Blogger: B Phanibabu
    Generally , everybody  has a "passion" about something. Some love travel, some collect stamps, some go for Toys.... etc..  At the end of the day, "passion " is something , which gives the ultimate ecstacy to the soul and a " feel good " feeling. Some people may say its just  " पागल  पना" !!     Ofcourse   अप्नी ..अप्नी  खयाल...   Leave it..      Generally it is seen, present day youth avoid , Senior Citizens , for the simple reason, to escape the " preachings " they deliver...  ये मत करो... वो मत करो..  etc.. etc...... Read more
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Blogger: B Phanibabu
This is not a review of the Book of the same name by Dale Carnege! I was away from English Blogs for the last one and half years, for the simple reason that, not many people bother to take a look at these Blogs, specially by amateures like me. So during my short but sweet stay at Rajahmundry, on the Banks of river Godavari, I switched to writing in my mother tongue Telugu, though I was quite apprehensive, the response was amazing!. May be Telugu readers believe in encouraging new talent ( if I can use the term, for all the crap I was writing!).Anyway, my ego was satisfied beyond imagination! There was nothing to stop me from posting almost Blog a day! I will be posting my 500th today, all in... Read more
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Blogger: B Phanibabu
Thought I would share my experience in Command Hospital, Poona ( now PUNE). It was 3 years after I joined my service. One day ,I suddenly developed some pain in the throat, I could not find the exact cause, and went to a Dentist,the chap gave some antibiotic and asked me to take rest. To my good fortune one of my friends from A F M C, visited me that evening. Having seen my predicament ( I could not even open my mouth), asked me to come to Command Hospital the next day. Promptly I landed there . One of the Professors, a Colonel was taking a class and my friend requested him to examine me.  He checked me and appeared to be so happy to get a rare Case of Ludwig's Angima ( thats what he calle... Read more
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Blogger: B Phanibabu
I was only reading about these characters in different magazines. I had the shock of my life when I encountered "one " recently. I was waiting in Bhosle Nagar Bus stop waiting for the Bus.Suddenly one "gentleman" , aged fiftyish offered me lift on his Scooter. It was quite hot out there at 12.00 Noon. I accepted the " offer" of "lift" and sat on the Pillion. He introduced himself as a Class I officer in Agricultural Department and working at Ahmed Nagar and that he is on vacation here.He started off and as we neared Military Hospital Khadki, the fellow literally started fondling my thighs and started holding my hands and also pulling me towards him,---all this while driving !!I became ver... Read more
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Blogger: B Phanibabu
When I came for joining Ordnance Factories way back in 1963, I remember my first "experience"with Sun Glasses. Having come from an area in Andhra Pradesh, which was equivalent to a Town-- there was not much of development. Those were my first days of " Independence"--i.e. away from parental restrictions, no studies, lot of money( hard earned ! donot go by present day standards!).I saw many people using Sun Glasses in Summer. I said to myself--why not me ? I got one from--of all places the Footpath ! Next day it was a Sunday and I was staying in Rasthapeth,I ventured out in hot Sun and suddenly sky became overcast and I went back to the Room and picked up my Umbrella ( the traditional type... Read more
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Blogger: B Phanibabu
I would like to bring to the notice of People the advantages (?) of utilising the services of Agencies who make tall claims of taking care of People's problems, as these poor creatures (mostly IT sector )either dont have time or not knowledgeable about the Government procedures.Take for example a simple thing of changing the Sur Name (Post marriage) on The PAN Card. Income Tax people say that it takes just 15 Days to issue the name change ( Provided all documents--marriage certificate, Residence proof etc) are submitted along with the original PAN card . This is exactly done by my daughter-in-law on one of those unfortunate days 24.11.2005 .(please note its 2005 and not 2006 !!!) to Pay S... Read more
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Blogger: B Phanibabu
This is the story of how I got my Passport . Generally there should not be much to write on this subject for ordinary mortals. But the Passport Office made mine a unique case.After retirement in 2005 I thought of applying for a Passport. ( I do not have any intention of using it , as I am scared of Travel by Air & Sea. ). Its only for the heck of it !! Every Tom, Dick & Harry is applying & flaunting it. So why not I ? So I located one agent like character in my area.I thought why not I get one for my wife. The agent came to our place with a bunch of Forms.Filling up my Form was fine. As far as my wife is concerned he wanted me to prove that we are married. Now after 34 years of ou... Read more
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Blogger: B Phanibabu
Experience teaches a person a lot. I thought sharing these things with others will atleast warn them to be on guard. Those were the days of " National Emergency" imposed by Ms. Indira Gandhi, ---I am not going into the merits or otherwise of the State of Nation in those days. There was a sense of discipline in everything,--trains were on time, people were scared of taking bribes,. We used to stay in Factory Quarters situated near Kirkee Railway Station ( it was called Kirkee in those days later changed to Khadki). I used to go to Factory with one of my friends on his Scooter at 7.30 AM daily.Also I had the habit of collecting Magazines from Railway Bookstall.There was never any problem ... Read more
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Blogger: B Phanibabu
It was in the year 1970--there was only one train from Hyderabad to reach Pune.There used to be 2 Tier Sleeper cum sitting Coach. The ticket holder has invariably go to the upper berth for sleeping and the lower berths are given for sitting. I was travelling from Hyderabad and to keep my possessions (like I card, Ticket, Purse with whatever money you have, which was always meagre !!) safe, I used to keep them in a plastic cover and place the same in between shirt & Banian with the shirt tightly tucked in. It was - I realised later-- a false sense of security !!!. I was blissfully sleeping and the lower area of the Berth was fully packed .One hardly had any place for a foothold. Still, I ha... Read more
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Blogger: B Phanibabu
I thought I will write something about Medical Examination, one has to undergo on various occasions during one's career. The first one I had to face was in 1963 at the time of joining Service in Ordnance Factories.In those days getting a job was not that difficult. I got mine when I was just 18. I came from a very typical area in Andhra Pradesh--Konaseema. Our area was surrounded by Godavari on three sides and Bay of Bengal on the fourth side (literally an Island). We had to cross the river by Boats( I was always scared of this ). I had my School & College Education in my native place only,--hardly going out into the " Wild Wicked World". So when I when I set " Sail" to join my First ( ... Read more
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Blogger: B Phanibabu
On Sunday 18 th March, I teamed up with my son Harish to participate in the Quiz on "Indian Cinema". Last year also we participated but failed to qualify. I agreed to accompany Harish, not with much hope ! I dont doubt his capabilities, only I am not sure of myself ! We were the first to reach the Venue, and after waiting for quite some time, people started to trickle in. In fact we were wondering whether the Quiz will ever start !! Anyway the elimination prcess started and to my sweet shock, we qualified !! Now this is the second time in my whole life of 63 years , to "participate" in something. The last time I ever went on stage was somewhere in 1954. My father was the Head Master of th... Read more
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Blogger: B Phanibabu
Yesterday's demonstrations in Maharashtra, I feel are triggered by the publicity given in the Media. It was definetely bad about the incident in Kanpur. Media should be more careful about sensitive issues. At the same time they are doing a yeomen job--Head of Medicine at Osmania Medical College ,Hyderabad was caught on Camera by E-TV (Telugu) taking a bribe of Rs. 20000/- for helping students in Practicals !!! If this is the way people get Medical Degrees , what about the fate of mortals like us ? How do we categorise them? Do we have to ask a doctor from where he got his Degree before we surrender our body to him ?.God save the country !!!!... Read more
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Blogger: B Phanibabu
Recently our cable chap has disconnected Star Plus and my wife who is an ardent fan of Ekta Kapoor was very much upset. So I started surfing the Net and came out in flying colours with this site which in fact Video clips of all Soaps which were shown the previous night( Without the irritating Breaks for Ads ) http://www.india-forums.com/... Read more
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Blogger: B Phanibabu
There was a heated discussion in the Parliament on the Indian Team's debacle in the Durban ODI. As usual the speakers were gunning for Dravid, Chappel, even Sharad Pawar. What takes the cake is a demand by Ramdas Athawale of RPI-- Have reservations for SC/ST/OBC !! Now Mr. Arjun Singh should be given the job of monitoring the Bill !! We must applaud our great Parliamentarians for all innovative ideas.... Read more
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Blogger: B Phanibabu
I thought I will sign my Blogs as HAREPHALA. I have lot of attachment for this. It is my son Harish, Daughter Renu, Self & wife Lakshmi. In fact when I wanted to name the first House I constructed, my family said the name sounds like a " Fertiliser " !!! So I dropped it. Now I need not worry much . It was a treat to watch yesterday night. India did not disappoint me. They played as expected. I thought i I may have to keep awake till late in the night.They were kind enough to finish their last rites by around 12.30 AM !! God bless them & Many Happy returns of the Day.... Read more
clicks 137 View   Vote 0 Like   5:41am 23 Nov 2006
Blogger: B Phanibabu
In fact, I forgot that I do have a blogsite all these days.I was a Times of India addict for the last 45 years. I have stopped & switched to Hindustan Times--reason--Times doesnot bother about my "Letters to The editor ". My son was making fun of me. Maharashtra Herald is tolerating my letters--whatever be the content. I have sent letters in fact 8 of them--- to Society, Savvy, Sportstar, Cricketinfo, Business Today, & IndiaToday & Womans Era--- let me see how many of them are published!! All on different topics. Not that I will stop reading them if they dont publish !!! There was an Ad in my son's blog about working from Home & making money. It appeared an attractive offer ( Who ... Read more
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Blogger: B Phanibabu
This is the first time I am trying to voice my feelings about lot of things . I was writing letters to the Editor and thought that was it.Maharashtra Herald has to be appreciated for putting up with me all these days !About myself : I served the Ordnance Factories organisation for 42 years ! Dont know whether to say it with pride . I am sure of one thing---never join Government Service ( State or Central ) if you require any recognition for your efforts. There they recognise only one thing whether one is SC, ST or OBC. If you are any one of these, your day is made as far as promotions are concerned ! One thing the Senior Beaurocrats have ensured is there is no reservations forClass I pos... Read more
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