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Blogger: Tina Acharya
Dew DropsI wish I could be grasses for few momentsTo feel the ecstasy of falling dew drops from heavenThey say dew drops show us how short is LifeBut what could more meaningful if life could be short but bright!!I was never so delighted while watching themMy morning started with a great ode of melody divine!!I love dew drops on blades of grass......... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
Do me a favor Love me lessI know you love me lotBut I'm a Fragile CaseI won't be able To handle the mess That often comes handyWith HeartbreaksYou told me..."I want to touch you Take you in my armsAnd hug you hard"But My DearMy Heart is bruisedAnd my soul isTinged with fear & ache                                              My Loud LaughterAnd witty banterMight have touched your heartBut in RealityThey CamouflageMy tinted soul and broken heart Do... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
Isn’t it an amazing thing that in a country where it is common to shun women from social life when they are menstruating, a state like Odisha stands out?? Odisha has always been century ahead in terms of being progressive when it comes to its unique culture and festival. Raja an Odia festival that celebrates the menstruating cycle of mother earth.... Manoj Jena, a Social activist said,“Everyone who thinks women are impure during their periods should see how Odisha celebrates Raja. Those who believe the menstrual blood to be impure should know that the same kept a life on for nine months inside the mother’s womb.”Raja Parba, a three-day long festival in Odisha, is a celebration o... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
I Dream, I Dare…..Even I am ScaredTo rock the cradle and rule the worldBut Sometimes I am Scared,My Strength is my dreamsAnd I Dream of Small ThingsI Manage a Smile on My faceEven in the midst of storm and tempestAt times, Into pieces,  I often breakBut I assemble and reinstate myselfOften the challenges and taboos Make me  suppressedBut I bounce back with all my strengthI am the ocean of Love and CareEven If I get stripped up layer by layerEven IfThe world finds it difficult to acknowledge my existenceIt never stops me to Work for Brilliance & ExcellenceI Am a Woman,Created by Angels in the HeavenSometimes low, Sometimes wrec... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
Embarrass Truth and Honesty With Life…I learnedWe are all Warriors In the battle of our ownMaking Stern Efforts to become Winner and StrongTo have Justice, Progress, Truth, and LightWe compete and brawl with fellow beings, at timesWe wrap our darkness, weaknesses with the cock-and-bull storyTo defend ourselves from being hurt and mar with injuryWell…That’s Life – I would Say - but what we forget to learnWith the process, we overlook Truth and enslave ourselves to FictionsBut at The EndThe God of Light shines in the terrain of that soulThat embarrasses Truth and Honesty with utmost valour.... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
Happy New Year 2019Let The Universe     Bless Us AllWith Beautiful People and Joyful ThingsMaking Our Smiles,Bigger and BroaderLet Peace and ProsperityFind A Wonderful AbodeIn Our Lives.With Happy Cheers..Wishing You All…HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2019... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
The Moon Chase!!Every Morning I chase for Sun and Its First SightBut This Morning It was The Moon waiting for me, smiling and brightAs the pre-dawn morning zephyr caressed my curlsI was enamoured by the ecstatic magnificence of The MoonAfter glowing to the fullest in the Entire Full Moon Night of YesterdayIt was waiting for me have a Look at it and bid It a Good-byeIs it just a Co-incidence for making me Believe in the Nature?Or some kind of cosmic assurance ... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
What do you see in the above picture/painting?  What message can you read from the above picture? What message the painter of this painting might have thought to give through this painting?Well, you might have your own denotations according to your own decoding/understanding system. Even I had that. In fact, I was wondering why the silhouette of a polar bear has a blue sky with dark blue clouds dotted with white stars? A polar bear generally reflects the polar reason that is mostly white. isn't it? Then…??My Son is in 9th STD. There was a drawing and painting competition in his class. All the students had painted wonderful pictures. My son collected a few of them from his fr... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
Never need to be fixed againNever wish to feel the love againAs the castle collapses with thundering painShattering the debris as sand grains Walls of Heart cried tears of bloodCaving in feelings of hollow & voidAnd the Universe witnessed Moments of gloomy and darkSomewhere, broken a tender heart  ... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
When He Spoke Those WordsOn the Face valueThey were Just wordsMade up of AlphabetsTo be “pronounced”I Love YouButWhen He Spoke Those WordsHaving Them from HimSpoken with passionMade her wild & EcstaticWithin Fraction of SecondsEverything PausedHer World ChangedAnd She DancedTuned To the Melody Of Her Heart…..- Tina Acharya ‘I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level with @Blogchatter'This post is part of #MYFriendAlexa Blogging Challenge hosted by BlogChatter! I am participating, are you?Post - 3... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
WHEN LAW MAKERS BREAK THE LAW!!! In a usual weekend out recently, I noticed something unusual. It was in the evening and while we drove our car out from the parking lot, I spotted this Vehicle parked in the “NO PARKING” zone near Inorbit Mall,  Vashi.  We stopped at the side as I wanted to get out of it. I walked towards it and getting bit close I found, it was having a red/orange beacon.  As per my knowledge Red beacons are for high dignity posts in government. Easily I could get it that it must be the vehicle of a high authority Government Official for sure. Also as per my knowledge, seeking to end the VIP culture, the Union Cabinet had decided that beacon ligh... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
Let me start with a disclaimer:I am not a writer or a blogger in its true essence. Means I am not very tech savvy, word savvy or English Savvy.  I still struggle to express my thoughts with my Not-So-Good-English and find ways to improve it every day.  I just write as If I am writing in a digital diary. Absolutely have no idea about the blogging ranks, like mozo rank, Alexa Ranks …you know. I don’t even know how these ranks are generated. Blog traffic, ads…and all such stuffs… I have absolutely no idea about them. You must be thinking…then “Why the hell I am here being a part of this activity by Blogchatter?” Well…even I had this question. Let me tell you, I had hea... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
Raksha Bandhan is a festival of Emotions like love and the sacred bonding between brothers and sisters. I love this festival because the celebration of this festival is all about paying veneration to sentiments and the feelings attached between siblings. Another reason, the one that is most unique about this festival for which I love it most is its “simplicity”…I mean no hard core rules are needed to be observed in this festival. And the most exciting reason that every sister look forward to this festival is the “GIFT”….. As a part of tradition, a brother presents his sister exciting gifts and promises to guide and protect her throughout the life. I must say a gift... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
MY PHOTO STORY ON TODAY"S MUMBAI MIRROR, STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO Let the Freedom Sing The Choirs Of Illuminated Destiny!! As I passed by unmindful, Lost In my Own Thought WorldThis toddler broke into itWith is adorable laughterShaken to the reality from my tranceI paused and watched its impeccable innocenceHalf naked, as it offered the passersby With its little hand, Independence Day badgesWith a mixed bags of feelings, hurt a bit and delighted tooAs I moved by its charm, twinkling eyes and heavenly mirthOne side of my heart sang a melancholy song of grim reality While the other side rippled, with the show of its tiny pearly whitesDear Freedom, if you are not just a Myth If You Real... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
Chita Lagi Amavashya – An Auspicious Day Adorning Lord Jagannath with A Golden Mark On His Forehead!!Odisha is state of profound traditional cultures and rich heritages. In Odia we have a saying “Bara masare tera parab” which literally means in 12 months of a Calendar there are at least 13 major festivals. It actually means that Odias observe many festivals apart from major festivals like Holi, Dasserah, Diwali etc. Another thing is in Odisha many festivals are associated with Lord Jagannath whose divine abode is Neelachal Dham i’e. Puri Jagannath Temple. Chitalagi Amavasya or Chitou Amavasya  which falls on the new-moon day of the shravana is one of such festivals dedicated to ... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
If you can hear the whimper  Of these suddenly amputated treesOr the sobs of the cut and separatedBranches that are lying under itI’m sure you can never cut any relationship, abruptlyThat might tear and split the heartsThat remains clueless in the other endHurt, broken and ruined, unfortunately!!ONLY HUMANS CAN HAVE INHUMAN ATTRIBUTES...AT TIMES!!I know, its a compulsion to cut the wild branches of trees that are grown in and around the human dwelling places given to the risk that the branches can be life threatening at times especially in rainy season when sudden wind and storm is rather expected, but from the point of a TREE,  its one of the most unfair things that's done to it... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
LIFE HAS ITS OWN NATURAL WARMTH I thought Life is about chasing your dreamsAnd having mine, I took the trip and tread aheadOn my way I met up wonderful peopleBut Alas!! I left them at the back instead                                                                                   &n... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
BLACK IS A COLOUR AND NOT A SINThe Bewildered Little BeingWas amused, by the slurs from its surroundingWhat makes people Love its little friend?Who looks like as ifhalf baked in a microwave oven?And what goes wrong when they spot him They frowned As if he has committed a grave sin?It didn’t take a galore of time  For the tiny wondering soul to learnThat its only felony was, to be bornWith a melanoid-ebony skin toneIt wondered, hadn’t their mothers taught themThat black is just a colour and not a sin?We all are humans under the sunWith flawless souls and beautiful hearts within?And then the tiny lips uttered heavy words“I’ll crack open a book to record this as factThat some might... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
Life... Is full of memories, Good and Bad!! Often we treasure good onesWe brood-over the bad ones. We must understand, Past cannot be "Deleted" everit can be "Diluted", However, With good things, Good Memories of today!Let’s not focus on Bad things happened to us...Let’s look at Good things around instead!!   - Tina Acharya... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
The Leader – A Fiction of a Non-Fiction TaleDisclaimer– Let me clear it in the beginning that I am not a typical book reviewer. In fact I’m a choosy reader too even though I claim myself an avid reader. For me a book is fantastic if is able to hold my spirit till end as I easily get bored and fatigued otherwise. “The Leader By N.S. RAVI Sir is indeed a wonderful book, Trust me I finished it in one breathe.”The Leader By N.S.RAVIIt is said that never judge a book from its cover. But it doesn’t hold true in case of the book THE LEADER. Seriously, the cover itself had a very positive impact on me and enticed me to skim through the pages inside ASAP. Moreover my niece Jyotsna who is ... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
THE BUZZER OF THE LAUGHTER FROM BEHIND THE PENSIVE FRAME!!   Recently, while passing-by the road at Inorbit square Vashi, my attentions were caught by the laud giggles of these kids.  As I turned around to see, I saw these kids were laughing at each other’s talk while carrying books on their shoulders or heads for selling.  Though the inner I didn't like these hard realities of children being burdened with heavy bags on their shoulders – whether they are school going kids having weighty school bags or kids who sell stuffs carrying on their back at the roar sides, but I couldn't prevent the smile that flickered on my face looking at the carefree lau... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
Crazy CreepersThe craziness of creepers often fascinates me.They are soft and tender,Not even able to stand erect of their own. But no obstacles, weakness ever stop them to grow....No matter in what direction. The beauty in their crawling is also so captivating...I love creepers for their Craziness.Shouldn’t we exhibit such kind of wildness sometimes…??I Wonder….... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
Sometime why we like something or love someone is beyond any explanation!! Can we put everything within the constraints of counted alphabets of any language?There are things in life that escape definition or descriptions! Love and treasure those feelings and things without looking for any name or meaning.Human being is yet to find alphabets to describe or define every feelings of the human heart! ... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
THE SELFIE OF THE MOST PERFECT MOMENT!!We know every photo has a story behind, So also every SELFIE. The Selfie I am talking about here is not very ideal one in terms of its photogenic attributes.  But this one is very close to us since it was a moment which we hardly had imagined that it would come…Here is why…5th November 2017, In the evening my hubby brought an oppo A37, for my just-into-teens son, the first smart phone of his life. Even though we never liked our teenaged son to have his own smart phone so early in his life, but since he was going out for a week for his school trip, so we didn’t have an option than to get a phone for him. He was in the clouds nine. We were out ... Read more
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Blogger: Tina Acharya
No, No, It’s not any kind of Campaign so though it sounds like one. Actually its something I stumbled upon.  That day, i was travelling by a shared auto to Vashi railway station. I was seated in between a healthy lady and a medium-built man probably in his late 50s. Since I was nearly sandwiched by my two co-passengers, I couldn't able to find any place to get my mobile out & hold it on my hand and do random surfing...that I usually do. However the Man on my right was fully engrossed in his smart phone and he had held it almost before me. And the problem was since his phone was around 6.5 in screen size, everything was quite visible even with a slight glance. It was difficult for ... Read more
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