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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
In Sunday evening  I strolling on road. It’s cloudy and cold waves making it chillier. I am walking alone with my camera and looking here and there for pictures. Suddenly a voice came from behind – Chhalni Garam… Chhalani (Hot corn)…I turned and saw a small kid selling corns. He shows me some corns and said - please take one. Its only 10 Rupees and these are very sweet and soft. Please take one. I look into his eyes, which are very innocent.  I hallucinated by his eyes. I didn’t take corn but I feel like talking with him... You always sell  corn ? -  I start chatting with himNo! Not whole day, I only come after school– He reply me and burning fire fo... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
Like every time I am again busy with my nomadness. Suddenly I saw a guy who is lean in his painting. The way he is working  attracts me a lot. People are standing around him but he is deeply involved in his painting. I saw him and move ahead. Though, I moved but my mind is still thinking about him. I thought I must talk with him but my second thought told me not to disturb him. He is busy in making different pictures and writing different sentence in stylish writing…I back without talking to him but he made me think about him a lot. My mind kept on thinking about him. Day after day, I kept on thinking again and again…I keep on imagining him with his brush, paint and stuff around him... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
Dear Friends,I am starting a project called"My Wish My Desire". In this project I will publish a picture of the people with their wish and desires... This is first picture of the project....A Curious Young Monk of Sikkim - 1  I was strolling in the monastery of Sikkim. Suddenly I saw a young monk staring me. Actually he was curious about my camera and wants me to click his picture...This young monk is taking education in this monastery. His Wish and Desire is to offer his whole life to the monastery and work for Humanity and Buddhism after education...He had family in his village house but now as he become monk so he don't want to talk about them anymore. He has been come out ... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
I just return home from my journey of Meghalaya.  Meghalaya is a North-East part of India know as ‘Abode of Clouds’ also...I spend almost a week in the place and explore so much about Meghalaya...Khasi is a tribe of Meghalaya and Khasi women are very friendly but don't like anybody click there pictures. These women I met in Mawshbuit village. They refused for picture but start laughing when I clicked there pictures... Police Market in the nightTraditional attire of Khasi TribeElephant Fall : Though the water is very less because there is no rain from 3 monthsKhasi women are self depend and business women. They work outside and take care of the family tooCherapunji without ... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
In the morning, I off to the taxi stand for Gangtok, Sikkim and find out share taxi. Taxi will move after a while so I stroll in market. Shops are still close but market is bustling with people. Its religious month of Sawan according to Hindu calendar and all are going to offer water to Shiva temple. Women and girls are wearing bright colors traditional dresses and jewelry and carrying pot of water on head. Religious songs are blearing loudly in temple. Here people are great devotee of God Shiva and they worship him a lot...Taxi starts in some time. I acquire a front seat. We passed through many villages. Toy train path is following the road. I love travel by share taxi coz it shows so much ... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
I already had booked the hotel so I fulfill some formalities and acquire room. Room is good and from window, I can see the cluster of houses but all are old architect houses so not disappointed. I take quick shower and come out. Hotel is in market so it was not difficult to find a restaurant. Market is absolute lazy and lifeless. I ask to restaurant guy the reason. He says taking my order – its off season. In monsoon, nobody come here. Restaurant is almost empty and no food was prepared there. He starts cooking everything after taking my order. I get food after half n hour. He serves food with sorry and justified that he made everything new so it took time. But I am happy with it coz I get... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
I reach station before time. Waiting rooms are bulking with passengers so I stroll at station. Every pinch of this huge station is pack with passengers. Sultry weather is making me sweat. Luckily train is on time and I find my coach easily and acquire seat. One family is already there busy in gossiping in Bengali…In a while, one more passenger enters into coach. Family is still busy in talking loudly and moving from here and there without caring others. Evening light is shadowing everything outside the window. Suddenly very low voice comes to me. I turn my eyes inside. Man is interacting me – where are you going ? I turn to him and reply – Darjling. How will you go from Jalpaiguri ? ... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
wake up early I went to morning walk. Streets of Kolkata are still in sleeping mode. Footpath has acquired by baggers for sleep. I stop at bifurcation and not able to decide which road I should follow. I saw tram lane is passing through one road so I will follow the tram lane road. This area has many societies and shops but not big shopping malls. School going students are giving life to the road. Kolkata is simple metro city. Life doesn’t run like Delhi or Mumbai here. People are not rich but well literate and simple. After a long walk, I way back to hotel. Road become alive while I return to the hotel… I get fresh and off to see the city without any fix agenda. I ask hotel boy abo... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
 Outside station, many yellow color Ambassador Cars are in a file. Ambassador cars? Till now? Strange!!! Ambassador cars have been vanished from India long ago and here these cars still exists?  But if so then I will love to experience ride in this car. I was thinking about it and a guy comes to me for taxi. My first question to him is – do you have ambassador car taxi ?  He replied with big smile – yes Me ‘am. Then I ask him anything else…Soon after I was in yellow color ambassador taxi. Taxi guy, copper color, white hair old man, has started conversation in Bengali but I cleared him that I don't understand the language. Then he starts with Bengali mix Hindi.  He... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
Sitting in Kathgodam Railway Station and waiting for train to Delhi. Actually I didn’t want to take risk of landslide in rain season. From Delhi will take train for Kolkata. From Kolkata I will go to Darjling then Sikkim then back to Delhi and back to Nainital. Indeed a long journey…Kathgodam railway station is small and beautiful. One of my favorite places for wait. I love stroll one end to another end rather than sitting in a place. This railway station is single platform railway station so no madly hustle-bustle. After a while I went into waiting room. Mostly ladies are here. Men must be strolling outside. I noticed mostly ladies are interested in talking about television serials whic... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
After almost half-n hour, I wake up and move towards Babaji’s Hut. There I saw a man wearing trek-suit, sunglass and covered his head with white cloth. His curly and knotted hairs are poking out from the head cloth. Babaji looks me when I greet him. He greets me back with hand gesture. Amit introduce me to Babaji and says – He is Mauni Baba (reticent hermit). He doesn’t speak to anybody. He explains his feelings through the hand gestures. I know him from many years so I understand his language. After introduction, I sit at verandah where Amit serve me tea in small steel glass. With the sip of tea, I saw the group of blue sheep moving in front of Babaji’s hut where a little creek is f... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
Weather was clear but cold when I wake up in the morning. I move straight to Ashram for tea and breakfast. Then pack-up my tent and sleeping bag dump them in the Ashram coz Amit told me I can get everything in another ashram at Tapovan. After done all packing I start trek. Today’s trek would be straight till Goumukh but after Gaumukh it will be difficult. I start trek in sunny and bright weather. Few small and naughty clouds are playing with deep blue sky. Though trek is plain but whole path is rocky, on which I have to be careful with balance otherwise my feet can be bend between rocks… Anyway keep the road aside but scenario is still beautiful. River Bhagirathi is flowing like ser... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
Weather was clear but cold when I wake up in the morning. I move straight to Ashram for tea and breakfast. Then pack-up my tent and sleeping bag dump them in the Ashram coz Amit told me I can get everything in another ashram at Tapovan. After done all packing I start trek. Today’s trek would be straight till Goumukh but after Gaumukh it will be difficult. I start trek in sunny and bright weather. Few small and naughty clouds are playing with deep blue sky. Though trek is plain but whole path is rocky, on which I have to be careful with balance otherwise my feet can be bend between rocks… Anyway keep the road aside but scenario is still beautiful. River Bhagirathi is flowing like ser... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
When I wake up in morning, it was chilly. I get ready for trek and come to the market where Amit is waiting for me. Market is still close so I find out a small restaurant finish breakfast there and start trekking. After a while sun come out and valley get life again. After crossing long stairs through the narrow market my trek starts with steep ascend which is not very long. Now it’s plain walk along with roaring River Bhagirathi. Huge deodar trees making valley green. Sunlight coming through the leaves and giving pleasant feel of warmth. I can see many trekkers actually devotees who are going to Gaumukh but no one is going Tapovan…Soon we reach to Forest Office where we paid rent for ou... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
After much confusion, I am finally packing my rucksack for adventures trek of Tapovan. It’s too dark when I wake up 3 ‘o clock and there are two reasons for this too dark. First, its night and second is no electricity since night. I somehow manage my works and off to station in wintry dark. Station is busy with buses so I struggle to find out bus for Haridwar and 6.30 am I starts journey. Bus is almost empty. In Rudrapur bus had an accident. Actually, driver left bus without lock. Suddenly bus starts moving forward but luckily, driver see and manages to jump inside and stop the bus. It could be a serious accident coz road was engage with paddlers. Bus reaches Haridwar by 2.30 and I went ... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
It’s a fine winter morning when I was strolling around the Sattal Lake with my friend Muni, who is here in hills to cover the election news. Sattal is a beautiful place near Nainital…After crossing few restaurants which are close in off season we reach near the lake. In winter morning lake was so calm and peaceful. Layer of fog was hovering over it and making it more attractive…We took a long walk and enjoy the beauty of this beautiful lake in winter morning…Few pictures of this lovely morning… ... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
I already had many most challenging and adventures experiences in Himalayas, but going into Himalaya again and again is not only challenge or experience or adventure for me. Himalaya is a place where I can unload all my brain-garbage and reconnect with me and my soul...So I suddenly planned Brahmtaal trek and I proud my decision coz the trek was incredibly beautiful, pleasant and relaxing. Later on due to heavy snow fall trek became adventures too...Situated at Chamoli district of Uttarakhand in altitude of 4000 meter, Brahmtaal offers a beautiful scenario of vast Himalayan peaks like Trishul, Nanda Ghunti, dense forest of Rhododendrons and huge meadows, locally know as Bugyal…Here I am po... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
I was in Mussoorie, my Granny’s town after very long time.  When I reach there it was evening time and city was crowed for Christmas celebration. When I was child I used to come here every winter but since last many years I couldn’t come here…My memories are stuck with my childhood days so I was still imagining something like that but when I first entered into city I was so amused.  I kept calling to myself – this is not my childhood Mussoorie. This place is some other place…Crossing a long haphazard colony when I reach to market place, I was again amused. Nothing is there which I could recognize.  Everything is new, every construction is new. That old Charm of Musso... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
Band Stand Nainital is a Historical /monument of Nainital, made by Jim Corbett in 1935. For this Jim Corbett him self donated 7000/- Rupees. In summer Army play Band in it also but from long time it has been closed...This Historical monument faced many changes in this period...I am showing this in two pictures...Band Stand in 26th January 2012, 12:42 P.M.Band Stand in 11th December 2016, 11:51 A.M.... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
Kumbh Mela is a mass Hindu pilgrimage of faith in which Hindus gather to bathe in a sacred and holy river Ganga. Kumbh Mela held in every 12 years at Haridwar, Allahabad, Nashik, Ujjain. Maha Kumbha Mela is an auspicious occasion in Hindu mythology which happens after 144 years. I wanted to be a part of the occasion so went to Allahabad in year 2013…When I was strolling in Mela sight I came across with lots of hermits who are staying in a tent colony.  Every tent or AKHADA belongs to the different sect of hermits where they worship god in their own way…Few hermits are quite luxuries. They were moving in decorated horse cart from one place to another place and som... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
Walking in the bazaar of Almora is always a great fun for me. Approximately 1.5 to 2 kms long lane bazaar was once known to have stone slates on the path but now all stone slates have been replaced by new type tiles…Wonderful old wood carved houses all along the pathway, with shops on the ground floor and houses on the 1st floor... Unfortunately many of these old houses have been replaced with concrete stuffs but some older houses still exist, to show off the amazing wood craft work...... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
I was watching television, suddenly news flashed Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address nation at 8 pm. on 8th November 2016. This was of course big news so news channel started their analysis and what they analyzed was Prime Minister could announce war against Pakistan. What ??? War??? How can it possible??? There is no scene of war I murmured into my mouth. Anyway I wait for the 8 pm and listened speech of Prime Minister. When speech starts it was sounds like Man Ki Baat rather than WAR AGAINST PAKISTAAN...Between his speech, Prime Minister takes a long pause and announced -  today by midnight all 500 and 1000 rupees notes will be ban by the government to control Black money, Fake ... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
As I set on old wooden bench, pair of eyes stairs me from inside the house. I think he is astonished to see me alone in this wilderness. He is still engaged scrutinizing me but I am badly drained that just want to rest for a while so fixed my eyes to see the pristine beauty of Himalaya... I have been walk almost 14-15 kilometers in 4 hours and now reached here. Though in morning I came for morning walk but instead of walk I went for a small trek to Cheena Peak, near to Nainital, coz warm winter morning was bright beautiful and cozy... After an hour walking I find myself in a snow View amid of blue painted tea shops, red plastic chairs exciting outside. Where I was the only patron. ... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
As I lit Diya (oil lamp) in door entrance my childhood Diwali days drift in my mind. What a lovely and busy days those were !!! We used start cleaning and decorating home many days before Diwali. Making Aipan (door steps) with liquid rice powder and red clay was my desired work in Diwali…On the main diwali day making of Goddess Laxmi’s motif was one of the most fascinating work and my elder brother had expertise in making goddess face in guava and lemon fruits. In night we lilted diyas and candles together. Whole house echoed with mummy’s voice…Now everything is available in market. Life is much more comfortable now. Goddess face is available in market. Every type of Aipan stickers a... Read more
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Blogger: Vineeta Yashswi
Darma valley is a Himalayan valley situated in the Munsyari, Pithoragarh District. Uttarakhand state of India...People of Darma Valley are very shy and reserved. I was in Musari during my Milam Glacier and Nanda Devi East Base Camp trek...When I back from trek I saw people are dancing and celebrating together. Women were wearing very attractive dress and Jewelry which I wanted to capture...Though they are very not camera friendly people but i managed to capture few pictures...... Read more
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