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Blogger: Rahul Miglani
Deven Verma Passed Away on Tuesday 2 Dec 2014.He took his last breath in Pune.He was a great Indian Bollywood Comedian.He Succumbed to heart attack last night.He was only 77 Years of age.His most famous movies are Andaz Apna Apna and Dil To Pagal Hai.Blogger Interviews salutes this man for the work he has done in Indian Cinema.He was awarded the best comedian as early as in 1976 for the movie Chori Mera Kaam and Angoor in 1983.He also produced a few  films.He was last seen in the movie Calcutta Mail in 2003 and Mere Yaar ki shadi hia in 2002.His Best work is still remembered in Angoor in 1983.He was Married to Rupa Ganguli who is the daughter of Actor Ashok Kumar and sister of Preeti Ga... Read more
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Blogger: Rahul Miglani
Hello , As a request on the Get your Blog Review Page I am going to review Sonal's blog who writes on Indian Girl American World  blog and surely is extremely Talented.Well I went through blog and did a lot of reading in the past one month.The website or the blog is about how is she is dealing with life and how she things living in the US away from her motherland India.1.Content : I can only say you are doing a great job.You are writing on so many topics at once and the blog still provides no confusion,Be it food or Friendship or bollywood you are mixing everything very nicely.Your relationships posts are also cool so just keep it up , Its just the start an... Read more
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Blogger: Rahul Miglani
As Soon as I got the book yesterday I had the Itch to read the book because of the interesting title and also because of the authors previous works , I read the book at once sipping coffee and nothing else.The book is very fast paced ,so you cant get your eyes off because you want to end the thrill and want to know what is happening and how.The banking world is shown in its full dark side together with technical aspects of the modern world.The book is a sure shot read.God is a Gamer is a corporate banking based thriller which moves from Washington’s Congress to Delhi’s finance ministry, the beaches of Goa to the corporate boardrooms of Mumbai. This is a thri... Read more
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Blogger: Rahul Miglani
1. Can you tell us a little about yourself ,your blog(s)/website(s),and your aspirations and your hobbies!!As the Blog name suggests I am an Indian girl in the Amercian world! After living in India for 25 years I moved to the states post my marriage. Newly married and a new country was quite a bit of a change to deal with. With time everything has fallen in place. In the middle of all my experiences of living here I found an urging need to pen them down which led to the birth of my blog. Writing started as a hobby but today it’s become a passion. Apart from that I enjoy cooking, eating, anything to do with fashion and watching loads of TV.2. How you first got involved in with blogging/writ... Read more
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Blogger: Rahul Miglani
This is written for the Indispire Topic Education is not merely Stacking of Degrees but also Dressing up of one's Mind and Soul.What is Your Definition Of an Educated Person.And what is your opinion about Educated Illiterates.#Education Read at the Blog ... Read more
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Blogger: Rahul Miglani
Why is the world so focused on physical assets- bank-balance, material-possessions, external beauty/body/cleavage...? What's the value of good thoughts, clear heart, inner beauty & values like honesty, discipline etc. today? What is important to you?So the question is why,Well there is a straight answer that we have become selfish at least for our own good sake.Majority of working middle class is always after bank balance because they if don't have it , they wont be able to rise up the ladder of social security.Indian mentality is just to increase your bank balance so that your children can lead a happy life.But do all of us are like that , The answer is no , But... Read more
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Blogger: Rahul Miglani
This is a True Story which happened in Delhi in Year 2014.The Names have been Changed.Here is the Short Part 1.Now Both Mrs and Mr Chopra agreed to the point that something was wrong with Charu.They started keeping at eye on Charu but the money still kept disappearing even when Charu was not at home.But all that went missing was only cash.Mrs Chopra used to take sleeping pills to sleep but she stopped taking them thinking that might be the cause of the depression she was now going into.She took Mr Chopra into confidence and went to one Guy who would perform the JHAD FUNK at her place,He came there did that JHAD FUNK and nothing happened for next ten days,After ten days again the money disapp... Read more
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Blogger: Rahul Miglani
This is a True Story which happened in Delhi.The Names have been Changed.Charu and Sonal , the two sweet sisters loved their younger brother who was still couple of years old.Charu was to give her 10th exams and Sonal were to appear in her 8th std exams.Mr Chopra was staying very happy in his house at the a Delhi Colony.He was a property dealer by profession and his wife Mrs Chopra was happy handling all the PGs they have given on rent at the ground floor.They were earning good and were very happy.On Monday Mrs Chopra had a fight with her maid as about 15000Rs were missing from the drawer and no one else was at home when they disappeared except Mrs Choprs and the Maid , So the... Read more
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Blogger: Rahul Miglani
On a personal note I would like to start by saying I hate charity, I shoo away beggars and babas.But As a Hindu Nationalist I should not do that Right.No Its not about Hinduism or any other religion , Because all religions talk about charity and stuff.Ok Now to the Topic , Are we really doing empowerment by doing charity.I always have the opinion that If I am helping someone who is trying to do something then I am right and If I am just donating something to someone who is not even trying then its purely wrong.Yes I am of the view that the NGO's should rather be concentrating on skill development than just helping the poor which actually is not helping them but making the... Read more
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Blogger: Rahul Miglani
While Deepika Padukone was basking compliments for her latest movie Finding Fanny, soon she was raging with anger against India’s so called leading newspaper, The Times Of India.Reasons best known to TOI and In fact Everyone Now.This is the state of leading News Papers in India these days,This is more than pathetic.At one place these leading newspapers and portals talk about women empowerment and then at the same place they thrive to get their audience via cheap publicity and sleazy pictures.For Long noone was taking a stand against these so called Leading Newspapers but what Deepika has done is worth an applause.This is how it all started.Deepika was fumed over the cheap shot which TOI to... Read more
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Blogger: Rahul Miglani
1. Can you tell us a little about yourself ,your blog(s)/website(s),and your aspirations and your hobbies!!I was born in Patna, Bihar, the first son of Anil Sinha and Sudha Sinha. I spent my childhood in Patna where I completed my school from St. Karen’s Secondary School and Gyan Niketan. I went on to complete my B.Tech in Information Technology from Amity University, Noida in 2012. Of the few interesting hobbies I have and beyond all the weird stuffs I do to live my passion, wandering alone, though how weird it may seems, was the most alluring for me.  Well of course, it kindled numerous ideas for my stories.Though I will always be a homesick by heart, I lives and work in Pune. ... Read more
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Blogger: Rahul Miglani
Now is my bucket list as of Now ,The bucket list again depends on Mood and Time,The Bucket list can change anytime , any day without any prior notice,It fully depends on the amount of greed,selfishness,self obsession and craziness in my mind at the time of compiling the bucket list.This list is not intended to hurt or please anyone , But If anyone gets offended then please try going to hell and come back ie Drive your four wheeler in and around Delhi and Gurgaon.1.I want to own a bike(Again),I have driven Bajaj Pulsar all my life , I want to buy a Bullet one day.I hate driving my Car in the Traffic Havoc we have everyday at Delhi NCR.2.Take Parent... Read more
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Blogger: Rahul Miglani
Chicken Curry is one of the best non vegetarian food all around South Asia.Now let me tell you how I cook them and I promise its nothing short of one of our favorite mouth watering dishes.Prerequisites.Chicken can easily dry out so they are best cooked quickly using high temperatures.Some People remove the outer skin of the chicken after preparing and some do it before but if you are preparing chicken curry , you should remove the skin before preparing.Ingredients.1.Olive oil(50ml)2.Onion 13.Ginger Garlic Paste4.Garam Masala/Chicken Masala/Chat Masala.5.Double Cream6.Cloves7.Cinnamon8. Cardamom.9.Corinder10.Chiili11.Turmeric12.Tomatoes , chopped.Utensils.1.Spoon 2.Fork.3.... Read more
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Blogger: Rahul Miglani
Read the Short First Part Here 1000 Words Only.It continued for the whole one Month , She would see the man wearing the same blue striped shoes , As soon she would see them , she would shiver ,but she had no choice , she would move on and get inside her apartment , cry , sleep and wake up.This continued for a month.The apartment started haunting her ,She could hear her own screams , the pain , the moans , She could feel the pain everyday of the unwanted exploration of her body in very same apartment.The neighbor's taunts had mellowed down , some neighbors moved on , But that was not enough as soon as she would see the same shoes ,the memories would come back to haunt her.If everything happen... Read more
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Blogger: Rahul Miglani
This is again written for the Indispire Idea of the week which is "Submit a list of your 10 favorite books with reasons why they made it to your list. Let us try to complete a circle and compile a list of books we yet have to pick.So here is my list.These are the books I have Read Many Time.1.Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler : Reason is as the name suggests I am impressed by the struggle of the man who virtually ruled the world.The way the book is written and then translated to English is actually awesome and inspiring to say the least.You actually come to know what went inside that great mind who ruled mercilessly. It.It more about his political ideology.2.Unix Concepts And Applications - By Sumi... Read more
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Blogger: Rahul Miglani
It was eleven o'clock when Sarita turned off the television set,Harsh her husband was still at office attending a client call.She showered, pulled on a sky blue nightgown, and slipped into the pink flowered bed sheets of the king size bed in the beautiful no curtain flat at seventeenth floor of this newly built housing society.She pushed the pillow below her head and switched off the AC as it started raining outside.It was lovely romantic weather and she looked gorgeous as ever.It was a daily routine for Sarita now a days that she would have dinner alone and would go to bed without waiting for Harsh as he would come around 1 or even 2 early morning every day.They had to agree to this lifesty... Read more
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Blogger: Rahul Miglani
At Home : Rajan :Hey Mom I am on TV look Ryan is also there with that poster , The one with that Gandhi Topi , is me.Mom : My Son , I am so Proud of you , But what were you doing there at India Gate, Did India won the World Cup Again.And whats written on that Poster.Rajan : Come on Mom,You are such an Ignorant women , i was there just to support that Girl who got Raped.It was the candle march.And Its written Respect the Women.Mom :Oh wow !! My sweetheart , you are such a bright child.Rajan : Anyways Mom I am off to Tuition,I might get late.Mom : Mera Bachcha !! Mwah !!At Friend's Place :Ryan : Hey dude , your Picture with the poster has got 102 likes on Facebook , you are even more... Read more
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Blogger: Rahul Miglani
After they left I was sitting and watching My self in the mirrorI was sad and was looking with some horrorI wanted to put an end to my life I was sitting and was holding a knifeI wanted to cut my wrist I had lost the hope to existBut I thought if there is anything I can doSo I went to the Police station without any further adoThey asked me from where it all beganand what was I doing in the RainWhy was I wearing a Skirtand that too with a revealing shirtQuestions like did they first undressor they started to pressFrom where did they first insertFrom where was I getting HurtInstead of Registering the ReportThey Repeatedly insisted why my clothes were shortAt-... Read more
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Blogger: Rahul Miglani
Happy Janamashtami to everyone , Its Lord Krishna Birthday.I am poor at these Photography AppsFrom Wikipedia : Krishna Janmashtami (Devanagari कृष्ण जन्माष्टमी kṛṣṇa janmāṣṭamī), also known as Krishnashtami, Saatam Aatham,Gokulashtami, Ashtami Rohini, Srikrishna Jayanti, Sree Jayanti or sometimes simply as Janmashtami, is an annual celebration of the birth of the Hindu deity Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu.[4]I took my 2 years old son to the temple and saw the rides which they have just put outside the temple encroached upon the roads as they always do which had... Read more
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Blogger: Rahul Miglani
First I am not Talking about Other blogging Communities.I am only Talking about Indiblogger and the Questions which arises after some one gets high votes and is on home page but is that what you really want ? , Does the famous tag on Indiblogger guaranties you regular traffic? Here is What I think1.My Other Blog Which I am not giving attention now a days still get traffic due to SEO and labels.And I hav enot shared anything on that blog/Indiblogger from past 8 Months.2.Contest and Indispire Posts do get high votes for me as well around 40-50.My last three posts(NOW 4 including this one) are tops posts but they did not get even 100 Votes.They are bound to get votes which is not equal to traff... Read more
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