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Recently a well-heeled family met me with a request that I examine a piece of land in the eastern parts of Chennai they were about to buy. Its title had been confirmed by a good lawyer. The lawyer had referred the clients to me with a suggestion that I conduct a technical due-diligence of the property, before the deal is inked.I sent my engineer, got it inspected, measured and photographed. The location was fine; its quoted price was reasonable; it is part of an approved layout; has good potential for appreciation. The property had everything going for it. Or so it seemed!As part of the technical evaluation of the land, my engineers examined the Google satellite maps and zeroed in ... Read more
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Blogger: Venkatramani
 An online news-letter on property matters & development trendsIt is stated by many ‘insightful’ reports there is a large unsold inventory of residential apartments across metro cities; for example in Mumbai it is about at 2,10,000 units. It is also estimated it would take 36 months to sell off this stock based on the sale velocity witnessed in the last two years. In Bangalore (do we say Bengaluru?) it is about 105000 units. NCR is grappling with 1,67,000 units. Chennai is said to have some 40000 of such unsold stock. The stock here refers to un-sold ready to occupy, un-sold under construction and un-sold units in projects launched two years back.With so much of unsold stock we ... Read more
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Blogger: Venkatramani
 An online news-letter on property matters & development trendsThe price of gold had increased by about 2000% since the year 1981; during the same period, land properties in metro cities and suburbs had appreciated by 20000% to 40000% ; take for example the price of 10g standard gold; it was about INR 1670/-in 1981 ; it ruled at about INR 30000/- in the year 2013; this works out to CAGR* of about 9%; *compounded annual growth rateBank fixed deposit certificates, during this period, gave a CAGR of about 9%;During the same period the inflation grew up by a CAGR of about 7%;During this period a plot of one Ground (2400 sq.ft.) in South Chennai went up from about INR 1 lac to INR 400-45... Read more
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Blogger: Venkatramani
Curb the transaction costs! Kick-start the economy!!Everyone talks of investments not happening and demand not picking up in Indian economy. This is in the backdrop of heightened expectations of the new Union Government taking over the reins of power in May’14.The construction sector is particularly badly hit. Shrinking pipe line of new orders for contractors; huge backlog of sale of new apartments; construction permits and clearances continuing to get delayed; red tapism ruling the roost in various sectors; shortage of skilled labour; high interest rates; poor credit facilities; problems related to environmental clearances ; no fresh investments; power shortage; the problems seem to conti... Read more
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Blogger: Venkatramani
Aruna, a twenty something, petite and gregarious girl reaches her office every day by 9am sharp. A systems analyst working in a newly minted, glittering office tower that rises 15 stories up in a busy stretch dotted with IT buildings-symbolic of the new urban India growth story-she gets picked up from Chennai’s western suburbs and reaches the premises in air-conditioned cushioned comfort that the employer run Volvo multi-axle city coach provides mercifully.Even as she enters the office she jostles for space to walk across the main entry door which surprisingly looks dwarf against the mammoth reception foyer beneath. As hundreds of employees emptied by the countless buses and cars, rush pas... Read more
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Blogger: Venkatramani
To give the devil its due, I have come to accept a fraudster is an out of the box thinker! In most cases the fraud is a crude deceit but in some cases it is indeed quite sophisticated and one can see flashes of rare brilliance of convoluted variety ! Some of these worthies out think the system and its current operational dynamics! Unwittingly a fraudster exposes the chinks of the system, albeit for his personal benefit!!I will briefly narrate a fraud that took place in a private bank about a decade back!Let’s say the name of the protagonist in this case is Alex (name changed of course). He went to a private bank, which primarily operates in South India and requested credit facilities for a... Read more
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Blogger: Venkatramani
The title should not give you a mistaken impression that living in Chennai city proper is as though a wondrous experience! This is intended to convey the relatively more difficult civic life one endures in the suburbs than the city. The difference if at all is in only the degree of severity of the issues involved!Let us take for example the traffic in suburbs. It might be quite obvious to anyone the interior roads in most of such suburbs are quite narrow (mostly 20ft wide and rarely 30ft wide). This is irrespective of the length of the streets. One of the basic parameters of town planning is that higher the length of the street, broader it should be. Here we have situations where even a kilo... Read more
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Blogger: Venkatramani
The Chennai multistoried tower’s recent collapse killing 60 odd poor construction workers, in my view, is an incident that was waiting to happen. May be this is Chennai’s first, in terms of the magnitude, but unless effective steps are put in place in double quick time, this won’t be the last. Even before the debris in this site was removed it was followed by another collapse near Redhills where a huge compound wall fell killing eleven poor people including children . Read on and you will know why such incidents are going to be repeating themselves in the forthcoming days, though I hate to say this !As for collapse of the multi storied building, several views are flying thick and fast ... Read more
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Blogger: Venkatramani
Aditya Builders (name changed), a small time construction company, routinely executes construction contracts for medium sized builders and small factories in and around a southern metro. The proprietor, Adityaram, a trained engineer with more than two decades of experience as a construction engineer, has set his sights high. He is credited to go about his work passionately and was widely appreciated by his clients who have been with him for several years now. However being a very competitive business that construction is, the capital formation in his books was modest.At some point of time, a small piece of land in a suburban area was offered to him for sale by a known person. Here was an opp... Read more
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Blogger: Venkatramani
Ram, a middle level executive in a corporate, has decided to buy an apartment ; he has an investible fund of Rs.15 lacs; his banker is ready to lend him upto Rs.35 lacs based on his CIBIL score. Ram has zeroed in on a few properties in a southern suburb of Chennai city. He had personally inspected six properties and has short listed three out of the same. All the three are located in the same neighborhood with comparable civic amenities or lack of it. All the three are built over a piece of land varying between 2500-3000 sq.ft. in size; all the three buildings are developed by builders who are operating in this area for more than 3-4 years.Ram’s family is forcing him to make a choice and c... Read more
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Blogger: Venkatramani
What do you look for when you buy plots for investment?Ganesh , an NRI, has decided to buy a plot in the outskirts of Chennai; his idea is to use it for constructing a house a few years later once he returns to India. Alternatively, he reckons, it will appreciate well and he would use the sale proceeds to buy an apartment within the city.He received several offers from various developers, who have established housing layouts in the north, south and western suburbs of the city. Finally he shortlists a property near Sriperumbudur in the western suburbs which seems to be an ideal fit for his needs. It is a good corner plot and there are more than 100 plots in the layout and once people start co... Read more
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Blogger: Venkatramani
Sekar, a senior bank professional, met me recently in connection with a real estate issue. He has sold a vacant land property in the outskirts to a builder who as part consideration has given him an apartment in another on going project of his. The value, he was told, is Rs.75 lacs. This amount is to be offset from the total sale consideration. The apartment is good in terms of location and construction, he is told. It will be ready soon and he can occupy it in a matter of few months. Rest of the consideration for Sekar’s property is to be paid based on some terms. The builder insists and gets the flat registered in Sekar’s name. So far so good !Soon Sekar has a change of mind ! He wants... Read more
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Blogger: Venkatramani
A major developer was in the news recently all for wrong reasons; the company was handed down a hefty penalty by a statutory authority for following monopolistic and customer unfriendly practices with regard to a particular project. One must congratulate the buyers of the apartments for not taking things lying down ! Of course the company has gone to the court for relief; Let’s wait for the court verdict.But how come hundreds of property buyers, with so much of resources at their disposal fail to ask the right questions while buying apartments whose value must be in crores of rupees ? Is this the magic of brand value ? Precisely what has gone wrong here and why are the buyers upset ?The hi... Read more
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Blogger: Venkatramani
A mid sized industrial establishment with an annual turnover INR 10 billion and good profitability decided to invest in a new premise for expansion! After all they had clocked appreciable top & bottom line growth for five years in a row !; capacity expansion has become a necessity than a strategy , the true blue management advisory firm appointed by the Board concluded in its glittering presentation to the directors.The Board gave its nod in due course and the project began in right earnest.They worked on the sales projections, ROI nos., decided the budget for investment for plant & machinery, manpower, logistics and other parameters; they then started looking for a premises to estab... Read more
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Blogger: Venkatramani
Are you a property owner looking to develop your property as residential or commercial apartments?; Are you well informed about the buildability of your property ?; How do you compare the offers of various builders who seek to develop your property?; how is the ratio of share of built up area / apartment space between the land owner and developer worked out ?; how do you rate the builders whom you have shortlisted ?; do you have any realistic idea about your property value in the market place? Or do you wonder how do I price my property?If the above questions agitate your mind, you would need to carry out a technical due-diligence for properties/immovable asset!   Continued...... Read more
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