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Blogger: kannajirao
greetings to Big B..... Read more
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Blogger: kannajirao
Green Ideas: Eco friendly Ganapathy: Why we need Eco friendly Ganapathy Ganesh...he is the one who clear the hassles in our lives... but we are making the things critical and...... Read more
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Blogger: kannajirao
వినాయక చవితి సందర్భంగా సకల పెజానికానికి అభినందనలు...... Read more
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Blogger: kannajirao
గ్యాస్ వెతల పై నా కార్టూన్...my cartoon on domestic gas restriction... Read more
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Blogger: kannajirao
అసీం త్రివేది  అరెస్టు పైన ఓ  లుక్కు........ Read more
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Blogger: kannajirao
Tribute to white revolutionist...... Read more
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Blogger: kannajirao
Maria Montessori (August 31, 1870 - May 6, 1952) is best remembered for her educational methodology to measure and observe students, a move which gave rise to a new form of education. She was also a noted humanitarian and physician. Maria Montessori's works were mostly based on observing mentally disabled children and assisting them in doing their physical activities using their senses and tactile experience. She carried out her research work and psychological studies in elementary schools and eventually developed her own pedagogy based on science. Today her 'scientific pedagogy', an evolution in education, is now practised in schools across the world. Her research suggeste... Read more
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Blogger: kannajirao
a wonderful doodle from Google....on the eve of Indian independence day... Read more
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Blogger: kannajirao
అందరికి  శుభాకాంక్షలు .....greetings to all...what ever ur color ...choose any creed...but lead a good way ...without ...sharing enraging posts...or mind diverting messages...happy independence day... Read more
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Blogger: kannajirao
అరవయ్ ఏళ్ల పార్లమెంట్ ..అచీవ్ మెంట్  పై చురక... Read more
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Blogger: kannajirao
Glass colours on a bottle..... Read more
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Blogger: kannajirao
దీదీ కార్టూన్ కఱ్ఱకు ద్వేషం మీద చురక... ... Read more
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Blogger: kannajirao
ఆమిర్ ఖాన్ టీవీ షో సత్య మేవ జయతే శుభారంభం గురించి...about satyamevajayate....... Read more
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Blogger: kannajirao
నేను అడిగే ప్రశ్న కాస్త మీకు విచిత్రంగా వెటకారంగా ఉండొచ్చు..నా ఉద్దేశ్యం కాస్త వేరు..ఏం రోజూ నవ్వుకోలేమా ? సంవత్సరానికి ఒక సారే ఎందుకు జరుపుకోవాలి?నవ్వు అనేది సహజంగా వస్తే అది కాస్త సోంపు గా ఉంటుంది! అంతే గాని తెచ్చిపెట్టుకొని ఎంత అట్టహాసంగా గాని వికటాట్ట హాస... Read more
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Blogger: kannajirao
Google doodle celebrating birthday of  Keith haring,a graffiti artist known for" Radiant babies".Haring well known for his funky graffiti designs with great colour combos.he diagnosed with AIDS and died in 1990.He made his contribution in his last days about awareness of AIDSHere some of his works ..Courtesy: haring foundation and google images ... Read more
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Blogger: kannajirao
Click the google page search today(22 apr 12) google celebrating earth day  here!!!... Read more
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Blogger: kannajirao
Google celebrating 100th birth day of French photo journalist "Robert Doisneu"He is much in famous for his work "Le baiser de l'hôtel de ville (Kiss by the Town Hall)"The Famous work of Doisneau-... Read more
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Blogger: kannajirao
A resting system_Kovalam Beach... Read more
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Blogger: kannajirao
A Google Doodle today is paying tribute to motion picture innovator Eadweard J. Muybridge, a man whose 1878 series of photos known as “The Horse in Motion” was a precursor to motion pictures, television, and video-sharing sites such as YouTube.Google’s “Horse in Motion” Doodle appears as a strip of photos until you click a yellow play button. That puts the horse in motion on what seems to be an endless loop until you click on Google’s logo and you’re brought to a search results page for [Eadweard J. Muybridge].Check itout...... Read more
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Blogger: kannajirao
         thanks to all ... Read more
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