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Argus II helps Ray Flynn to see things even with closed eyedRay Flynn, 80, has been unable to make out faces since he developed Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) eight years ago. But with the aid of Bionic eye Argus II now Ray can see faces, even closing his eyes.Argus IIOn 1st July Ray Flynn became the first person to be successfully imparted with bionic eye, this critical yet successful operation took four hours to its completion on June 16. As flynn's system was turned on first time on 1st July. He was made to look at the computer screen to identify black and white patterns. “And watching Manchester United on the television is easier. I have central vision now which I haven’... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek Sen
If you are a computer dependent person like me, then wrong time/date can lead you to a pathetic situation. In this article i have tried to jolt down possible causes and how fix them. Now the question arises why windows computer display wrong time/date.Possible Causes and Ways to Fix Them 1          CMOS BatteryAlternatively referred to as a Real-Time Clock (RTC), Non-Volatile RAM (NVRAM) or CMOS RAM, CMOS is short for Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor. CMOS is an on-board, battery powered semiconductor chip inside computers that stores information. This information ranges from the system time and date to system hardware settings for your computer. &nb... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek Sen
While writing the previous post, i had a great deal in embedding Google Maps. you may have different reasons for doing this but Its great to show the world where you are! moreover it creates a good impression of your website/ blog, and it is one of the key that helps you in growing your business.STEPS To Implement Google Maps  1    Go to https://maps.google.com/, and search your location. like i have done in this image below. searching for Chandni Chawk, kolkata 2    Now Click on the Gear Icon on the Bottom Right corner of the screen, and from there click on embed map option 3    Now After clicking embed map option, a pop-up w... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek Sen
Three years back when LED Screen of my Nokia X2-01 got damaged without showing any prior symptoms, i knew that the bill is going to be heavy. So, out of fear i kept that aside and used a Nokia 3110c (which i Previously have)instead. One day it happened that a friend of mine visited me after a long time. He enquire about my X2-01, i related him the whole story. Then he showed me his phone and it was same Nokia X2-01 model, after that he asked me to have a look at the LED screen of it. As i did i found nothing unusual and asked him what he was trying to show me? then he said that he replaced the screen all by himself and LED cost under 250. Now to be honest i didn't know any online store to s... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek Sen
Starting March 23, 2015, users won't be able to publicly share images and video that are sexually explicit or show graphic nudity on Google's Blogger.Google is cracking the whip on blogs with Adult contents, Starting March 23, 2015, you won't be able to publicly share images and videos that are sexually explicit or show graphic nudity on Blogger. According to Search Giant "If your existing blog does have sexually explicit or graphic nude images or video, your blog will be made private after March 23, 2015. No content will be deleted, but private content can only be seen by the owner or admins of the blog and the people who the owner has shared the blog ... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek Sen
Well, if you are a owner of a slow speed mobile broadband like me, then you must hate the word "UPDATE" as i do. Whenever you update some program a lot of data is consumed along with speed and time. But for others i could recommend update things regularly, because with new update previous bugs are fixed along with new added features (sometimes). There is another reason not to update. Software used illegally without buying can be blocked when updated. But who cares! if you use below technique then there is no chance of a program getting updates also with this you will be able to block any program from connecting to internet.Steps to stop a program from updating 1   There are tw... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek Sen
After buying a android phone the first thing i did is download  tons of apps and games just to fiddle with it a little longer. But when phone memory gets cramped up, i needed to uninstall few apps to get some free space. Now after certain days when i needed those particular app do i need to download it again? the answer is Yes.You Can Also See  How to Make Stylus At HomeBecause when you are installing a app/game on your android phone/tablet it is downloaded to your phone memory, inside /data Folder, and as it is protected  you can't  copy/ write/ delete/ move it.So i suggest you pal to do what i do. i.e download apps to your computer/laptop from play store and t... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek Sen
It is easy to run java apps in windows(to be more technically correct it is .jar file i am talking about).  But this post is more precise and focussed in one subject i.e how to Save page in opera mini in MicroEmulator  and bring Download option.You can also see Play Mobile Games(Java) On Computer For Those who Already Have MicroEmulator 1    Create a shortcut for microemulator.jar file, i hope that regardless of  different versions the trick will work for you. In case you need to know my version is  2.0.4 2    Now open properties, of that shortcut , Now click in "Shortcut" Tab, here you need to change the "Target:" locatio... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek Sen
This stylus work with any Capacitive touch screen device, i.e ipad, iphone, any android smart phone or tablet, or windows mobilesFirst thing that i thought after buying an android phone was that, its keypad is so congested that writing only with finger always create typos. and to buy a good stylus could cost around 600 INR or more. Then i thought of creating a stylus at home. For that, i researched a lot in Google and finally made my own stylus. You Can  ALSO See Construct A Microphone  For FreeBut before i start describing, first it is necessary to understand how it works? the first thing which is necessary is contact between your hand and the tip that is touch... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek Sen
Hope you had read previous two parts of "Free Important Tools That Every Webmaster Must Know". Part one was about Cross Browser Testing, and Part two was about Checking speed and Performance of a Webpage.Now in part three, it is time to check Responsiveness of your website. if you are a webmaster, you know how responsiveness is essential in terms of your website's look in mobile, tablet and desktop of different screen sizes. well the easiest way is to resize your browser window, but then all browser/devices might not accept all your @media queryOut of my little knowledge i will share two methods with you,  if you have other methods you can share via comment.1. If you are chrome use... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek Sen
The prospect of earning money by sitting at home, is very exciting, isn't it? Before jumping into details it is necessary to tell you that, you can't entirely rely on these as your main income source. But for students it can be a good way to raise pocket-money in their spare time. If you search in google you will find there are many similar websites, but most of them are pretty time consuming and often provides a very low amount of money. There are of two types, first one, in  which  money is provided to you money in the form of free recharge, and second one requires your addressfor checkand paypalaccount for online payment(optional). TYPE I1. Way2sms: Well the main servi... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek Sen
This tutorial is for windows users only. If you want to block any website from appearing in your browser, No  software needed! you just need to open host file, situated in system32 folder on  the drive where you had installed your windows operating system. Copy the below code, paste in run and enter(for xp users).For win7 users, you can paste this in "Search program and files"(an alternative of run in win7) and enternotepad %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts A file like this should appear now. Now list up the sites you want to block. While maintaining this format:-eg.  localhost www.thisisanexample1.com  ... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek Sen
We all know that google is the best search engine. But adding other search Engines to the list is a great idea. Suppose you want to add search engine to your Search-Engine list, for that you have to: 1.Open the ask.com website 2.Then press the Control Button over the search bar, you will see that it is giving you two options.Select the "Add  Search engine" Option.3.Upto now major work is completed, now we have to give it a good name or you can keep the default name.4.Now select the as Default Search Engine. i am provding few codes for other search engine, you can add these using "Manage Search Engine" Option.For YouTube:http://m.youtube.com/results?client=mv-google&gl=IN&hl=en... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek Sen
Do you feel it is very essential to have a text version of your scanned documents. Then there is actually several ways to extract text from picture. If you google it, you will find plenty of software offering the solution for same. Behind all these, there is a system called Optical character recognition(OCR), Now it depends upon your picture quality i.e resolution, letter size in picture etc, that how well it can recognise. I have two commendable alternatives for this purpose.  1.Microsoft OneNoteOpen microsoft Office oneNote and Drag and Drop the image,  Right Click on the image>Copy Text from Picture, then paste it any where.2.ONLINE OCRAs the name suggest, it is a online... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek Sen
Image of google as on 2 December 1998      It was while i was surfing the Internet, i found this amazing website called web.archive.org  here you can track any website's past, provided it had automatically crawled(saved) that website in the past. or you can volunteer to do so by saving the website or webpage for future. If you are a blogger or maintains a site, it proves as a useful tool too. they say they had saved 435 billion webpages. I found my blog there only saved 3 times.Image of Yahoo as on 2 October 1996 ... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek Sen
                Did you still remember those days when you used to play the java mobiles games, the Nokia's famous snake game or  Sudoku etc. Now you can enjoy these java games and apps on computer. For this to happen, first you must install java  on your computer.Then download this RAR file, unpack it and run the microemulator.jar fileonce opened, then go to file >> openMIDlet file>> then browse to the location of the saved jar games.Not only games you can run opera mini browser or any java app.for your convenience and testing purpose i'm providing this download link for opera mini v6, chess gam... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek Sen
Few times ago i posted  Stream 3Gp youtube video right from your desktop/ laptop, now today's article is only for mozilla firefox browser. By this you can directly play a rstp link right from your browser on VLC media player(you can play 3gp youtube videos too).There are two ways of completing the job, first is updating about:config and registry editing.i would like to suggest try the first one, first.Updating about:configType about:config into the address bar1. and press Enter.Right-click -> New -> Boolean -> Name: network.protocol-handler.expose.rtsp.Set its value to false .2.Next time you click a link of protocol-type rtsp you will be asked which application to open it ... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek Sen
First knowing that what "nano" designates, which will help us to get the idea of how small the technology is, that bio-engineers are dealing with.1 Nano meter= 1/109 meter.The bots are 5 to 500 nano-meters (or around 100 to 10’000 times smaller than a human hair). So, no doubt the technique is very sophisticated. MIT researcher Sangeeta bhatia and Geoffrey von Maltzahn are working with this.Seeing the side effects that are caused by treatment process, the bio-engineer are searching for more healthy alternative. Though previously there was a little bigger version of nanobots called Microbots they were controlled through changing direction of magnetic field, but Nanobots are all a... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek Sen
Apart from using shortcut keys, there are little tweaks which help me save a lot of time. In this post i'll share with you those tricks! 1.Possibly all shortcut keys: CTRL + N: Open a new windowCTRL + : Open a link in a new tabCTRL + SHIFT + N: Open a new window in Incognito ModeSHIFT + : Open a link in a new windowCTRL + T: Open a new tabCTRL + SHIFT + T: Reopen the last tab that you closedALT + F4: Close current windowCTRL + 1: Switch to the tab in position 1 on the tab stripCTRL + 2: Switch to the tab in position 2 on the tab stripCTRL + 3: Switch to the tab in position 3 on the tab stripCTRL + 4: Switch to the tab in position 4 on the tab stripCTRL + 5: Switch to the ta... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek Sen
Facebook will acquire messaging company WhatsApp for $19 billion , The purchase includes $12 billion in Facebook shares and $4 billion cash.It calls for an additional $3 billion in restricted stock units to be granted to WhatsApp founders and employees that will vest over four years. This is the largest acquisition that the company had ever made, it brought instagram for $1 billion in 2012, Not only that it , this acquisition  is larger than any of that Google, Microsoft and apple had done.WhatsApp is a cross-platform mobile app that allows users to exchange messages without having to pay phone charges.In a blog post Facebook explained its decision to acquire WhatsAp... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek Sen
Deleting thousands of Gmail messages is painful and kind of time consuming, by the use of Filters  it has become quite easy,  For this you have to :1st Open Gmail in Basic HTML mode as, it will be easy for working, click on "settings" on right top corner( actually my internet speed is low therefore this process is best for me, otherwise on normal Gmail page goto gear icon(top right)>settings . After that all the process are same)2nd This will open settings page, from there click on "Filters" tab, after that as indicated on picture Click on "Create a new Filter"3rd In this step we have to fill this little form, Now its important and crucial part.Here we can co... Read more
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