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KEEP SMiLiNGWhenever you meet somebody, meet with a cheerful smile but it comes through your heart not through the lips.It also creates positive attitude in you and people will pay attention towards you. If you want to rock any party, experience this and adopt it as a part of your life. Your smiling behavior motivates others to follow your attitude. So always KEEP SMILING.... Read more
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Blogger: veena
Soak in smile :In the name of life ....    Soak the Life in SmileSurf Excel Matic contest -No more soak...gives me an opportunity to recall my memories once again. There are many moments in one's life, when we find that those moments are not only the past memories but are some rare moments of life,where our life takes a 'U'turn and I had that one moment....I am sharing it with all of you.As we start our day, the whole day passes in the same way. We all know it. Generally it happens; our day starts with our mood and thought.  whatever first thought comes in our mind as we wake up, we spend our whole day in that mood; it reflects throughout the day in our behavior and work.Sometimes we... Read more
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Blogger: veena
Hurdles and difficultiesHurdles and difficulties are your well wisher. They teach you to use your power in right direction. Until and unless difficulties don't come in our life , we don't understand the meaning and relevance of life. Difficulties teaches us - How to be clam in the odd time of life. Difficulties are our friends not the enemy and it suggests the way that- How to face and solve the hurdles.The lesson we can learn from the difficulties is- How can we smile at it.... Read more
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Blogger: veena
How to motivate other? Motivation is a word that contains a positive force and emotion. Every person is well equipped with that emotion. If fills a person with courage and zeal and more over enthusiastic to do something in life. Every person of any age needs that emotion from others to blossom in zeal. An ill person needs the lovable inspiration to get well soon. Children want to be motivated by their parent. Artist, writer also wants to be inspired.Although work is more important in development of human civilization but the inspiration of work comes through only motivation. Every person does his work at his own but his work gets shape through the inspiration of others.Motivation is an Art:-... Read more
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Blogger: veena
Anger: The Pessimistic Emotion of Human Nature Man holds many different types of emotions- love, affection, faith joy, courage. These are optimistic type of emotions and sorrow, pain, hatred, anger, jealousy are some of the pessimistic emotions.Irrupted Anger Anger is the most intense and violent type of pessimistic emotion or excitement. It dominates the human mind. Anger is moved by the heart, mind cannot control it. Anger has room in the heart as profound slept seed and it bursts up when circumstances and reasons favors for its irruption.Anger is Circumstantial: - When does anger irrupt? Why does it erupt? It is undecided and uncertain. But whenever anger is generated circumstan... Read more
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Blogger: veena
My Quotes on Relationship @A true relation is above all type of bonding...that is always unconditional relationship.@A true Relationship never ever ends in any type of external pressure.@A relationship continues only with mutual understanding.  @A relation born,grows and develops only when it is understood fully.... Read more
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Blogger: veena
                                                       I aloneignorant of the way:On the path of life,with a caravan of dreamMove on. The storm rising on the way;scattered the dreams away.Againwith a will together;them together.I aloneTrade on the solitary land;Sometimes,Along the murmuring stream of passion;Sometimes,preaching the sorrowing woodsOn the wayoffering all the dreams.I alonewith the ray of hope:On the dark path;En candle   the lamps of HopeFill all the hearts with mirth;move on.And  determined to make my ownthe agony of others.I aloneCarrying sweet smell of livings;make the path sweet scented'Having goal worldto all fragr... Read more
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Blogger: veena
Woman as an Individual..........My intention to write this article on woman to let her know, with the advancement and progress of Indian Civilization and Culture, how the Indian woman has been loosing her dignity and respect in the society, And how she is at the back foot of the society. Why is she treated just as a commodity with having no identity and free existence? She had a glorious past but with the due course of time, how she was degraded in the society. India is a country of different religion and castes, and has a splendid history of 5000 years. It is the only alive ancient civilization and culture worldwide. That started from The Vedic Era. That was the time when woman had a prest... Read more
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Blogger: veena
Nature in Rainy SeasonThe lines of famous Hindi song, “Vo kagaj ki kashti; vo varish ka pani……..” (That paper boat, that rainy water) indicates the strong bonding between innocent childhood and rainy season, Very good combination of nature and the childhood.The rainy season brings me back through the memory lane where I spent my childhood. First time when I was about 5-6 years old, I came close to the nature through rainy season. Generally nature means the flora and the fauna present around you. But the forest, river, mountain, environment, clouds, fountain etc. are the parts of nature. Nature creates a magic spell that mesmerized the passer by. She is more charming, fascinating, mag... Read more
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Blogger: veena
Journey From Heaven To HumanityExpedia gives me a chance to dive into my past and pick some precious moments of my journeys. Traveling means journey, it is marvelous to have traveling experiences within the journey of life. I love to traverse around nature or visit to some historical monuments and most likely to travel by train in a three tier compartment. Journey by train in the II class three tire compartments has a great excitement to meet different type of people and it can happen only in India.I moved down through the memory lane and found the most exciting and memorable journey of my life, I surly say that -that travel experience changed my way of thinking towards the common people.Whe... Read more
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Blogger: veena
Rain---The everlasting season in the earth- Rainy Season, Just enjoy It, feel it's eternity, Heaven is now on the Earth. Lush Greenery is every where echoing the silent beauty of the Nature.Some Pictures where life is enjoying Rain  all images from Google.com That is the beauty of nature... Read more
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Blogger: veena
 Humanityhumanity should be the religion of every human being on this earth, but we all know it is impossible because nature herself doesn't look all over the same, but we should try for equal justice for everyone on this earth, but everyone has to start from his or her self.... Read more
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Blogger: veena
Personality and Word- Personality is identified with the usage of word and the style of conversation. Actually the style is developed in the childhood. Word has the oceanic depth and the wideness of the sky. Niceness in the word is must, word has a great impact. Let the word reaches to you, you will experience its intensity then you learn the art of word.Understanding the rhythm of words , you can feel the happiness, joy, courage and comedy that present in the words. Word can change the course of life. Increase your vocabulary and use it in your conversation that adds magic to your personality.... Read more
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Blogger: veena
worAdore the Words- ‘Please’, ‘thanks’, Excuse me’ like words give your voice the softness and add humbleness in your personality. Tenderness in voice and respect towards others through the gesture, when flows in the stream of words, you will get the same response from the others. Word is the mirror of your personality. So usage of right word in a dignified manner makes your personality great and noble.... Read more
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Blogger: veena
Be Calm and Patient in the Troublesome TimeLife is the equation of troubles and comfort, joy and grief, success and failure, achieved and unachievable, accomplished and unaccomplished. The joy of life makes the life easy and difficulties make the life miserable. Difficulties and troubles never come alone in the life. It also brings gloom, sadness, uneasiness, anger, excitement, restlessness, in the life. All these mix pessimistic feelings turn one’s life of each day into Doomsday.Don’t forget if good days don’t stay in the life for a long time then no longer the bad days will stay in the life. If somebody finds his life is going to be topsy-turvy, wait for the happy time calmly and pat... Read more
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Blogger: veena
Practice Makes a Man PerfectHuman is born with an aim in the life. Ho much he is aware of his aim! How much success he can get! That depends upon his continuous efforts and hard work. It also depends upon his sources in achieving the goal of life.Practice is the way of development, progress, clearness in the life. Practice or exercise means repetition of a work or knowledge that deep down in root the heart and mind. So practice makes a dull boy or an idiot into an intelligent. When practice is accomplished the person is called an accomplisher. In this state a person has complete control over the work for which he has practiced and he can carry on the work very easily and hold such situationI... Read more
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Blogger: veena
Search your ChildhoodChildhood is the golden age of human life.This age is carefree, no liabilities, no burdens nothing only enjoyment. When this age passes, it turns everyone’s dream to get the childhood once againIt is true that a child is present in every person and whenever a person gets the opportunity he reveals his hidden childhood. You can enjoy your childhood whenever you get the chance. It is not possible to be cheerful always because we all molded and well shaped in same pattern and sheathed ourselves all around. We don’t want to remove it. Due to it neither we dance nor do we sing. We don’t express our feelings fully. If we want to enjoy the childhood once again, we have to... Read more
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Blogger: veena
TimeTime is the most precious thing of the universe.It is the speed of life. Time tells a person that life is journey and it is spending. Time is Present only. The past that is passed and the future that is still to come is not the time so the time which is passing by is very precious to every person.Analysis the time and find the right place, right person and right time, these all three are a combined form of Opportunity, so whenever you get the opportunity , grab it and this will open the way of success in your life. So have a good time.... Read more
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Blogger: veena
Inspirational AngerAnger is always taken as a pessimistic emotion but it has also a bright side that it becomes inspiration to the human being that inspiration generally comes out in the form of comments or a challenge, which makes the person angry for a moment but if he takes it in a positive way, it decides his future course of life.Anger has such power of Creation that affects the humanity by and large, but the state of this anger doesn’t appear suddenly but it comes into being as germinating seed. After its appearance it converted into Creation. This form of Anger is very constructive and gives concrete results; The French Revolution is the burning example of it. ... Read more
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Blogger: veena
Earning MoneyBe a master of your subject, t means earn money through your knowledge in right manner. By hard work and knowledge power can be achieved and by exhibiting and advertising this power one can open the door of earnings for him.Selection of working field is another way of earning by which a person can channelize his knowledge and experience successfully. But devotion for the work is necessary for earnings.... Read more
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Blogger: veena
KEEP SMiLiNGWhenever you meet somebody, meet with a cheerful smile but it comes through your heart not through the lips.It also creates positive attitude in you and people will pay attention towards you. If you want to rock any party, experience this and adopt it as a part of your life. Your smiling behavior motivates others to follow your attitude. So always KEEP SMILING.... Read more
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Blogger: veena
While in conversation with a talkative personWhen you are in conversation with a talkative person, you should be a listener only. Ponder over some points when you chat with a talkative person:-·You keep patience and peace when the talkative person is talking nonstop with full energy.·You should think about the seriousness of the subject by keeping away yourself from the useless conversation.·If any talkative person reveals his secrets, keep it up to you, don’t disclose it among others.·Don’t encourage the talkative person for chatting otherwise e it will be sheer wastage of time.·Don’t resent at the talk of such person because it increases your grudge. So be silent and have patien... Read more
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Blogger: veena
Life and TimeKeep your eyes on future and live in the present. Make plans for the future and have a well framed strategy for it. When you are sure about your plans, start executing it. Do all work in time? Time is the basic factor for success. Always keep pace with time otherwise opportunity splits from your hands. Keep your eyes on your goal; don’t let it disappear from your eyes. So learn how to manage time, money and thoughts.... Read more
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Blogger: veena
Money and It’s UseEarning money is not the main job. How to spend it? How much it be spent? And how much your savings should be? Maintain a ledger for your earning and expenditure, it should be daily routine. Have some savings for your future too.Don’t have the habit of lending or borrowing money, because this habit converts the friendship into enmity. As far as your close friends are concern, avoid this habit but help them in their trouble time.Donate some money in charity, it increases your wealth. When you donate some money to needy person or to some institution, you achieve name and fame that gives you real pleasure.Be a trader not a merchant. Hold and spend the money like a trader w... Read more
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Blogger: veena
WORD AND VOICE ‘Word’ is the way to express human feelings and sentiments. And ‘voice’ gives shape to it. The combination of the ‘word’ and the ‘voice’ is as similar to the soul and the god. The ‘word’ and the ‘voice’ compliment each other. The Voice as the chariot doesn’t on the move unless the Word acts as a charioteer.... Read more
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