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Day 168Life is mundane. There are always two sides of a coin. We flip a coin and expect something to come up. Lets say, Heads. We say heads in our mind, telepathically telling the coin to turn up as Heads. Then we are disappointed. So, we flip the coin again. And again we are disappointed. To even the odds, the coin is flipped for the last time and as usual we are disappointed. The coin here is the culprit. It did not oblige to the telepathic messages that were send to it. You can call me a gambler. For starters, I have no idea how the game is played. But anyway I gamble. I might have lost a hundred games. I will come back again, trying my - what we usually call - luck. This time I feel, ... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
" A person is what they make of themselves. "I know I have been a mistake. Period.The sun hid beyond one's reach among the grey clouded sky. There is light, but the source invisible. Why do I feel the same? That my thoughts are clouded and the decisions that I make are not so correct. Well, I have never made a good judgement, ever. So, may be I am just like that - Bad Judgement. There has been never ending debate and a war-sort-of in my mind. I feel that my insides are burning, burning red hot and venting is out of picture. I tried to shout, write, scream, whatnot. I am just a sucker at that. Can't blame anyone except me. And I see people looking at me, trying to be something greate... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
1. I have been lately off. This includes I being too irregular at blogging and then again when I write something, I am not perfect. Ok, I agree that I wasn't perfect in any of my earlier posts. But you can't blame a man for trying . Okay. So, from posting a blog-post each day, I trickled down to posting, oh wait, I am not even posting. I really miss writing and whats' worse is I want to write but just unable to pen down. Well, that is the reason in the decreasing readers and the comment count. No wonder. But, a comment on my one of my post caught my eye. Yeah, all the comments on my blog catches my attention, so did this. But this was different and I am indeed obliged to post it here. You wi... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
So one day last week, I was so pissed with the things that were happening to me that I literally cursed God. Yeah, Call me an idiot. Getting on with someone who is the ever-easy-to-blame person on the face of earth. Ok, the point is not who is the easiest one to blame. The point is I said, "Bring it on" to dear God. I was so angry that I had no choice but to respond in the similar fashion.So, the next day I wake up late. Oh, yeah. It is ON. Anyway, I get ready in time and leave to go for office. I was stopped by the land lord asking for the monthly rent. I said I was getting late and that the money was in the room and also that I would give him once I come back from office at night. But he w... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
@Previous Post : Whoa! Whoa!! What the hell was that? I have had the idea of AK losing his mind, but didn't know it was at this extremes. I am still trying to understand when did I miss such a thing. I have to be more careful around AK now. Never know when he becomes all stupid and starts babbling about things unknown. And also what the consequences would be.The warm sunshine fell upon the moist roads which reflected the gleaming sunshine back. It was then that the warm rays fell upon a perky thing. Elegance. As the bright sunshine bathed the reddish-black hair, it just added to the already elevated beauty. The wind played with the hair which made it much more adorable. What made it mor... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
Wooing Part I Scene IWooing Part IIScene IIWooing Part III Scene IIITo be continued...Because I gotto ...Defying Time... because I gotto run for office.P.S. : Yeah. You are thinking right! I too have no idea WHY I posted this one. *Thinking hard*. *Thinks even harder* Ok. Bye. Times Up. I really gotto run now. ... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
The day started fading in the misty rain that lashed the surface for over a hour. Time flew by and the rain was not monotonous. It had its times on a single evening as the evening gave rise to night. The full moon which illuminated the roads the other day which usually contained tints of sodium vapor lamp is no where to be seen. My time had dawned upon me to make my way back home. But it was raining, raining like there's no tomorrow. I belong to the adamant lot. I walked the slippery roads slowly drenching in the cold water droplets that hit harder than the canon ball falling from the sky. I was in a state of oblivion of what was going on around me. A slow music filled the atmosphere in... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
Day 23, ThursdayThings you've learned that school won't teach you_______________The things that I was so intelligent to  learn on my own that school was unable to teach me? Let me point out one thing when I am on this topic. School has taught me a lot of things. But the thing that I don't use half of it, or should I say anything at all is another story altogether. So, what have I learned on my own? Frankly speaking, I don't recollect anything as such. Or is it something like I learnt everything on my own which I wasn't able to do the same at school. The pin-pointing is something a little too difficult. Because if not all, a little bit role is played by school also. After all, I ain't no gen... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
Day 22, WednesdayRant about something. Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel. (a pet peeve, a current event, a controversial topic, something your husband or roommate or neighbor or boss does that really ticks you off)___________________What ticks me off? Wrong Question. The question must be like What doesn't tick you off?   And these days, the intensity of the ticking process has escalated to new heights. I have no idea what I might do when it crosses the threshold limit. Where do I even start ? Blind Eye : There are something people do not know, I repeat do not know. Well may be they know how it works and all, but they really don't know how it works. So, on occ... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
What's up ? Nothing much. 1. It was a fairly rainy day in summer. The heat can consumed by the cold splashing droplets. I enjoy rain, as I always do. And if I didn't had any work, like go to a office or something like that, I wouldn't mind getting a little wet. And mind it, in that process of getting a little wet, I get fully drenched in the cold water. And I wouldn't take cover. I wouldn't run. I would let myself get the full of the rain. Now imagine this. A guy walking in the heavy rain slowly and carefully covering himself with a umbrella. But here the guy is me minus the umbrella. I would walk as if the rain wasn't falling at all. Yeah, I turn a few head who definitely think what an... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
Day 19, SundayFive of your favorite blogs and what you love about them_________________a.  0 ÷ 0 | The Undefined by Keirthana b. DЯΣΛMƧ by Wandererc. Supercalifragilisticsexyalidocious™ by IQ ©d. A few words of a dumb heart by Namrata e. Live Your Life by Green Speckf. Journey of Dreams by adreamygal g. Memoirs of Me by Me h. Speaking My Heart by Mani Khanna i. The Sweet Life by Krazzy Ki __________________________________________Day 20, MondayGet real. Share something you're struggling with right now._________________Right now, you ask? Well, writing for one thing. I clearly have no idea what's going on with me, but I am not at my best. I sit in front of my laptop thinki... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
Day 14, TuesdayTen things that make you really happy____________Ten things that make me happy : 1. Writing2. Photography3. Novels4. Gadgets5. Money6. Movies7. Jokes8. Friends9. Chocolates10. You shouldn't know. __________________________________________Day 15, Wednesday A Day in the life (include photos from throughout your typical day - this could be "a photo an hour" if you'd like)____________I think I already did this. Please find the following link useful.Workaholic. _____________________Day 16, ThursdaySomething difficult about your "lot in life" and how you're working to overcome it.____________Ah, the topic sounded like a nice one at first. But as I dig deep into it,... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
Beneath the stars, that dancedTo the song of the Silent Night.Shivered to the cold, that ravedIn the long Winter Night.I try to sing a song, With the verses unknown.The song of the Silence, For I can speak no more. I try to dance to the music,With the beats unknown.The Music of the Soul,For I can walk no more.I try to love,To the feeling unknown.The Language of the heart,For I can feel no more.I ponder in the darkness,With the destination unknown.For answers I search,To the questions unheard. And I ask myself, What is that I do?Tangled in this multitude of confusion, To the conclusion unknown.'Never give up, kid', They saidAnd neither did I.With a little hope, I looked forward fo... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
Life as we see is always been in a constant change. There is a lot happening in and around world. There are discoveries, innovations and developments in every field. You name a field, there is a new technology or a development there. And these transformations revolutionize the modern day lives. Science as we speak is advancing beyond one's expectation. The sheer complexities of Science in everyday life are transformed into something very easy. A decade back, we were unaware of many of the scientific possibilities and how it could change the lives of people. Science is still in the evolution stage where a lot has to be discovered and a lot to be renovated. Renovation?, you ask. Yes, through ... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
So, I have just a question is it late to write about the awards that a few lovely bloggers have bestowed upon me. I would like to thank them. Now I apologize for my delay to post this so late, like after a month. Now, I am just piled up with three awards and so many questions to be answered, of which two were old and one a recent one. The people who were too generous and kind to nominate Liebster Award are :1. Rudrapragya at Pragya , who awarded me with Liebster Award. 2. Ruya Preetika at Waking Moments. who awarded me with Versatile Blogger Award.3. Bushra M at Confessions of a StilettOmaniac I know its' all messed up in this post that I am posting three different awards in one. I had a... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
I have been a little preoccupied lately. Preoccupied? I don't even know what the word means! Well, let me say, I haven't written anything worthwhile in this month. And I know there is this May Challenge that I am doing, I mean confessing and all. I mean come on, who wants some guy's confession, well that too on a repeat mode, each day. That sure does drive people crazy, believe me. You don't believe me, do you? Okay, here's a little proof. Well, okay. That's my cousin. And I gave her a link to my poetry. Now see what's happened to her. May be, it could be that you still haven't realized yet. And I am afraid it is inevitable. You just dived too deep to get out. Wait, you are not actu... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
Day 12, SundayWhat do you miss? (A person, a thing, a place, a time of your life...)___________________Hmph... I ponder and look back at the days or the places or anything that I would like to revisit or lets say miss. I don't quite seem to jump on one single thing. As a matter of fact, I got none in my mind to even start with. I ponder again What do I miss? ... hmm.. What do I miss? Just plain blank. Now the question has changed in my mind to Why don't I have one? Or did I just forget? Well, if I had forgotten, then it is something that I never missed. Thats' plain a ans simple logic. So, back to the second question - Why don't I have one? as in like Why don't I remember anything that I mi... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
Day 11, SaturdaySell yourself in 10 words or less.___________________Wow. This sounds interesting. I will see how much I am worth. Hehe. So, let me bring out the best, hope you don't find any of the bluffs.1. Creative. 2. Photographer.3. Helpful.4. Imaginative.5. Thinker.6. Sensitive.7. Funny.8. Silent.9. Writer.10. Friendly.Ok. I have no idea what to write here. I hope you don't find any of the bluff cards on the board. Wait! I just realized, I could never be sold. In fact, if there was something like that, I will have to pay for myself in order to sell myself. Yeah, that's right, I will have to pay and be sold. :P ... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
Day 10, FridayMost embarrassing moment (s). Spill. ________________________Ah! I was just trying to run away from this question. I tried almost everything to dodge and hide away somewhere deep just to avoid this question, or lets say this topic. I am still thinking whether I should just spill them out or give it a pass. Because if it's one, I wouldn't even have had this discussion in my mind. On thinking really hard and banging my head on the wall, I think I will spill. 1 .The Wrongly Accused : It sometimes happens that we are in the middle of something we don't want to be, but unfortunate circumstances make us to be there. Or in most cases we aren't even aware of something that has happen... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
Day 9, ThursdayA moment in your day (This can be just a photo or both a photo and words.)_____________________________________That's an excellent topic. Too bad, I am not regular with my camera. I think I have packed and kept it deep inside some hole somewhere here or there. So, I went through a few of my old clicks and came up with the following. Though the topic says, just a photo, but you must be knowing by now that I am an excellent rule-breaker. Ok, that is me being too damn slow.Believe me, I am way faster. This my friend is called a watch.That's me having a stupendous meal.Yeah, You are right. Every Night. Okay. Now lets get down to business. That was me putting up the nice act so... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
Day 8, WednesdayA piece of advice you have for others. Anything at all._____________________________Well, lets be clear here. Advice? Me ? Yeah, Yeah, I too am laughing. Let me try. But also get this that I am the last person who should be giving any advice, keep aside the good or the bad thing. The recent incidents have triggered a lot of thoughts in my mind and they keep revolving. Yes, this is about the the present day society and the atrocities that are happening. The Judge : So, we have to ability to think and say our thoughts. That's the freedom in democracy. When I hear someone judging someone, I wonder who are they to even do that? I mean why does one even have to think about o... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
Life as we see is always in a constant change. There is a lot happening in and around world. There are discoveries, innovations and developments in every field. You name a field, there is a new technology or a development there. And these transformations revolutionize the modern day lives. Science as we speak is advancing beyond one's expectation. The sheer complexities of Science in everyday life are transformed into something very easy. A decade back, we were unaware of many of the scientific possibilities and how it can change the lives of people. Science is still in the evolution stage and there is a lot to be discovered and a lot to be renovated. So, what has science given us in t... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
Day 7, TuesdayThe thing(s) you're most afraid of._________________________________Let me make one thing clear. I ain't no afraid of anything. When I say anything, it sure means anything under the sun and the moon. So, I must be invincible, isn't that right? May be I am, or may be not. So, I ponder at the thought and I kept thinking, what scares me more and what am I afraid of? I am left clueless. Actually No, there is something ; but I am not sure whether that called being afraid of or what. May be I should pen it down and then decide.As I look deep into the empty night sky, a chilly wind sweeps across my face. I plunge into the thought of being afraid of. I leave a silent mocking laugh. Bec... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
Sometimes I feel I am being followed. Followed everywhere I go. As if they are tracing my footprints with a powerful dog like an Alsatian or a Doberman. Or like an Eagle eye. My each work being noted and briefed. My insight has been barred, the life gets to stake, when each step of yours leaves a mark, and everybody tends to look up at the mark not just as mark, but with all the known and unknown philosophies of unknown era.I have been thinking about people these days. Hmm... Err ... Actually quite a long time, because the best thing I can do is understand a person with all their behavior and not to mention their character. I have seen people spring in the wake of life, just getting a brilli... Read more
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Blogger: Ajay
Day 6, MondayIf you couldn't answer with your job, how would you answer the question, 'what do you do'?____________________________My first reaction on seeing the topic was a big laugh. Even I was asked about my job, I wouldn't prefer saying about that. It is not something like a Google or Microsoft job to brag about. So, anyway, the question : 'What do I do?' I do a lot of things to start with. I sometimes do trekking, jumping, sleeping, umm.. drink, talk, umm..er.. Nike, iPhone, Mercedes..umm.. Wait! 'Sorry, what was the question again?' . Yeah, 'What do I do?'. 1. Waste :  I waste time, like a lot. You have no idea. Though my to-do list(s) is torn a hundred times and remad... Read more
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