Blogger: saikat mbka ghosh
                     R.A.P.E          (Rising Against Public Enemy)You are , whatyou think you are,WEAK ORSTRONG;Choice isyours to be meek or to rise up  Against the WRONG;Today she isthe VICTIMYou might betomorrow,Either yourise against the VILE nowOr else, beprepared to be drenched in sorrow;Enough have beensuffered,Enough have beentolerated ,NO morewhimpering, Rise upIts time theRASCALS be OBLITERATED;--saikatmbkaWe all have a choice either we rise up , or else............................... ... Read more
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Blogger: saikat mbka ghosh
 KISS Laugh at those little things, with all your heart, Be it a silly prank or be it just a stupid fart;Drench yourself completely in that October rain,Just dance ,forgetting all those sufferings and pain;Give a warm hug to that janitor,driver,milkman or maid ,act of kindness is more than a thousand words said;Our lives are complete , because of their service selfless,No job is great or small ,all are momentous ,none useless;Stop for a while and think about that 1st best friend,For you to smile,lion,monkey or horse he would pretend;those brio long rides under the moon in his bike behind,with that same love,he waits for his lost friend to find;life is special, if you give value to things ... Read more
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Blogger: saikat mbka ghosh
                                   MISTAKES To Err is human and also the path to enlightenment,Making you wiser, leading to bigger fulfillment ;Suffering only purify my soul ignorant,Making me mature , through my heart innocent;I learn from my mistakes, the path to epiphany ,Falling down to get up and realize my destiny;I may not be born great , but my wisdom shall guide,In my quest  to triumphover  the  time and tide;I will triumph over time and tide.----saikatmbka... Read more
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Blogger: saikat mbka ghosh
               EVILAND GOOD:                   TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COINVicious in my nature ,scary and ugly in my looks,Omnipotent and ubiquitous ,I am the guardian of the crooks;Invincible and indomitable , the mortals calls me THE EVIL,All bow before my whims , I am the creation of THE dEVIL;My nature is splendid as the Sun and serene as the moon,Evil may rise time and again , only to be clobbered by mesoon;Ignoring me at first , the hapless mortals seek my refugefinally,Like a valiant warrior I rise up every time to destroy thevile Evil totally;  ----saikatmbka... Read more
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Blogger: saikat mbka ghosh
                    APPLICATIONS VS APPLETSA Mother in the morning wakes her baby up, prepare hisbreakfast , gets him ready for his school. Cooks the lunch and does the dailychores .If the baby ever gets sick , she take cares of him, nurses him. Amother never have to be told when her baby is hungry or when he needs her  care and love. She knows everything. As ifshe has been programmed by the Gods to do all these stuffs and she does themboth elegantly and efficiently . The simple reason is that she is anApplication designed by GOD. MOTHERS ARE THE BEST DIVINEAPPLICATIONS.    Similarly computerapplications are designed by mortal coders to perform a certain set of tasksbo... Read more
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Blogger: saikat mbka ghosh
THE ANTHEMThere's no land so beautiful and idyll as thee ,The Aravallis , the nilgiris and the mighty Himalayas are thy glory ;Yamuna , Ganga , Naramada and Brahmaputra satisfy your thirst ,Our hearty oblation for you , my Mother comes first ;The Aryans ,the Lodhis , the Mughals , the English have ruled thee ,But none was able to capture your spirit ,as a falcon it remained free ;Brave sons you had in the Rajputs , the Marathas and the Sultans ,Courageously fighting  the enemies in Delhi, Bengal, Lucknow and Multan ;The Buddha, The Mahavira , The Gandhi were all born your son ,Non Violence and brotherhood as weapon , many battles they won ;The Hindus ,the Muslim , the Jain , the Christain a... Read more
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Blogger: saikat mbka ghosh
                   Hilarious Animation Lolzz                                                   THE AMAZING KUNGFU source:internet... Read more
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Blogger: saikat mbka ghosh
YoungistanBhaghat Singh, Sukhdev , Raj Guru laid downtheir lives when young ,Ranbir is hailed as a rockstar ,but KhudiramBose is a hero unsung;They have shed tears and blood to give usfreedom and bring back the glory,But alas ! they have been buried and withthem their untold story;True hero’s were they , the brave King , thereal YOUNGISTAN,Sacrificed themselves to restore the lostthrone, of the great HINDUSTAN;Sixty years have passed and India as a nationdid grow,In population, poverty, corruption only toaggravate her sorrow;The glitzy skyscrapers and the deplorableslums , thrive here side by side,India is a country of rich and poor and theirgreat divide;Sadly HINDUSTAN today is free to be... Read more
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Blogger: saikat mbka ghosh
                                                   Thy Beauty…… The divine caressing of her child ,by the mother ……….Helping her ,take her first steps by the father……………The compassionate and indifferent love for the child ugly orpretty………This sublime uncompromised love is called thy beauty………..The simple fairy tale narrated by the grandfather……..The delicious custard prepared by the grandmother…..That mild scolding for being a bit too naughty….This sublime uncompromised blissful love is called thy beauty……….That playful endeavor , of merry go round and hide and seek……Majestically building on ... Read more
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Blogger: saikat mbka ghosh
  THE RACE OF LIFEanother super hilarious animation from the web :P :D... Read more
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Blogger: saikat mbka ghosh
                                           FUNTIME EXAMTIME... Read more
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Blogger: saikat mbka ghosh
                                 REFLECTION PART 1                                        TAKEN AT THE TAJ DECCAN PREMISES                                                TAKEN AT THE ELLORAS ... Read more
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Blogger: saikat mbka ghosh
                            SNAPS OF MY RECENT ROAD TRIPS                                            THE PUNE_MUMBAI EXPRESSWAY                                                                                                                                      THE PUNE_MUMBAI EXPRESSWAY                                       THE PUNE_MUMBAI EXPRESSWAY                                     THE PUNE_MUMBAI EXPRESSWAY                              ... Read more
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Blogger: saikat mbka ghosh
I WANA BE CHILD AGAINThese day i wake up with tension in my mind and fear in my eyes,My soul is heavy and my heart filled with discordant cries ;The serenity is missing from my life and so much have changed,Cries , hues,anger, jealousy and pain is what my life is now drenched ;That smile that used to ornate my face is now long gone ,Instead a scornful face is all that  I have as I continue lead my life alone ;Gone are does days when I  used to talk, laugh and sleep care-freely,I used play,dance,have fun,as back then my life was simple and silly ;I am really feeling scared now and want to return back to those heydays ,O Gods make me a CHILD AGAIN ,i beg you  almighty please adhere to what ... Read more
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Blogger: saikat mbka ghosh
                                           A SALUTE TO SEHWAG "He did not study and wasted his time,He did not become an engineer to earn his dime;He just picked his bat and hit a perfect shot,Applause,money and fame all he got;He did not sit in front of his books,He just hit fours and sixes by pull or hooks ;He scored for the country many a ton,He basked in d glory and many hearts he won;Finally now , he scored a double ton with a classy four,Thrashing the Windies bowler who had come on a India tour "----By saikatmbka... Read more
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Blogger: saikat mbka ghosh
 AN ODE TO EXAM"Exam why do you come time and again,With you , you bring tension , agony and pain ;What joy , does it gives you , seeing us suffer,With every passing exam ,our life gets tougher;Please i beg you , go away from our lives,Come back never or you will get our jibes;Leave us in peace and in merry,I promise you exam no gonna miss you very . "I am writing it today and tomorrow i have my circuit theory paper :P :D... Read more
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Blogger: saikat mbka ghosh
THE NEW GOOGLE MENU BAR: In its latest attempt to revamp the google homepage google has rolled out yet another new featureThis time a NEW GOOGLE MENU BARInstead of the horizontal black bar at the top of the page,now you will find links to your services in a new drop-down Google menu nested under the Google logo. Now you get a list of links and you can access additional services by hovering over the “More” link at the bottom of the list. Click on what you want, and you’re off.you can find out more of this new feature in the video below:... Read more
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Blogger: saikat mbka ghosh
THE NEW COOL AVATAR OF YOUTUBE YouTube has revamped its homepage with some pretty tight Google+ social integration, facebook features , customized channel selection option for your homepage and a lot of other ubercool features.SOME OF ITS COOL NEW FEATURES : 1)CUSTOMIZED HOMEPAGE:now you can have your youtube homepage exactly the way you want it to be.The channels you are subscribed to will be featured on your home page and your can also share it in google plus or facebook.2)CHANNEL SUBSCRIPTION:Now you can subscribe to greater number of new channels ranging from movies to music to technology etc. And access them from your home page and have their updates. Youtube too suggest you various ne... Read more
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