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Blogger: Gaurav Verma
“You are entirely up to you”.Your walk, your watch and your pen which you use outline the first impression about your personality. Rightly pointed out that your personality is the mirror where others see your image. Wait a minute, I forgot about the most important one, "YOUR WALLET"– the source of all other style statement items. Your choice of wallet speaks a lot about you: that can be represented through a variety of options including card cases, bi-folds, phone/travel wallets, and/or money clips. Time to put your money where your money belongs, with due respect it deserves.Was thinking of such kind of distinct wallet for some time. Finally got this Carnelian RedMens wallet. I was tr... Read more
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Blogger: Gaurav Verma
A quick escape to the warmth of Rajasthan is just what you need this winterThe colours and charm of Rajasthan never fail to enchant you. Whenever the coldness of city life starts dampening your spirit, heading to a place that welcomes you with open arms should not need much convincing.The pleasant warmth of Bikaner meaning an escape from the Capital's chill, coupled with the long overdue visit to Karni Mata temple, made sure no moment was wasted in planning the one-day trip. Though 24 hours could have never been enough to appreciate the beauty, history and food of a place like Bikaner, making the best of what you have always holds you in good stead. The overnight journeys help you save a lot... Read more
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Blogger: Gaurav Verma
Each year, millions of tourists visit Charleston for its beautiful beaches, Lowcountry cuisine, and Southern charm.  Besides being a great place for abeach vacation, the Holy City is a history buff’s paradise. With over 300 years of rich military history, there is much to be explored in Charleston.With so much history to cover, it’s understandable if you don’t know quite where to begin. Let us guide you through some of the best spots in Charleston to take a deeper look into its military history.Battery & White Point GardensStart your journey at Battery & White Point Gardens, a beautiful park located in the French Quarter of downtown Charleston. This waterfront park not onl... Read more
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Blogger: Gaurav Verma
What could be better than savoring the taste of Lowcountry cuisine from award-winning restaurants in Charleston? Enjoying them while enjoying a beautiful sunset over the Holy City, of course.With its warm climate and gorgeous sunsets over the Charleston Harbor, you couldn’t ask for a more perfect place to wine, dine, and unwind. Here are the 10 best places to grab dinner while taking a sunset over the Holy City.Fleet LandingFleet Landing may seemlike nothing special from the outside, but step inside its cozy interior, and you will quickly realize the appeal. With picturesque waterside views, a jolly atmosphere, and some of the best shrimp and grits in town, Fleet Landing will make it on yo... Read more
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Blogger: Gaurav Verma
Older than the Himalaya mountains, is the Western Ghats ranges that runs parallel to the western coast of the India through the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. A drivable road from inside the lush green forests and alongside the coastline will take you on journey to a different world. What is Western Ghats? A world set aside in the serenity of the green mountains, where music of chirping birds and where streams of flowing water play a perfect symphony to the tired souls. Well known for their rich and unique flora and fauna, Western Ghats is one of the eight "hottest hot-spots" of biological diversity in the world and UNESCO has declared Western Ghats, a... Read more
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Blogger: Gaurav Verma
Purani Dilli is heaven for food lovers in winter, and for all things sweet, savoury and spicy.Freshly-baked naan khatai. (Below) The chaat spread; Gobhi samosa and matar kachori; Charcoal-grilled paneer tikka.Chaat, Chowk Hauz Qazi, Chawri Bazaar cornerAshok Chat Corner has been satiating chaat-lovers' hunger and souls since Independence days. More than 70 years old, the place enjoys such a large fan following that should you reach a little late into the evening, you might not get everything on the menu. Be it their papdi chat, my favourite, with its topping of saunth and slivers of kachaloo, or crunchy golgappas, aaloo masala, kalmi bada and chaat gunjiya, this is your heaven for everything... Read more
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Blogger: Gaurav Verma
If you want to see the Delhi of old books and stories, spend a day in Purani Dilli.The life in the lanes of Old Delhi. (Below) A tea vendor; The happy coexistence; Mirza Ghalib ki haveli.My first tryst with Old Delhi, its Chandni Chowk, and other lanes had ended in a mutual dislike. All of 10, its chaos, crowd and odours were all a bit too overwhelming or beyond comprehension for me. For the flag-bearers of Delhi-bred Gen X, like me, Delhi was New Delhi, with its broad roads, South Delhi malls and new markets. Old Delhi didn’t fit into my idea of the Capital.Once I gained some wisdom with age and developed appreciating taste-buds, Old Delhi’s narrow maze-like streets and ways were no les... Read more
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Blogger: Gaurav Verma
The waters and sunsets of these islands will spoil you for life.A serial window-sitter in me has had her share of stares and curses coming her way all throughout. Yet, time and again, the views from that seat have always made the struggle worth it. One such reassuring moment was reaching the Seychelles. From a tiny green island in the sea, as the view changes to blue waves turning white upon crashing at the beach, I am already telling myself to be proud of the window-stealing habit. This time though there was no resistance as the non-existent competition for the coveted spot on the plane came from the husband. And, once on land, this place welcomes you with untouched beauty and unb... Read more
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Blogger: Gaurav Verma
Jaipur by Nite ended with great food, live music and marathon.When you are left with a follow-up act to something as soul-stirring as a musical night by Mame Khan and Indian Ocean, the task is indeed a tough one. The ultimate day, or night – Bite Fest, ofJaipur by Nite, however, didn’t fade out to penultimate evening of divine rhythms and musical bliss.Just think of daal-baati-churma, the spicy panchmela daal and crispy baatis dipped in desi ghee with sweet coarse churma, and you would be lying if you didn’t salivate a bit. Add to that the authentic Rajasthani methi-mangodi ki sabzi served with makki and bajre ki roti, lehsun ki chutney and sangari ka achaar making for those perfect ac... Read more
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Blogger: Gaurav Verma
Indian Ocean and Mame Khan spellbind all with their performances at Jaipur by Nite.There’s a reasonIndian Oceansongs would not be played at dance parties, weddings or at DJs – they have a meaning. Their songs take you to a level where you understand them and not just hear. Their compositions are the ones that give you goosebumps. Perhaps why they rightly complement the classy, royal and select setting of City Palace, Jaipur, and vice verse. The second day of Jaipur by Nitecouldn’t have had a better finish than Indian Ocean belting out their soulful fusion of folk, classical, rock... The women’s car rally on September 9 kicked off the fifth edition of the event. The sec... Read more
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Blogger: Gaurav Verma
That was the time when I was enjoying every moment of trekking in the snow-capped peaks of Suraksan mountains in South Korea. Excitement of the solo trekking continued even on my return. While I was about to call it a day, I noticed something strange about the passport.It was the time to go into the flashback. To avoid any accidental slipping of passport while trekking, the passport was securely placed in the front pocket of my woollen shirt and there were layers of more warm clothing wrapped around to withstand temperatures up to -160C. Due to rigors of the trekking the heat generated inside the layers of warm clothing, the lamination of the passport had peeled away from the first and last ... Read more
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Blogger: Gaurav Verma
That was the time when I was enjoying every moment of trekking in the snow-capped peaks of Suraksan mountains in South Korea. Excitement of the solo trekking continued even on my return. While I was about to call it a day, I noticed something strange about the passport.It was the time to go into the flashback. To avoid any accidental slipping of passport while trekking, the passport was securely placed in the front pocket of my woollen shirt and there were layers of more warm clothing wrapped around to withstand temperatures up to -160C. Due to rigors of the trekking the heat generated inside the layers of warm clothing, the lamination of the passport had peeled away from the first and last ... Read more
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Blogger: Gaurav Verma
Ahobilam, a noted pilgrimage centre for Hindus, is situated at distance of around 130 km. from Kurnool Railway Station, 68 Kms from the Nandyal Railway Station and 24 km. from Allagadda.Ahobilam, consists of lower Ahobilam and Upper Ahobilam, is the place where Lord Narasimha had manifested himself in a natural cavern of rock to rip apart the most ferocious demon Hiranyakashipu.Involving some serious trekking all the way from lower Ahobilam to the highest point of the mountain, Ugra Stambha, it requires both devotion and strength to cover all the nine temples, which depicts Nava Narasimha (Nine forms of Narasimha). Ugra (Angry)Vira (Fighting)Maha - Vishnu (Lakshmi Narasimha)Jwalanta (emittin... Read more
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Blogger: Gaurav Verma
Hyundai Verna is one of the globally acclaimed offering from Hyundai with over 8.8 Million Customers in more than 66 countries and already 3.18 lakh units sold in India. 22nd July 2017 was the auspicious date of launch of Hyundai Next Gen Verna in India. Sporty and dynamic looks blended with luxurious interiors, Next Gen Verna is all set to redefine Premium Brand Statement.Termed as ‘Intelligent by Design’, Next Gen Verna is developed on four strong pillars: Futuristic Design, Dynamic Performance, Super Safety and New Technology & Advanced Features. The Verna brand has been a landmark product in Hyundai growth story winning many prestigious accolades worldwide. The Next Gen Verna is ... Read more
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Blogger: Gaurav Verma
"We owe this Earth to our future generations"The most visible landmarks of this Earth are the heritage monuments. We might have inherited these monuments in a fragile state, but it is our duty to make it better for coming generations.Country like India which is going full throttle on the development road; there is need to stop a while, look around and think about the values and culture we need to carry along with. In our quest to move into future, we should not forget our roots, our past and our glorious heritage. In absence of proper maintenance, most of jewels of our heritage are lying in dilapidated condition. Small awareness and small efforts by everyone can make a big difference in pres... Read more
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Blogger: Gaurav Verma
While the Sun has already started the return journey behind the hills, however our wandering souls with high spirits were craving to reach the divine land of Jageshwar. With every passing second, our mind was painting a different caricature for Jageshwar Dham. The fresh air was getting fresher and crispier with every turn.After 40 minutes of drive from the Lakhudiyar Cave paintings shelter, the joyous moment arrived when we entered in to the Jageshwar valley around 5:30 PM in the evening. Staff at KMVN guest house advised us to first attend the evening prayer; check-in formalities can be carried our afterwards. We could feel the divine ambience as soon as we entered the sacred premises of Ja... Read more
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Blogger: Gaurav Verma
Georgia is a place of astounding natural beauty, and boasts many amazing hiking trails less than two hours outside of Atlanta, such as the Appalachian Trail and the breathtaking waterfalls at Panther Creek. However, for Atlanta residents reluctant to leave the city too far behind, it may come as a surpriseto know that many incredible places can be found close to the urban hub of Atlanta. Along the perimeter of the city,you can find a number of magnificenthiking trails that are perfect for the casual day tripper.Murphy Chandler Park TrailHiking is a fantastic family activity, and most kids love getting out in the great outdoors and exploring nature’s playground. However, long hikes combined... Read more
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Blogger: Gaurav Verma
We started at 8:00 AM from Shimla and took the way to Kullu via Mandi. The objective was to visit Lake Rewalsar, 140 km. from Shimla. Lake Rewalsar (locally called as Tso Pema/ Lotus Lake) along with statue of Padmasambhava (popular as Guru Rinpoche in Tibet) is one of the most popular symbols in Himachal Pradesh tourism advertisements. Surrounded and hidden in rugged mountains this sacred lake is 23 km. from town of Mandi. It was from this place Indian teacher Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche in Tibet) left for Tibet to spread Mahayana Buddhism in Tibet. Annoyed by fondness of his daughter for long haired Padmasambhava, legend says that the king of Mandi, Vihardhara tried to burn alive the... Read more
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Blogger: Gaurav Verma
The mountains, when covered with dense forests may look similar, but something is surely in the air. When it comes to driving nothing beats the romance of snaking in the hills around Shimla. Is something actually in the air of Shimla and surrounding places or it is just the unparalleled beauty of this heavenly region...? Outskirts of Shimla are the places which separates visitors from explorers. If you ask people if they have visited Chail, Kufri, Mashobra and Naldehra; there is good chance to hear that most of the people would have ended on Kufri only. These four locations can be covered in a day if you start from Shimla before the first ray of the sunlight. Though you may also enjoy a... Read more
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Blogger: Gaurav Verma
Some of the places are fortunate to be blessed with all-time pleasant weather and unmatched natural beauty. For such spots you need not plan, just pack your bags and go. Located at a distance of 350 km. from Delhi, Shimla is one such destination. No doubt Shimla is always a preferred attraction in Himachal Pradesh for  tourists from every part of the world.  Snow-covered peaks and picturesque valleys make Shimla a popular choice for a weekend getaway from Delhi. Excellent road condition from Delhi will ensure a fun filled driving till Shimla. But there is a better option, take a night train from Delhi to Kalka and then enjoy the legendary toy train ride from Kalka to Shimla. If you... Read more
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Blogger: Gaurav Verma
After crossing Almora town and driving for approx. 16 km. towards Jageshwar, we came across a signboard of Archaeological Survey of India saying painted cave shelters at Lakhudiyar. None of the passing vehicles were stopping at this point, however putting aside our hesitation, we decided to move ahead and explore this point.Situated on the Almora-Barechhina road, along the banks of river Suyal, we were just about to check into the secrets of the Stone Age. It is believed that early man or cave men during the stone age used to dwell inside these cave shelters to protect themselves from animals and weather.While staying here the cave dwellers have expressed themselves by form of artistic portr... Read more
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Blogger: Gaurav Verma
Long back a boy got so much disturbed on seeing the people suffering in the vicious cycle of life and death. One fine day he left his house in search of divine knowledge which can provide freedom from the cycle of life and death. The name of the boy was prince Siddhartha. He travelled relentlessly across places in search of that knowledge. Finally, he decided to sit in deep meditation to attain that wisdom under a tree. Legend says the demons of darkness, illusion and ignorance were unleashed onto him, but his wisdom conquered all the devilish forces. By now prince Siddharth had become “Lord Buddha”, meaning the Enlightened one. And the place where he attained the enlightenment was Bodhg... Read more
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Blogger: Gaurav Verma
After a wonderful exploration of Almora and Pithoragarh district, Day 3 was reserved for counting the numerous temples in Jageshwar Dham and visiting nearby temples and spots. First in the list was the Jhanker Sam temple, located 6 km. from Jageshwar. Lord Jhanker Sam is an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The legend associated with this place is that Lord Shiva was meditating when lot of demons gathered to spoil his prayers. Furious Lord Shiva then opened his third eye and Lord Jhanker Sam was born out of it. He created an army of his Ganas (followers) to kill those demons. It is believed that Lord Jhanker Sam will return again to Jageshwar Dham to save humanity.Next spot was the Vridh Jageshwar ... Read more
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Blogger: Gaurav Verma
Almora is a hill station in the Kumaun region of Uttarakhand. Unlike many other hill stations in India, Almora remained unknown to British. It has been preserved and developed solely by natives of Kumaun region and as a result, it is totally devoid of usual crowds at other hill stations. Almora district offers an ideal option to those looking for solitude in the arms of mighty Himalayas. Almora is also called as land of temples and the temples are located in some of the most stunning landscapes. To enjoy the spiritual vibes along with unspoiled beauty of the undiscovered Kumaun region, we took early morning train from Delhi and landed at Kathgodam railway station at 11:40 AM. The objective w... Read more
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Blogger: Gaurav Verma
Goa is a beach paradise of India and its proved by the regular attendance of millions of tourists from all parts of the world, all year around. Goa is divided into North Goa and South Goa. North Goa is popular as a happening and lively place, while South Goa is more relaxed with its quiet and secluded ambience. The life in North Goa have so much to offer that you need to plan your itinerary carefully to make the best of your trip. We would like to present you with a complete guide on the best places to visit in North Goa to help you plan a memorable itinerary.1.  Beaches- known and lesser knownThe serene sands of North Goa that take you from the ecsta... Read more
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