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Blogger: Kumar Rahul
It is funny and exciting to know that this trek to Tinjure peak has recently opened up and you will find only 5-10 visitors doing this trek. I hope that you have done a few treks in Northern states of India. You will be wondering why you should do this trek. The trek is A++ on cleanliness as you will not find any garbage anywhere on this trek. The trek is very easy, but you will be having one of the most exciting and heart whelming views of mountains. The peak of Trichuli Trek gives a paranomic view of mountains ranges from all side. You will see yourself surrounded by mountain peaks with a clear sky and fresh air.  Trichuli Trek is a beginners trek on the difficulty level. If you try... Read more
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Blogger: Kumar Rahul
We are listing here 10 best treks you may opt to enjoy and celebrate your Christmas. What comes to your mind when everyone plans a great vacation: Goa, Kullu, Nainital. Everyone has got different choices and interest when it comes to spending holidays.In recent years after Kashmir has become little calm tourist has started turning around to visit Gulmarg and interior part of Kashmir.How does it sound you, train stopping at station covered in snow? This is normal days in Kashmir. The place is all covered in Snow and who will not love making some Snowman for Christmas.  https://ghumakkadd.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Christmas-Vacation-Gulmarg.mp4From Gulmarg, you can trek for northern ... Read more
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Blogger: Kumar Rahul
Panchachuli Base Camp is among the most exciting base camps that attract an influx of travelers from all over the world every year.Cozily tucked amidst the snow-capped peaks of Panchachuli, the Darma valley of Pithoragarh district (Uttarakhand) is a blessed, scenic location with copious natural wonders. The route that takes trekkers to the glacier offers a spectacular amalgamation of enthralling scenery, glistening mountains, humming streams, Alpine meadows and an expansive variety of natural flora & fauna.Located in Eastern Kumaon Himalaya, this trekking route creates the division linking the Gori Ganga and Darma Valleys. A lot of people flock here to witness the ethereal beauty and exp... Read more
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Blogger: Kumar Rahul
Bara Bhangal Trek: A challenging trek in the heart of Himachal Pradesh Bara Bhangal Trek is highly challenging and is for those people who are experienced widely in traveling throughout the rugged backcountry. Many people who take this trek know the basics of hiking and camping. It steers the traveler from the flourishing green valley of Kullu to the beautiful and scenic landscapes of Bara Bhangal range. For all the trouble that you face in the trek, the rewards are worth it. Indeed, it is a fruitful trek and perfect for people who want a natural trek that takes them back to their roots and gives them some time with nature.An exciting trek and among the best treks of Himachal Pradesh, B... Read more
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Blogger: Kumar Rahul
Har ki dun Trek: Heavenly trek tucked safely among the Garhwal Mountains Har ki dun trek is in the bosom of Garhwal Himalayas where you will beauty in its most pristine form. The trek is among the most sought-after treks. The valley is also called as the hanging valley which has enormous exotic beauty and scenic views. It is also famous as a beginners trek. On this trek, you will come across so much lush greenery and pristine beauty of the lofty mountains. It has dense alpine forests and gives a beautiful panoramic view of the mountains. Har ki dun trek is of moderate difficulty and takes travelers to a region that is less populated by tourism and least explored in all of Garhwal H... Read more
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Blogger: Kumar Rahul
Dodital Trek: Enjoy the beautiful fantasy trekDo you need a wintry and fresh escape into a fantasy tale world? Then you need to take the Dodital Trek and visit the Darwa Pass. The trek is so awe-inspiring that it will give you shivers and the location is so magnificent that it will through numerous pleasant surprises your way. The landscape here is snowy and distinct, unlike the full concrete cities. There is a beautiful freshwater lake perched at 3085 meters which is quite a heavenly sight for the hungry eyes. According to legend, Lord Ganesha picked this place as his home and abode, and there is even a divine place, a temple made for him. Located in the state that is famously called the La... Read more
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Blogger: Kumar Rahul
Khatling Glacier Trek: Enjoy a long trek passing through sacred spots of IndiaKhatling Glacier Trek experience and story: The Khatling glacier which is an extraordinary sight is the primary source of the revered river Bhilangana. According to legend, Bhilangana originated from a divine spirit which was rejected by Lord Shiva. Legend says that this holy spirit made attempts to tempt the great Lord Shiva. After rejection, it turned into a liquid form and thus the river Bhilangana flew from it. On the west, the glacier has Sahasratal. On the east, it has Masartal and glacier is covered by snow clad peaks from all four corners. The mountains belong to the Jogin group (6466 m), Sphetic Pristwar (... Read more
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Blogger: Kumar Rahul
Deoriatal to Chandrashila Trek: Experience the beauty in the lap of HimalayasDeoria Tal-Chandrashila Trek with Chopta is a famous trek that most people prefer in the summer months. You can, of course, take the winter trek but a summer trek is quite rejuvenating as it gives you a break from the bustling cities and revives your body, soul, and mind. It is a short trek and counted among the most spellbinding treks in the Garhwal district. The first part is where you visit the Deoria Tal which is quite charming at 2438m. Then you go from the Chaukhamba Peak to see the beautiful views of the Deoria Tal Lake and its crystal clear waters.The trail that leads to Chopta has a blanket of lush green me... Read more
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Blogger: Kumar Rahul
GoechaLa Trek: Try this Challenging trek in SikkimGoechaLa trek is a refreshing trek among the beautiful Himalayan Mountains, and it has the power to make you forget the whole world with its beauty. It is a tiny place tucked away in Sikkim and serves as the motivational engine and desire of numerous adventure lovers across the country.Entwined in the middle of vibrant and multi-hued flora and fauna, GoechaLa serves as a grand trek. It takes you on the way to the fantastic Kanchenjunga National Park, and if you love the natural beauty, then you will surely enjoy the national park too. But the real reason why Goechala is so famous is not that of the magnificent Kanchenjunga but due to several ... Read more
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Blogger: Kumar Rahul
Nag Tibba Trek: Embrace the real beauty amidst the HimalayasNag Tibba trek is a circular trek with a different finishing point than the starting point. As you descend from the summit, you will notice a diverse landscape. On your way back, you will find some quaint villages and amazingly beautiful Deodar forests which help you stay refreshed and calm.If you want quick refreshment and want to escape from city life for a day or two, then Nag Tibba is where the compass points. What’s worth appreciating is that it is less explored and the trekking route near Mussoorie is relatively new so you won’t find too much rush there either.  The course starts with Garhwal Himalayas, and Nag Tibba is t... Read more
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Blogger: Kumar Rahul
Stok Kangri Trek: The challenging Himalayan trek that tests your powerStok Kangri trek has this incredible and magnificent attracting power that invites so many to this challenging trek. Those who haven’t done a high altitude trek before want to complete this trek as well. This is the highest trek-able summit situated at an elevation of about 20500 feet. The route to Stok Kangri Peak shows us numerous thrilling sights such as the lofty mountains of the Himalayas and turn into a fantasy and dreamlike destination in reality. If you are an adventure admirer, then it is even better. Stok Kangri Trek is among the fascinating places of India with Ladakh being its peak parent.Stok Kangri Trek rec... Read more
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Blogger: Kumar Rahul
Kuari Pass Trek – The legitimate beginner’s trekKuari Pass Trek begins from Haridwar and takes you the breathtaking Joshimath, Khullara, and Auli. The temperature during the day at Kuari Pass remains 13°C-18°C drops to -3°C-4°C during the night. The overall trekking distance is around 33km, and the maximum altitude is 12,516 ft. The difficulty level of the trek is an easy to moderate trek with Haridwar being the closest railway station.Pic Credit : Google MapKuari Pass trek goes on for six days, and during the trek, you will see the holy destinations in the Himalayas. It begins with Haridwar and then takes you to Joshimath showing you beautiful pilgrim spots in different places.... Read more
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Blogger: Kumar Rahul
Hemkund – valley of flower trek: Visit the revered spot in the grand valleyWhether you are a nature lover or a trekker or just a botanist, the charm of Hemkund-Valley of Flower Trek has taken over everyone.This Valley of Flower trek is quite daunting and gives travelers access to the Himalayan valley. If you want to see the rich biodiversity and fabulous surroundings of the Himalayas, then this is the perfect location.The way to Hemkund, the valley of flower trek starts from Haridwar and takes you via the beautiful villages of Govindghat and Ghangaria. It is at an altitude of 11000 feet which is quite high so that you will need acclimatization. At this is the transition zone lying betw... Read more
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