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Relationship of 7 years and still counting Source: Google Images Hello Readers, I hope you all might be safe and sound during this quarantine phase against the spread of COVID-19, following all possible measures towards the prevention of propagation of this pandemic. As our PM has already declared a complete shutdown for 21 days; a revolutionary step towards battling against COVID-19, staying at home and giving quality time to family, passion, creativity and every other tasks which might have lost its importance in the fast paced life. It’s the time to stay indoor yet let your creative juices flow!Amidst all moments of sheer panic and chaos created by COVID-19 to disrupt the normal fu... Read more
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Blogger: sweta
Here comes the first surprise of the year. Thanks, Story Mirror for this gift! ©Swati Sarangi29.01.2020... Read more
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Blogger: sweta
Miracle Miracle is youLook at yourselfTake a glance at your soulMagnificent, vibrant radiating huesIlluminating you to the highest energyYes, it’s the same youThough diverted from the pathYet, the same source of energyAll set to spread magicLet your potential to awaken againGained the self-realizationThrough introspection Now, nothing seems impossibleWhich was gigantic then Every hurdle vanishedManifesting the same energy To the core levelYou are born againLift yourself up from the ashesTo rise like a phoenixTo be an inspiration to the world And yes you are indeed a miracleFor the world and for you. 25-1-2020SWETA SARANGI ... Read more
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Blogger: sweta
                                   Year that has gone byThis is post dedicated to the incidences that have taken place in my life during 2019. Yes, 2019 was one of the most challenging years for me in terms of hurdles that I have faced. I welcomed this year with a lots of positivism and courage to start my venture and undo the mistakes that I did previous year. I resolved to be more passionate towards the work I do and be honest to my efforts. Initial phase of the year went with completion of some of the tasks that I had to do. It did not go well in academic front irrespective of the efforts I put. I pr... Read more
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Blogger: sweta
Thanks StoryMirror for this Christmas Gift! ... Read more
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                                                             EscapistHe was a chirping soul, determined to achieve something great in his life.He was content because he has observed every aspect of his life so minutely.He never let the fear of failure overtake his passion for learning new every day. Time changed in a fraction that turned everything ups and down.Situations backstabbed his current mindset.He started losing interest in his life.The same 'him' fell in a trap of negativities that held him so tight each day.He became a vict... Read more
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Blogger: sweta
                          Nothing is permanentComing out of the writer's block, the topic catches my attention to a great extent. Changes are always dynamic in nature and inescapable. Some of the changes lay a positive impact while others deter the person from his daily routine and create a pattern in mind. Sometimes the patterns are strong enough to disturb the peace of mind. It becomes quite important to let go some of those thoughts that make you occupied for long. The questions, that are needed to be asked for a long term basis:1. Is this change going to last forever?2. Is it impacting my day to day life?3. Is it devia... Read more
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Blogger: sweta
                                       My eternal GURUThe poem is about my journey of getting connected to the eternal GURU, my inner conscience, the gut instinct which is blessed by universal wisdom, during my search for GURU elsewhere.Blessed I feel when I think about the teachers whom I metIn every walk of my life; Be him a vendor or a waiterAs each of them taught me at least a thing or twoTo carry them forward in the journey for search of truth..My belief in them strengthened when I witnessed them not giving upWhen giving up was the only and best option availableThey refused to surrender a... Read more
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Blogger: sweta
Let the divine energy within you connect with the supreme divine! Let the divine power, intellect,love within yourself get evoked and heal you emotionally, mentally and spiritually!  Happy Navratri to you all! ... Read more
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Blogger: sweta
Creative Writing Competition on the occasion of Teacher's Day... Read more
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Blogger: sweta
LOA Story -2 #386 Universe has already decided the winnerHello readers, I feel blessed to share this incident with you to reinforce your self-conviction and belief on magical powers of the Universe which always listens to our every thought and desires like a faithful genie.   Once my sister, Sweta, found out a competition which was requesting the participants to submit a hand written letter to their special ones on the eve of Valentine’s day and the deadline was few days before Valentine’s day. She challenged me to participate in that competition even after knowing the fact that I have never ever attempted to write anything in the genre Romance. I accepted her challenge. U... Read more
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Blogger: sweta
When the LOA itself finds a way to my blogHello Readers,I hope that you all might be doing great in your life as usual. I’ve thought of starting this section of LOA; Law of attraction; for presenting our LOA stories to you so that you can get inspired by it.Since my childhood, I have always been attracted to the immense power of thoughts as my father would always encourage us kids to be as positive and inquisitive as possible because nothing is impossible for a fully awakened and enlightened mind. We were always taught to be grateful to the almighty for everything we have with us. So, we grew up with a belief of infinite abilities of mind in achieving everything in life and felt blessed ab... Read more
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Blogger: sweta
Thanks to the Team of Story Mirror for this gift! ... Read more
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Those Letters --------------------------Source:Google Images[Let's go back to 90's! How beautiful were those days when letters were used to be the media of communication! The era san mobiles, smartphones, social media was something different yet more connecting. It built important relationships. Waiting for letters as medium of communication was something inexplicable, wasn't it? ]Sharanya and Shubhra have been best friends. They took admission in same school from pre-school. The first time Sharanya saw lil Shubhra sobbing at the entrance gate of the newly admitted school when her parents had left her as it was the first day of Shubhra at school. The grief of separating from her parents... Read more
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Blogger: sweta
Hello Readers,It feels great to announce that we received Certificates of Appreciation from Story Mirror for having contributed our pieces of writing to the platform of Story Mirror .Interesting title though :) You can find our writings at this platform by clinking on the following links which will direct you to the respective profile:Story Mirror: Swati SarangiStory Mirror:Sweta Sarangi... Read more
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Blogger: sweta
                                       Can I be a rose?Whose petals are smooth and silkyWhose fragrance spreads everywhereWhose luster mesmerizes every timeAnd everyone whosever observes itRadiates vibrant colours all the timeThough the stems quite thornyYet it’s subtle and elegant in its own wayStands so firm among all the thornsDelivers much more enchanting effectsTo the world surrounding itSurrenders itself completely to the worshipOf the Almighty each and every dayYes, I desire to be a roseTo be a harbinger of love and humanity To experience all the divinity it possessesTo shower some po... Read more
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Blogger: sweta
Learn to lose gracefullyToday, I got a golden opportunity to attend a talk (on the occasion of 52nd Convocation of IIT Kanpur) of one of the eminent personalities in the arena of sports, Pullela Gopichand, a former badminton player, coach of Indian Badminton team and recipient of many prestigious awards of India such as Arjun Award, Dronacharya Award and Padma Bhushan. He was accompanied by his wife PVV Lakshmi who is also a former renowned badminton player and has bagged the National Badminton championship title 8th times. To train the future generation badminton, he opened an academy named Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy (PGBA) with the support of his wife and mother.  He has ment... Read more
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Blogger: sweta
When the storyteller comes out of the bookI would begin this article with a snippet of the poem from the book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne,To trust in the forceThat moves the universe is faithFaith isn't blind;it's visionary.Faith is believing that the universeIs on our side, and that the universeKnows what it's doing.-Author unknownThe companion during my journeyIt was during December 2018, my eyes fell on one of the Sudha Murthy's books, "Here, there and Everywhere" in Kempegowda International Airport. Being always an admirer Sudha Murthy's style of writing and storytelling, I couldn't resist myself from picking the book mentioned above from the catalog. This book was very special to me as... Read more
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Blogger: sweta
Certification of Appreciation from Story MirrorIt feels great to have participated in “A Poetry Moment” organized by Story Mirror; a writing platform and I’m happy to share the Certification of Appreciation today. Thanks to the Team of Story Mirror for lending a very well designed certificate. Another news to share, I’ve contributed one of my poems; Poem numbered 361, for the contest. May I request you to vote for it to help me win if you find my content deserving to get this honor. The voting lines are enabled till 20th July.Poem numbered 361: The voice of dumbHere’s the link to my profile in Story mirror:Story Mirror: Swati SarangiLooking forward to your readership, readers!... Read more
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Blogger: sweta
When the frame changes Hello Readers,  We’ve decided to devote this section to our traveling experiences and hoping to share some of the beautiful memories collected from the instances when the background changes with time. After my venture of traveling is over, all I feel is that I’m a mere traveler, traveling through different frames of time and space in life. Oh! Yes, not to forget that life is a journey and all of us are continuously traveling whether we realize it or not. ©Swati Sarangi26.04.2019... Read more
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Vibes of the libraryImage Source:Google I have always been attracted to library as they house myriad of ideologies in those trillions of pages bound together to give rise to tangible forms. As soon as I enter it, I wonder how different my life would be if I am not only able  to absorb those printed words but also to live each one of them . Even an entire lifetime will be insufficient to devour those food (from such libraries let alone that of Infy's) stimulating energetic thoughts for brain. I feel privileged and lucky to be here at this moment, right now, surrounded by uncountable books as if they're shouting out loud to read them. Reading not only provides me ideas ,ways to ... Read more
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