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IMDb Rating - 6.7/10My Rating - 3.2/5Tasty Bajji’s, cool breeze, wave’s touch-n-run and seemingly useless chat at Marina beach! This is how we planned for a weekend meet-up but somebody had other ideas. Yes! We just took our seats, just second row from the screen, at Inox Cinemas for ‘Night at the Museum – 3.’ Any idea on who that ‘somebody’ would be? It’s RAIN!!!Alright, so now you know how I end up at the theater. There was neither any expectation, nor any imagination about the movie. In fact, we were annoyed by the rain, literally. And then it took off, I mean the movie, and what a fun-filled roller-coaster ride it was. The film was a beautiful package as a whole... Read more
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Blogger: Gowtham
I happen to go through the “Liveability ranking” released by The Economist – Intelligence Unit while preparing for a lecture. I was both surprised and astonished by the list. The surprising part is that even cities from least developed countries like Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and Pakistan, appeared in the list whereas, none of our (India) cities name appeared. And the astonishing part is Vancouver and Melbourne, two most beautiful cities in the world which no travel lovers will miss visiting. As I was dreaming about these two cities for a while, there came this contest in IndiBlogger with collaboration with Tourism Victoria– What’s your reason for falling in love with Melbourne, the mos... Read more
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Blogger: Gowtham
“A thick forest rich in biodiversity, found typically in tropical countries with consistently heavy rainfall.” Any guesses on what I am attempting to convey here? Alright, what comes to your mind, when I say Amazon? No, no, not your favourite online shopping portal, I am talking about the Amazon forest! Yes! It is Rainforest, which is known for its rich species diversity. Be it, animal, birds, plants, insects or even micro organisms, it harbours it all. Yes indeed! But there is a twist in the tale folks. This blog is all about the rainforest, but not about the one which is land-based. Confused? Actually, there is something known as rainforest of the sea. Guess what?Coral reef (en.wikiped... Read more
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Blogger: Gowtham
“Rise above fear” – Topic of this class unquestionably draws incredible response in the Blogosphere. As you can see https://www.facebook.com/mountaindewindia, the number of entries in the last two days is skyrocketing. Mountain Dew is known for strong flavor and its unique ad films, which portrays sheer power, the recent one being the best. With the likes of two South Indian heartthrobs, Arya and Akhil Akkineni, Mountain Dew has captivated most of young viewers. For the benefit of the viewers, here is the Tamil version of the Mountain Dew Film ‘Acham Thandi Uchham thodu’ watch it and enjoy. Coming to the topic, I am sure everyone would have taken risks, some way or other,... Read more
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Blogger: Gowtham
'This post is my entry for 'My College Diary' contest held by travel blog My Yatra Diary in collaboration with Collegedunia.com'This is an ideal opportunity for me to write something that is unforgettable and memorable in my life. Like everyone else, college life has been a beautiful part in my life. And the best part is my final year. I suppose everyone used to enjoy their college life to the most for the first two years and will concentrate on their academics during the final year. But, you know what, I did exactly the opposite of what others do. I spent most of my first two years with books, library, and other academic materials. And spent most of my final year with the bat... Read more
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Blogger: Gowtham
We, people always race against the time to succeed. Everyone in this world desires to be on the TOP!! Is "Reaching Top" our sole priority? Then I would say it’s not that difficult. I get "State First", offers comes in from various top notch medical universities, then I end-up getting Gold medal, become the most famous physician in the world; ultimately ending up at "top." Awww! It all sounds simple so far, right? Then why aren't people whom we believe have achieved everything are yet not happy?Getting first, thereby reaching the top isn't the thing we race for; it is something beyond that. Career development is not just a part in our life, whereas it is the one which travels with us all th... Read more
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Blogger: Gowtham
Beautiful Mangroves - TamilnaduWhile on trek, across the beautiful coast of Tamilnadu (Muthupet, to be specific), I spotted these magnificent Mangroves. The lush green dense forest caught my eyes (lens, actually!) at once with its varied characteristics. I could see beautifully coloured butterflies, vibrant-yet-admirable birds and the most beautiful aquatic species within the mangrove forest. Immediately, I thought of doing some background research on that and coming up with a blog post. Bare with me for being technical, but I suppose we should be aware of the kind of environmental degradation happening around us. Here we go friends... What is Mangrove?It is a kind of tre... Read more
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Blogger: Gowtham
To keep you updated as well as engaged, I thought of sharing few random or unusual facts with you. And that would be my blog post for this week, definitely little different from the rest of the post.Some of them were fun and some scary. Here we go…Computer keyboards can carry more than 200 times as many bacteria as a toilet seat.Mobile seems to be the most common thing across the world and more people have access to it than toilets.The average toilet uses 6 litres (1.6 gal) of clean water in a single flush.Mobile phones have 18 times more bacteria than toilet handles.27,000 trees are felled each day for toilet paper.Breathing the air d... Read more
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Blogger: Gowtham
IMDb Rating - 9.1/10My Rating - 4.8/5Long wait is over, its Nolan time now. Actually, I have been waiting for this movie around a year. Yes! Its teaser has been released last December. Being an ardent fan of Christopher Nolan what else can you expect from me.Be it an amazing screenplay or thoughtful storyline or super-amazing visuals, Christopher Nolan does it all. A simple revenge story has been taken to the next level with excellent twist and turns in his movie Memento and a usual super-hero movie has been taken in an unusual manner in his Batman series, The Prestige and Inception added to his likes. Christopher Nolan is an emerging genius in the commercial film making. There is another wi... Read more
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Blogger: Gowtham
I have been blogging for the past five years now, but just passed the half-century mark i.e. 50th post. Strange but true! Initially, I was lacking ideas, later time and then mood. Keeping all these in mind, now you tell me, how am I supposed to achieve the half - century mark in quick time (I am not Sachin, though).At this juncture, when I look back, I may perhaps understand the ultimate cause for my lacklustre approach towards blogging. It was neither the lack of ideas nor time, but my mood by itself. Moreover, as you know, mood-swing has various reasons, but what I am trying to imply here is ‘Job Satisfaction.’The hearty happiness of a person depends on two things – life partner and ... Read more
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Blogger: Gowtham
‘Did you take your mobile?,’ asked my mother while I was busy kick-starting my bike.‘Yes, mom,’ I replied and continued kicking.‘What about your wallet, Id card, Train season ticket?,’ she continued mothering‘Mom,’ replied in rather frustrated tone. My train is due is another five minutes and I am still clueless with my bike.‘What? You should have at least started earlier, see its already late and you are yet to figure out the problem with your bike.’ She believed she was supporting me, but I felt mistrusted and was vexed by her nonstop questions. I have been travelling in train for seven years now, and I had never been late to office, even though I missed a train once or... Read more
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Blogger: Gowtham
IMDb rating - 7.8/10My rating - 3.5/5Last night I have been to the movie ‘The Judge.’ I booked it just for the sake of Robert Downey Jr. and the interesting plot line that I browsed through, in IMDB and SPI Cinemas. After booking the tickets, out of curiosity, I began browsing for the reviews which I shouldn't have. Because it made me go wild, most of the reviews were concentrating on the flaws, which is, its sluggish pace and lack of depths in the patch. Oh my gosh! Why didn't I read this before booking the tickets? Am I gonna sleep in the theater? What do I do? I started hitting my surroundings and punching myself. ‘Watch it for your Sherlock,’ says a very slow and calm v... Read more
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Blogger: Gowtham
The two best things that came around in my life – LOVE and LOVE. Love is always a never-boring topic to discuss and as the saying goes 'Love makes life beautiful.' I am quoting this not because I have seen that song (love makes life beautiful from Santhosh Subramaniam) last night in Television, not because I am a great lover of romantic flicks, and not because I am a romantic idiot myself. I am quoting it just because I have experienced LOVE. Alright, the idea behind this post is clear now, it is about love; now next question arises, why mention it twice? Well, you will understand the reason behind it only when you read it. So read it, don’t just browseit!My First love has eventually mad... Read more
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Blogger: Gowtham
I Love Theme-parks! Climbing roller-coaster is something that I love all time. As a Kid I waited until the moment my parents would allow me to get into the rides! As I am old-enough, now I make the choice of climbing a ride. And I choose not to when it comes to the 'horrifying roller-coaster', which I got to climb to commute within my city! It is not the one at theme-park, it is the famous 'Tamil Nadu Metropolitan Transport Corporation Bus'. Yes! our public transport is the worst ride on which I have been on. Especially, those 'Deluxe' (as far as the name goes) buses. From the very moment I get into those bus I hope atleast I should be ALIVE for the money I pay them. Funny-but-pathetic! Real... Read more
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Blogger: Gowtham
This super-cute cat may look sleepy but actually it is not! She has an issue with the cool breeze and had a hard-time tolerating it; was terribly shivering by the time I spotted it over a bike. Thank God I had camera with me because I don't wanna miss this beautiful scene (Not-so-beautiful for her, though). Rude isn't it? Don't worry I took it and left her in a warm place where she can handle the temperature. Yes! She is healthy now, I am damn sure about that!How can I leave a cute little kid suffering, just like that? Will you?... Read more
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Blogger: Gowtham
You would have seen numerous comments and post about the recent Delhi zoo incident in social media platforms. The matter is simple, 'The tiger killed the human who had reportedly passed over into its enclosure at Delhi zoo.' Later on the picture of the shocking incident went viral, people have been expressing their own point of views about the incident. Some claim that the masses, who were pelting stones to distract the tiger provoked the wild cat to attack the humans because the heavy creature  was curiously watching him for nearly 15 minutes before getting on to the act.Very recently, another theory that has been put forward sounding ridiculous as well as illogical. A message is being... Read more
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Blogger: Gowtham
On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi, I thought why cant we write a post which is not just a post but something more than that. Confused? Alright, let me come to the point. I am taking an oath today, not just for my personal benefit but for the benefit of my nation; and I would like my fellow bloggers to follow me. "I, T. R. Gowthama, citizen of INDIA whole heartedly admit not to litter, not to spit, not to pee and not to do any sort of nuisance on the road or street or in any public place and behave as a responsible citizen for my nation."This is not just an Oath but a strong decision one should take, if at all they want to contribute for the benefit of the nation and as w... Read more
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Was heading back to home from an official trip. While in train, an empty water bottle with tiny little droplets kissing its edge caught my attention. Suddenly I remember something, 'anything when clicked in a close-up shot doesn't look bad.' Alright then why not giving it a try! Here it is!But I couldn't come up with a catchy phrase or caption for this picture. Can somebody help me out? ... Read more
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This might be a familiar list, but I couldn't see or feel the change so I thought why not repeating it again. Only then it can reach out to mass and can create a real impact.Can you recognize the value of our currency INR to Dollar at the time of independence? It is same as dollar, i.e.  $ 1 = Rs 1 but what is the position today?  $ 1 = Rs 60! And the estimated value at the end of this  year is approximately 70! Our national currency INR gets weaker day by day ultimately resulting in the dollar’s rise (And the irony is we think as if the Dollar is getting stronger day by day!)'What went wrong?' and 'when it went wrong?' are not the subjects to be discussed at ... Read more
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I was pondering my head to write something on my blog and then I came across this topic in IndiBlogger #IndiSpire. Thanks to @Kapil Rajyaguru to come up with such a unique and interesting topic.Alright! Let’s get into business. Here comes my list of ten things that I would love to do before I die. I like to put forth my list in a descending order, nothing special, just felt so.#10. Giving a lecture at my College/SchoolGiving lecture and communicating things to people of different segments at varying localities is a part of my profession and as well a part in me. And one thing I wish, is to be invited as a chief guest in my college or school where I could go and give a talk (definitely insp... Read more
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