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Blogger: Mohini Puranik
Before the beginning of the new year 2016, you must have reviewed previous year's business marketing goals and accomplishments. Also, you must have already planned the social media marketing goals for this year. To be able to write more helpful social media strategic guides and to provide the services that can sync with your goals so that we can work together to achieve them with a new zeal, I would like to know your expectations from our website and services this year.Please give valuable 30 seconds take a quick mini survey.Continue Reading »... Read more
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Blogger: Mohini Puranik
The frustration due to poor customer service is a common experience for all of us. We daily use a lot of applications, products, and services. While choosing products and services, apart from the quality and brand reputation, customer service plays a crucial role in final customer judgment about the brand. Poor customer service can damage brand image.Continue Reading »... Read more
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Blogger: Mohini Puranik
Last month, I went on a day trip for a short break to enjoy alone time. I traveled by public transport bus. We had to wait almost an hour for the journey to begin. In the meantime, some sellers entered the bus, promoting and selling, their products. Although, I was there in the bus to leave behind everyday stresses, brain can’t really stop thinking about work. I learned some crucial marketing lessons and the reasons of marketing campaigns' failure from the small duration bus marketing campaign. Various sellers marketed their products by brief yet trained presentations. Afterward, they showed their products to every traveler. The items were artificial jewelry, books for primary school stude... Read more
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Blogger: Mohini Puranik
Last month, I went on a day trip for a short break to enjoy alone time. I traveled by public transport bus. We had to wait almost an hour for the journey to begin. In the meantime, some sellers entered the bus, promoting and selling, their products. Although, I was there in the bus to leave behind everyday stresses, brain can’t really stop thinking about work. I learned some crucial marketing lessons and the reasons of marketing campaigns' failure from the small duration bus marketing campaign.Continue Reading »... Read more
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Blogger: Mohini Puranik
Presenting Social Media Marketing guide for beginners. This guide is absolutely FREE.Tutorial 1: Marketing may it be social media marketing/ digital or traditional marketing, it has some basic principles very common. Once we understand those principle it becomes absolutely easy to adapt with the pace of technology. The tutorial explains goals of marketing which help us design strategies further.Continue Reading »... Read more
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Blogger: Mohini Puranik
Rapid growth in Smartphone users and the growth in apps have brought the whole world in the users' palms. Psychotherapists adapting with the technology revolution nowadays provide online therapy sessions via Skype or apps or pre recorded audio-videos. Effective use of hashtags can boost your online presence. Here is a list of popular twitter hashtags that psychotherapists can use to promote their online counselling.Continue Reading »... Read more
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Blogger: Mohini Puranik
Content marketing plays a key role in the marketing cycle from attracting traffic to your website, lead generation to the decision and action by your buyer to buy your services or products. It is being accepted that negative and aggressive tone in your posts or social media updates can drive more leads in the modern online marketing world. Know how negative content marketing can affect your sales negatively in this article.Continue Reading »... Read more
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Blogger: Mohini Puranik
Let's see, a list of top 10 social media marketing hashtags used on twitter.Continue Reading »... Read more
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Blogger: Mohini Puranik
Marketing and promotions on social media have taken equally vital place in the budget and strategies as mainstream media advertising. Traditional print, television and radio marketing are now incorporated with social media marketing. For twitter marketing tactics, hashtag campaigns play a significant role. Business giants and small start-ups are ready to pour a large amount of their budget on social media campaigns by hashtags. Let’s discuss some winning strategies for hashtag campaigns.Continue Reading »... Read more
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Blogger: Mohini Puranik
Vegetable vendors and street hawkers are the best marketers. They sell very low priced products, but they have to put all the creativity in their salesmanship for success. Every marketer whether he sells products or services, whether they are for big brands or start-ups, they need to be ingenious. There are some strategies we all can learn from Indian vegetable vendors.Continue Reading »... Read more
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Blogger: Mohini Puranik
We the pinners love to create boards for different topics keep pinning a lot of posts. When we have done pinning of 100s of posts and feel the need to make our board with new arrangement of pins, or we wish to do some clean up it becomes a boring and tedious task. If you are planning to redesign your Pinterest profile, don't just worry now! Pinterest has started a new feature which allows you to copy, delete and move group pins. Continue Reading »... Read more
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Blogger: Mohini Puranik
You must have read the success strategies for social media posting like how the posts should be written, what  type of posts gets more likes, more shares, etc.  Some strategies absolutely hit the target but there are some others which are impractical and can’t be result oriented. Let’s discuss about the most common misleading strategies much popularly shared by social media experts why should we customize them before implementing. Continue Reading »... Read more
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Blogger: Mohini Puranik
When you search any term in search engine, you get the results as the links of different sites. Every result has a small text below the link. This small blurb is known as the meta search description. Some sites do not write the search description, so the text below the result doesn’t appear as the description. Blogger has a feature to write the blurb about the site or article posted. Continue Reading »... Read more
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Blogger: Mohini Puranik
Social networking sites like Facebook, Google plus, Pinterest apart from Twitter are allowing users to use hashtags in their posts. Many users still don’t like the use of hashtags or are not fully aware of the viral reach they can achieve by creatively inserting hashtags in  SM posts. Continue Reading »... Read more
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Blogger: Mohini Puranik
Twitter allows highlight your tweets by pinning them on the top of your profile page. Pinned tweets increase the impact of twitter timeline of the user.Let’s learn more about it.Continue Reading »... Read more
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Blogger: Mohini Puranik
With the widespread reach of social networking sites, almost everybody is desperate to create an online presence with the help of social media, may it be an individual or the small businesses. The brands who are the giants in the market for the decades have also switched to social media to gain the customers from online networking sites. Social networking is a fun experience with different SNS, but they are addictive too and that’s why they may collapse your time schedule. Over use of social media may cause exhaustion, increase stress lowering the productivity. I have experimented with different strategies to optimize social media productivity since I was also getting addicted to it. Here... Read more
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Blogger: Mohini Puranik
Last week, I joined wikiHow – leading learning site which teaches us how to do anything as their tag line indicates. I spent time in learning the various tools available on wikiHow, for editing, writing, and formatting the articles. I contributed there while learning. And, I am happy to share with you that wikiHow has chosen me as a Rockstar Newbie of the Week. Thanks you, wikiHow team, for helping, guiding, and for the selecting me among Rockstar Newbies. :-)To know more visit the wikiHow Community Achievements of the Week.Continue Reading »... Read more
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Blogger: Mohini Puranik
Blogger is regularly bringing out new gadgets and keeps improving the program to enhance the blogging experience and to make it easier for all sorts of users.Continue Reading »... Read more
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Blogger: Mohini Puranik
Twitter allows the users to create custom timeline and create a widget for that timeline which can be embedded onto website. Enabling this feature twitter has opened more opportunity for the users to use Twitter more effectively and more comprehensively with more interactions for branding and marketing purposes.Continue Reading »... Read more
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Blogger: Mohini Puranik
Facebook is not just a Social Networking site, but has become a big knowledge hub too. Earlier people used to promote links of websites and blogs on Facebook, but now due to highly increased use of Facebook for sharing knowledge, opinions and events sharing of Facebook posts on websites is also becoming important. The biggest socialization site is used by government officials, celebrities, public figures, writers, businesses. Their official announcements and opinions are being shared directly on Status updates. So, for the purpose of analysis, discussions, learning, reactions it has become important to share  Facebook posts on websites too. For the authenticity of the post we can embed ... Read more
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Blogger: Mohini Puranik
Google has recently changed their privacy policy and according new terms of Services, now your name and picture will appear in Google ads! Yes in the Google ads that we see when we search anything.  Shocking, isn't it? Continue Reading »... Read more
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Blogger: Mohini Puranik
Blogging is the most essential tool of marketing, promoting your product online and tool to share the latest updates, news about your product. If you are using your blog on blogger platform you might have faced a problem in showing the author's bio or profile below every blog post. Many professional websites have nice and precise Author's bio at the end of every post. You must be wandering how they add it. If you add some code to blogger blog template, you can add author's profile but that will be a bit difficult for those who are not tech savvy. Continue Reading »... Read more
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Blogger: Mohini Puranik
Facebook page managers must have used the Boost Post or Promote Post option to increase the reach of the Facebook post by spending extra money. Boosting post is indeed a good marketing strategy. But now, by the Facebook Hashtags, it has become possible to boost or promote Facebook post naturally or according to Facebook dictionary organically without spending extra money.Continue Reading »... Read more
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Blogger: Mohini Puranik
Twitter marketing has become an essential tool of promotion for brands, individuals, small or big businesses. Without twitter promotion Social Media Presence will become almost negligible. Even if you or your brand is having a great success and a huge fan following on the Facebook still, I will say, Social Media Presence, brand management, communication with the prospects, viral reach becomes faint without twitter marketing. Continue Reading »... Read more
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Blogger: Mohini Puranik
1. Fast Delivery of Facebook LIKEs and Twitter Followers :  Many marketers demand for faster delivery of Likes and Followers for Social Media Marketing Experts and many Social Media Experts can deliver the LIKEs and followers even within hours on demand.Continue Reading »... Read more
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