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Very interesting message that landed in my mailbox couple of days back. The interesting coincidence of mathematics was startling and I could not resist from sharing it. I salute the person who had the keen eye to pierce through the numbers and make these stunning correlations. I am sure that you will agree that we have 26 alphabets in English, as given belowA  =  1 ;  B =  2 ;  C =   3 ;  D =   4 ; E  =  5 ;  F =   6 ;  G =   7 ;  H =   8 ;I  =  9 ;   J = 10 ;  K =  11 ;  L = 12 ; M = 13 ;  N = 14 ;  O = 15 ;  P = 16 ;Q = 17 ;  R = 18 ;  S... Read more
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Blogger: ajaysharda
I moved into leadership role with a larger team about a decade back. While the discussion were on about the potential role and I was weighing the pros and cons of moving into the role, the main question that I was struggling with and which was making me unsure as to whether I am ready to lead a bigger team. Also, do I know what would be the expectations from me by the leadership and most importantly by the team. While I was talking to my mentors, friends and seniors in the process of searching for answers to my dilemmas,  I came across a chain-mail (there were no Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media at that time and the chain mails were the primary source of e... Read more
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Blogger: ajaysharda
I have always been fascinated by the movies since my childhood. The fascination grew stronger when I started working and I had to travel regularly. On those travel trips, apart from the touristy things, I started catching up with movies as these were the best alternative if there is nothing else to do. I would end up watching about 6-7 movies every week. I had many good friends who graciously opened the doors of their libraries for me and loaned me their personal collection of movies. After having watched so many movies over a period of time, I have now come to the conclusion that movies indeed play a big role in our lives. They are a very powerful medium that touches all aspects of lives in... Read more
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Blogger: ajaysharda
When I was in school, I had watched a Bollywood blockbuster "An Evening in Paris" starring the lead actors Shammi Kapoor and Sharmila Tagore. The movie was made in 1967 and the shooting of the movie was predominantly done in Paris. The movie had couple of very good songs and was able to capture the splendor of the city beautifully. The best part of the movie was its cinematography by V Gopi Krishna and it had left a craving in me to visit Paris.To the uninitiated ones.... Paris is the capital city of France and is situated on the Seine River. It was founded in the 3rd century BC by a Celtic people called the Parisii, who gave the city its name. By... Read more
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Blogger: ajaysharda
Regina Brett was born in 1946 and is a New York Times bestselling author, newspaper columnist currently writing for The Plain Dealer and The Cleveland Jewish News, and an inspirational speaker. She was a Pulitzer Prize finalist for commentary in 2008 and 2009. In 1998, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and included her experiences of chemotherapy and her recuperation in her columns in the Akron Beacon Journal. These columns earned her a National Headliner Award.In 2006, Regina wrote a column for The Plain Dealer entitled "45 Life Lessons and 5 to Grow on", which has since been the widely di... Read more
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Blogger: ajaysharda
I got initiated into the world of yoga at the age of 10 when my used to go to "Vishwayatan Yogashram" in Delhi located opposite Gurudwara Bangla Sahib near Gol Dak Khana in Delhi couple of decades back. I used to go there once in a while and started doing some exercises or asans. The few of the ones that I still regularly do is neti, kunjal and vajrasan apart from few others.Few days back I came across an issue of the magazine called "Yog Manjari" which my mother brought from her yoga classes... the issue was a "Joint Pain Special" and had couple of articles on mitigating exercises especially the '"micro" exercises that any one can easily do anytime and anywhere. As I went through the magazi... Read more
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Blogger: ajaysharda
We see lots of logos everywhere in our daily routine life, which may include places like newspapers, magazines, billboards, televisions, etc. However, we rarely think about the stories behind the same. Many such logos carry very interesting but meaningful stories behind them as well as carry messages that reflects the business or the initiative they stand for.Typically, lots of efforts and thoughts go in the process of creating a logo of any company as having a powerful logo is a critical component of the branding strategy of a company.There are instances where companies spend millions of dollars for creating a logo for their business.The logo symbolizes all that a business re... Read more
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Blogger: ajaysharda
After Vitthala temple, we were in the wind-up mode for our day as it was already around 4.00pm and it was terribly hot out side with a bright sun still looming large. We had already spent many hours outside in the sun hopping from one monument to another. When we looked at the map, we realised we had not been to Pattabhirama Temple. When we asked our guide, he told us that it is on the far side and not many tourists visit that temple. We, however, insisted on visiting the temple. He also mentioned that they generally do not take tourists to that temple.Frankly speaking, the temple was not too far from the Hampi town... just a 4-5 kilometers detour. It is located on the road leading to Daroji... Read more
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Blogger: ajaysharda
Some unforgettable moments captured at Kanyakumari....To the uninitiated ones, Kanyakumari is the southernmost tip of India mainland. It is part of Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is about 700 kms from Bangalore, ~80 kms from Trivandrum and Tirunelveli. You can hop across to Sri Lanka as seen in the maps. Nearest airport is Trivandrum which happens to be an international airport and is connected with most of the major cities of the country.#travel, #photographyPicture taken from Vivekananda Rock MemorialMainland ViewSun behind the clouds at sunset pointOn the way to sunset pointRoad to sunset pointYou may go to my other post on Kanyakumari.... if you are planning to go there. You might f... Read more
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Blogger: ajaysharda
Gagan had been visiting Bangalore very frequently due to his official commitments and most of the time we would meet. Every time, the discussions would veer around travel and especially around traveling down south. Somehow, the plans could not materialize due to his short trips.Finally, last week we were able to plan and set out for our voyage. After, tossing around with various options like Pudducherry, Mangalore, Chennai, etc. we decided to travel to#Kanyakumari.Kanyakumari is about 700 kms from Bangalore. Few buses go directly to Kanyakumari. However, buses going to Trivandrum pass through Nagercoil which is a major junction as well. Kanyakumari is 16kms from Nagercoil. We can also s... Read more
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Blogger: ajaysharda
I started going to Memphis from June 2007 and made 4 trips till September 2010.  On my first 3 visits, I could not make it to Graceland due to my work commitments. However, when I went the 4th time, I was certain that I would be visiting Graceland during the trip because that would have been my last trip to Memphis in the near future as I was moving to another job in couple of month after the trip. Graceland is listed in the National Register of Historic Places since 1991 and was declared a National Historic Landmark in 2006. It is the most visited private home in US second only to White House.Front porch of his house #travelMemphis is a city in the U.S. st... Read more
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Blogger: ajaysharda
Short stories worth reading, feeling and forwarding to all those dear to you***1. Fall and riseToday, when I slipped on the wet tile floor a boy in a wheelchair caught me before I slammed my head on the ground.  He said, “Believe it or not, that’s almost exactly how I injured my back 3 years ago . 2. A father's adviceToday, my father told me, “Just go for it and give it a try!  You don’t have to be a professional to build a successful product.  Amateurs started Google and Apple.  Professionals built the Titanic.3. The power of uniqueness.Today, I asked my mentor – a very successful business man in his 70’s – what his top 3 tips are for success.&... Read more
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Blogger: ajaysharda
After Virupaksha temple, we moved towards Vitthala Temple. On the way to temple, we briefly stopped at Krishna Bazaar, Queen's bath, Stepped Tank, Lotus Mahal and Jain Temple.Vitthala is another aspect of Lord Vishnu. Vitthala temple is one of the largest temple of that period and was completed around 1529 AD . This temple is an architectural marvel of that period and is spread over a large area. The place is rich with lots of historical remains all around giving you a nostalgic feeling. Right behind the temple is Anjaneya Hill which is said to be birth place of Hanuman as per historians. Also located near that is Risyamukha mountain.Vitthala Temple is also famous for its pavilion with hundr... Read more
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Blogger: ajaysharda
I have been a book worm since my school days when I used to read a lot of books by prolific authors like Prem Chand, Sarat Chandra, Khushwant Singh and the likes as well as the short stories that would come on newspapers and magazines. Over a period of time, I moved on to reading books on various diverse topics as well some of which included on the contemporary issues and topics. The general criteria behind picking up any book typically would be the recommendation coming from any friends. The habit continued over a period of time. Once inside the career, I moved onto reading business & other books like the ones by Jack Welch, Ram Charan, Arthur Hailey, John Grisham an... Read more
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Blogger: ajaysharda
Last year, one day on a typical weekend I was surfing the internet. While surfing, I stumbled on a discussion around Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). The discussion was interesting and it aroused my interest so I went on reading about it. This was about various courses being offered online by various universities free of cost to public. The courses were open to anyone from anywhere and came with no string attached. #education The concept is unique and is catching up across the globe with many big and reputed universities offering courses on on varied subjects. Interesting thing that I observed was that according to The New York Times, 2012 became sort of "the year of the MO... Read more
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Blogger: ajaysharda
As usual, as the budget day started nearing, there was an excitement around as to the proposals that would be coming up. This time, the excitement was more so considering the fact that there was a new finance minister and a new Prime Minister. The Budget this time was expected to be the harbinger of the things to come over next 5 years of the new govt. Due to this there were lots of expectations on the front that people were looking forward to see what new comes up.In the earlier years, I would typically do the channel hopping on the budget day to watch various discussions to gauge and understand the new proposals. This time, due to personal commitments, I could not watch the television on t... Read more
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Blogger: ajaysharda
Avkash Sharma is my friend and our friendship goes back to couple of decades when we were doing our CA. Amongst all our batch mates, he was one of the brightest students in the class. Soon after we lost touch as I moved to industry after qualifying and he went on to set-up his own accountancy practice and went on to establish himself as a successful professional and an account consultant.  पापा क्या में सचमुच बड़ी हो गई ?We got in touch again couple of years back courtesy Facebook and had been in touch since then more so through exchanging updates on Facebook. Yesterday, while going through my posts, I bumped onto a poem posted by hi... Read more
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Blogger: ajaysharda
velDo you remember when did you visit any art museum last time ? Was it last week, last month or last year ? Or you are not able to recollect when you visited any museum last time ? If you are not able to recollect, then you are not the odd man out. In fact most of us including myself fall in this category of people. When I was in school, then it used to be once in a year or once in 2 year event. However, as I grew up and reached college and later, the visits to any museum became even more sporadic. And now, whenever I visit any museum then the visit is for taking my kids out to the museum. So, without realizing even though wanting to, we are getting sucked in to our day to day life whi... Read more
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This is the another poem of my daughter that got published in "Children's World" issue of June 2012. The title of the poem is "Father"... and it goes without saying that this made me feel proud.A clip from 1998 movie "The Parent TrapPoem appeared in Children's World - June 2012 issueThanks to "Children's World" for publishing the poems and encouraging the young ones in their creative pursuits.Mothers are the Finest Fathers are the Coolestपापा क्या में सचमुच बड़ी हो गई ?.... Read more
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Blogger: ajaysharda
Next day, I got up early in the morning around 5.00am and decided to go out for a stroll before starting forकिष्किंधा नगरी. When I stepped out of hotel, I saw a small but very beautiful Jain temple across the street. I could not resist going inside. There were very few devotees inside but the atmosphere was very soothing and peaceful. The temple is under renovation and I am sure that post completion of work, it will look even more beautiful. I spent some time moving around inside the temple before moving on to the market side. We started for Kishkindha Nagari around 8.00am but before getting out, we got hold of a good brochure about Hampi from the travel d... Read more
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