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Dear Doctor,I have made up my mind to like you deeply and passionately. It's a kind of like that I have never liked anybody before. No, not love anyway. At least not yet. But I love the way I like you.Last few days I spent with you, basking in the warmth of love and care, I swayed and slept in peace. It is only my faith in you that pulled me bold through the toughest times of my life that hung on a string until a few hours back.Your mere proximity and soothing smile gave me the courage to go on and was as important as the concoctions you prescribed for my well being . Doc, did you know it was your healing touch that did wonders which you credited to the strongest analgesics? Every w... Read more
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Blogger: Leo Paw
Here's a twister: Try articulating it like you would with other tongue twisters. Then try it again with eyes closed. Once you have got that right, think of an answer. :)" IF RED IS READ AS BREAD AND THREAD IS READ AS RED, CAN BREAD BE RED AS THREAD?"A friend calls her blog RED HANDED. The name fascinates me as much as her blog posts and is the inspiration behind this twister.. ... Read more
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Blogger: Leo Paw
*World cleavage day!I don’t know why it’s celebrated and who celebrates it. But all I know: it’s all about breast and hence this post is going to be on breast, BREAST CANCER in specific. Now that I have your attention, before I share the link to the topless lady's picture, I'll talk a little about few myths that commonly prevail about breast cancer and then move on to the current breast cancer screening recommendations.1Myth: Men can’t get breast cancerTruth: Though statistically low in number, men can develop breast cancer. At least 500 men die every year from breast cancer. So breast self examination is a must for men as well. 2Myth: All breast lumps are cancerous.Tru... Read more
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Blogger: Leo Paw
2 Lives:2 Miles Apart are series of short films that highlights crucial issues impacting children in an urbanized world based on it's "THE STATE OF THE WORD'S CHILDREN-2012: CHILDREN IN AN URBAN WORLD" report, released by UNICEF.PLEASE LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS ON THEUNICEF-INDIA FACEBOOK PAGE (link).Content courtesy: UNICEF India... Read more
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Blogger: Leo Paw
With an intention to prepare something out of paneer, a bunch of stumbling amateurs, me, my sister and cousin, entered the kitchen. Here's how we did it and what we finally got.IngredientsIngredientsFormQuatity1PaneerCut into cubes200g2OnionChopped3 No.3TomatoesChopped3 No.4GarlicFinely hopped4 cloves5GingerFinely chopped1 pc medium size6Green chiliesChopped4 no.7Coconut Sieved milk1 cup8LemonJuice 1/2 tsp9BadamPaste1/4 cup10Cumin seeds-1/2 tsp11Coriander Powder-1 . 1//2 tsp12Ghee-3 tsp + 1tsp13Milk powder-1 tsp14Coriander leafChoppedFew15Salt-To taste16Red chili dry2-3 no.17Mustard seeds-1/2 tspPreparation:Heat 3tsp ghee in a vessel.Add cumin seed and onion and fry till onion soften... Read more
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Blogger: Leo Paw
I’m waiting outside a public official's chamber to get a document countersigned. Those of you who had an experience will know the agony and distress I'm currently undergoing. In fact, it is not that bad as in the past. The officer who is about to sign my document is a responsible man and never keeps anything pending for the next day. That was a relief.Let us not discus much on the struggles, delay and the hardships of getting things done from "some" officials who get their pay from our pockets. Instead, let me try to throw some light on that totally neglected aspect: The economic part. If you were with me today, you would see 172 people (yes, I counted) waiting outside this... Read more
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Blogger: Leo Paw
----------------------The yarn of a blestDeep in the chest, holds our mournFor the Ash of gone.----------------------This is my first ever try at poetry. So please leave your comments and suggestions to improve. This post is linked to the HAIKU HEIGHTS weekly haiku prompts. Hope this follows Haiku, or Senryu norms. Photo courtesy: Discarded clay urns, Bhag Nari,... by Ameer Hamza (flickr.com) via Goole Image Search.P.S: Read on Burial urns. ... Read more
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Blogger: Leo Paw
Thank you for nominating me for the award and it is an honor to receive it from mastros like Deepak Doddamani(World of Deepbaazigar) and Sowmya Swaminathan(My Space)_____________________________Let me quote the rules that are passed on to me along with the award.1. Nominate 15 Fellow Bloggers2. Inform the Bloggers of their nomination3. Share 7 random things about yourself4. Thank the Blogger who nominated you5. Add the Versatile Blog Award picture to your blog post_____________________________I have the privilege of passing on the award to the 15 wonderful fellow bloggers. It has always been a pleasant experience reading and following your blog.  Cheers!!The nominations are:1. Sujatha Sat... Read more
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Blogger: Leo Paw
When you read the title you must not presume that I’m an expert  physicist. Though physics has always fascinated me, I chose a career which do not require physics in the main stream. So don’t expect this post to enlighten you with laws and theorems and authentically prove the facts.Last year I was sharing a rented apartment with a friend. My land lady was so generous that she let us use all her furniture and her home appliances. Among them where an beautiful office table with a thin glass mounted atop wooden plank. The plank was a bit old with uneven shallow area in the middle. But the glass masked the defect and I was using it as a reading table.I was using a HTC windows mobile ... Read more
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Blogger: Leo Paw
It was 10.00 when I reached. The bank was just open and the transactions were about to be started. The machine with a dirty yellow button spat out TOKEN NO:55 on to my hand. I picked up the form to file a DD application and sat down on the waiting chair. It was nice to see all the 15 multipurpose counters open and getting ready to start serving.“TING TING... token number 1- counter number 2, token number 2 -counter number 4, token number 3 counter number 6, token number 4 counter number 7, token number 5 counter number 9 .” In short, out of the 15 counters assigned, only 5 will function. That is one third of the total number. Still, that doesn't matter much to me. 5 counters and ... Read more
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Blogger: Leo Paw
This is something thatamused me a few minutes back when I Googled the word -SPERM-.Now, if you are the one like me who stretches imagination to everypossible extent, might have already thought I had a naughty ;-)agenda. But no, this is nothing of that sort, and for those of youwho thought you are about to read an adults only post, I'msorry to disappoint.Without “beating around the bush", let mecome to the point straight. Ever heard of a sperm bike before? I didn't, until my image search for use in a lecture slide on infertility brought me to this picture on the left.Now wait, you need not imagine much on the possibility of an ovum car waiting at the other end to receive the spe... Read more
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Blogger: Leo Paw
And that was a delicious love letter. 11 layered vanilla cake and a wet dream!!! LOL.... Read more
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Blogger: Leo Paw
Have you ever thought about the life of unfortunate orphan children  living in this world not knowing what it feels to be loved, cared or pampered? If you can and understand the pain, they need you.A day from our life might turn out to be the most memorable day of their life. So consider keeping aside this Children's day. (14th November) for those children who have never felt the warmth of a hug.image courtesy: http://www. dipity.com... Read more
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Blogger: Leo Paw
I’m standing in a big queue at the ticket counter in one of the moderately busy railway stations of the country. Mine is the shortest queue among the 3 long zigzag ones, spanning across the entire room and then extending to the outside. Standing here for almost half an hour, it’s nice; the world around me seems to look better when I’m here, bored, irritated and helpless.It’s nice to note that I’ll be standing in this queue for more time than I would need to travel to my destination. It’s even nice to note that the guy behind me would have reached his destination 15 minutes back if he chose to travel by bus.It’s nice when you realize that you have nothing else to do but ... Read more
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Blogger: Leo Paw
“One of the best inventions of mankind is the PEN.” I’m sure this is a statement that anybody will accept without a second thought. Since the ancient Indians, way back in 500 BC or earlier, developed a writing material out of the naturally available bird feathers and bamboo sticks, it has been the most widely used innovation by human race.Encyclopedia defines a pen (Latin penna, feather) as a device used to apply ink to a surface, usually paper, for writing or drawing . But it fails to mention that pen has been the instrument that stood the test of time and prevailed for centuries, undergoing major changes as it itself being the first witness of all the other  scientific inn... Read more
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Blogger: Leo Paw
Oh God Google! What is happening to me? I am all distressed, depressed and debilitated. Being omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent you are the only one who can help me out of this crisis.10 yrs back, when I left my school, I did not need an organizer tool to save my friend’s and teacher’s contacts. I had them all scribbled on my cortex. Though we had a phone register, I always felt it easier to remember and recollect them than note it and then hunt it down.The same year, I got my digital organizer. Gradually I started to make entries in the organizer. But those entries were exclusively meant to confirm in doubtful infrequent contacts.2 years down the line, I got my first mobil... Read more
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Blogger: Leo Paw
Video Courtesy 180I have watched “180”—now what? CLICK HERE... Read more
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Blogger: Leo Paw
You spend a lot of money, buy a computer; Then buy an operating system, an antivirus software and all that fancy titled softwares. Why?Just to use your machine bought with your hard earned money, in a way those software millionaires tell you to. If you don't, get sued for breach of contract. How ridiculous!  Man, It time you fight for your freedom in the digital world. Here's how I won my freedom.Nine months back, the Operating system that I got installed (paying Rs.12,375) last year got corrupted. When I tried a repair, it denied doing. Then I knew I was left with no other choice but to format my hard drive. It was hard to accept that all my important documents, modified since f... Read more
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