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Blogger: Mohinder Verma
Friends, today I am going to write about m gratefulness about things God has given me throughout my whole life till date.What do you think, everyone should be grateful for things they are getting?Lets start with the relation God given to me till date...I am grateful for my all relations I have received in my life i.e.First of all I am grateful for having Parents I am grateful for having my brothersI am grateful for having my sistersI am grateful for having my niece, nephewsI am grateful for having a wife full of love and emotionsI am grateful for having two beautiful and worthy kids Garima and KeshavNow lets start with the things I have...I am grateful for all things I have in my life i.e.I ... Read more
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Blogger: Mohinder Verma
This is a guest post written by EXOL to publish on my blog and I am not going to give the real name because writer has requested me to do so due to some personal reason.Here is the post by the guest writer:-The Death of LifeHave you carefully read the title of this post?If yes, can you imagine the death of life?I knew it but this is not a joke and every life has to die one day when it has nothing to breath.What do you understand by this answer?Ok, let me tell you one thing that a person stops breathing when others have nothing to do with the emotions of that person.The second reason of the death of life is when you do everything for others even in your odd hours and that too without expectin... Read more
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Blogger: Mohinder Verma
My daddy is my #Super-Hero and can do whatever I ever wanted him to do for me whether condition is good or bad, he ever tried to do something better for our present and then for future. I know that you will say, this is the responsibility of every father but my Daddy is a unique gift by God to me and i don't want to argue on this topic because this can lead to a big fight among all my readers.Oh Lord give me ever my Daddy as he is now Oh Lord give me ever strength to take care of him As he is older than before but Still he is taking care of us more than We have to take care of himOh Lord make my heart with full of happiness, joy to spread ove... Read more
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Blogger: Mohinder Verma
This is my another pearl from the ocean of my poems and I hope you all will like this. These lines are few droplets and directly from my heart. One can give suggestion to improve or correct these but do not publish these anywhere online because I have copyrights on my poems and published offline with the title #Pearls-of-Ocean Unspoken WordsSometimes I feel aboutSometimes I leave about but These are unspoken words and Now I want to show Now I want to tell about but No one near me No one care me and The one I love, the one I like Has left me alone but I can not forget The moment I spent with The moment I laughed with Now aga... Read more
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Blogger: Mohinder Verma
Today I am going to publish one more poem from the ocean of my poetry and this is for the people who are less fortunate that us. We all together do something to bring happiness and luck in the lives of these types of people.Let's be Educated...Not by just reading books or getting degrees, But...Just by applying the knowledge in our day to day life, So that... One can learn something from us OrWe can teach to at least one person,Who can not afford the basic education,And...This does not mean whether that person is in our circle or not, Whether we know that person or not,Just teach...Let us be Educated...Not by just looking beautiful orShowing goods we have that and others may have not...... Read more
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Blogger: Mohinder Verma
After 2-3 months, I am back in form and here is my self written poem just to encourage you all. I hope you will find this helpful while dealing with your day to day tasks and especially with the individual with different thoughts than yours.Sometime in life there are people who get success, do not allow other to move forward or towards success. They do not want others on the same position and that is why they create obstacles. These obstacles can be in different ways.I have faced this several time but now I am a successful professional and business owner and so I have written this motivational poem for my all online friends.Just Walk AloneWalk alone if no feet are with you,Step forward if no... Read more
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Blogger: Mohinder Verma
Hello everyone!!!I am glad to inform you all that the work of creating an eBook for my readers are almost done and it would take most probable 30 days to final touch-up and publish and I am going to give it as a free gift to my readers.Readers who will send their daily comments on my blog posts written on BlogingFunda would get it free and for others who are new yet will either wait or can purchase and then download it at a low cost of $1 dollar.So hurry up, do not miss the opportunity to get it free by visiting on the above mentioned blog and take the benefit of commenting continuously for 30 days.This is a 30 Days Challenge.... Read more
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Blogger: Mohinder Verma
Hi friends, I hope you enjoyed my previous posts about blogging and I have setup a new blog on the 5th anniversary of my hobby blogging and you can now start your blogging as a serious career after learning basic as well as advanced blogging skills from my new blog BlogingFunda as I have discussed in my old post in this blog.  If you are following my basic tips about blogging then I am sure that you can compete other professional bloggers.Apart from above, one must follow some very useful tips & tricks to compete with professional bloggers and if you are using these tips then I am sure that you can easily fetch large readers of your blog posts and also compete with the pro-bloggers.... Read more
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Blogger: Mohinder Verma
On the 5th anniversary of my blogging journey on this day (11th March 2010), I started my journey by writing free blogs hosted on BlogSpot as a hobby blogger and now a professional full time blogger and that’s how BlogingFunda Blog is born. While I was thinking to create one new blog just for blogging discussion. On the same time, several readers of my blog posts suggested me to write about blogging on different blog other than MyOwnStories Blog. So here is the new blog created just for blogging concepts "BlogingFunda". Many of you who have read about my blogging journey, knows about the inception of my blogs. If you missed reading my journey, today I will be sharing how my blogging journe... Read more
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Blogger: Mohinder Verma
Image Curtsy:Automated software TestingIn this blog I am going to discuss about the best and most searching keywords on search engines by the online audience. Also these keywords are used almost in every motivational blogs by the professional and successful bloggers.I am going to discuss one new term in my post and this is first used by our Blog and you can check this on search engine about this keyword by typing this in full. The new terms is #Keyword-Driven-Blogging which is first ever used by My Own Stories blog on March 10, 2015.This is not as simple as one may think to start keyword driven blogging just by collecting some information about the topic and start writing with. Because keywo... Read more
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Blogger: Mohinder Verma
I have already written several times about to start blogging, writing mistakes, sponsor your blogs, monetize blogs etc but this is very first time that I am going to write about a topic one can not dare to because by doing this I am openly giving other blogger an authority to write against me but I don't care because writing is my passion and I can write what I think I can do.So here are the 5 best ways to challenge top bloggers who have hold on the online audience in large scale. But now this is our turn to write and discuss on each topic to challenge top writers.Anyone can compete with those and I am sure if you follow these 5 simple but best and effective rules, also challenge top blogger... Read more
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Blogger: Mohinder Verma
Image Courtesy:-Matt SimonHow to Write for My Own Stories (plus Guidelines)Before you start writing, I suggest you to read a warning:A lot of what you read here may shock and amaze you.I think this would seem odd, it sounds silly. How could something so mundane as editorial guidelines shock and amaze anyone?Because we do things differently at My Own Stories. Very much differently.Most blogs have an easy to publish model for guest writers / bloggers. You submit a post, and it’s either accepted or rejected. Maybe they do a little tweaking, and then it is published.Overall, it is rather easy. You can get published on most popular blogs far easier than you could get published in a major magazi... Read more
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Blogger: Mohinder Verma
Blogging is interesting and fun oriented if you are writing with passion because Interest & Passion have minor difference between you can check on my previous blog about writing mistakes. For achieving this target you must follow these simple but effective rulesBuild a Loyal CommunityStart Guest BloggingPost RegularlyWrite Longer, In-Depth ContentsOptimize Your TitlesShare your content Open-mindedAs you all know that I am writing since 2011 and written several blogs till date so above rules are first published in my blogs several times in different posts. Although you will find these in other blogs too but the idea is mine.Now read carefully and tell me what you have learnt from the... Read more
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Blogger: Mohinder Verma
Image Credits:-FindingMorgansMore than thousands of blogs are being created every day, but this is not possible for many bloggers to make their blog stand out from the rest.Let me tell you the truth about, it is possible because people want to read good content, and with good content comes more ad revenue and with more readers you can earn a passive income. Well, maybe it’s not that easy. These tips should benefit your blog and make it more user-friendly, more easily accessible, and more content-enabled.There are many types of blogs or purposes for blogs are available online and a certain number of tactics are applicable to just about all of them, so here is a short-list of tips for your b... Read more
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Blogger: Mohinder Verma
Image Credits : TrickswindowThousands or even lacs of blogs in all categories are being published on daily basis and it is not possible that all blogs would get popularity in terms of visitors or revisitors.This is because most of the blogs share same content or about the same topic. But if one want to get popularity then must use some free online tools to sponsor blogs.What are those free tools to sponsor a blog?Blog SponsorshipThis is a free to use by BLOGTOPSITES and you are requested to read this carefully before enroll your blog for popularity through these free media.Get To The Top - Reach Over 3 Millions visitors every month.Sponsor a category and get the exposure you and your blog de... Read more
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Blogger: Mohinder Verma
Image Credits:Consortiumbiz Boost Blog Traffic with Easy and Free Blog PromotionBefore you start boosting your blog traffic yo must know about what to do or what not to do from my older post Writing Mistakes and 7 Blunders While Writing.If you want to grow your readers/visits of your blog, then it is critical and not so easy that you take time to promote it. Unfortunately, the old theory, "if you build it, they will come," doesn't apply to blogs in sometimes. With over one hundred million blogs being tracked by blog search engines such as Technorati, publishing compelling content isn't enough to drive awareness and traffic for your blog. Instead, you need to invest in some old-fash... Read more
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Blogger: Mohinder Verma
As I said in my previous posts several times that monetizing a blog is not an easy task but you can still do following checkups before applying to monetizing.It takes a lot of time and hard work to develop a blog and gain a readership. For most bloggers, this dedication needs to be justified by providing a stable income. However first everyone start it as a hobby but later their mind changes for monetizing their content.I first started using blogging platforms myself in 2012. My first proper blog was about to spread awareness about the cheat websites which were or still are cheating people and doing fake promises to their users about millions earning with their deposit schemes. I update... Read more
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Blogger: Mohinder Verma
As I promised in my previous blog post you can read and learn to remove mistakes while writing for your blogs and it gives me a great pleasure that I am able to write such a blog to help you all. So be alert while reading.#1. Being EgoisticYou’ll be building your personal brand through your blog. You want people to see you as authority and expert on your topic. Talking about yourself shows your expertise.However, talking too much about yourself will draw you back from achieving financial independence with your blog.Always keep in mind that you’re not blogging for yourself, you’re only writing for the people.People visit your blog for a purpose that benefits them only. This can be ... Read more
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Blogger: Mohinder Verma
Need to Know before Starting a Business in IndiaOne Person CompanyThe concept of One Person Company (OPC) in India was introduced through the Companies Act, 2013 to support entrepreneurs who on their own are capable of starting a venture by allowing them to create a single person economic entity. One of the biggest advantages of a OPC is that there can be only one member in a OPC, while a minimum of two members are required for incorporating and maintaining a Private Limited Company or a Limited Liability Partnership. Similar to a Company, a OPC is a separate legal entity from its members, offers limited liability protection to its shareholders, has continuity of business and is eas... Read more
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Blogger: Mohinder Verma
I am writing online for the last 5 years and currently I have more than 10 blogs for which writing is my passion and you all know that on daily basis several hundred new bloggers join and start writing online but few of those are getting success or popularity in terms of visitors. This is because of the few basic writing mistakes they do every time however there are lots of good blogs available online to help in writing a good blog but lack of knowledge people are just writing and leaving their blogs and quitting as a blogger with an impression of negative feeling that writing for blogs is a tough task and every one.My dear friends, this is not the way to be a professional blogger becau... Read more
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Blogger: Mohinder Verma
Well this is a controversial topic or thought about to prejudge about any social media because in most of the cases we have seen that one small social media becomes bigger after sometime and we can see the daily growth of that media but if the talk about a huge social networking website #Facebook then it is too difficult to say anything in this matter.However, there are lots of studies are conducted about this talk and I have read several blogs and articles that Facebook will lose 80% of users by 2017, say Princeton researchers but I don't think so because everyday before sunrise to sunset, it is rapidly making addictive people from all age from all over the world then how can one study of s... Read more
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Blogger: Mohinder Verma
I know after reading title of this post, you will surely open this blog post as you did and reading this. This is true that a biggest social media giant #Facebook is hiring staff for free. I too know that you won't believe this because how a company can hire people as their staff without paying them a single penny but this is true in terms of facebook.See, this is very simple to explain about the facts I have written in my title because billions of users are using this social media in their free time and most of the users are less than 30 years of age. However every age group is using this social media for chatting, messaging, posting their thoughts etc. We have taken a short survey of with ... Read more
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Blogger: Mohinder Verma
Good news for all once again because I have reached to my second milestone of earning $1300 dollars in just 37 days. Do you know that how I manged to achieve this impossible task of earning? I hope that you don't know about. Alright I will tell you exactly how.As you all know that I am a free lancer blog writer on several websites and blogs, that is just not finished, I also designed 4 websites for other business persons and sold for about $200 dollars for all 4 websites. Then I write 126 articles as a free lancer and get $300 dollars. I also taught online 2 hours per day to 8 students and that I earned $700 dollars and final $100 dollars I get as my adsense earning.Now it is your turn to ca... Read more
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Blogger: Mohinder Verma
I am feeling so happy that I earned 989$dollars from all my resources from 13th April 2014 to 20th June 2014 and soon I will be reaching to my next level of earning which is 1500$ dollars in the next coming one or two month till October 2014 and I know I can earn and definitely will earn this predefined amount or nearby this amount.Out of 989$ dollars, I have earned 657$ dollars from a single website just for writing my own experiences, imaginations or whatever I could write to attract other visitors towards that website. Rest 332$ dollars I earned from different online tasks done by me and website designing is on the second position which contribute to my earning.Now I think I should take a... Read more
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Blogger: Mohinder Verma
Wow... today is +Friendship day so +Happy-Friendship-Day to all m dear +Blogger-Friends who are waiting for my next and sensational post. This is the only day that I never forget to wish or write on my blogs. Only this day is celebrated widely by all the ages as per my opinion and one may vary from this. So how are you today and what are you doing to celebrate this +Fantastic day. Do you have any wonderful plan for this because my schedule was very busy in fact it is still very very busy and I did not have some spare time to think for this friendship day.Friendship Day is dedicated to the bond of friendship and companionship and is celebrated on the first Sunday of August ev... Read more
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