad, both of the clan of Hashim. Ali was born [...]... Read more
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Blogger: S.M.Masum
http://www.facebook.com/widgets/like.php?href=https://smma59.wordpress.com/2011/05/09/a-warning-to-king-abdullah-by-ayatollah-saafi-gulpaygani/ AYATOLLAH SAAFI GULPAYGANI In the name of Allah, the All-Beneficent, the All-Merciful Sincere Advice Mr. Abdullah ibn Abdul-’Aziz May Peace and Mercy be Upon You According to your order to not address you as "King", I have addressed you in this message as: Brother! You are not more than an individual human among six [...]... Read more
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