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A Potpourri of Vestiges FeatureAction, drama, and redemption, all packaged into one never-seen-before experience: Netflix Film, Extraction, promises to be an action-packed ride, as revealed today. The streaming entertainment service launched the trailer exclusively through a YouTube Premiere on the Netflix India YouTube channel. The India YouTube Premiere virtually brought together numerous fans across the country for an exclusive first look of the Netflix film, which is set to release on April 24, 2020.Extraction traces the journey of Tyler Rake who is a fearless black market mercenary with nothing left to lose when his skills are solicited to rescue the kidnapped son of... Read more
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Blogger: Murtaza Ali
A Potpourri of Vestiges ReviewBy Murtaza Ali KhanThe coronavirus outbreak seems to have changed the world in an unprecedented manner. For the first time since the advent of Internet, the human population at large is forced to spent majority of its time indoors as the whole world is witnessing a total lockdown. Public transportation, malls, restaurants, bars, cinema halls, discotheques, gymnasiums, adventure parks, and various others places of social gathering have been closed in order to ensure social distancing, which is the key to keeping a check on the rapid spread of the highly contagious and threatening virus.Under the circumstances, the safest thing to do is to stay at home and indulge... Read more
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A Compilation of 100 Greatest Films EverA Potpourri of Vestiges FeatureThe outbreak of Coronavirus, which has been declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) owing to the rapid rise of COVID-19 cases across the globe, seems to have changed the world in an unprecedented manner. Perhaps, for the very first time since the advent of internet, the seven and a half billion human population is forced to spent majority of its time indoors as the whole world is witnessing a total lockdown. All places of social gathering – malls, restaurants, bars, cinema halls, discotheques, gymnasiums, adventure parks, etc. – have been closed in order to ensure social distancing, which is ... Read more
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A Potpourri of Vestiges FeatureBy Murtaza Ali KhanKay Kay Menon as Himmat Singh in Special OpsFilmmaker Neeraj Pandey started a new trend in Bollywood with his directorial debut A Wednesday (2008). For the first time Bollywood thrillers stopped being neo-noirs which they essentially had been for the longest time. Now, Pandey’s brand of thrillers is very different, both in terms of style as well as content. If A Wednesday can be described as a political thriller, his second directorial venture Special 26 falls in the realm of a heist thriller. On the other hand, his third directorial Baby is an espionage thriller. Although, his fourth directorial is a... Read more
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A Potpourri of Vestiges ReviewBy Murtaza Ali KhanGoT showrunners make special cameos in Westworld: Season 3*****SPOILER ALERT***** Episode 1The third season of Westworld started on a very convoluted note. It's as if the series is trying to create a fresh identity for itself. Given the cerebral nature of the show I don't appreciate it very much when it tries to borrow elements from a cyberpunk series like Altered Carbon. Yet again the season seems to rest on the shoulders of Evan Rachel Wood. Her Dolores seems really committed to take the fight against the human race to the next level. But in the moments Dolores goes off-screen the show offers little excitement. Also, this is really the ... Read more
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A Potpourri of Vestiges FeatureBy Murtaza Ali KhanDirected by Oni Sen, Asur is part crime thriller, part police procedural made in the vein of similar offerings in the US such as True Detective, Hannibal, Mindhunter, and Dexter, among others. The events of Asur unfold in two different timelines. While one of the story arcs is set in the present day US and India and revolves around a bunch of CBI officers specialising in criminology, the other begins 18 years earlier in Benares and revolves around a boy named Shubh who is looked upon as a curse by his own father as he holds the boy responsible for the death of his wife who died while giving birth to him.Asur marks the web debut of Arshad Wars... Read more
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A Potpourri of Vestiges FeatureBy Murtaza Ali Khan9 years ago when I watched Steven Soderbergh's Contagion I found it overly imaginative. Fast forward to 2020, I now find it highly prophetic.It's currently the most watched movie on the internet and naturally so.Soderbergh showed us a decade in advance how scary a global pandemic can look like. There is such great similarity between the storyline of Contagion and what's happening around the world right now that the movie can very well be titled COVID-19. But if you think that Soderbergh did it just once let me tell you that Soderbergh made another highly prophetic film back in the year 1989 titled Sex, Lies, and Videotape. That film in many w... Read more
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A Potpourri of Vestiges FeatureBy Murtaza Ali KhanI am sharing with you a powerful home remedy passed down the generations by grandmothers. I am not making any medical claims but I can tell you that I personally have benefited from this remedy whenever I have caught any seasonal flu or infection. Given we have no sure shot cure for Coronavirus right now I think we can safely use this to boost our immunity and fight any imminent flu or infection. Here is the recipe for preparing 1 cup of concoction (sufficient for one person) around 400 ml:1. Mulethi (powdered or crushed) - 1 teaspoon2. Tulsi Leaves - 3 to 53. Black Pepper - 5 to 7 grains4. Turmeric - 1/4 teaspoon5. Giloy (powdered or crushed... Read more
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A Potpourri of Vestiges FeatureGanesh Acharya has a major romantic bone and surely knows how to surprise his beloved wife. The legendary dance guru recently gave one of the best gifts to his wife recently, that of tattooing her name on his arm. Well, the part about it being the best gift is not us saying but his wife Vidhi Acharya herself! "I was so surprised when I saw my name inked on his hand! It was the sweetest thing he ever did for me," confesses Vidhi ecstatically.Now, Ganesh isn't actually a big tattoo fan and talks people out of getting one as well. But well, is there anything a man in love won't do? "Yes, that’s right. I am not a big fan of tattoos and in fact, would tell people ... Read more
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A Potpourri of Vestiges ReviewBy Murtaza Ali KhanLast year, about 160 years after Victor Hugo wrote his magnum opus Les Misérables, the French filmmaker of Malian origin, Ladj Ly, came out with a French language film of the same name. The film premiered at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival where it won the Jury Prize in the festival’s main competition. Ladj Ly’s Les Misérables was subsequently picked as the French entry for the Best International Feature Film at the 92nd Academy Awards. The film went on to get nominated for the Oscar but eventually lost out to Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite.The main connection between Ladj Ly’s film and Hugo’s novel is that it is set in Montfermeil—situat... Read more
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A Potpourri of Vestiges ReviewBy Murtaza Ali KhanAltered Carbon has just returned with an eight-episode second season, set in the early 25th century, three decades after the events of first season. For the uninitiated, the sci-fi series is set in a future wherein human consciousness is being digitized and stored in devices called stacks, thereby allowing it to be transferred from one body to another (sleeves). The richer you are, the better sleeve you can buy for yourself depending on your need—pleasure, combat, or anything else that you desire.  Also, you can have your consciousness backed up on remote servers just in case someone tries to damage your stack. So, practically, the rich... Read more
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A Potpourri of Vestiges FeatureBy Murtaza Ali Khan[Pic courtesy: http://rahulsketchbook.deviantart.com/art/Amba-587664299]Women, in their different roles as teachers, mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, and friends, fill each of our lives with vibrant colors of selfless love. They only give without seeking anything in return. God made women to guard and protect men from the endless perils of the vicious world we inhabit. Happy Women's Day!On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2020, I would like to share a very important episode of Mahabharata revolving around Amba, the eldest daughter of the King of Kashi, who was abducted by Bhishma against her will. Now, Amba had two you... Read more
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A Potpourri of Vestiges ReviewBy Murtaza Ali KhanActor-Writer-Director Faizan Kareem has recently wrapped the post production work on his upcoming heist thriller titled ‘Morjim’. Inspired by Casino heists like ‘Oceans Eleven’ and thrillers like ‘The Usual Suspects’, Morjim is essentially an independent film that stars Dipannita Sharma, Rohit Nayyar, and Manjot Sharma in pivotal roles. The film costars Sharat Saxena, Murli Sharma, and Anisa. Faizan himself stars in a very interesting role of a con artist—a master of disguise and a tech-geek par excellence.  Morjim follows a mysterious man (played by Nayyar) driven by ulterior motives. When he spots a bright young man named ... Read more
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A Potpourri of Vestiges FeatureSlots have come a long way from their humble beginnings over a century ago. Originally you could only find them in your local bar or nearest casino, both of which often tens of miles from your home. Thankfully getting that slot fix has got a lot easier and now all you need to do is log into a casino website like www.barbadosbingo.com or open up a slot gaming app. The future of online slots is pretty much filled with games that can be accessed within seconds at a click of a button at anytime, anywhere. This evolution into the technological online world has seen a boom in the advancement of gaming quality. It’s also changed the way that people pay for their slo... Read more
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A Potpourri of Vestiges FeatureThe Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards (META) and Festival 2020 today announced that the META 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award will be conferred on renowned director, actor, set designer, writer, teacher and Theater Action Group’s Founder Director, Barry John. A pioneer in the establishment of Drama and Theatre Studies for schools and instrumental in the success of many of its members. He was also Founder-Director of the NSD’s Theatre in Education Company and been responsible for writing the CBSE curriculum for theatre.The jury for the 15th edition of the awards was announced and comprises renowned playwright, stage director and filmma... Read more
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A Potpourri of Vestiges FeatureBlackjack is a card game which is also played in the casinos. Often the game of blackjack has a huge jackpot associated with it, apart from the bonuses and other bounties.The objective of the game is to get a total closer to twenty-one than the dealer, without actually crossing twenty-one. The game starts with both the player and the dealer receiving two cards each. Generally, both the cards of the player are placed face up, while the dealer has one card face up while the other is faced down - deposit and play today.1. Master The Basic StrategyEven before you hit the casino, brush up your primary skill and know the rules of the game. It is only a fool’s dream... Read more
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A Potpourri of Vestiges FeatureOn the festive occasion of Holi the  third edition of Amarrass Nights at Sunder Nursery will  back on 7th March with a  Holi special ‘vyang, hasya kavita, mushaira’.To celebrate the arrival of spring and renewal with a special programme on the theme of comedy, humour and satire. The previous two editions of the year received an ecstatic response from Delhiites, and the next promises to be an enchanting evening of story-telling, laughter and music under the stars. Known by various names such as vyang, hasya kavita, mushaira - these once popular forms of folk storytelling will be showc... Read more
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A Potpourri of Vestiges FeatureCinema never ceases to amaze people with its new movies. There are a lot of genres and subgenres of movies and TV shows that keep the ever-increasing audience glued to the screen. With so many movies to offer it’s clear that the directors and scriptwriters get ideas from anywhere they can to make a blockbuster movie. For this reason, it should come as no surprise that the casino industry is one of their sources of inspiration. The history of the Vegas casinos and the excitement of casino games have always been fascinating which is why they found their way into cinema. Moreover, the influence of cinema on the casino industry is also visible.Themed Jackpot Game... Read more
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Blogger: Murtaza Ali
A Potpourri of Vestiges ReviewBy Murtaza Ali KhanNetflix Original Film Yeh Ballet follows the story of two incredibly gifted but underprivileged dancers struggling to keep their passions alive in a society governed by bigotry, prejudice, and apathy. Directed by Sooni Taraporevala, the noted writer of films like Salaam Bombay!, Mississippi Masala, and The Namesake, Little Ballet is a fictionalised version of a 2017 short documentary of the same name made by Taraporevala herself. The film features newcomers Manish Chauhan and Achintya Bose as the two protagonists. Yeh Ballet also stars veteran English actor Julian Sands, whose credits include films like The Killing Fields, A Room with a View, ... Read more
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A Potpourri of Vestiges FeatureWhile it is arguable that Indian comedy television has always struck the right chord with its audience, when it comes to the new Kapil Sharma Show, the one-hour entertainer hit all the right notes that make Indian television comedy so successful – satiric commentary bordering on bizarre that is based society and current events, engaging and ridiculously funny Bollywood angles, and good ‘ole slapstick pranking and jesting.The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2:It was when things in the Indian Television space had just about reached a bit of lull that this hilarious show rose upon the horizon to provide an hour of laughs every weekend, and be just what the audience h... Read more
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A Potpourri of Vestiges ReviewBy Murtaza Ali KhanAmazon Prime Video series Hunters follows a group of Nazi hunters operating in New York during the 1970s. They have discovered that hundreds of high-ranking Nazi officials were able to escape Germany in the aftermath of Hitler’s downfall. Now living in the US, the Nazis are conspiring to create a Fourth Reich in the United States. So the hunters take it upon themselves to bring the Nazis to justice and thwart their evil plans. The series is said to be inspired by true events but naturally it is highly dramatised for entertainment purposes.Half way through the 90-minute season premiere of Hunters, Meyer Offerman, the wealthy co... Read more
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A Potpourri of Vestiges ReviewBy Shubhangi JainLove is love after all. The decision to choose our loved one is liberated from cast, statement of faith, color, age and sexual orientation. This is the focal thought behind the Ayushmann Khurrana and Jitendra Kumar-starrer Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan. Ayushmann is back with another film dependent on a social issue after his movie Shubh Mangal Saavdhan with Bhumi Pednekar. It’s a great leap for the Hindi cinema to portray two men as homosexuals on big screen and showcase the daily challenges which they face in our society.The first scene of this rom-com figures out how to press a wide grin out of you, such is the dim appeal of a flashy Kartik a... Read more
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A Potpourri of Vestiges FeatureHousefull 3 movie’s box office collections proved once again that Akshay Kumar sells and that, he can take others on board and make them look good to the audience too. The film stars Riteish Deshmukh, Abhishek Bachchan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Lisa Haydon and Nargis Fakhri and they all get their moment in the sun. According to online entertainment portal reports, its gross collections add up to a humongous Rs 177.40 crore.The movie, despite its mixed reviews, has been appreciated by the audience.  We’d recommend you all to watch Housefull 3 for 3 reasons: Akshay Kumar, Akshay Kumar, Akshay Kumar. The man has cracked his humour and entertainment formula, ... Read more
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A Potpourri of Vestiges FeatureAction, comedy, romance, drama, sci-fi, antagonist, protagonist, you name it and he’s done it. Akshay Kumar is probably the only superstar who has given mass masala entertainers as well as character-oriented movies to his audience. The actor has had 11 straight hits to his credit since 2019, with three films in 2019 itself- Kesari, Mission Mangal and Housefull 4. Most of his movies make it into the 100+ crore club within a few weeks of release. Whether it’s Housefull 3 movie or Toilet Ek Prem Katha, the actor is constantly reinventing himself and offering something new to his fans. Also, most of his films are family entertainers, which is what works amazing... Read more
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A Potpourri of Vestiges FeatureDirected by Sajid & Farhad, Housefull 3 is the third instalment in the Houseful movie series starring Akshay Kumar, Abhishek Bachchan, Riteish Deshmukh, Jacqueline Fernandes, Lisay Ray and Nargis Fakhri. The plot of Housefull 3 movie is quite predictable and simple: A rich Gujju businessman in London, Batuk Patel (Boman Irani), doesn't want to marry off his three daughters because of the curse of broken marriages running in his extended family. All hell breaks loose when he learns that all the three sanskari girls – Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati – have a boyfriend each. A car racer called Teddy (Riteish Deshmukh), a rapper called Bunty (Abhishek Bachchan)... Read more
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