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In Ayurveda, great importance is given to ayurvedic massage, and its daily practice is recommended. It is advice to be done daily in the same way we eat, bath and sleep daily. It should be done daily so that eliminate of waste materials is removed from our body. According to Ayurveda, the pains are caused by an obstruction of the flow of air (vayu) through the vessels (siras), which transports it. When the body is rubbed or massaged the heat is generated, this cause the air of the body to expand and move. The circulation of vayu through the siras relieves tensions and reduces pain. Besides this, it also provides a deeper and more natural breathing pattern. 1. It eliminate aging (Jarahar) In... Read more
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Blogger: namita
Touches carry a much deeper meaning than many of us think. Take, for example, babies, those who are constantly petted and stroked have stronger immunity and health is stronger than those who are deprived of parental caress. Tactile sensations with the mother’s body for the child are no less important than food. Cuddled children physically and mentally develop better. The same applies to adults; a gentle or calm touch can be the most effective medicine against stress enhances immunity and improves the functioning of the nervous system. In India, regular home massage is practiced and many have family traditional. For babies massage is done every day from birth to the age of three. For ... Read more
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Blogger: namita
Honey is a greatest ingredient recipe made by bees, flowers and Mother Nature itself. The uses of honey for skin and hair are since ages, it is a remedy of immortality, health and well-being. Natural honey has been widespread of healing properties. Honey has its own importance in ayurveda, in Charak, the ancient sage of Ayurveda it is said that if honey consumed regular can balance Ama (toxic matter in the body) which is responsible for the root cause of most illnesses. The US National Institute of Health confirms its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and other properties. That is why manufacturers of cosmetics actively add honey extracts to their products, because it can accele... Read more
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Blogger: namita
Trying to lose weight, if so it is very significant that you try a perfect, healthy and effective method. The Perfect healthy methods means a natural way that can help to lose weight without side effects. People constantly search for the easiest way using peeling for the accumulated fat from the abdomen region. But it can cause many adverse effects if proper care not taken. Some people join the weight-loss programs or diet plans that can be more productive. But if looking for permanent weight loss, you can switch on the ayurvedic way. There are many ayurvedic plants that can be used as a natural weight loss remedy and are also effective in reducing belly fat in a safe and easier manner. Wha... Read more
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Blogger: namita
These days Ayurvedic medicine is gaining much popularity throughout the world. It is an alternative health system medicinal plants that are used as herbal remedies. This remedy is one among many, which helps to correct a systemic imbalance. But before applying them; it is important to know the types of medicinal plants and their uses. Knowing the right method of preparation of the herbs is also significant for the Ayurvedic healing process. Ayurvedic medicine or herbal plants which are used for treating are based on the five method to control the overall system. They are used in the form of hot infusion, cold infusion, powder, juice and decoction. It doesn’t matter what method is used... Read more
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Blogger: namita
Losing weight can become a difficult task for once for all for many reasons. Although no one can deny the fact that imperative to follow a balanced diet can help to lose weight quite easily. On the journey to the weight loss consuming detox drinks can be the most effective part of it.The reasons that detox drinks can be successful as it promote proper digestion in the body. It is said that a good digestive system is an essential for healthy weight loss. The reason it that good digestion helps to flush out toxins from the body which are gathers in the form of fats and often settles into the body. There are many herbal teas for weight loss that can be trusted and be an ally to fight against o... Read more
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Blogger: namita
There is a famous and common saying “Health is wealth” it is true and Worth it. As without good health one can neither enjoy the wealth nor enjoy happiness over the life. Good health defines as healthy by the physical, feeling of mental, social well-being and a person free of diseases. To be free of body disorders as well as feeling good all time it is necessary that a person takes some precaution. However, it depends upon various things. The answer to most of the problems can be “Yoga,” performing in regular basis cannot only benefit in mental and physical health but also provide biochemical benefits. What is Yoga Posture? In yoga, an asana is a comfortably position... Read more
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Blogger: namita
Bryophyllum calcynium is a small shrub that grow around the height of 1-4 feet, is well known for its medicinal uses. It is in particular known for treatment of kidney stone, ulcers, wounds, bleeding as well as piles. Bryophyllum calcynium plant in English is known as “Miracle Leaf” or “Life Plant” and in Hindi is called as Patharchur, Paan-futti, Pather Chat, etc. It is a plant that has been uses as ayurvedic medicine for ages. It have found helpful in many ailments due to its tremendous medicinal properties in it. Bryophyllum Calycinum Indian Names Hindi: Jakh Me Hayat, Panfutti, Patherchart. Sanskrit name: Parn beej, hemsagar, Asthibhaksha, Parnabija, Parnabijah,Pashanabheta. Ta... Read more
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Blogger: namita
Yoga Nidra is a Sanskrit word which can well be defined as “yogic sleep” in English; it is a condition, where a person gets a perception between awakenings and sleeping, mostly experience like going-to-sleep stage. Yoga Nidra is a state in which the body is totally calm; person completely gets the awareness of the inner world by following a set of verbal instructions. What Is Yoga Nidra? Yoga nidra is a type of yoga mediation, which has been practiced by yogi for more than centuries. They practiced it so that they could intentionally view their “samskaras”(impressions of the mind). Yoga nidra is a process in which one could purify their “samskaras” in order to move close... Read more
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Blogger: namita
Detoxification literally means cleansing the blood; it is a natural process of the body in which the toxins are removed by the body. In this process the removing of impurities from the blood is performed in the liver, where toxins are processed for elimination. There are other ways in which the body eliminates toxins such as through the intestines, kidneys, lymphatic system, skin and lungs.Detoxifying is a key process which helps our body to maintain vitality, youth as well as reversing the ageing process. There are many ways in which internal purification can be done. Ayurvedic Medicine To Remove Toxins From Body The Ayurvedic way of Detoxification have a long history; it’s dating back a... Read more
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Blogger: namita
It’s summer time! Blazing up heat, sweating people and dehydration mean the summer has arrived. With the temperature rising day by day, its necessity to pay attention to our health else one may undergo serious side effects. It’s time to cool down the body in summer, means hitting the health club swimming pools, beaches, lakes or just lingering in the shade, under AC on or the fans running all the time. But what’s about the thirst quenchers? We generally get motivate or look for something cool to drink. However, remember that all thirst quenchers are not always healthy; some may even cause harm to the body. For instance, sugar-laden juices or soda pops are unhealthy thirst quencher... Read more
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Blogger: namita
The human bodies are made up of various significant organ systems that work together to make a person sound, fit and healthy. The teeth and gums are also among them, an important part that not only give you a beautiful smile, but also signify good oral health that is very significant for life. Ayurveda pays a significant importance to oral health and towards the practice of oral hygiene. It believes cultural scale, oral health activities such as flossing, brushing and regular dental cleanings are important for healthy life. Keeping dental health healthy can also help to lessen or rid the development of dreadful dental problems like receding gums, cavities, Gingivitis,cracked teeth and tooth... Read more
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Blogger: namita
What Is Isabgol? Psyllium husk is commonly known as isabgol, ispaghula in India. The name psyllium derived from the seeds of the Plantago ovata plant that are found in the northwestern region of India. Isabgol plant is native to India and Pakistan and is the annual crop that is grown in the northwest region of India. Psyllium seed husk is a part of the seeds of plant plantago ovate. The Seed so called husk is a natural fiber that are soluble in water with reducing gel that becomes mucilaginous when wet. This plant contains some soluble fiber and 30% to 70% are insoluble. It consists of the epidermis and collapsed adjacent layers that are removed and dried from the ripe seeds of Plantago ovat... Read more
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Blogger: namita
Scleroderma is a mysterious ailment that appears to sail under the radar with very little media interest and extremely poor medical support. Scleroderma is an autoimmune illness that results in creation of fibrous tissues as an effect of an inflammatory process. In other words, we can say that scleroderma is lined up when your immune system or antibodies strike different connective tissues throughout your body. What is scleroderma? It is a group of chronic skin diseases which are closely associated with hyperactive immune system. The connective tissues are the fibers which provide the support and framework for the body. Scleroderma is the autoimmune disease of connective tissues. In sclero... Read more
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Blogger: namita
Neem is a tropical tree native to India and also termed as the wonder tree. In Sanskrit, the neem tree is called Aristha, sarvatibhadra, Subhadra, Sutikta etc and scientific name of neem is Azadirachta indica. Neem tree leaves, bark and oil have been used to treat hundreds of various ailments from ancient to modern times. Neem tree is still venerable and vastly used in many countries, particularly in India for its exceptional therapeutic properties. Neem has a far larger variety of uses than any other known herb. The use of a neem tree is attributed to an ancient Indian culture known as Ayurveda over 4,500 years ago. Ayurveda the oldest Sanskrit writings called “Charaka Samhita”... Read more
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Blogger: namita
Black cardamom is a Indian spice that is commonly known as ‘Badi Elaichi or Kali Elaichi’ in Hindi and “Brihad ela” or “Sthula ela” in Sanskrit. Black cardamom, also known as Bengal cardamom, hill cardamom, Indian cardamom, greater cardamom, winged cardmom, Nepal cardamom, brown cardamom and scientific name is “Amomum subulatum”. Its aromas a bit like camphor or mint and is mostly used in savory dishes rather than sweet or salty dishes. People do consider black cardamom little inferior to green cardamom, but it’s not true as black cardamoms have it on importance. Black cardamoms are uses are numerous; it is not only benefits for health but also for ... Read more
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Blogger: namita
Ayurveda is a practice of traditional medicine hereditary to India; it has been adopted since thousands of years in different parts of India. The “Sushruta Samhita” and the “Charaka Samhita” are manuscript that has described the works on conventional medicine during this period. Ayurvedic practitioners also claim to include and recognize a number of therapeutic preparations and surgical techniques for curing various illnesses and diseases. In Ayurveda plant leaves or so-called medicine leaves of herbs are divided and merged as per their properties and functions. This characterization makes ready for herbal medicines and is recommended for various ailments and wellnes... Read more
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Blogger: namita
The papaya, papaw also known as pawpaw is a fruit with amazing taste and marvellous health benefits. Scientifically papaw is known as “Carica papaya Linn” has become well recognized for its exceptional nutritional and remedial properties around the world. There are many health benefits of papaya, the amazing about it is that the plant, including its stem, ripe fruits, unripe fruits, leave, seeds and papaya leaf juice are used in ayurveda as a traditional medicine. The foremost medicinal properties of Papaya include Uterotonic, Anti-fertility, Anti-hypertensive, Diuretic, Anti-helminthic, Hypolipidemic, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-tumor, Free radical scavenging including Wo... Read more
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Sesame oil is obtained for the Sesame seeds that are acquired from a flowering plant belonging within the genus’ family called Sesamum or benne. Botanically Sesame seed is known as “Sesamum indicum”, it is the seed that is believed to be the oldest oil seed crop that has been cultivated for more than 3,500 years. In India Sesame seeds is known as “Til” or “Tila”, it is mostly used as an edible vegetable oil beside for offering to a God and making sweets. Sesame oil in Hindi is called “Til Ka Tel”,  Sesame seeds have a great importance in customs and rituals as well as medicinal uses. As customary Sesame seeds are used to make sweets called “Laddu” or “laddoo”... Read more
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Brahmi is often known as water hyssop, it is a good-looking perennial herb that is generally found along the marshes and muddy shores. Scientifically, this herb is known as “Bacopa Monnieri” which is a Latin word. In English, Brahmi herb is known as Indian pennywort or Thyme Leaved Gratiola also herb of grace. It is a small, creeping herb that has its distinct look, light purple or white blooms. It generally grows in damp soil, shallow water, and marshlands.The name Brahmi derived from a Sanskrit word “Brahman or “Lord Brahma.” Brahman is the Hindu designation given to the Cosmic Consciousness. Lord Brahma is the divine nature responsible for all the creative powers throughou... Read more
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